Rich and Mike's The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video

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A little late to the game? NO! We've got until December to pointlessly speculate on the last of the "Skywalker saga" films!!! Mike has a crazy plot prediction and Rich has some ideas on how Palpatine can come back. Enjoy, friends!!


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Jul 14, 2019




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C Jordan
C Jordan 3 hours ago
As much as I love the ridiculousness of the time travel idea I unfortunately think jj's "fuck it" is pertaining to the emperor returning and the explanation behind that.
Sgt. Buck
Sgt. Buck 5 hours ago
"That's correc." -- Mike, 2019
JJbullfrog1978 10 hours ago
Prediction Luke's force ghost gives Rey the resurrected lightsaber, no explanation, it just happens. That's a JJ Abrams thing to do
JJbullfrog1978 10 hours ago
So when's the Ewok death cult series headed to Disney+
JAMESk3gs 13 hours ago
Rey is a clone. The saber battle in the trailers takes place on KAMINO Her parents weren't filthy junk traders but a bounty hunter named jango fett. Who sold his dna (clone troopers) for drinking money. The emperor had plenty of time patience and opportunities to do so. I would like it to end SOMETHING like that.
bongo gibbans
bongo gibbans 13 hours ago
Star wars battle games for sale
Don Adam
Don Adam 15 hours ago
Star Wars Episode Nein.
Philip Bellingham
Philip Bellingham 17 hours ago
In the comic's, there's a story line about Qui Gon explaining about how as a force ghost, you can travel back in time, In rebels there's a thing about some chick called Ahsoka Tano time travelling. It pretty much is cannon at this point that there is time travel in the Star Wars universe.
Brodie Yake
Brodie Yake 18 hours ago
"Rhyme Or Reason" by Eminem is more faithful to Star Wars than any of the Disney movies.
James Graff
James Graff 19 hours ago
Time travel is already a cannon thing, used to save characters already. oh no, oh noooooooo
Parrish R.
Parrish R. 22 hours ago
have these guys talked about star wars The Mandalorian?
Graham6762 23 hours ago
I hate time travel movies.
Graham6762 23 hours ago
One good criticism this channel had is nothing happened in the movie, the rebels are right where they started at the beginning of the movie just a little worse. So there wasn't much plot development.
Contra Day ago
From what I've heard from leaks it sounds like Rich's prediction about spiritual force stuff sounds more accurate
Pablo Barría Urenda
15:13 "That's the new rebellion". On second watching, I think it is VERY generous to the amount of consistency shown by the new Star Wars films to even assume that they would feel the need to explain why or how the rebellion/decimated came back, or even acknowledge that it was ever almost decimated by the stupidity of its own heroes (save for Rey). I think that, much like the first order always has more ships and firepower, more Rebels are simply going to just show up.
h2oGrunt Day ago
Ewok death cult. Please make this movie. I dont care about story, plot, character development, or even if it's in ewokeese with no subtitles... the world needs this.
X O Day ago
Uncle Luke sneaked into Kylo's bedroom and turned him to the dark side.... Thanks Rian! Then Kylo killed his father; hence Luke killed Han...Thanks Disney!
Ndf27 Day ago
Why are they introducing a bunch more main characters into the last film of the trilogy? Adding in more characters isn’t better than developing the ones already there.
They will go back to Endor, meet up with a grey Wicket who is now passed his prime. They will find the Emperor survived and has been hiding on Endor. The emperor will reveal he has been pulling the strings the entire time.........Then Rey will find out she is a clone of palpatine or and combination of Skywalker dna and palpatine Dna or something similar.......... She will be tempted by the darkside which is why we see evil rey in the trailer and she will confront her evil self in a force vision....................... The emperor will overpower Rey but Kylo will turn good and sacrifice himself to save Rey from the emperor just like Vader did but this time the emperor will finally be defeated. A bunch of force ghosts will appear. The end.
Alberto Ike
Alberto Ike Day ago
I have an even bigger theory about the time travel: Rey mom is herself and that's why she had to leave. LMAO
