Riding In Mike Finnegan's 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat!!! (Nearly 2,000 Horsepower)

Cleetus McFarland
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Shout out to Mike Finnegan for taking us out on the lake! Stay tuned for Hovercraft Shenanigans
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United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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Jul 24, 2020




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Comments 100
Guy Owen
Guy Owen 9 hours ago
Ruined everyone else's day at the lake 👍😂
kush boss.
kush boss. Day ago
Andrew McNulty
He doesn't drive it he just wipes it with a diaper
Ken Reid
Ken Reid Day ago
Big smile on his face just a big kid.
Dillon Cobb
Dillon Cobb Day ago
A bald eagle is born on every pull.
Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Wow! How many knots is that thing travelling at?
Sammy Ymmas
Sammy Ymmas 2 days ago
Hey man, these dudes seem humble as heck.
imagine tubing
francisco samath
francisco samath 2 days ago
I want to ride too lol
5five6 2 days ago
What, no Rooster....???
Peter James
Peter James 3 days ago
Wright Marshall
Wright Marshall 3 days ago
"i wasn't holding the wheel straight" Proceeds to still not hold the wheel straight.
MAGGOT VOMIT 4 days ago
_Mike, that Pop-Off @ __15:03__ is so cool!!_
MAGGOT VOMIT 4 days ago
_What's the extra parasitic loss using this jet-drive over props?_
big ANT
big ANT 4 days ago
That's not a boat, that's the starship Enterprise in warp drive.
Reckless Ranch Oregon
S G 4 days ago
This wouldn't be filmed if something bad happened... However... I don't particularly like get boats because the first race boat event i went to, driver of boat drowned... It was spade shaped in front... It was fastest boat on lake... It was last boat to run, i suspect, because they knew it would outdo all the other boat times... The problem was as the guy mentioned... If motor locks up, nose of boat dives into water... I don't know if motor locked. I think driver killed engine as soon as he crossed 2nd laser light ( finish line ), nose dived into water, driver was catapulted into water 10 to 20 yards infront of / ahead of boat... As boat was sinking, driver was swimming away from boat... Boat sunk in front of all audiences along water's edge... The parachute on the drivers vest didn't open. The chute got caught on what i think was some hooks above rear engine used to pull skiers... As the boat went deeper under water... It pulled the driver backwards to where the boat had nose dived into the water... And it eventually pulled the driver underwater... There are these safety boats, maybe four or five that are relatively fast with rescue crews, scuba gear, etc... For some reason all five of the rescue crew were not paying attention... When they heard everyone screaming on shore & point out to water where boat had sunk, they started their boats & headed in direction were boat had sunk... But by then boat had already gone under & so had driver so i don't know if they even knew exact spot were boat went under... Some of rescue crew dove into water & others put on scuba tanks & dove in... 5 mins passed 10 mins passed 15 mins passed They started having people ( audience ) leave... It was my first & only time watching professional boat racing on lake... It was my last time to ever want to see boat racing event on lake... It was the most horrifying sporting event failure I ever witnessed... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To each their own... I love speed... I love water... But i don't think boats like this are stable or safe & what guy said at beginning of video concerning what happens when motor freezes / stops / gets stuck & nose going down triggered my memory about what i saw even it had been decades earlier... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I love ocean racing... But will never go to racing on smooth water or lakes where boats like this race... Thanks for sharing video... Very Informative... And it is fun to see acceleration and speed when looking back... Just seems to me that playing with fire, you'll eventually get burnt & in this case die... There's no built in protection from user error... If those buttons on steering wheel are not engaged / used in specific / correct sequence, it would become disastrous & most likely fatal... Liked Personalities & Charisma of both individuals in video... Hope I Never Hear or Learn Later... They Died Doing What They Loved...
