Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Might Actually Be Dating | TMZ TV

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Are Rih Rih and A$AP together?
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Comments 80
L.j Jawara
L.j Jawara 3 days ago
But they would be cute asf
Glutamate Sulphate
If she goes with him then it would be a major downgrade from Hassan.
Kayla Wilson
Kayla Wilson Month ago
NOOOO😭😭they cute together but in my OPINION I rlly want her and Chris brown to get back together and nobody better reply to me saying well I don’t think so bc he did this and that to her blah blah blah bc I said it’s my opinion🙄🙄🙄that’s how I feel👍🏾💜
IG __Goddamnb SC Goddamnb
Why can't people just chill 🙄 Jesus!
Logan Bme
Logan Bme Month ago
I guess I’m might as well accept the fact that I will date RiRi as well.
Lynn Zamora
Lynn Zamora Month ago
Who actually cares is the right question.
fried chicken
fried chicken Month ago
How??...He came in over an hour..
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
They been together everywhere the past 4 months. He was just in Miami with her for Valentines Day
We did For reason
They cannot just chill
Max Beezie
Max Beezie Month ago
She's probably just helping homie clear up his bad dick rep.
Shawnda Little
Shawnda Little Month ago
Alyssa Swann
Alyssa Swann Month ago
You got that right. Having kids is a negative. That’s why idk how the fk Lori H. would be dating future smh too much baggage and naked sticking 🤮
Juicytribe Month ago
Why do we care lol
nato 3878
nato 3878 Month ago
Doing the rounds then back too Chris brown .
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital Month ago
This is getting old. These labels dont have other ways of promoting their artist?
Marcus The Great
So what
Savannah Will
Savannah Will Month ago
I liked her and Matt Kemp
mayadabest Month ago
I like them together different good vibes
L R Month ago
The toosie roll .....the tootsie roll... how many lick does take... sing it lil kim... Y'all do know Muslims don't get really really DOWN n IT.... She missed home let's say... Janet came back home 2..😛😤😋
andreas kuster
andreas kuster Month ago
Panamanian Thing Scene
Gross I hope not🤢But she is coming out with a new album I’m sure they are probably just working together.
Wealth Madness
Wealth Madness Month ago
Show some love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Smoove Talk
Smoove Talk Month ago
Who cares
Superman hero
Superman hero Month ago
I wonder does the whole TMZ team have lives, because they all worships Actors, singer, sport figures , anyone thats in the entertainment business. How sad and scarey is that. I mean they will eat any entertainer shit and sale their mother over them, Its like they think those people are so much better than everyone else. like they are not human and immortal . VERY sick people Harvey Levin and his little sect is
Serenity Here
Serenity Here Month ago
U guys tried to say she was dating ASAP Rocky last time she got back w CB too.
Derrick Kristiansen
For how many years will that guy be holding that green bottle😂😂😂
Mac Nikki
Mac Nikki Month ago
She has gained so much weight
Rihanna Month ago
Young Reap
Young Reap Month ago
Nobody cares... and nobody gone stay w ASAP and his weak ass stroke game
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
Okay it’s been 4 months now and Rihanna can get anybody she wants yet he we are
Young Reap
Young Reap Month ago
Nobody cares... and nobody gone stay w ASAP and his weak ass stroke game
Bryan M
Bryan M Month ago
ASAP Rocky eating vomit and washed up STI's
Jamaul Winston
Jamaul Winston Month ago
Wait I thought they were cousins🤔🤔
Milan diu
Milan diu Month ago
Whoever talking needs to back tf away from the mic 🙄🙄🙄sounds like nadwaar💀💀💀💀
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
Kay C.
Kay C. Month ago
Hope shes not dating him
David Lee
David Lee Month ago
Why did she gain so much weight?
