Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!

Marques Brownlee
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From the back seat of a completely self-driving, driverless taxi in Las Vegas 🤯
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11 янв 2019

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Edwin Stewart
Edwin Stewart 39 минут назад
1,800 Taxi Drivers abhor this video.
mckayman 52 минуты назад
we cannot go forward with shit like this.. humans will become motionless and unproductive
mckayman 53 минуты назад
this is very lazy
Raging_Pototoy Час назад
Bird box needed this
jackt0wn_cam Час назад
Remember this prank "Ghost drive's car" Me 8 years later "no no it's normal "
Josh Dustin
Josh Dustin 2 часа назад
Markbrown assley
LaenPvP 2 часа назад
They should call it "Johnny Cab."
Tech4ufools 2 часа назад
Who else is thinking of Jarad from silicon valley?
Mlike Hskins
Mlike Hskins 4 часа назад
Autonomous or not, I refuse to drive a prius
sun shine
sun shine 4 часа назад
How you pay ...?
Stacey Hall
Stacey Hall 5 часов назад
Way too techy!!!
chevyhighrider 5 часов назад
I think I’ll join the new age Amish village. One full of muscle cars and without all the weird crap coming out in the next few decades.
ItsMelloHaeun 5 часов назад
I can. Hack this ot's vulnerable
Vinh Pham
Vinh Pham 5 часов назад
1.8k taxi drivers disliked
Aicha Benlahrech
Aicha Benlahrech 6 часов назад
What's the point ? If the car walk alone ?
Ramon Sierra
Ramon Sierra 6 часов назад
Marques is the only RUvidr I’m subbed to that his videos fit my whole screen
Coded Warrior
Coded Warrior 7 часов назад
Daisoreanu Laurentiu
Daisoreanu Laurentiu 7 часов назад
Am I the only one that was impressed by Yandex since they are a startup that is not viral online? Thats until I found out they are actually part of Uber so they are using the same tech.. not that impressive anymore plus I don't appreciate the shadowing
Dayson B
Dayson B 7 часов назад
This is cool oh yeah yeah
Jay Ray
Jay Ray 7 часов назад
What happens when you hit construction, stop lights temporarily out of order, crowded venues with many people and cops conducting traffic..how does the AI interpret the "off the grid" scenarios
Zachary Authier
Zachary Authier 8 часов назад
My question is how will the car (or A.I?) react to unexpected events on the road? Animals, car crashes, emergency vehicles like police and ambulance. Perhaps there are sensors?
George Flint
George Flint 8 часов назад
Ну а хули ты думал? Это тебе не на убере кататься
Love and War
Love and War 9 часов назад
Seriously though; I suspect people-driven cars will be illegal in the next decade. And I don't how how to feel about that. :/ I mean on one hand I love driving around in my car, but on the other hand a lot of people wreck their vehicles. And because society at large believes that material gain/loss is the solution to all our problems (Examples: Gun-control, Prohibition, the Drug War, Overuse of antibiotics to cure symptoms, Welfare, etc) I predict that such a ban will come to pass.
Northern Lights
Northern Lights 10 часов назад
You bet I would, without a second thought. I wish I had opportunity....
Dylan Reeses
Dylan Reeses 10 часов назад
Oh yeah yeag
Oil Life
Oil Life 10 часов назад
No way would I get in.
GodHasStruck 11 часов назад
What if its actually a ghost driving it.
The Carrion Show
The Carrion Show 12 часов назад
Cool but im not ready to trust tech yet!!!!!
Noah Gilmore
Noah Gilmore 12 часов назад
No more DUI’s
DeViLso 13 часов назад
Not in a Prius idk if it flys without propellers not in the damn Prius lol
Rares Pop
Rares Pop 13 часов назад
This could be done to public transport 1st, not cars. Every bus has a specific route, exactly like this car.
epiductions 13 часов назад
9h yeah yeah
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev 13 часов назад
Is it safer on average than human driver? Yes it probably is. Do i want to become part of the movie Wall-e? No i dont.
Donut 14 часов назад
*1.8k* *deslikes* are Taxi drivers Lmao
Nikola savic
Nikola savic 14 часов назад
but.... its a PRIUS !
Daniel 14 часов назад
*The last wish on earth for me is to sit in a RUSSIAN self driving car.*
Ken Daryl
Ken Daryl 14 часов назад
Hey Mark Ass
Daniel 14 часов назад
*There's the safety engineer In the passenger seat. Ask that safety engineer to sit in the back seat and then make a vlog. It's a challenge.*
vaughnbay 14 часов назад
Would I try it? Sure....if it weren't Russian.
4Gamer 14 часов назад
This , where bro?
Lowen Hoq
Lowen Hoq 15 часов назад
Bye bye, evil taxi driver!
Nader Ex-Hardgainer
Nader Ex-Hardgainer 15 часов назад
What kind of a license does a driverless car need? If cops pulled it over, who does he ask questions to? Lol
Ilya Shiltsin
Ilya Shiltsin 15 часов назад
Пацаны вообще ребята!
mohd izz mohd yacob
mohd izz mohd yacob 15 часов назад
Your last question, Yes!
Evan SP
Evan SP 15 часов назад
Что??? Яндекс такси с автопилотом на англоязычном канале.. как? Ещё и в Америке. Не Тесла, а Тайота от Яндекса...
Sujeendra Senadeera
Sujeendra Senadeera 15 часов назад
I think in a another 10 year their wont be that stress about I have to drive 100 miles more
Gediminas Jesinas
Gediminas Jesinas 16 часов назад
AI's are superior drivers
Jason Abell
Jason Abell 16 часов назад
and we need this why??? well this is one way to stop immigration ,take away all there jobs,,,,now i see
The African Myths Show
The African Myths Show 16 часов назад
This is a Perfect for black drivers around the US. No more police pull overs for drivers licence😜
oh eah yeah
oh eah yeah 16 часов назад
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