Rio’s OYSTER MAN + Brazilian Seafood Claypot Fish in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Mark Wiens
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One of the most amazing things about Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the unbelievable natural beauty of the city - there are stunning jungles and beaches right within the city. Today we went on a short hike to the famous Telegraph rock, and then ate an incredible Brazilian seafood meal. #Brazil #RiodeJaneiro #food
Oysters - It was about an hour drive from the center of Rio, and we arrived to the oyster man - a little stall where a man has been selling oysters since Guilherme was a child. His oysters were small, but they were flavorful, with just a squeeze of lime. Perfect way to begin this Brazilian food day. Price - 12 for 10 BRL ($2.50)
Pedra Do Telégrafo - We then drove to a small beach town and climbed up the hill to a point known as Pedra Do Telégrafo, or Telegraph rock. It’s most famou now because of social media, and people take a photo in a way that it looks like they are dangling from a rock cliff. The views are spectacular and well worth climbing when you’re in Rio.
Gugut Restaurante - Located in Vargem Grande neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, we met up with Marcelo to eat a massive Brazilian seafood meal, especially dishes from the Espirito Santo state of Brazil.
Moqueca - There are two versions of this amazing dish, a fish stew, one from Espirito Santo and the other from Bahia (stay tuned for Bahia coming soon). He added in tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, followed by fish. It was simple but delicious, relying on the fresh fish to really made it special. Gugut Restaurant is not cheap, but they serve top notch seafood, great quality, and very fresh. All the food was delicious. Total price - 400 BRL ($100.32)
And that completes this Brazilian seafood and hike in Rio de Janeiro, another wonderful day in Brazil.
Huge thank you to Guilherme Camocardi and Rafa Ribs from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. Check out their videos here: ruvid.net/show-UCqKjl-xepqcSTkJGR9pq_vQ
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May 22, 2019

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Lim Fang sern
Lim Fang sern 5 days ago
Be careful that oyster might give you food poisoning eating it raw
Honest Progressive Detroiter
This is one of my favorite videos. There are so many. Loved the private island village in the river too. What an adventure!
friendly911 OS
friendly911 OS 15 days ago
Must feel amazing to have your life dedicated to travel, vacationing and food.
Caroline Nishiyama Tunucci.
Mark, parabéns pela forma respeitosa que demonstrou cada cantinho do Brasil, admiro seu trabalho.
Team52 FHR
Team52 FHR 29 days ago
i think this red colour powder called paprika
Iano Pereira
Iano Pereira 28 days ago
no. its urucum
ismael :kamiika_z06
esse cara nunca comeu tão bem quanto aqui no Brasil
Livia Month ago
What's the name of the song playing in this video?? By the way, great video, Mark! I'm so enjoying this Brazilian series! Well done, buddy!!
Paulo Skazi
Paulo Skazi Month ago
I'm your fan my friend thanks for visiting my country.🇧🇷
Larissa Carvalho
I'm from Espírito Santo, the State of the real moqueca. Too bad that Gugut's chef didn't add shrimp in the moqueca. That's how we eat it here
MusOyun Month ago
Marcelo looks like Dutch Soccer/Football player Ruud Van Nisterlooy😂
MusOyun Month ago
6:43 who tought theiy’re phone ringed while beign watching this video, whatsapp call 👇🏻 Like down here if you did.
MusOyun Month ago
WARNING Spoiler Ahead: 3:47 Heavy Breathing
ju lepa
ju lepa Month ago
México eat oister con limón y salsa fresh and delicius check video la cirujana de kino viejo Sonora.
Stoney Chumley
Stoney Chumley Month ago
OMG what I would do if I could get a dozen fresh oysters for only 2.50!
