Rick and Morty - 50 Jokes & References You Missed

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Rick and Morty Jokes & References from the first two seasons and the Rick and Morty Season 3 first episode. Erik Voss explains the more subtle Rick and Morty jokes that you might have missed the first time watching, like references to Gravity Falls and cameos by Mr. Meeseeks. What are the dirtiest Rick and Morty jokes? Who actually tracked in the parasite in Total Rickall? How did the series foreshadow the chair, phone, and pizza universe in Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind? Rick and Morty Funniest Jokes!
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Jun 17, 2017

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Comments 4 910
New Rockstars
New Rockstars 2 years ago
Get Quidd here: bit.ly/2spWO7E Our username is NewRockstars. Add us! (These Rick & Morty stickers and the red arrows we made have been very fun to add to our text convos, DO IT!)
Casey Moss
Casey Moss Month ago
U have a third nipple?????????????
mellamosean 6 months ago
@Shinigami XIII great
mellamosean 6 months ago
Jack Maslin
Jack Maslin Hour ago
You gonna skip the obvious Shakespeare reference of something wicked this way comes in Macbeth the second time he approached the witches
Katie 5 hours ago
Didn’t know about the tech n9ne reference and I’m from Missouri 🤷🏼‍♀️lol
Softnumnums Day ago
You ever watch a video... come back a day later and its been 2 years?
Rusty Shack13ford
Explaining what bukkake is... Yeah, one thing you might have missed is what bukkake is.
Rusty Shack13ford
Rick drinks alcohol and Morty has anxiety!
Rusty Shack13ford
Morty was short for Mortimer
Arturo Villegas
if u need this video youre a stupid piece of shit and shoudnt be watching rick and morty aniways ....
Nicholas S
Nicholas S Day ago
Why are there so many goddamn dislikes
Bal Zac Harry
11:03 it was in the shape of a dump truck/ trash truck referring to booze and little buses were on the floor referring to water bottles as shown in the next clip
special Gary
special Gary 2 days ago
uncle joe 'mr jellybean' biden
Nils Collin
Nils Collin 2 days ago
You missed how Season 2 Episode 8 featured a doctor introducing himself as "Dr. Glipglop"
barkingknight43 2 days ago
I know what buckie means if thats how its apelled
Mike Better
Mike Better 2 days ago
Well that was awful.
jzarger moon
jzarger moon 2 days ago
Toby Garrison
Toby Garrison 3 days ago
The card game that I use is marvel collect by topps and all the topps card collection games
First Lego League
For the Jellybean one, none of that was sublte, they were *direct* references. Like, the camera centres on the statue
Shad3 Clan
Shad3 Clan 3 days ago
The evil pig in animal farm wasn’t snowball it was napoleon snowball jus got blamed for being bad
Pamela Medina
Pamela Medina 4 days ago
He is soo skinny
Kerwin Cordero
Kerwin Cordero 4 days ago
where do you get that video from dan harmon and the leg? XD i laugh alot with it hahaha
Alex Rubino
Alex Rubino 6 days ago
50 jokes & references everybody already got years ago*
Socky Kazuto
Socky Kazuto 6 days ago
Snowball was the good pig Napoleon was the bad boss pig
AngryWhiteGuy 6 days ago
Jessica's Feet
Scarzs11 7 days ago
Teenage Jesus
Teenage Jesus 7 days ago
I have a theory that doofus Rick is actually the one that runs the Jerry day care.
Teenage Jesus
Teenage Jesus 3 days ago
Adam Bamford I don't need to? It's not a complex theory, and it makes sense when you think about it. Doofus Rick is the only one that loves, and respects Jerry.
chonk u
chonk u 3 days ago
Tumelo Mabeta
Tumelo Mabeta 4 days ago
Teenage Jesus Oh snap😂😂.
adam bamford
adam bamford 5 days ago
Please explain
Lawrence Sao
Lawrence Sao 7 days ago
Council of Rick's= council of Reeds from Marvel's fantastic 4
Arched 7 days ago
3:35 *FBI OPEN UP*
Chill/Good music for the lvly
12:38 I like the monster in the background 🤦💀
dang the wolf
dang the wolf 8 days ago
Nice video
Apple Fanatic
Apple Fanatic 9 days ago
Isaac Foose
Isaac Foose 9 days ago
Downloaded the app how do I share these in normal text or facebook messenger or can I not cuz if I csnt this apps stupid
Sir Tinley-Knot
Sir Tinley-Knot 8 days ago
lick lick lick ma balls
Our Most Valuable Customer Mr. K. Dilkington
I think he pointed about 3 jokes I missed.
Jordan Craig
Jordan Craig 10 days ago
Plz no more rick expressions
Red Dawva
Red Dawva 11 days ago
18:30 Damn didn't knoe rick could regenerate
404UserNotFound 11 days ago
Told me nothing I didn't know....also... this tool is a sellout.... when you have to shill in the first 30 seconds, I'm out
Anthropophob 12 days ago
The evil pig in animal farm was Napoleon. Snowball was the good one.
George Dunham
George Dunham 12 days ago
My favourite: Breaking Bad
Dawn Worthy
Dawn Worthy 12 days ago
5:38 God smote
Koala Torrado
Koala Torrado 12 days ago
In picle rick episode , rick kills two mens with pencils , a jonh wick reference
TheAnimatingBandit 13 days ago
20:11 umm do you know what wubba Luba dub dub means bc it actually means you’re in pain
Jonathan Hamilton
Jonathan Hamilton 13 days ago
Get schwifty
Brodie Hynes
Brodie Hynes 13 days ago
I don't get the gasablanka joke in rick and morty
Stoph D
Stoph D 14 days ago
I'm not surprised Dog World didn't get made
GUY MULLINS 14 days ago
King Jelly Bean is "JOE BIDEN"
Cracka Licious
Cracka Licious 14 days ago
He doesn't trick the president to believe that he can turn people into snakes, he can turn people into snakes. Someone didn't understand the trade secret it seems.
Debbie Heidecker
Debbie Heidecker 14 days ago
Isn't the drunk car in that the cat from too many cooks?
Akash Alam
Akash Alam 14 days ago
The anchor surely does not like rick and morty!
GeneTheDog 14 days ago
who saw the swastika on the back of the guys head in "something ricked this way comes"?
Joky Bones
Joky Bones 14 days ago
The detail of this series is beautiful espacially 15:46
Joky Bones
Joky Bones 14 days ago
13:38 You underestimate my Powers
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