RIP Apollo (for now)

Marques Brownlee
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Welp. The wait begins.
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Nov 19, 2018

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Comments 9 538
Definitely Doing
Definitely Doing 2 days ago
4:56 Bro you have 8.9 million subscribers. You no longer have regular or new relationships with businesses. They will always be on their best behavior in hopes of a nice review to 8.9 million people and counting.
Holly Noel
Holly Noel 15 days ago
I think every driver should (re)educate themselves on what a trucks “NO ZONES” are and stay out of them. Many drivers expect truckers to see all and know all and fur wheel drivers take zero responsibility. I tried to post a picture of the NO ZONES but was unable to. If you all can comment on RUvid I am sure you can use Google search for trucks No Zones. It’s quite simple.
Joshua B
Joshua B 25 days ago
Just for future reference. You mentioned having to uber while your car is in the shop. Many insurance agencies offer rental coverage. Provided you're not found at fault, they will typically pay for a car rental, or reimburse you for the cost (typically the cheapest rental a place like Hertz or Enterprise offer) of a rental. Hopefully you don't have to ever be in this scenario again, I am many months late but glad you're okay!
NZT-48 28 days ago
I do not understand why you would rather it is not totaled? Why you don't want to get paid the value of the car by the insurance?
Junnan Shimizu
Junnan Shimizu 29 days ago
the car blended into the asphalt
Agent piggles
Agent piggles Month ago
My moms model x got hit from behind real bad, and it took months for it to be fixed but for majority of the time it was then waiting for parts
gadan Month ago
3:49 as long as the frame is bent 😂
G Hq
G Hq 2 months ago
BlueCasey11 2 months ago
We had a leaf and we crashed it going 2 mph and it did a small dent to the body plus broke the headlight and it was totaled
Gerald Wiley
Gerald Wiley 3 months ago
I hope you didn’t remove the protective layer when you got it?
bl_zzard 3 months ago
as a tesla fan, the scraping part pissed me off
DANIAL MALHI 3 months ago
Auto pilot should have saved it..
ReviewRiot 3 months ago
He probably just wanted an autograph
jzizzles 3 months ago
lol car has so many issues he crashed it for the $$$
Quyết Vlog
Quyết Vlog 3 months ago
hello, what microphone was created on this video
348frank348 3 months ago
I'm a truck driver and it is soo fucking annoying to have a car matching my speed right next to me. speed up or slow down, gtfo of our area
PhoenixAshes 19
PhoenixAshes 19 3 months ago
Good that you're safe...
FORTY3 3 months ago
Where you playing pubg mobile while the car was in auto drive..? Hmmm hmmmm..... Lol.
Dan M
Dan M 4 months ago
I always speed up when I'm next to trucks.
BlueCasey11 4 months ago
If that was my leaf it would been totaled on impact
Lbsnaa Lost
Lbsnaa Lost 4 months ago
he came from behind you and you were in his blind spot? wtf ,...that doesnt make sense
49 Techpoint
49 Techpoint 4 months ago
This car has multiple cameras but still they didn't put a video recorder camera in it. And you are one of biggest tech youtubers but still you didn't install a dashcam in your car.
ross bennett
ross bennett 4 months ago
35mph.. !!! That’s what they all say 😂
Razvan Necsoiu
Razvan Necsoiu 4 months ago
i tough they teach that in the driving school .. dont stay in a trucker's blindspot
Brian J.
Brian J. 4 months ago
Honestly you should never be next to any other car for that long if theres open space, especially a big truck
PATR01T 4 months ago
I'm a young port truck driver, he should have been able to see you, he has a day cab. visibility is better on those. And he had convex mirror on the frieghtliner
mthamma1 4 months ago
the right lane is the truck lane youre not suppose to be there
Ronny 5 months ago
Please give Marques a dashcam!
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar 5 months ago
I can imagine how long it's going to take a Tesla to fix that it's the same thing with Volkswagen if you get in a car crash your screwed because it takes a long time for the parts to come in and that's just a Volkswagen.
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar 5 months ago
Yo I like that t shirt!
Lars Harmsen
Lars Harmsen 5 months ago
Why did the truck drive in the middle lane? American traffic laws... In other countries: stay right except to pass.
Immortal Union
Immortal Union 5 months ago
Give it to Jeeryrigseveything 😜😜😂😂😂
dontcrossm3 5 months ago
Ok. so ooooooo. Y did the almighty tesla not avoid the crash? seems like a failure to me. Most human drivers would have probably not avoided it, unless they were really paying attention to the truck. I know i would, since you were in his blind spot. Never sit in a truckers blind spot! Tesla should have programmed this exact scenario. The tesla should have autonomously known that it was in a blind spot. i mean it has at least 3-4 cameras watching it the ENTIRE time. A warning on dash to alert driver your in his bind spot. Duh As soon as it started to cross the white (or move within 1 foot of the car) the tesla should have swerved into the shoulder. That is, unless that is an explicitly programmed no no zone. (DUMB) The damn thing can avoid a small human but not a HUGE truck that was Standing next to it. I would like to see the tesla cameras while that happened. Do they release that? hahhhaha prob not. You know as soon as that "thing" had an internet connection it uploaded the data directly to Elon's email and the 200+ software enginers with a note that read " someone screwed up and it wasnt the car or the drivers in this accident"
Nati 5 months ago
Came from the future ,. Every thing went after 3 months for 49k
MURSALAT RAFI 5 months ago
You should use Range Rover Or Mercedes Cars
Harshith Gowda
Harshith Gowda 5 months ago
Tesla doesn't have a on-baord dash cam?? Feel free to educate me !!
fak1t 5 months ago
2:20 thats crazy
NM E 5 months ago
That’s why you don’t match speed beside people you take off and get ahead or fall back just for that purpose. You could have avoided that depending on traffic. I ride motorcycles too so I’m always trying to get away from people’s blind spots or riding right beside them
John Smitherson
John Smitherson 5 months ago
Appollo is Karma for Marques. How many more chances do you need before Apollo kill you?
Gagan KP
Gagan KP 5 months ago
Thanks to truck driver insurance
Zackary Gray
Zackary Gray 5 months ago
Dude, Ain't is now in the dictionary. So if a man can be a girl, I think Ain't can be a word... For Petes sake. Or Petera.
Farhan Saeed
Farhan Saeed 5 months ago
Finally Apollo is alive again😂
Karolis Rindzevicius
Well that's a lesson to you. Never ever drive next to truck for a period, slow down or speed up. Good luck
Beakerzor 5 months ago
how did you pull over then he pulled over, but somehow you were in front? 2:10 glad you were uninjured!
shivaba 5 months ago
anyone after watching repaired video ;
Sydney Citizen
Sydney Citizen 5 months ago
Why didn't the car automatically move away?
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 4 months ago
Sydney Citizen it was on the far right so he would’ve just crashed anyways
InsaneNyon 5 months ago
its fixed now ;-;
amt Sn
amt Sn 5 months ago
An advice for you, always go faster than average and dumb drivers
S T M SevenTecMate
S T M SevenTecMate 5 months ago
Thank God u are ok....
ellepark 5 months ago
Glad that you’re okay.
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