Michael M.
Michael M. Day ago
Since Star Wars is hard sci-fi rooted in real science I've always been bothered by how each planet has just one eco-system e.g; desert, forest, snow. Question for any scienticians wouldn't a habitable planet have at least several biomes that sort of need each other. I'm saying it stupidly but do you get my meaning?
thekorv95 Day ago
To be honest, removing the new trilogy would be the best move for the franchise.
Borislav Zahariev
The going-back-in-time theory is really, really good, but one thing completely destroyed it and that is the lightsaber. If you look closely, you could see that the lightsaber now has a small dark park right at the spot where it got destroyed. This means that it was reassembled. Thus, it can't be the one from the past as it has this dark connection fragment. But the theory is really good, tho.
G D Day ago
yeah but she could fix it and bring it back in time with her
Borislav Zahariev
The going-back-in-time theory is really, really good, but one thing completely destroyed it and that is the lightsaber. If you look closely, you could see that the lightsaber now has a small dark park right at the spot where it got destroyed. This means that it was reassembled. Thus, it can't be the one from the past as it has this dark connection fragment. But the theory is really good, tho.
kmanc Day ago
I predict rey trains a child army of younglings tthat end up slaughtering and possibly raping kylo ren
BreesusTD OTBaller
Based on the leaks, it looks like RICH EVENS AND MIKE ARE PROPHETS
K Day ago
Disney SW aint SW
Juan Gutierrez
Everyone hated TLJ, those who "liked" it aren't people. They should be banished off the planet.
RanMouri82 Day ago
Your weird time travel ideas sound much better than the current rumors.
LedPESRule Day ago
"I am Rey Skywalker" Last words of Palpatine's grand-daughter as this amazing failure of a trilogy comes to an end.
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas Day ago
Super 8 is a pretty good film - the child performances are outstanding and as a non traditional monster movie - it hit some pretty good beats. It didnt become huge - but i think it was much better written than the Star Trek films which I also found entertaining.
7:30 Goddamnit, mike is the last comedian that can make me laugh out loud. His armchair caressing is just too much.
Jawpz 2 days ago
I bet Mike practices that Palpatine impression in the mirror.
Xander Napont
Xander Napont 2 days ago
I’m not even excited for Star Wars anymore, I’m just excited to see how right Mike and Rich were this time.
G D Day ago
TLJ was so bad it made me feel the same. no star wars excitment
Rainbow Shrimp
Rainbow Shrimp 2 days ago
It’s so close, I can taste the Ewok death cult from here boys and girls
Masterzbyg 2 days ago
I like the ewok death cult story
Missing No
Missing No 2 days ago
They're never played ewok hunt
Druckus Amuckus
Druckus Amuckus 2 days ago
Damon Lindelof might be one of the worst writers of all time.
Hcookie 44
Hcookie 44 5 hours ago
gregphipps37 hbo watchmen sucked
gregphipps37 9 hours ago
Druckus Amuckus The Leftovers and Watchmen tv series beg to differ
Devon Wingate
Devon Wingate 2 days ago
Something I've noticed in alot of the RLM videos about anything star wars is this idea they have that it's impossible to make something new with original content. That's really the only point they make I don't agree with. Anyone who has played Kotor or read the books and have explored the expanded universe knows all the cool in universe stuff that could have been done. Hell even the new battlefront game has an excellent semi original story that almost makes the Force Awakens make sense storywise. There are cool unique things that the starwars movies could use to inspire better storywriting but it seems they are either too ignorant or too afraid to use them. Which is mainly why I was disappointed with the film's. The missed opportunity. You guys act like the opportunity wasn't there to begin with.
LedPESRule Day ago
Absolutely. Hell, for all their faults (which are not as bad as RLM makes them out to be) the prequels did show us that you can do a lot with Star Wars. Yes, they were very much connected to the OT, but they did expand the universe a whole lot in interesting and new ways
LJWR 2 days ago
I have only just starting watching these videos, the guy on the left reminds of George Lucas
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