Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

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Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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Nov 20, 2020




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Comments 100
Myles Hunt
Myles Hunt 3 minutes ago
That proves the Rick and Morty Season 5 is coming next year🤩
Noisekick X
Noisekick X 6 minutes ago
🤣 very cool 😎
DOOM GUY 7 minutes ago
This is sad they have to advertise a ps5 thru Rick and Morty I mean it’s cool cuz it’s Rick and morty but imagine every Rick and morty episode they do something like this to advertise stuff. You won’t be able to buy a subscription to stop ads if the ad is part of the show. Product placement is one thing but verbal advertisement like this every 5 seconds would be hell.
Taylor Stiles
Taylor Stiles 13 minutes ago
Sony Ad- “buy our PS5” Joker-“ Society won’t let me!”
bigbropedro 13 minutes ago
Best ad ever
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams 13 minutes ago
Scalpers out there dont have limits
Bryan Robles
Bryan Robles 17 minutes ago
Go play ps5 Everyone: where can we buy?
Corpse husband fan
Corpse husband fan 18 minutes ago
WTF I know Marty was a sellout but he went this lo to sponsor a router looking ass just saying the new Xbox is better than the PS five
Kirkwulf 21 minute ago
Too bad we can’t buy the damn thing. Great time for an ad for a product we can’t get.
Maceyz 21 minute ago
I would be if I could get my hands on it
Yeet Yeeterson
Yeet Yeeterson 29 minutes ago
Yknow it’s absolutely crazy to me that Rick and Morty got away with episode 6 of season 4 and still are getting offers to push products for companies. They did literally every single thing in that episode that could be seen as in marketable and topped it off by talking about the Bible at the end. It’s got to the point of being so meta that it’s not even meta at this point. It’s gone full circle. Kill me
Justin Markowitz
Justin Markowitz 29 minutes ago
Nooooooooooooooooooo I thought they were better than this whyyyyyyyyy why not xbox
FENOMENATICO 29 minutes ago
It is so funny
Alec Jones
Alec Jones 32 minutes ago
Fuck you advertisement
Jermaine Jacobs
Jermaine Jacobs 35 minutes ago
First time I've voluntarily watched an ad
Comedor De casada
Comedor De casada 44 minutes ago
Séries x is faster
wirwin87 44 minutes ago
Ok this works I want a ps5
Box Of X
Box Of X 46 minutes ago
Buy it. There are none. We don't see a problem with that. Brought to you by Sony.
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 48 minutes ago
“Play has no limits.” Then make more than 8 PS5s
Friendly Salad
Friendly Salad 48 minutes ago
i love how its slogan is play has no limits yet it says the controllers features are limited to certain games.
VaultBoy 76
VaultBoy 76 48 minutes ago
They Spend More Money Advertising Than Making
Cønnør J
Cønnør J 51 minute ago
An ad like this would make anyone buy a playstation 5.
Fake Bobby Hill
Fake Bobby Hill 54 minutes ago
Paid a bunch of money to tell us to buy something nobody can get. They are basically running ads for the sharks on ebay.
CallMeKermit 54 minutes ago
Wonder what’s their next sponsor
Dario D'Aversa
Dario D'Aversa 59 minutes ago
*watches commercial* I want PlaySt...SEASON 5 !!!
Ronnie Barnes
Ronnie Barnes Hour ago
If you don’t think this is the best ad of 2020 Your on crack
No1 Target
No1 Target Hour ago
Do i smell a new season hint
Sebi Hour ago
Play has limits of you don‘t geht a console lol
Gilgabro Hour ago
Did they actually get paid for that?
Marc Simpson
Marc Simpson Hour ago
This right here be the only thing that make me forget about rent money ..ps5 go f*** my a**💀😂
Fireman Joe
Fireman Joe Hour ago
Rick and Morty sold out quicker then the PS5 preorders did.
The death rider
Thats fucking genius
Charlie Hour ago
Just going to get xbox, it’s ridiculous how long I’ve been tryna get one
Robert Reis
Robert Reis Hour ago
Bad timing for a commercial when nothing is in stock. Rick and Morty sold their souls for a free PlayStation.
This is good marketing lol.
Hahaahahahaha. Well, if it works, it works.
"Oh and don't forget to mention that they're basically an urban myth and that the price is hardly more than an inside joke at this point, despite already being the 2nd most expensive Playstation launch price ever. Actually, second thought I think their notes might've said specifically not to mention that."
Guillermo Perez
P.j. W
P.j. W Hour ago
Just like szechuan sauce they are all sold out!! 😱😱
arthur Benedetti
did you tell that the ram heats up to more then 90 degrees celsius
Helmut Kohl
Helmut Kohl Hour ago
Hey Morty, tell us about the poor ventilation, the overheating GPU RAM, the issues with many launch titles and the poor availability too!
Zach Albers
Zach Albers Hour ago
Good job, you just sold an Xbox.
Jz Viperz
Jz Viperz Hour ago
Where’s the love for the Xbox series X fans
lelboy dantsu
lelboy dantsu 2 hours ago
Why does the dude in the end sound like Your Narraror
Lim Lam
Lim Lam 2 hours ago
Honestly this is such a great commercial, Rick and Morty staying true to their nature. Really great
Eric 2 hours ago
lol all the money that Sony has spent in ads, it could have been to build a better console or even console stock
Angus Uchiha
Angus Uchiha 2 hours ago
Bet I doesn't get interdimensional cable.
Mr. Poopybutthole
Mr. Poopybutthole 2 hours ago
They are purposely holding back stock to build hype. Before Christmas there will back another batch that will go out of stock again, then more in the new year.