Gareth Latcham
Gareth Latcham 3 days ago
Wow....... can you run that by me again 😳🤔🙈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Sun
The Sun 4 days ago
Molly Hayes
Molly Hayes 4 days ago
shorturl.ca/shtxxx231x රූපකයකි මෙහි බලන්න ඔබ සපා මත මාරාන්තික
Ben Wells
Ben Wells 5 days ago
that rev limiter sounds amazing
Ben Wells
Ben Wells 5 days ago
omg bring roadkill back to youtube but with cleetus on it too
Pasquale Gelardi
Pasquale Gelardi 5 days ago
Needs a wind shield
hk93shooter 5 days ago
kevlar shorts, parachute ,and vest. optional. for when your lifeless body is hurled out of the boat at 130 mph. you land feet first. thanks.
Atomic E77
Atomic E77 5 days ago
This boat shoulda been in Bezz Believe & Forgiato Blows new video Proud American, not some unAmerican imports... smh
tmanrogers95 6 days ago
Should get a roll cage on that
ZES1RO 6 days ago
Imagine tubing behind that
Joseph Pacchetti
Joseph Pacchetti 6 days ago
It is nice, how many Gallons per mile?
Gerret Parks
Gerret Parks 6 days ago
I watched this video 15 minutes ago and my adrenaline is still bouncing around. I feel like if I was the passenger, as soon as we got back to the dock I would be gushing tears of joy
Jasper Sayat
Jasper Sayat 6 days ago
how much the price 😍
Tommy Greist
Tommy Greist 6 days ago
Lmao.....Awesome for sure.
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong 6 days ago
God it must be nice to have money... :/
joel reynolds
joel reynolds 6 days ago
holy shiiiiiiiiit thats fast.
erik Herman
erik Herman 7 days ago
Maybe those extra shorts are to keep the shit from running out not water running in lol
erik Herman
erik Herman 7 days ago
It’s like one those boats they use binoculars to drive
Matthew de Jesus
Matthew de Jesus 7 days ago
Twin turbo boat: Fish:wtf?
_ D16
_ D16 7 days ago
Coast guards would never catch his ass
AlmondNut Plays
AlmondNut Plays 7 days ago
Did anyone see Megatron in the clouds?
Real Talk Network
I have just one question: Why?
Jaza 7 days ago
Worlds best tour guy
That boat ⛵️ is the one one ☝🏽💪🏽🔥🔥😎💯
Ben M
Ben M 8 days ago
Laughing my butt off at your face in this. You definitely shown how terrifying that was. I totally would love to go for a run on that boat!
Karno Siswoyo
Karno Siswoyo 8 days ago
Bob 8 days ago
Dear Santa.....
Ro J
Ro J 8 days ago
Make one mistake, 'free burial at sea'
Dusty Bellamy
Dusty Bellamy 8 days ago
I held my breath wow I'd love to feel that pull.
collin conley
collin conley 8 days ago
Haven't watched in a while glad he still points the camera up his nose 👃🤣
Coohan Newman
Coohan Newman 8 days ago
😂😂😂 how cool
kamikazekaos 8 days ago
All the boat people where like shot let's get of here
SixStar 206
SixStar 206 9 days ago
Twin Turboat
Mike Carmean
Mike Carmean 9 days ago
Go Big or Go Home... ✅ Even on Water
kristop64089 9 days ago
Fin looked uncomfortable. Cleet, you sound like Stevie Janowski from EBAD
Savneet Singh rai rai
Omg I am big fan of this boat its top fuel dragster boat ......or runs like pro mod race car of water
William Hughes
William Hughes 9 days ago
Its beautiful out there
J 369
J 369 9 days ago
The sound is godlike
Georges Lucas
Georges Lucas 9 days ago
The best unusefull way to burn fuel... this is AMERICA !!!!!
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 9 days ago
He really enjoyed that.😎🙋🖒
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 9 days ago
711 hemi
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 9 days ago
I love it
wsmoon 10 days ago
should put handles on the passenger seat :-)
Kenneth Nelson
Kenneth Nelson 10 days ago
Talk About a Fun Toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenneth Nelson
Kenneth Nelson 10 days ago
A Florida man and a Georgian man in a boat......what could go wrong? Less safety gear more fun.