Living Brothers Community Channel
I knew she would
Elisabetta Epiney
Eeeew Rihanna dating down ☹️
kramer911 Month ago
a lot of girls think asap rocky is good looking. *shrug* . Rihanna is also an average black woman in the real world
sergio carreon
sergio carreon Month ago
Damm he gonna catch herpes
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
sergio carreon
sergio carreon Month ago
@Tiffany Hill why you think chris brown beat her ass
Tiffany Hill
Tiffany Hill Month ago
Wait how u find out she got that?
just me
just me Month ago
R Snr
R Snr Month ago
I lost respect for him when he was crying in jail overseas after claiming he can’t relate to regular folk
tuff gang08
tuff gang08 Month ago
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
tuff gang08 Rocky thinks with his dick (even have admitted to this) for the most part, they never spent this much time together until she broke up with her bf. And Rihanna always does this same pattern with all the men she sleeps with but yeah the bestfriend theory, let’s go with that.
tuff gang08
tuff gang08 Month ago
@ohhyeahhbaby1 well I guess u never have a BESTFRIEND before I am talking from my experience and many other girls with guy BESTFRIEND I go everywhere with my BESTFRIEND I do everything with him except sleeping with him a BESTFRIEND is better than pocket money. None of them confirmed that they are dating so keep it positive until they confirm then they are just BESTFRIEND period!!!!!
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
If you think Rocky is just bestfriends with her you’re wrong, They have always been close but not spending holidays together, going to dinner and her flying out to all his concerts in different countries and states close.
HipHop News
HipHop News Month ago
She was Just telling Dre Pe$o she love him on Instagram he posted it on Instagram 😂😂😂
ro. Month ago
They're cuuute. I love Rihanna 🥰❤
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
Paulette Smith same here I could see her being into him because of that. And it just seem like they have a lot in common
Paulette Smith
Paulette Smith Month ago
I love them together. She's savage and he looks like the rude boy type. I'm all for it.
kingpacheco 77725
Click bait💯
Dave Agony
Dave Agony Month ago
kawaii mystery me
I hope sooo 😋😋😌❤❤❤
Ali Cessay
Ali Cessay Month ago
Lmaooo 0:58 when the red shirt was talking he kept trying to
Mechael Culbreath
They, could be talking about a new album....a love album! Lol
Mel Kin
Mel Kin Month ago
TMZ the first to know everything...this is 2 months old
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Rocky been tapping that.
King Joe
King Joe Month ago
Welp not the couple I wanted but maybe ASAP will slip up again and we’ll get a rhiana sextape 😂✌🏾 jk
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V.
FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS! ASAP Rocky does not like BLACK WOMEN! His words not mind. Start putting truthful news!
Twizz The Whiz Kid
@Hyper Day Yeah, Rocky was engaged to Chanel Iman... she's Black.
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
Hyper Day yes !!!! and specifically this one that’s going on every video about them spreading the same lies
Hyper Day
Hyper Day Month ago
Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V. He never once said that lol. Black women on social media are so weird.
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Ephraim Beleke
Ephraim Beleke Month ago
I've been stabbed in the heart smh
Cesar Valle
Cesar Valle Month ago
TMZ one min saying they dating and next saying maybe? TMZ has gone down hill. And where’s the coverage of the amber leaked audio with Johnny depp?
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi Fruit Month ago
I hope not she degrading n NOT upgrading. ASAP isn't man enough for RiRi. This gotta be a publicity stunt
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi Fruit Month ago
@ohhyeahhbaby1 Lol. U think u know HOLLYWEIRD
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
Kiwi Fruit she been following that man around since around mid Oct w/out the media knowing until now and you wanna sit here and say it’s a publicity stunt lmaooooooo
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi Fruit Month ago
@ohhyeahhbaby1 it will all be revealed. N u Dont know her either. Are u setting next to her right now, Does she pay your bills or call u n will bond u out of jail? Okay then hv several seats..
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
You don’t know what’s best for her. She obviously enjoys his company and out of all her exs. She seem to have the most in common with him too. Let her have fun
georgia f
georgia f Month ago
IF they are dating- They would be the cutest/sexiest couple ever!!!!