Kely Arruda
Kely Arruda Month ago
Cade a legenda meu inglês ainda é ruim kkkk
Gabriel Alves Gomes D. Silva
Sem legenda,pow
Cryptospace Group
We grew up eating watercress in new Zealand. We use it in boil ups. Where we would boil brisket on the bone... Potatoes then add watercress then doughboys which is flower and water sea salt. Mix it up and make round balls. That's then placed into boil up.
alpacinoxz Month ago
400 reais, JESUS, that was expensive...
elle luvs changkyun
brazil = perfect culture
Adriano Biagi
Adriano Biagi Month ago
Brasil 🇧🇷 orgulho 👍
Leandro Vieira
Leandro Vieira Month ago
Esse gringo come pra caralho essa porra não engorda de ruim 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Winter Gi
Winter Gi Month ago
As comidas daqui são incríveis mesmo
brd400 Month ago
Oh wauw!
Richard Aponte
Richard Aponte Month ago
I would LOVE to see a section of a video where no hot sauce is used?
Karina Burgos
Karina Burgos Month ago
The red powder it’s call in Spanish Achiote we use it in Puerto Rico
Brendan Lee
Brendan Lee Month ago
I want to see Micah’s reaction trying different foods!
Eder Bernardes
Eder Bernardes Month ago
Cadê as legendas em português
Dan Hoard
Dan Hoard Month ago
Great video! thanks for posting this.
Futebol Tático
Futebol Tático Month ago
Cade as legendas? =/
LavaBukkit BR
LavaBukkit BR Month ago
Adiciona legenda em Português !!!!
Odin Month ago
On a binge of all these Brazil episodes. Loving it man!. HAven't heard any mention of Aytron Senna yet though! Can't hit up Rio without mentioning Senna!
久野亜美 Month ago
久野亜美 Month ago
Thiago de Santana
Missing the caption in portuguese. Save Brasil!!!
random girl
random girl Month ago
Nah o pó vermelho é colorante mesmo bem simples o nome
SS T 2 months ago
mica has grown
Bruno Coelho
Bruno Coelho 2 months ago
Rapaz ele come muito cara ,com que e magro ? Chapa pimenta
da man
da man 2 months ago
The fish is lightly seasoned so as to not mask the flavor of the fish. The next thing he does is douse it in hot sauce.
Lara 1
Lara 1 2 months ago
When we go to the beach house we make ribs churrasco just like this rib you ate. Man, its happiness in a plate. But after eating is sad to watch the dishes when you just want to sleep from meat comma. Now you have some idea how food here in Brazil tastes.
Bobofet241 2 months ago
I noticed the litter of things like spoons on that Rock place at 4:30,such a shame humans can't stop littering.
Gabie Calderon
Gabie Calderon 2 months ago
god dammit mark!!
Jack C
Jack C 2 months ago
Boa noite
Fúlvia Vaz
Fúlvia Vaz 2 months ago
Wellcome to Brazil
BlackCow Games
BlackCow Games 2 months ago
0:13 mountains? In Brazil ? Are you sure ? Hahahahahahaha
Rosana. Alberto
Rosana. Alberto 2 months ago
Brasil um povo que não desiste nunca ama o que faz Mark tem muito mais para você conhecer mais Nordeste mais Sul somos uma mistura de povos que deu muito certo somos emocionados por esse país obrigado por mostrar ao mundo um pouco da nossa gente Brasil tem tudo para ser melhor ainda
Osiliana Karinda
Osiliana Karinda 2 months ago
Are u sick? Take care of yourself. I can hear ur voice a bit different 🦄🦄
Natalie Eadie
Natalie Eadie 2 months ago
What are the songs in this video?? I can’t find them!
cameron palmer
cameron palmer 2 months ago
is that girl thats always with them never not on her phone every video she seems glued to it ?
Christian Amante
Christian Amante 2 months ago
Achiote is just another word for annatto.
Fabio Dias Taloni
Fabio Dias Taloni 2 months ago
Your "wows" are amazing.
dj vavs
dj vavs 2 months ago
Mariane Moreira
Mariane Moreira 2 months ago
Oooh you didn’t try the “Bobo de camarão” I love my country so much ❤️ don’t forget that each state has his own special dish
Nadia Hassan
Nadia Hassan 2 months ago
👍🏻❤🙂 finally
Jonathan Cristopher
Jonathan Cristopher 2 months ago
we have more than 200 million possible viewers for your channel in our country. You could make subtitles available in Portuguese Mr. Mark
Plo Phonr
Plo Phonr 2 months ago
mansur tumao
mansur tumao 2 months ago
Mark wiens Reaction.. Ou wow... Amazing
beverly taylor
beverly taylor 2 months ago
Hi,this is Beverly from elkhart,in. the united states,i am sitting here watching your video,while eating my leftover fried rice with onions, black beans and corn in it,then seperately i made 2 scrambled eggs in place of meat,then i fried up a little fresh tomato with the little sweet bell peppers mixed in,the rice mixture is on the bottom and the scrambled flat eggs are on top,brown eggs from the amish farm,then of course hot sauce on the side.
