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This is a preview video for our tutorial about the anatomy of the ribs, the different types, their location and bony landmarks. Watch the full 12-minute video on Kenhub: khub.me/lt4b9
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The ribs are curved, flat bones which make up the majority of the thoracic cage and protect the inner thoracic organs. Their anatomical construction enables the lungs to expand and thus facilitate breathing by expanding the chest cavity.
In this video tutorial we cover the structure and major bony landmarks of the ribs, their overall anatomy, location and organization in the body, as well as the three different types of ribs.
There are three types of ribs:
- The true ribs (1-7) are characterized by attaching directly to the sternum through costal cartilage
- The false ribs (8-10) attach to the sternum through the costal cartilage of the true ribs
- The floating ribs do not attach to the sternum at all
Each of these rib types have specific landmarks and features that we will discuss and explore in the full video. We will then conclude withclinical aspects, when something goes wrong with the ribs.
To master this topic, click on the link and carry on watching the full video (available to Premium members): khub.me/rnxqf
Want to test your knowledge on the main features of the ribs? Take this quiz: khub.me/ylmzr

Read more about the anatomy of the ribs with our free article, in order to complete this study unit and get one step closer to success: khub.me/6prqb

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Kenhub - Learn Human Anatomy
Hello, hello! We had tons of fun working on this video about the ribs. Hopefully we were able to simplify the structure of these bones for you. Even without becoming a Kenhub Premium member, you can still learn anatomy with us. Don't forget that the preview with the most likes gets published in full on friday! Also, check out this free article on the ribs: khub.me/7pcou Thanks for watching!
Bruno R.
Bruno R. Year ago
Cindy Janet
Cindy Janet Year ago
My book says the Ilium, ischium and pubis are not part of the axial skeleton.....
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Malnutrition Boy
My ribs are not equal wtf
Maryan Osman
Maryan Osman Year ago
Thank you so much... Loved it! That ambulance though made me laugh😀😀
Kenhub - Learn Human Anatomy
You're welcome :) Have fun learning!
Kristel Gregoire
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