Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes 2020 - All of his bits chained

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Ricky Gervais' monologue at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards and also all of his other bits/introductions. Couldn't find a complete version on RUvid so I made it. Hope you have a great day.

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Jan 9, 2020




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Matthew Emrys
Matthew Emrys 6 minutes ago
When you call out Hollywood and you review during covid 2020. Yeah....
T. G.
T. G. 14 minutes ago
Calling out the marvel movies was golden
Joel El Rican
Joel El Rican 20 minutes ago
6:05 The anticipation on Carol Burnett's face is gold 😂🤣😭
Cyril Scetbon
Cyril Scetbon 29 minutes ago
Damn we see Tim Cook’s face before he starts talking about Apple. I can’t imagine what’s his face after 🤣🤣
Song of the marshes
Song of the marshes 43 minutes ago
Get drunk, take your drugs, fuck off.
Pheo Smith
Pheo Smith Hour ago
Notice the people that not clapping,they the one
Pheo Smith
Pheo Smith Hour ago
Tom hanks looking around for police,
Teresa Jones
Teresa Jones Hour ago
Calling out the Hollywood perverts! Good job Ricky!!
Sierra Andreano
*agh* *ugh* "furball furball"
Sierra Andreano
These werent jokes this guy was speaking truth. Tom Hanks reactions just proved his point🤣
Kn0yrslf Hour ago
Tom Hanks knew he was fucked
steve zisk
steve zisk 2 hours ago
Tom Hanks with Mouth open looking disgusted is Priceless
Michael Musgrove
Michael Musgrove 2 hours ago
This is what happens when you put a conservative bureaucrat on stage 😂 never get old
Quinn Bauer
Quinn Bauer 2 hours ago
If I was there I would have been SCREAMING!
Martha Leyva
Martha Leyva 2 hours ago
He did a great job and spoke truth the Harvey Weinstein comment was brave and witty and perfect
Abigail Harp
Abigail Harp 2 hours ago
Holy shit, I've already loved The Office for almost 20 years, and loved the podcast with Karl & Steve, but this made me love Ricky so much more! I didn't know that he fully went in on the audience like that... brave! It's quite uncomfortable because we're so used to sycophancy and he's just openly slagging off the creeps & hypocrites in the audience.
Abigail Harp
Abigail Harp 2 hours ago
And btw you can get a hint for who the non creeps and creeps are from who's genuinely laughing at the jokes and who's looking uncomfortable.
Better Endings
Better Endings 2 hours ago
Steroid Junkie Award ? "No point, We know who'd win that.." lmao The Rocks Smelling what he's cooking
a e s t h e t i c
a e s t h e t i c 2 hours ago
he started it with ''you'll be pleased to know this is the last time I'm hosting these awards'' and ended with ''fuck off'' i loved that
Lyons T-BAG
Lyons T-BAG 2 hours ago
The Actor from TWO POPES. You can literally see it in his face how much he hates the words coming from Ricky Gervais! Hahahaha
Much Acho
Much Acho 3 hours ago
Have fun,Get drunk , take your drugs fuck off 😂
John Presnell
John Presnell 3 hours ago
I bet Mel Gibson was having the time of his life listening to this. Exposing the most hated creature to ever walk the planet is got to be epic. Ask Mel Gibson. Epic! Dershowitz ever find his underwear?
jeff e
jeff e 3 hours ago
omg,the best golden globes is worth to watch with ricky!!!
Darren Mckeown
Darren Mckeown 3 hours ago
He sounds very angry but I love it
Ken Mabie
Ken Mabie 4 hours ago
Your daily reminder: Epstein didn't kill himself
Julie Montgomery
Julie Montgomery 4 hours ago
Mr Charlie Varrick %%%1
Mr Charlie Varrick %%%1
Mr Charlie Varrick %%%1
Jim Burden
Jim Burden 5 hours ago
Lots of unhappy SATANIC hollywood hand puppets there the looks on their faces priceless!!!
"If ISIS started a streaming service you'd call your agent wouldn't you?" 💀
Ava Lily Snyder
Ava Lily Snyder 6 hours ago
"let's come back next year and see who's died then" SIR. ITS NOT EVEN NEXT YEAR AND THAT LIST WOULD BE DOUBLED.
barry glynn glynn
barry glynn glynn 6 hours ago
look at them no knowing if to laugh or not
Live4 HIM
Live4 HIM 6 hours ago
I'm not a fan of his but I love the honesty he spoke here...so much truth in sarcasm. They didn't know what hit them. Anyone else they would've cut his mike...
Dagmar Gross
Dagmar Gross 6 hours ago
Wow! He really told them, didn't he! Brilliant and brave, too!
Phoenix 03
Phoenix 03 7 hours ago
He should host every award show. Telling people what they don't want to hear. Salute.
Matt Mayo
Matt Mayo 7 hours ago
This is what everyone watching has always wanted to say.
Attila B
Attila B 8 hours ago
The funniest part, or maybe not so funny is.. the jokes are not jokes.. they are facts, and true.
