RIP Apollo (for now)

Marques Brownlee
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Welp. The wait begins.
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Nov 19, 2018




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Comments 9 784
John Smith
John Smith 8 hours ago
Always try and pass truckers quickly, try not to cruse right next to them unless your forced to.
James S
James S 3 days ago
My BMW got hit in almost the exact same way. I was pushed against the curb and my right front wheel pushed in destroying my suspension. Car totaled.
Hector Castro
Hector Castro 8 days ago
Making your repair of your Tesla a PR priority for Tesla is the best way to get this sorted out super quick.
Anthony Puccini
Anthony Puccini 9 days ago
Wow! Well, what do you think, should you get a Cybertruck?!
AnEmptyBox 9 days ago
Im sure the truck driver is making a video stating publicly it was not his fault.
David 9 days ago
If you already have had the cybertruck, im pretty sure the other truck would be totalled :D
sachelle babbar
sachelle babbar 9 days ago
Repairable, but since it's a Tesla, it's going to be totalled and end up on one of 400 salvage auto repair channels with the declaration of "I bought the cheapest Tesla in America", then followed by "everything that's wrong with the cheapest Tesla in America".
Trucker Jack
Trucker Jack 10 days ago
Glad you're all good man. But just a rule of thumb while on the road. Never coast beside a semi. Soooooo many things can go wrong in the snap of a finger. This is one of those things. I say this more for the other viewers as I'm sure you've learned the lesson.
Kishore Bonta
Kishore Bonta 10 days ago
get a sun bath - it would self heal !!
Kevin C
Kevin C 11 days ago
Don’t they teach you to drive staggered in driving school? Like to avoid this exact situation? I mean, I’m all for driving fast and fun; I have an S5. But I don’t think that driving fast and fun necessarily equates to driving poorly. This is just lack of awareness with no defensive driving whatsoever.
Faisal Q
Faisal Q 11 days ago
Dude just buy a lambo and chill
swiftrance 11 days ago
SMIDSY sorry mate I didnt see ya #1 cause of collisions. Not an accident, it's a collision caused by negligence. Most crashes are avoidable.
mykeegames&travels 11 days ago
Have another youtuber fix ur car 😝🤭🤭 or have tesla cannibalize your tesla so you pay less from basically selling the parts on your car to get a new one, just paying off the labor and damage using insurance claim and out of pocket
Oliver MJ
Oliver MJ 11 days ago
RIP grandma (for now)
Gabriel Mazetto
Gabriel Mazetto 11 days ago
with the cybertruck, the other truck would be totald
zaffstube 12 days ago
Why tesla do not have a black-box? It can record the vision data of last 24 hours for example. if Tesla detects an accident(hopefully and I beleive it can detect), it can store the data to the black-box(will not remove even if 24 hours has passed.)
Sky Net
Sky Net 12 days ago
nice inspire 2
Qpaification 12 days ago
3 months?
TechFreak51 12 days ago
Mr.. MKBHD ... One should never stay in a trucks blind spot for an extended period of time......
Paul Leddy
Paul Leddy 12 days ago
that's a great futuristic look, dystopian, ha, i'm funny
Paul Leddy
Paul Leddy 12 days ago
Yusbel Rojas
Yusbel Rojas 12 days ago
Whats the cost of the repair?
dercncplaner 12 days ago
why is the stupid google again hiding date of publishing?!?!?!
Tekk Luthor
Tekk Luthor 12 days ago
Dude, just cause the truck can be hit by a sledge hammer.... smh. Keep your head up
Shyam Kawshal
Shyam Kawshal 12 days ago
Thats why you need a Cybertruck :)
Armando Lios
Armando Lios 12 days ago
There is no dash-cam video?
Tan Billy
Tan Billy 12 days ago
Your Cybrtrck order made Apollo wanted kill himself and the universe agreed.
chris martin
chris martin 12 days ago
i think u didn't even used the MOFU HORN>>>> F..... pacifist
Shrek Wazowski
Shrek Wazowski 12 days ago
Hero Miles
Hero Miles 12 days ago
Tesla Truck wouldn't have gotten scraped nor scratched. Windows probably would've gotten cracked though.
Filip Olofsson
Filip Olofsson 12 days ago
One tesla gone many to go
Dropit 12 days ago
You didn't see him , he didn't see you but strangely is only his fault. What a world we live in ...
A Coul
A Coul 12 days ago
Does every youtuber purposely crash their fancy cars to make another video for views or actually do not know how to drive? It has to be one or the other.
1ceYourPimpHand 12 days ago
Hilarious that someone like Brownlee doesn't think twice about travelling next to a massive truck. The sheer noise didn't make you uncomfortable? I swear to God, there are categories of intelligence. Book smart, technology smart and street smart. Nobody has all 3. Nobody.
Athaariq Ardiansyah
You supposed to not beside truck again. Here in my country there is an accident that whole people inside a car dead because of truck flipping right on that car, when beside of it...
Lucci 13 days ago
You've should've had Tesla's built-in dashcam feature set up. Hopefully the insurance will work out easily
'Riilax 13 days ago
In the Netherlands this would never had happend. Every trucker needs to drive the right lane and overtaking always take place in the left. sooo yeah.
Xeno Kratios
Xeno Kratios 13 days ago
Gotta give those big guys room.. they've been on the road for a long time. I try not to ever ride in peoples blind spots, especially big trucks.
Cole Chapman
Cole Chapman 13 days ago
Did you try turning it on and off again?
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