DaAlski78520 Month ago
Damn she's being passed a round like a rolled up dollar bill..🤣
Ri is passing them around, she gets bored and moves on Idiot!🖕🏽
DaAlski78520 Month ago
@Mel Kin Oh yeah how the rap moguls and Jay Z got him loose
Mel Kin
Mel Kin Month ago
DaAlski78520 & don’t forget Rocky
United Netherlands
She's a reptile man, don't do it!!
mr bezo
mr bezo Month ago
Who give a fk
LeBeautiful Month ago
A$AP Rocky it just a more handsome Travis if u ask me 🤷‍♀️
iONLY Month ago
I'm SO JEALOUS!!! I got more money than ASAP.. Riri needs to holler at me
Gerald K
Gerald K Month ago
It's crazy celebs can only date other's but not normal people
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
Gerald K a lot of movie stars go that route tbh
Gerald K
Gerald K Month ago
@Maxcine Benjamin are we talking A-List Star's?
Maxcine Benjamin
Some have dated and married normal people
OgGus Gamboa
OgGus Gamboa Month ago
Says expected mother, LOL. She's not pregnant. She just fat.🤣🤣🤣
OgGus! Not fat..Just cause your mother looks skinny in her casket!💀🖕🏽
iONLY Month ago
Fat???? Boy you white guys are weird.. she looks better than any girl you or your poor friends can get
bimboyren Month ago
No kids means no baby mama drama... you know this Harvey.
Ella Chris
Ella Chris Month ago
I always say they may be "friends with benefit" rih likes to have fun. She just having fun with him probably
DarthRaider Month ago
The original Travis Scott
jokesonu420 Month ago
She just likes the D she doesn't stay anywhere for too long
Chitown Sha Sha
Chitown Sha Sha Month ago
Incredible Tom
Incredible Tom Month ago
I said it years ago when ASAP grabbed a hand full of her ass during their VMA'S performance. He's going to lock her down eventually.
Paulette Smith
Paulette Smith Month ago
🤢🤢🤢🤢 His a Homo
LaTanya Porter
LaTanya Porter Month ago
They just havin fun..Rich ppl do that..
*......so shes been cheating on me...*
cali always
cali always Month ago
King Neptune
King Neptune Month ago
Isnt this news 2 weeks old?
Ulfric Stormcloak
A$AP looking like he gazing on her naked body in the thumbnail 😃
shashaneka Month ago
Anthony Castaneda
That's dope
Indig Ameri, Seminal Indian
Maybe they're keeping their relationship private, because they're tired of the media all in their business magnifying everything they do. Harvey seems baffled on why kids is a bad thing when trying to make a bond with a new person, especially if one doesn't have kids. If one has kids already means they're bringing baggage to the table.
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
Facts I agree with everything you said
lil GOAT
lil GOAT Month ago
Riri kitty kat probably smell like roses 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
viarod007 v
viarod007 v Month ago
DON'T Know But That Pus Has Been Ran Through, Maybe That's Why Some Many Dudes Seem To Hit And Bounce. I Would Think As Fine As She Is, And Successful You Would Think She Would Be Able To Keep A Man. Ri Is A Straight FRek ANd SWITCH Dudes Like You Switch Socks. DON'T Get Me Wrong, I Would Strap Up In Dive In That VALLEY
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Ran thru
Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad Month ago
Downgrade looool
J St
J St Month ago
Who gives a shit. Not like it’ll last
What Would Chappelle Say
Let me know when the news is Rihanna is having a baby....then I would really care! She’s a Savage enjoying her single life!
Sincere One
Sincere One Month ago
Asap walked in like he was loaded as hell
Gregory GrObama
Gregory GrObama Month ago
If they ain't, we at least know he is smashing. Asap for the W
Tasteynelly 5 days ago
Ella Chris that’s it we the same sign and ppl use to think the same way about me we just be chillin havin fun
Chi Non
Chi Non Month ago
Anonymously yours, 😂
Seven Grand
Seven Grand Month ago
He's been smashing since 2013. Look up Asap rocky- Fashion killa music video
Ephraim Beleke
Ephraim Beleke Month ago
Yes bro
ohhyeahhbaby1 Month ago
Next videos
WINNER - 'Remember' M/V