Kirk Schafer
Kirk Schafer 2 hours ago
The solution to this shortage is to invent portal technology and steal PS5's from other dimensions.
Demitri Carlisle
Demitri Carlisle 2 hours ago
Family guy could never let's argue
•FERNESIS 11• 2 hours ago
Si ves este comentario te deseo feliz dia👍(aunque no va aver nadie)
Super Boy
Super Boy 2 hours ago
I wonder why Justin stopped making more episodes
Inbesuto Sirubesuto
Play has no limits, but the console stock does
PHOTON 2 hours ago
ps5 seriously coming out with ads while they're out of stock for weeks! This is gold.
MrxFox 503
MrxFox 503 2 hours ago
shut up and take my money
Tristan Lewis
Tristan Lewis 2 hours ago
Awesome Also Sorry For Unsubscribeing Those Other Adult Seim accounts It's Just I Don't live in those countries
BonusChaser !
BonusChaser ! 2 hours ago
You can do anything with animation it’s the best form of entertainment!
MrTeerl 2 hours ago
Worst cringe of 2020.
A CCC 2 hours ago
Missing chance Sony, to sell PS5 Rick edition.
Hyde 2 hours ago
haha rick and morty.
CH Gaming
CH Gaming 2 hours ago
Just sold my house my car and my dignity just for PS5 worth it
MILLZ 2 hours ago
So lazy...
moodini99 2 hours ago
Too hard to get. I'll just get a PS1 instead. Go Wipeout and manta ray camera.
Royal Messiah
Royal Messiah 2 hours ago
This is just sad
AmeliaPlayz 2 hours ago
Ngl this ad makes me want to buy a PS5
Nicholas Sellers
Nicholas Sellers 2 hours ago
Sorry playstation. Rick and morty can't save you. Elder scrolls and fallout are xbox exclusive now. You're B.S. with God of War has doomed you.
Anthony Jackson II
Anthony Jackson II 3 hours ago
so they got Rick and morty to ad the PS5 and YourNarrator for ending
Lex Gaming
Lex Gaming 3 hours ago
I mean, you can either do 30 fps with ray tracing or 60 fps without in Miles Morales, kinda sounds like limits but with extra ste... Oh wait... It is...
Whos Tanks
Whos Tanks 3 hours ago
Son of a bitch, I'm in
Lex Gaming
Lex Gaming 3 hours ago
"Play has no limits" unless you're on a Sony console, why isn't there a Rick and Morty ad for Xbox, the clearly superior device.
Angelica Valle
Angelica Valle 3 hours ago
maxler 5795
maxler 5795 3 hours ago
im sold. and im not even a play station fan.
Roblox Wolf
Roblox Wolf 3 hours ago
Man that was pretty boring I agree with Morty
Ver Coda
Ver Coda 3 hours ago
If I can actually Find a PS5, does that signify I’ve slipped into some alternate reality?
Din Dong Din Dong
Din Dong Din Dong 3 hours ago
Me encanta
Mertdakilla 3 hours ago
If rick doesnt get free stuff from sony try xbox/Microsoft then
ToXic QuiCk
ToXic QuiCk 3 hours ago
Sorry my Gods Rick and Morty im poor. :'(
dvatm 3 hours ago
This is legendary
Red Spycakes76
Red Spycakes76 3 hours ago
Really PlayStation 5 but no Xbox
Ben Greer
Ben Greer 3 hours ago
Thanks Rick but I’m more of an XBOX fan
FrostedJr 3 hours ago
"Play has no limits" Well yes, but actually, no.
MisterHeroman 3 hours ago
Wow, guess I'm going Xbox or Switch this time. The cringe in this vid turned me away from PS5. Thanks, reddit & memey!
Dude next to you
Dude next to you 3 hours ago
I’m glad I got one
beep boop
beep boop 3 hours ago
U can’t really sell something that sold out
naba 4
naba 4 3 hours ago
Tempting, but Xbox for life
Yael Matamoros
Yael Matamoros 3 hours ago
A chingar a su madre toma todo mi dinero ps5
Lego Minifig
Lego Minifig 3 hours ago
Too bad they have all been scalped
Jacob Carter
Jacob Carter 3 hours ago
“Buy our game console” bro we are trying lol
Esadur 3 hours ago
There's no punchline, no joke in this. Low effort sellout. I mean they could have at least think of something edgy.
Mitchel Kvedar
Mitchel Kvedar 4 hours ago
as an xbox fan. this do be convincing
A Guy on the Internet
Too bad it has a fatal flaw that will brick almost all systems within a year of use.
Lucas More
Lucas More 4 hours ago
Me tatue a Rick alienígena jajaka
Edd Boi
Edd Boi 4 hours ago
Ok... Well Xbox ain't it for me anymore.
naba 4
naba 4 3 hours ago
Faxi 4 hours ago
Buy it ironically. Buy it sincerely. Just buy it. Not buying is an act of buying it. Buy it now. Look it up! It's real. On the Internet. It's there. Buy it. Buy the console. We want you to buy the console!
Adult Cartoons
Adult Cartoons 4 hours ago
I got to hold one in my hands at work cause I work at Amazon but still can’t buy one ):
Devil 4 hours ago
This was a pretty good ad no cap
Austin Turner
Austin Turner 4 hours ago
I’m the target audience for this ad
ENTITLED GAMER 4 hours ago
This was really effective I want to buy another PS5 now
Awelbeckk 4 hours ago
Where is Jerry ?
Jhakoo 0401
Jhakoo 0401 4 hours ago
An ad that's actually enjoyable
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