Rihanna - Hate That I Love You ft. Ne-Yo

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Music video by Rihanna performing Hate That I Love You. RUvid view counts pre-VEVO: 57,208,048. (C) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group


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Nov 30, 2009




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Comments 80
Badpoemz AL
Badpoemz AL 23 hours ago
June 2020 any1?
Johnathan Lopes
i generally think music in 2009 and 2010 was better than now
R. Bellamy
R. Bellamy Day ago
#REPEAT 2020
NoJamBros Day ago
After all these years, this song still slaps
Adriely Julia
Mas alguém vendo essa diva na quarentena ahahah amo demas esses dois😍😍😍😍😍poder s Sedução
Tatiane Fernandes
Alguém em 2020 em plena quarentena,junho no Brasil,Rj?
Joseph Mcphie
Joseph Mcphie 2 days ago
I'm trying to figure out the best way to reach you
Linet K
Linet K 2 days ago
3:15 how can she even walk straight with only one eye? Y'all, there's a side part and then there's a SIDE PART.
Douglas Barbosa
Douglas Barbosa 2 days ago
Robin Mariño
Robin Mariño 2 days ago
Maggie Murphy
Maggie Murphy 3 days ago
This song reminds me of my boyfriend because I love him and no matter what he loves me for me
AD 3 days ago
I hate how much I love this song 😘
Mark Webster
Mark Webster 3 days ago
Now that i know that u don't love me U don't love me Na na na u don't love me
juniorMusic Alt
juniorMusic Alt 3 days ago
Algun latino por aqui? En 40na?
Maayara Lorenzi
Maayara Lorenzi 3 days ago
Essa música Devia ter muito Mais Visualizações, só eu Faz 10 anos que vejo ela aqui 😍💗💕💕
ibrahim Jims
ibrahim Jims 4 days ago
Esse é um dos vídeos que Rihanna está mais linda ❤🇧🇷
iCloud Friend
iCloud Friend 4 days ago
Old R&B songs are best
Maria Lucia
Maria Lucia 4 days ago
Juresha Cholopray
When Rihanna wasn't trash.
Sabrina cazanova
Sabrina cazanova 5 days ago
Le bonne vieux temps 😢❤️❤️❤️
Ash 5 days ago
Sara Kaur
Sara Kaur 5 days ago
They would make a great couple 👫❤️
Isaiah Hines
Isaiah Hines 6 days ago
Isaiah. -Rihanna. T
Duda Campos
Duda Campos 6 days ago
wherer is R9????????
Aneliswa Mgwaba
Aneliswa Mgwaba 6 days ago
I feel so old...
Nando Gc
Nando Gc 7 days ago
Que dlç aah
eilen diaz isuiza
Un temon esta rolita 😎
Valerie Cubaynes
Valerie Cubaynes 7 days ago
Toujours au top , simplement j'adore!!!! Quel talent !!!!💞💖💖
42GamiGirl 7 days ago
A moment of silence for all those who forgot about this beautiful song or those being busy listening to today's bulls%#t songs without any meaning ☝️
Rhoobsz Yeah
Rhoobsz Yeah 7 days ago
So beautiful ❤️
José Ignacio Tutor
¿A quién le gusta más con David Bisbal? A mi sí. Who likes the duo with David Bisbal better? Me.
Christopher G
Christopher G 8 days ago
They don’t music like this anymore. This generation of music is trash !!!!
Jefferson Carvalho
Melhor da playlist.... recomendo...👍
Jéssica Modesto
Jéssica Modesto 8 days ago
erick tagogo
erick tagogo 8 days ago
Quarantine whos with me
Royal Royal
Royal Royal 8 days ago
Giselle Costa
Giselle Costa 9 days ago
Ouvindo 2020👏😃
Destiny Weathers
Destiny Weathers 9 days ago
Any advice on getting over a break up of 3.5yrs??
Collin Scarlett
Collin Scarlett 7 days ago
Yes it's hard but you have to move on
Marcos Silvera
Marcos Silvera 9 days ago
Época do mtv poucos lembram
Maque911 9 days ago
touches the elevator button ****coronavirus intensifies***
Lucero Almazan
Lucero Almazan 9 days ago
