Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!

Marques Brownlee
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From the back seat of a completely self-driving, driverless taxi in Las Vegas 🤯
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Jan 11, 2019

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Comments 9 832
lia !
lia ! Hour ago
detroit become human be like
bihun sup
bihun sup 2 hours ago
after this robber dont have a job
Ekaw Pu!
Ekaw Pu! 6 hours ago
thanks, good stock to look into yndx
Ahmed 6 hours ago
putting faith in a freakin machine to hurtle you around thru space. watch the flick Upgrade.
Abz Cabz
Abz Cabz 20 hours ago
Did any body else thought fuck jobs,I'm living my life by putting auto car in cruise mode for around the world 🌍, no need refueling just Park it out charge it while living in the car... Caravan would be a whole completely over take modern living life style I'm planting my version around the car and couple of chicken with me lol and cow and goat lol
I'll take his head clean off.
Fuck that shit.
Лэйн Ивакура
Это россия детка
P Y R O Day ago
For Me, The Best Design I Could Improve Is If It Is Fully Auto-Pilot That It Doesnt Need A Real Driver To Drive Off.. Its Better To Just Have A 4 Seated Taxi Without The Steering Wheel.. So There Is More Space For The Ride
Vučko 2 days ago
Budućnost je stigla!
Nemisis 2 days ago
How long can we wait for Tesla Robotaxi
Deidara IsMadara
Deidara IsMadara 2 days ago
When self driving car become a reality, there will be no more dui’s,
Wildavid Edume
Wildavid Edume 3 days ago
Find a way to take away the wheel!
Lyan Dmitry
Lyan Dmitry 3 days ago
Jonzku 3 days ago
Johnny Redneck
Johnny Redneck 4 days ago
OK Who's the ginni pigs that will risk there lives first? At least their families will get a nice settlement. All it takes is one glitch and the car will go head on with a Semi Truck
Masta Hanksta
Masta Hanksta 4 days ago
Apple Corp bought this company Yandex
iMz_Da_cAt 4 days ago
hol up, isnt yandex russian?
Freakteam Ss
Freakteam Ss 2 days ago
Aryan Amir_07
Aryan Amir_07 4 days ago
Henonaga 4 days ago
I hope self driving cars will come sooner then i can eat breakfast on the way to work.
Bhargav gogoi
Bhargav gogoi 4 days ago
Great now i can do drug deals eaasily man.....
Memes :3
Memes :3 5 days ago
now i wont have to worry about taxi driver asking me questions :3
And I Oop-
And I Oop- 5 days ago
Just take the bus!
Umesh R.
Umesh R. 5 days ago
Russians stole google's technology.
Martin is god
Martin is god 5 days ago
What if they pick up a drunk person and they just start destroying everything in the car
Frexie 5 days ago
omg im getting the creeps just watching xD
BigMax 5 days ago
that feeling that you wanna check the link but yandex services are banned in your country...
Magic Wind
Magic Wind 4 days ago
What county are you from?
Jajuan Lay
Jajuan Lay 5 days ago
I think that it’s cool. It does make lots of people without jobs but maybe these cars will make our daily commuting safer.
peaceful paradise
Nice topic
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez 5 days ago
Russian company, what could possibly go wrong
Marshmello JR.
Marshmello JR. 6 days ago
Carl Helsing
Carl Helsing 6 days ago
hello--earth--space--prisoner---of a predetermined existance--program--1----enjoy--???????--"SKYTRAINZASTRON"-UFO_-Research--limited--
Mr Yusuf
Mr Yusuf 6 days ago
We need these around the world f Tesla slow program
Mr Yusuf
Mr Yusuf 6 days ago
Nice for privacy and etc
mikael olisa
mikael olisa 6 days ago
Wow I haven't experienced such.
mikael olisa
mikael olisa 6 days ago
Oh my!.
A P 6 days ago
For me if God willing, it will take a few before doing that.
Александр Шелест
У нас такая штука будет провальной, потому что еще надо ямы объезжать)
مصطفى العامري
مصطفى العامري
Doctor Brain
Doctor Brain 6 days ago
Great but in rough situations, It's suicide!
GrowlBear 7 days ago
its fucking insane how the technology is right now.. self driven cars man, its fucking crazy.. in 20-30 years, the technology is gonna go even further
Артем Яцкий
о госпаде, яндекс
Nigga 7 days ago
Hey look! A free ride!
frankthespank 8 days ago
......so even driverless cars lock the doors when black people get close? IM SORRY IM SORRY!!! I COULDN’T HELP IT!!
TheNew Tomboy
TheNew Tomboy 8 days ago
Self driving flying car... Just make them fly my guy...
Богдан Олександров
yandex is Russian shit!)
Yusayr khan
Yusayr khan 8 days ago
What if yandex launched this on Indian streets 😂
I Love Pigeons And Hate People
So in 2030 nobody has a driver's license and nobody drives.
Milen Karaivanov
Milen Karaivanov 8 days ago
I will trust self-driving only in the air not in the road...future of self driving is on the air not on the road !
Anthony Sorensen
Anthony Sorensen 9 days ago
This technology will be way more safe then non autonomous driving once it matures. Kind of sucks because I love driving
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