ARegularCarGuy LucasThePlaya10
I need this
Tommy Williams
Tommy Williams 10 days ago
That boat is cool as hell but being serious I know people with naturally aspirated 350s that go way faster than that in a heavier fiberglass body
Paul Green
Paul Green 10 days ago
That nozzle at the back for dumping all the water out under deceleration. Isn't there a way you could connect to the throttle so that when you put your foot down the nozzle comes up and vice versa?
Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce 10 days ago
Bad to the bone need that motor in my 57 truck Haha
Tom Seadon
Tom Seadon 10 days ago
Hell of a boat! Cuts nice!
seb ds
seb ds 10 days ago
A la 14ème minutes impressionnant
Kyle McDowell
Kyle McDowell 10 days ago
the best part is that there’s almost no wake from it
steve hansford
steve hansford 10 days ago
Drug runners
Steve T
Steve T 10 days ago
Yeah, but can you water ski behind it?
backlashcarp 10 days ago
See ya at gapplebees boys!
james Branner
james Branner 10 days ago
Good god just watching that hot my heart racing 😂😂😂 that boat Is so damn sick!
John Doe
John Doe 11 days ago
FlybyJunkie 11 days ago
You guys need to do more stuff together, this is bloody amazing
Bird Hater
Bird Hater 11 days ago
Just crazy! One mistake and it’s “Game Over.”
Steve Swallows
Steve Swallows 11 days ago
csbartonorgan83 11 days ago
This puts Suck My Wake to shame, I love it 🤘😁🤘
Jason1Pa 11 days ago
I was in a boat once in my life. It was going around 70 mph. That was fast enough for me!! 😆
jay w
jay w 11 days ago
The good thing is they don't have to clean up the blood.
Kenny D Baker
Kenny D Baker 11 days ago
Them heatwaves tho. 🤙
Kenny Mars
Kenny Mars 11 days ago
I rode in a drag boat with a 1000 hp blown 454, that was insane enough for me, that thing is looney tunes.
Padoir of Ireland 🇮🇪
A rocket boat more like!
Bryan Seay
Bryan Seay 11 days ago
Alex Gregorewsky
Alex Gregorewsky 11 days ago
1. That’s cool! 2. If I see another Biden ad on your videos I’m out.
Mark Estrada
Mark Estrada 11 days ago
You guys are spoiled rotten.
Rico Reyes
Rico Reyes 11 days ago
"I don't care about having 3000 horsepower, I want 2000 NOW." Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.
flavrdPnut 12 days ago
Insane...ly coool!
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 12 days ago
Doesn’t seem like taking the load off the engine like that is doing it any favors.
JTorraEpic 12 days ago
Holy f@ck!!! Love both these dudes but....How is there no death in this?!?!
Fadjar Alafian Syah
Blas rapaham aku
Ross McClure
Ross McClure 12 days ago
That boat looks soooo rowdy, dude!
Antipodean33 12 days ago
I'd love to see the footage of the first run he ever made on that brute. Fekn' brilliant, made the hair on my neck stand up and I even got the shivers up my spine, women are the only thing that usually do that for me
Russell Szczepanski
I know nothing about boats but that looked incredibly smooth.
Kelty Miller
Kelty Miller 12 days ago
Back to the Future engine in that damn boat.
Eric The traveling scuba diving bugman
That was sick!....let's go faster!
Jon Workman
Jon Workman 12 days ago
You should buy a Bible stop waste your money on that crap get a gun protect your family and friends instead of buying that crap he gives a f*** out pass that boat goes ain't worth nothing now all the money you spent in it you can't f****** sell it for what is you paid I used to build hot rods what a wasted f****** life
nitrors4pr 12 days ago
Sooo I feel sorry for the fish that gets sucked into that jet. One second swim, next second swimming in heaven...
Everything4K 12 days ago
Starts at 8:47
Eightosaurus Spelunk
Mike always seems like such a nice guy
Garasi Musik
Garasi Musik 12 days ago
This is the coolest speed boat I have just seen 🤠🤠
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