Hola. Le Malos nos malos nos leo emos ???? Od. O os nos Lió a nos. Nos 😆mola nos amor nos nos amor nos malos. Nos. Lucero nos. Le casa nos. Mo amo e nos Alexis. Os. Os malos nos Laos qlaio,e os nos nos malos nos ???😚😚
Vanessa 10 days ago
times were easier
Baljinder Kaur
Baljinder Kaur 10 days ago
muhoza kalisa
muhoza kalisa 10 days ago
I swear I can't get enough of this song
notmentionned neither
is this number at the end working ?!
Letícia Guambe
Letícia Guambe 10 days ago
Pra todos vocês que estão a ver esse vídeo nessa quarentena, vai ficar tudo bem
Khadidiatou Gnagna Diop
I am sur her inspiration for her lingerie line came from this video
Rachelle A
Rachelle A 11 days ago
Back at the time when Hi5 was a thing this song was my background music on my profile 🥰😅😭
Well mc
Well mc 11 days ago
Milena Rodrigues
Milena Rodrigues 11 days ago
someone in 2020 listening?
Clícia Costa
Clícia Costa 11 days ago
mannnnnn how can my childhood music be still SO good nowadays
Frank G. Sanchez
Frank G. Sanchez 11 days ago
damn she still fine up 2 now
MariaG4 Gamer
MariaG4 Gamer 12 days ago
Alguém na quarentena aí??
Let's Talk
Let's Talk 12 days ago
whoever dislike this song is really hurt, Im sorry.
Let's Talk
Let's Talk 12 days ago
2020 gang!
Vlog Wit Kal
Vlog Wit Kal 12 days ago
Me:Looking everywhere to find a comment from 10 years ago
Gorkhali Magar
Gorkhali Magar 12 days ago
Rodrigo Oli
Rodrigo Oli 12 days ago
Ótimas músicas quarentena fica mais fácil 2020👍
Stella Mc
Stella Mc 12 days ago
Dwacia Ancrum
Dwacia Ancrum 13 days ago
Bro she was 19 years old looking like this , I'm 19 and I look like a damn potatoe
Rosangela cavalcante
Bruno Castro
Bruno Castro 13 days ago
Someone 2020 ?
sara mariane
sara mariane 13 days ago
Quanto mais o tempo passa, melhor fica! Pqp!
Monisola Agidi
Monisola Agidi 13 days ago
2020, still here.
Parallel Parallel
Parallel Parallel 13 days ago
Angel Vizcarra
Angel Vizcarra 14 days ago
Who else miss these days not what we have now 2020 I wanna go back no cap
Mary 14 days ago
My jam today! Im just humming this then searched for rhiana love you so hahahahaha
Sonete Fernando
Sonete Fernando 14 days ago
Neyo love music
Jenny Barrios
Jenny Barrios 14 days ago
I personally prefer Rihanna way more than Beyonce, she shows a real / like able side of her
Vanessa Hampton
Vanessa Hampton 14 days ago
Omg love this song so Beautiful Yesss Riri ,Love and be happy so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
Ye su
Ye su 15 days ago
Bringing back memories. Chileeee, this quarantine got me linkin back to the classics....cmon fall of 2009.
Thabile Madela
Thabile Madela 15 days ago
I'm here 21 may 2020 in Durban
Ayitey Derrick
Ayitey Derrick 15 days ago
Who is here during Coronavirus. 😂
Ariella deSouza
Ariella deSouza 15 days ago
Antavious Coe
Antavious Coe 15 days ago
Who still listening in 2020
Limm Berton
Limm Berton 15 days ago
Hate that u selling beauty:
dexter recto
dexter recto 16 days ago
Rihanna is so beautiful ❤️ watching this during quarantine
Iyanah Mitchell
Iyanah Mitchell 16 days ago
Back in the day I used to blow that number up boyyy🤣
SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020
They chemistry in this video is so beautiful. I just love seeing two beautiful black people making beautiful music together.😍😘👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨❤️❤️🍫🍫
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