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Season 4 of Rick and Morty returns to [adult swim] on Sunday Nov. 10th at 11:30pm.
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Rick and Morty Season 4 Opening Sequence | adult swim


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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 80
Sweetheart 4 days ago
If you don’t whistle the last melody part at the end, you’re a psychopath
Oishii Kudasai
Oishii Kudasai 6 days ago
Rick and Morty (Phineas and Ferb) There’s a hundred and twenty episodes to do now Until the szechuan sauce is theirs So the biggest of problems that they have to deal with Is all about trying to get there How about they... Fight on a story train, heisting a planet, or even jump into some acid Discovering something that doesn’t exist like Morty’s penis that’s flaccid Shitting a big ass egg, going akira mode, or watching interdimensional cable (sit over here) Shitting on toilets, meeting with Elon Tusk, or seeing Jesus in a fable (I beg your pardon?) They have a ton of adventures and some weird jokes to do and it’s time to grab a seat (HEY TONY!) So Rick and Morty and even the family are coming for Season 4 So Rick and Morty and even the family are coming for Season 4 Summer: Uh Rick? Why do we have a theme song?
꧁Kirb꧂ 14 days ago
could someone make a speedrun of this intro
Batman Bra
Batman Bra 15 days ago
This is to good
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel 15 days ago
*two-headed goose* GOTTA GET A GRIP!
D G 15 days ago
Fake real real fake fake, right?
Pinguino del Rio
Pinguino del Rio 20 days ago
I like how they keep the beginning and end of the theme song the same in each season, but I wish they’d at least reanimate the part at the beginning with Rick and Morty running in the desert. It feels weird seeing the cheaper season 1 animation right next to the much better animation we got in the newer seasons.
Agent Delta
Agent Delta 22 days ago
What "genre" would you say this is?
Pan Darius Kairos
Pan Darius Kairos 23 days ago
I'm still waiting for the Cthulhu episode.
El perro Que confirma
Posibly the worst season to rick
L3yon 27 days ago
0:11 Fake 0:14 Real 0:16 Real 0:19 Fake 0:21 Fake
Mr. Ben
Mr. Ben 27 days ago
What point are they making by adding scenes that aren't even in the episode?
StrawberryOwl 96
StrawberryOwl 96 21 day ago
To troll people probably ;)
Capitan DosCeros
Capitan DosCeros 29 days ago
I have a theory that "Rick is the son of Summer and Morty". his head is similar to Summer and his eyes are of Morty, also the skin and hair may have been due to the effect of incest genes or perhaps he may have injected Something to make it very intellectual can be the effect of your hair or skin. END
Capitan DosCeros
Capitan DosCeros 28 days ago
@ShadowLegend yes
ShadowLegend 28 days ago
Orr, maybe he kinda looks like a mix of summer and morty cause hes their GRANDFATHER, how about that instead of some incest theory huh?
MihaVar 28 days ago
That's interesting, but not in canon
PurpleArrowTSB Month ago
How can I watch all the episodes of season 4?
Sevastian Galvan
Who just watch the season finally of rick and Morty season 4🙊🥺
El LoquitoPeterParker Jesus
0:12 Fortnite In Space!!
Jacob McAllen
Jacob McAllen Month ago
when’s this season going to netflix?
Gabriel Blas
Gabriel Blas Month ago
Hopefully, the season finale explores any of the intro scenes missing from last episodes: 1. Cosmic Abomination Morty, 2. Giant Morty. 3. 2-Headed Goose.
juhd uv
juhd uv Month ago
0:12 to be continued
jagmarex Month ago
Does anyone notice that on the part when morty becomes a giant head.Rick turns from left to right and then right to left he actually does a roll (watch it on 0.25x speed) 0:13
Maxtin Invader
Maxtin Invader 28 days ago
Wow, that’s really easy to miss if someone isn’t looking hard enough. Great job.
Reppid1 Month ago
That’s actually kinda cool
Content Deleted
Content Deleted Month ago
The question is is there going to be a season five
Content Deleted
Content Deleted Month ago
Demonvampire 5 hehe
Demonvampire 5
Demonvampire 5 Month ago
Ya they got a 70 or something episode order last season. Plenty of more seasons coming!
Joker Griffin
Joker Griffin Month ago
Fun fact (if I’m not wrong) The fight scene with story lord was actually part of the second part of season 2 despite being in every other season 4 episode intro and the episode not actually existing yet
The One And Only
William Law
William Law Month ago
Theres a lot story lord at the comment section!
Most majestic dog
so now we have the story lord beating rick and snake cyborg. rip I wanted to see the other 2 more
The Engineer
The Engineer Month ago
BoJack horseman is better than Rick and Morty. Try to change my mind.
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Month ago
Brian and Stewie's adventures on Family Guy are more entertaining than Rick and Morty. Change my mind.
Tater Tots
Tater Tots Month ago
I agree
Posy Cook
Posy Cook Month ago
Lachlan Harrison
Okay, so we got the snake planet episode and now the Story-train in this theme. That just leaves the 2 headed duck, the giant Morty head, and giant Morty. Either that or there just there for the theme itself and not for a future episode
Darkone225 Month ago
StoryLord confirmed.
Shnobbs Studios
Shnobbs Studios Month ago
I hope the Goose one is real.
محمد عادل عبيد
When the intro has an outro 0:33
Demented Duskull
It's so bewildering to me whenever I see the first shot that's in every opening since that was back when the animation wasn't so clean, so you see that rough shot, and then immediately after like the most detailed thing ever it's like going from 360p to 1080 in a snap
Jordan Verbeek
Jordan Verbeek 2 months ago
0:18 Theory: Bird Person is resurrected as Phoenix Person, brainwashed, turned into Old Person and he's this ripped fighter who wrecks Rick and Morty in one of "The Other Five".