Attila B
Attila B 8 hours ago
I love this guy! He says what we cannot say to their faces. They are worthless scumbag pedophiles... not all of them, but a lot of them.
Ellie Kb
Ellie Kb 8 hours ago
Apart from hilarious he is also a prophet, "we're all gonna die soon" sure hits differently now.
James Foo
James Foo 8 hours ago
So many people here are so shallow minded, talking about who looked uncomfortable as if that's some measure of guilt or intentional association to bad people. Is Ricky associated when he know about it all and that people in that audience where associated? Don't muddy the waters of good people vs bad by some weak association of working in the same industry or knowing about it. Think of things from another angle. Using Tom Hanks as an example as everyone points a finger at him here in comments: 1. Perhaps he "looked uncomfortable" because he's a decent person and, unlike us lot, he is part of Hollywood along with them all. I'd feel uncomfortable it all being brought up wouldn't you? 2. Sure he might be part of the perv scum ring, but the point is you have no idea whatsoever!! 3. Plenty of decent people will have known Epstein and others like him, without a clue of what was going on. I'm sure the pervs would have kept outsiders at arms length. So just by knowing someone who suddenly hits the news shouldn't make you suspected as being a part of it. Investigate sure, but keep gossip out of that. 4. Say he knew Epstein, and once he found out about all the horrific stuff he then deleted tweets to remove association. Cmon, wouldn't you?? Is that really justification to shout guilty by omission? Maybe he had suspicions, and people kept him at arms length so he never knew for sure? You know nothing about his actions or intent in any matters that's not twisted by media to make it exciting to read. How would you feel being labelled "knowing" and "turning a blind eye" if someone in your office/workplace was suddenly revealed as being XYZ, perv or whatever? Would you be ok if other offices look at your judgmentally as if you "must have known" and therefore "ignored it" and therefore "must surely be a part of it"?? So Tom hanks feels bad perhaps being amongst bad people, who do turn a blind eye. Should Tom Hanks quit acting because there are bad people in the industry? Every industry has pervs, criminals, and bad people. We continue to work in our industries! Cmon, think! Stop muddying the waters as it infringes on targetting those who actually need targetting and you take the spotlight off them!!
Charles Mosley
Charles Mosley 8 hours ago
*The role comedy leads to good intentions...*
Davinator 8 hours ago
Some of these actors and actresses don't understand British humour do they.
Juan Pablo Mejía
Juan Pablo Mejía 8 hours ago
He's not talking only about celebs, he's talking about you people, lambs with no parental education. You raised with internet as your father.
Vlm83 9 hours ago
The part when he joked on Leonardo DiCaprio's dates is too funny
black mamba 33
black mamba 33 9 hours ago
I love this guy. He's completely right about them knowing nothing about the real world. Ricky is "famous" but he realizes this is all a gimmick in the grand scope of things. He doesnt take the phony world of Hollywood seriously.
Leo Mota
Leo Mota 10 hours ago
"This the last time hosting the awards were all gonna die soon" it's like he knew that 2020 was going to hell
Josh D
Josh D 10 hours ago
"This is last time i come here" "also, im back"
spudjack 10 hours ago
i wish the camera was just on the audiences face xD
Richard Payne
Richard Payne 10 hours ago
Every dog has their day
Christian Gaitan
Christian Gaitan 11 hours ago
All of the famous faces say allot about themselves when the truth is being told to them.
brian19991 11 hours ago
Leo can take a joke. lots can't... damn they look like "555-hitman"
Arpan Kesh
Arpan Kesh 12 hours ago
Martin Scorsese going "Its true, its true" at 4:45 is gold
Blue Bear
Blue Bear 13 hours ago
''you had to make ur own way here on ur own plane'' I never caught that till now..
noneofyougoddambitness bitch
What a fucking legend The definition of going out your way
Zach Davis
Zach Davis 13 hours ago
Dude the art of not giving a fuck I thought I didn’t give a shit.
Jermaine Phillips
Jermaine Phillips 13 hours ago
“Ladies and gentleman: loosen your cummerbunds and unlace your garters, and prepare for the longest series of GUT PUNCHES that you’ve ever experienced 😈”
Shrek2onDVD 14 hours ago
Tom Hanks: 👁 👁 the whole time 👃🏻 👄
Jermaine Phillips
Jermaine Phillips 14 hours ago
“It’s just jokes; we’re all gonna DIE soon, and there’s NO SEQUEL.” Should be the mandatory opening for all comedy shows 💪🏾
AnarKee 14 hours ago
Tom Hanks, you alright mate?
Spacebory 14 hours ago
Ricky Gervais wondering whether more people will be on the in memoriam next year in 2021 :/ thats a yikes
NödGschumpfa isch gnua gloabat
Legendary. Unfortunately it sounds like jokes but he speaks the truth.
speechlessmakeup 14 hours ago
He ripped them a new one. Bloody love it
Paul Bain Jr
Paul Bain Jr 14 hours ago
Trent Szeponski
Trent Szeponski 15 hours ago
Hollywood is sick and twisted, going with them is a spiralling path downward.