Flavio Stankiewicz
Flavio Stankiewicz 2 months ago
I live in Rio.....But i can't see all this beauty and funny in my real life.... why?
marc hang
marc hang 2 months ago
It may be turmeric powder for colouring..
amapolaloka 2 months ago
Meu Deus como cabe tanta comida nesse gringo !
Rosemary Salazar
Rosemary Salazar 2 months ago
@Mark Wiens.... Hello, My Name is Rosemary Salazar. I'm a Mother of Twin Daughters... We really love watching your travel's to the best foods of The World... Only one speed bump... it's hard to hear you when your speaking on the foods over the beautiful baby... if possible have the wee one sit a few chair's from you.. or, if your Wife is there for her to have him a few minutes only while you explain The exotic foods and ingredients you are enjoying.... Thank you, so much for doing what we all wish we would want to do.... Safe Travels to all of you...
yendaaaa 2 months ago
Whyyy am i watching all these brazil videos in a row. My mouth is SALIVATING
Cruzman06 2 months ago
Worth a shot but Mark what kind of chilies are shown @20:08 my mother and I need to know! Keep on eating!
reena nirupama
reena nirupama 2 months ago
Oysters are alive when you eat?
Ammy Hideyoshi
Ammy Hideyoshi 2 months ago
Urucum is a wonderful eatable natural tint. There is a tree behind the house at my grandma's. I used to paint pictures with it as a kid hahaha.
Ria Sweetraw
Ria Sweetraw 2 months ago
Awe ThAnkhs Mark your videos are consistently amazing!!🍽😍 My island 🌴 family are among many things fishermen and my mother cooks in clay pots !! This Brasil meal 🥘 looks AMAZING 😍 such vibrant colors!!!
Bernardo S
Bernardo S 2 months ago
No Mark there’s definitely no dispute hahahahaha the Bahia version is the best and the most well known moqueca.
Shelley Weaver
Shelley Weaver 2 months ago
Loved seeing the food from the last place you went to in this video x
Clauberto garcia barbosa
Maravilhosa reportagem ........ parabéns .... amo esse cara , so o jeito de ele provar as comidas ja mexe comigo ,,,,...
Bureno 2 months ago
Apenas quero a legenda deste e do último vídeo :(
Noval Adrianto
Noval Adrianto 2 months ago
I wanna know how the Brazilian get the rice? Are they have rice plantation all over Brazil? Or they imported it? It’s amazing to see rice eating tradition in South America.
Jane Dudynsky
Jane Dudynsky 2 months ago
If you could slice the beef ribs with a butter knife, it means it's very tender. Seafood dish looks so delicious.
martha Yoshie
martha Yoshie 2 months ago
Mark next time you have to know Bahia, Recife,Pernambuco.Diversities of gastronomy and culture.And the beautiful beaches😍
Lisa Dowdle
Lisa Dowdle 2 months ago
Brazil is lush!
Suzelene Santos
Suzelene Santos 2 months ago
Sara de Oliveira
Sara de Oliveira 2 months ago
Adorei!!! Bom vídeo! Mark Wiens :)
Necrotomista 2 months ago
Engraçado que,ele arregala os olhos quando experimenta ; -;
João Dias
João Dias 2 months ago
Finally some fresh air. While all channels are filming asian food... here we are... defo something more interesting!
Cassiee Pouncy
Cassiee Pouncy 2 months ago
Rio Silva
Rio Silva 2 months ago
I am from Rio living in Los Angeles since 2013 but RIO rocks!!
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