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Today we are making a very tasty and yummy Rice flour recipe that can be served as brunch, breakfast or evening snack with a good dip.
Enjoy morning breakfast or as evening snacks you can also make it for tiffin. This is very tasty recipe..........👌👌👌👌
This recipe is from South India and is called as "Ammini Kozhukattai"
Rice Balls / Ammini Kozhukattai is an age old recipe that we love to have as evening snack or tiffin or as breakfast.. Since it is made with tempering lentils and with steamed rice balls, this is a very healthy and tasty lunch box recipe for all.Though Rice Balls are made with the leftover dough made for preparing sweet modhaks on Ganesh Chathurthi, this Rice Balls Kozhukattai finds a place in the regular menu in many households.
As it is not only easy to make but also an eye catcher because of its spherical sponge-like structure. Which attracts everyone from the kids to the adults.
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इस नए नाश्ते के आगे समोसा कचौरी भी लगे बेस्वाद
अगर एक बार बनायेंगे तो बार बार बनाना पड़ेगा ऐसी है ये रेसिपी,
जब घर में कोई सब्जी न हो तो बनाए यह जबरदस्त सब्जी
सुबह सवेरे की भूख में खाये ऐसा हेल्थी चटपटा नाश्ता स्वाद दिनभर मुहँ से ना उतरेगा
मुंह से ना उतरने वाला ऐसा सुबह का नाश्ता जो आपके दिन भर की भूख को मिटा दे
सुबह का नाश्ता हो या बच्चों का टिफिन हो 5 मिनट में तैयार यह टेस्टी नाश्ता
जब कुछ हल्का और टेस्टी खाने का मन करे तो बनाये ये टेस्टी नाश्ता,
करेला इस तरह बनायेंगे तो कड़वा नहीं लगेगा
आपने कभी ऐसा स्वादिष्ट पकवान नहीं किया होगा
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Comments 53
Khushbu Munazzah
Khushbu Munazzah 5 days ago
Recipe is good but ur voice is too much irritating...
Divya sinchana
Divya sinchana 2 months ago
Omg soooo annoying to listen till the end ... recipe is really good... appreciate your effort but ...pls don't stretch soooo badly..
Something's Cooking With Alpa
So sorry about that, didn’t realise that I was doing that. Try watching my latest videos have made changes in the way I speak, I am sure u will like it now 👍
Chitra Pala
Chitra Pala 4 months ago
And now and now and now 😁
Ashfiya Abubakker
Ashfiya Abubakker 4 months ago
Manjula Chethan
Manjula Chethan 5 months ago
Very nice mam
Creative Yogi
Creative Yogi 5 months ago
Superb recipe ji 👌👌
Xenovia 5 months ago
I don't have any problem so far but I'd prefer if your nails are short.
shilpa jain
shilpa jain 6 months ago
Chana dal is Bengal gram...
shilpa jain
shilpa jain 6 months ago
Hi, which is chickpea in this recipe??? Pleas tell me...
Jagjit Kaur
Jagjit Kaur 14 days ago
It's Chana daal which she used in tempering.
Radhika Jaishanker
Radhika Jaishanker 6 months ago
ratio pls
Angeleena Prakash
Angeleena Prakash 6 months ago
Wow I liked Ur recipe 'Rice balls.'
Radhika Jaishanker
Radhika Jaishanker 7 months ago
Can u pls tell me the ratio of water and flour?
Priya B
Priya B 6 months ago
That is very important for this recipe....
Avi T
Avi T 7 months ago
I did not find anything wrong with your voice or tone.On the Contrary i Subscribed just because how Cutely you talk. People need to appreciate the recipe that is what she is teaching.
dhanusharma singer
dhanusharma singer 9 months ago
Pls cut ur nails of ua right hand ,dat doesnt looks good while ur cooking nd its unhealthy too for children
katyayni fashion's
katyayni fashion's 9 months ago
🤢 itne Lambe nakhun
Pawan Param
Pawan Param 9 months ago
Chanel should have named Cook and sing
hari lalitha23
hari lalitha23 10 months ago
nice and quick receipe
Manjula Sivakumar
Manjula Sivakumar 10 months ago
Subscribers ask questions no answers in your side.if iam admire you resbond. Subscribers not a jokers.
Urmi R
Urmi R 10 months ago
I hate cooking but after watching your video full of cheer and enthusiasm...I think I should play your videos while I cook to get 'energy' !
Manjula Sivakumar
Manjula Sivakumar 10 months ago
Fine super.will you plse tell me one thing.ilike your kadai.i want the same one. Will yoy plse tell me shop name or link name.did you get it in amazona.
Khushboo Gupta
Khushboo Gupta 11 months ago
I love ur recipees but i love you even more....
Shikha Arya
Shikha Arya Year ago
You forgot to add the lime juice..... 😀
Shikha Arya
Shikha Arya Year ago
Can we steam the balls in idli cooker?
AMRUTHA S Year ago
Plzz cut ur nails also... Nice receipe
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Ok , and thank you 😊
Sneha sangekar
Your way of speaking is very dragged and irritating.. Its distracting from your recipe.. Please work on it.