Chitlins Laundry
Chitlins Laundry 15 hours ago
Woke AF!
Jeromie Rigo
Jeromie Rigo 16 hours ago
Hahahahaha yes
Never stop running
Never stop running 16 hours ago
Ricky gervais do you want to host the golden globe this year? Ricky gervais: hold my beer.
Lee Morgan
Lee Morgan 16 hours ago
Utterly brilliant. Can anyone tell me why he says “donate to Australia”?
Red Oz
Red Oz 16 hours ago
At that time there were major bushfires in Australia, that wiped out many homes, and wildlife and infrastructure. There were major fund raisers created for the victims but as soon as Covid came along, those people were forgotten.
Gnosis 17 hours ago
Al pacino's table looks like a mob's
opmike343 18 hours ago
Tarantino sitting there hoping Ricky doesn't bring up feet.
Jordan Pegg
Jordan Pegg 18 hours ago
God the setup to that Weinstein joke was just brilliant
Viper316RKO1 18 hours ago
Steven Spielberg is DIRECTLY responsible for the death of young actress Heather O'Rourke. Fuck Him!!!! Go to HELL, Steven!!!
Sports memes
Sports memes 12 hours ago
what did he do?
KingKongKock Inyourtinyhole
Jimmy Carey is still the king of these
Viper316RKO1 18 hours ago
Just a bunch of pedophiles in the audience. They are getting put on blast and they cannot do a goddamn thing about it. God will send them all to meet Hitler and Stalin in Hell! Fuck them all!!!
H00sky 19 hours ago
Scorsese: It's true, it's true De Niro: *wheeeeeeeeez*
Nika Nika
Nika Nika 19 hours ago
Gawd I love this man and how he brings light to the corruption in Hollywood and Politics. Yet still doesn't give a damn
Bkgfdx Ggvvhb
Bkgfdx Ggvvhb 20 hours ago
Who’s the blonde at 0:50
SilverAxe13 20 hours ago
The man that had the balls to punch the Hollywood elites right in their smug, pompous faces and knock them down a peg. Ricky is a hero.
John Q. Random
John Q. Random 20 hours ago
Absolutely wonderful. "Get drunk, take your drugs, fuck off..."
smokethakemist 20 hours ago
A room full of people that take themselves waaaaay to serious lol
mandar joshi
mandar joshi 20 hours ago
Can anyone tell me what is that word 6:11
Ronan Rogers
Ronan Rogers 21 hour ago
Tom Hanks just can’t bring himself to laugh on the outside
Emmanuel Echevarria
I like this guy I got to I he has my respect... He knows the celebrities live in a fantasy world they think they're better than we are they think they know everything when they really don't and this guy says it like it is
Andrea Canini
Andrea Canini 21 hour ago
It's very interesting to see the crowd laughing less and less each year Gervais hosted. The truth is slowly coming out, and these people can feel it
Cosmic_ Setting
Cosmic_ Setting 21 hour ago
Ricky for president
Ricardo Lamas
Ricardo Lamas 21 hour ago
He needs to come back next year.
Spevilson /
Spevilson / 21 hour ago
He says there's not enough diversity on the people that have died.... and then he says maybe next year. Well who's died this year? Kobe and Chadwick.... hmmm
BBoy 16 hours ago
conspiracy time
imburnin 21 hour ago
Get drunk , take your drugs F$&k off Ha! Excellent
Banana Dude
Banana Dude 22 hours ago
Only idiots think he is joking 🙃
imburnin 22 hours ago
I never watch these Awards. But stumbled onto this and thought I’d watch a snippet of it. Glad I did. I thought Gervais was another Hollyweird pawn and suckhole. Wow was I wrong !!! Ha! That was amazing . All those pedophiles , hypocrites , snobs etc didn’t know what hit them. Brilliant Ricky Gervais . Brilliant .
It Came from the Sky
Oh my god, Tim Cook is such a turd.
Katie Rae Helget
Katie Rae Helget 22 hours ago
ciaran 22 hours ago
Amazon and apple the so called progressive companies. Hypocrites
It Came from the Sky
This is monumental.
beatleme2 23 hours ago
"You're in no position to lecture the public about anything".😂 👍
arbiter569 23 hours ago
Kinda love this dude? So real
Zachary Brown
Zachary Brown 23 hours ago
Ricky Gervais blows me away with how comfortable he is in any situation. The dude has nerves of steel
artemis houdelis
artemis houdelis 23 hours ago
This speech is underrated. Take a look at all those not laughing - that's a little bit telling is it not? This guy f****** rocks; had no idea till I saw this. Keep going dude
Red Oz
Red Oz 16 hours ago
All of his jokes were pure gold, yet some of them hardly raised a murmur from the audience. Not sure if they were just too dumb to get the joke, or they were scared to be seen laughing.
jay 23 hours ago
Best part is he’s English and knows what’s going on in other countries 👀
David Myhre
David Myhre 23 hours ago
Tom Hanks facial expressions is like a 90 year old
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