Mikayla Terry
Mikayla Terry 2 months ago
Morty the giant
Aquarius 2 months ago
0:22 just to let you guys know that 2 headed goose is from Adventure Time.
Богдасарян 25
Перевёл Женя Спицын озвучил Сыендук
Tiffany Lesley
Tiffany Lesley 2 months ago
We need a season 4
Kirbooi 2 months ago
It still starts and ends with the same scenes I think the first one with the Morty with brown shoes has a massive importance in the story ( maybe that's Evil Morty ) And maybe the last one shows us how the show will end.
Grace Moore
Grace Moore 2 months ago
Andrew Bjork
Andrew Bjork 2 months ago
It's unofficially official. The first clip is Rick abandoning Evil Morty before that Morty became evil.
Don Completos
Don Completos 2 months ago
Havik 2 months ago
I have a feeling 0:09 IS the original morty
Sniper 2 months ago
2 headed goose is a masonic symbolism.
Oscar Saucedo
Oscar Saucedo 2 months ago
3+3=6 that math problem alway's makes me laugh
Supe Xóq
Supe Xóq 2 months ago
0:13 Morty made by H.P Lovecraft
Aggro 2 months ago
Scene 1 is fake Scene 2 is real Scene 3 is real Scene 4 is real Scene 5 is fake Scene 6 is ????
fighterwolfneon 3 months ago
Other Five Trailer: 0:16-0:18 confirmed to be real. Fingers crossed Rick skydiving towars mutant planet Morty is real
DrGamer 3 months ago
The two headed duck is from adventure time intro
Mr.Pig4031 3 months ago
0:12 i *NEED* context for this
Janea And Graye
Janea And Graye 3 months ago
Rick wearing a mask in the intro got 2020 looking like 👀
some random guy that needs a life
0:11 he left morty so that could possibly be a hint to evil morty's origin
Drift 13 days ago
ARBITRARY GAMER 3 months ago
*0:11* ever wondered why this part is still in the intro ?? Because this could possibly the biggest reveal origin of evil morty in the coming episodes of the new season this year....
Drift 13 days ago
Andre Iñiguez
Andre Iñiguez 3 months ago
Theory: Jerry is dead for evil morty
juhd uv
juhd uv Month ago
You spell theory wrong
SKE LEEROC ii 3 months ago
Yea this video is cool and all but I have a meeting at the bank in 30 I'm so excited I can barely put on my ski mask
Samantha Adams
Samantha Adams 3 months ago
redbubble.com/shop/p/46058265.P5BX3?. Rick and Mort themed fan art and merch
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 3 months ago
This is my favourite fucking show!!! Rick and Morty forever:)
Simon S.
Simon S. 3 months ago
Did Morty got eaten by giant green frogs with canines in the past episodes?
It's Sandy
It's Sandy 3 months ago
I love it!
Smg4 Sounds
Smg4 Sounds 3 months ago
2-headed Duck?!
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 3 months ago
Ei porque não colocou a parte do Rick Sanchez não apanha do cara
Dead_opsGx 4 months ago
Same shit different season augfhhhhh
Freya Willan
Freya Willan 4 months ago
will season 4 be on Netflix?
angel clash R :v
angel clash R :v 4 months ago
0:12 that s'.....
Martín Benavides
Martín Benavides 4 months ago
Rick and morty: *exists* Jerry: Am I a joke to you?
Martín Benavides
Martín Benavides 4 months ago
@Waffuru Jerry: Really?😟
Waffuru 4 months ago
Rick and morty: yes.
gogeta69z 4 months ago
bait and switch
?.??.? 4 months ago
Bong hit off mj
Epic Kid
Epic Kid 4 months ago
I hope there will be a Rick And Morty movie soon.
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines 4 months ago
But what about gravity falls?
juancarlos fajardo garcia
Jajaja un ganso de dos cabezas
Princess Amy Rose
Princess Amy Rose 5 months ago
Finished the first half of season 4, now I’m waiting for the other half!!! 🙁💙💛
Skalopulton301 2 months ago
Princess Amy Rose I really am excited to see them return!
Princess Amy Rose
Princess Amy Rose 2 months ago
Skalopulton301 yep
Skalopulton301 2 months ago
Princess Amy Rose I’m guessing you saw the trailer.
Princess Amy Rose
Princess Amy Rose 2 months ago
Skalopulton301 yeah I know
Skalopulton301 2 months ago
The other half is coming May 3rd!
Khurtron The Destroyer
There more Morty In The Universe Replace it When Ever you want
Thoralmir 6 months ago
0:12 Totally ripping the opening level of Asura's Wrath.
Simon S.
Simon S. 6 months ago
It aired on my birthday?! Goddammit that could've been my best gift!
booker dewitt
booker dewitt 6 months ago
this show is better than gravity falls.
Thomas Gillis
Thomas Gillis 6 months ago
Why is there only 5 episodes ? :(
Alex John
Alex John 6 months ago
Where’s squawnchy
Alex John
Alex John 6 months ago
I miss him
thundermaker313 6 months ago
15 second unskippable ad in front of a 53 second video. Good job, RUvid.
SPYCO TRIGGS 6 months ago
Y does Rick remind me of trevor Phillips GTA 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍❤
Ivy Girl
Ivy Girl 6 months ago
Who's here after the snake episode? 😂
Lurogames 6 months ago
Ivy Girl me
J Lever
J Lever 6 months ago
The scene with the snakes is now real
Smg4 Sounds
Smg4 Sounds 3 months ago
“What is that?”- English boi
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