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Ok will keep in mind but do check out my recent videos I am sure u will see a big difference
Friya R
Friya R Year ago
You sound too excited 🙉
Something's Cooking With Alpa
oops sorry :)
Linsulija Year ago
Nice presentation....gud
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Thank you dear :)
Rani Ravi
Rani Ravi Year ago
Recipes are good, but cut your right hand nails, it looks awkward.
Vihaan Saima
Vihaan Saima Year ago
ma'am recipe is good but look at your accent...seems like you want to show off how much English you know and others are getting impressed by sheer language fluency of yours instead of your efforts...I don't think i really enjoyed listening to you...better give subtitles so that we can mute you.
sarita rajpal
sarita rajpal 8 months ago
Vihaan Saima hehe totally agreed
Puneet Dahiya
Puneet Dahiya Year ago
Which is suuuukhiii mirchhhh..... LMAO
Neeta Labh
Neeta Labh Year ago
New style it is good
Something's Cooking With Alpa
thanks dear do also check out a new variation : ruvid.net/video/video-mCMGM2sBgV0.html
Neeta Labh
Neeta Labh Year ago
In bihar bengal it is called pitha also stuffed by koya or gram daal .
Sudha Kumar
Sudha Kumar 11 months ago
In chattisgarh fhara
Something's Cooking With Alpa
do also check out a new variation : ruvid.net/video/video-mCMGM2sBgV0.html
Something's Cooking With Alpa
hey thanks dear, its good to know
Sol _On_Fire
Sol _On_Fire Year ago
You’re adorable!!!
Something's Cooking With Alpa
awww thank you so much :)
nikita ramteke
i am only 14 year old girl and i make it easier and it was really nice
nikita ramteke
Something's Cooking With Alpa thanks mam
Something's Cooking With Alpa
wow thats wonderful, i am so proud of you.. and i am sure your parents also must be very proud of you .... keep it up dear
Sampath Bhaskar
I liked this food .... I only prepared ... Really enjoyed
Something's Cooking With Alpa
That's wonderful, so glad to hear that you tired it out and enjoyed it☺️👍
Y r u screaming???!!!
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Haha sorry about that, didn't realize that I was doing that☺️👍
Surendran K
Surendran K Year ago
Mam,,your recipes are not bad,but introduction is not good,,,ur are acting as a kid,,it doesn't suits you
Rishabh jain
Rishabh jain 10 months ago
Surendran K ur stupid
Rachana Kapse
Rachana Kapse Year ago
Hahha true
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Ok dear will try and work on it☺️
Yash Singh
Yash Singh Year ago
Plllllls dooooooont streeèeeeeeeeeeech thhhhhhhhhhhee woooooorrrdddsss sssooooooooo mmmmmuuuuuùccccchhhh
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Ok done deal check out my new recipe videos u will see a major difference ☺️👍
Rashmi Purohit
recipe is good, but your voice is like you are screaming. Would be great if you can be careful about this next time.
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Hey thanks I am glad u liked the recipe do check out my today's recipe hopefully u will be able to notice the difference ☺️👍
probably we need it
Your voice and sound tone so cute 😍😍😍
Something's Cooking With Alpa
thank you so much
BK jashanpreet Brar
Mam your recipe are good but plz ur voice are too load.so plz be care next time.
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Thanks dear for ur honest opinion, I have been working on the voice modulation do check out my latest video hopefully u will see a positive change. Do let me know what u think ☺️👍
humane YouTuber
Aapki dhun 🤣🤣🤣🤣
sarita seraphim
You are cute and recipes also awesome
Something's Cooking With Alpa
awww thank you so much for the compliment i am glad that your are enjoying the recipes.
Rajani pp
Rajani pp Year ago
Thanku chechi
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Most welcome dear☺️👍
Healthy रसोई
Lovely Preparation ...Thanks for sharing start following keep sharing God Bless Hope to see you on my channel as well
Karen A MOran
Karen A MOran Year ago
where would I be able to purchase the equipment you used to make this dish?
Karen A MOran
Karen A MOran Year ago
Something's Cooking With Alpa It was the item you cooked the rice balls on that the steal plate was cooked on kadai that you put the water in. It looked different than the wok you used earlier Thank you
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Which equipment are u talking about all I used is a wok (kadai)
pancham aroraa
Mam where did you get these t-shirt & pillow?
Something's Cooking With Alpa
From RUvid dear
Ravi Jumani
Ravi Jumani Year ago
Excellent recipe and well presented . Too Good Madam...
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Thank you very much ☺️ do try it out👍
Richa kaushal
Richa kaushal Year ago
Looks so yummy.... I will definitely try it
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Do try with some yummy chutney ☺️👍
Unique recipe deat
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Thank you ☺️
Noumaan Hossen
Must try
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Absolutely and do make some chutney with it and it's the perfect breakfast
raj ddlj
raj ddlj Year ago
absolutely delicious
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Thank you so much☺️
Looks so yummy. .i must try it.
Something's Cooking With Alpa
Thank you do try and do let me know how it turns out☺️👍
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