Rhye - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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KEXP.ORG presents Rhye performing live in the KEXP gathering space. Recorded February 15, 2019.
Wicked Dreams
Song For You
Host: Larry Rose
Audio Engineers: Julian Martlew & Nikhil Sarma
Cameras: Alaia D'Alessandro, Scott Holpainen, Kendall Rock & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Scott Holpainen


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May 17, 2019




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Comments 80
vanessa vanessa vanessa vanessa
Su voz suena como la de SADE
Mad Rabbit
Mad Rabbit 4 days ago
Oh BTW the music is good 2!
Mad Rabbit
Mad Rabbit 4 days ago
Is that a Squirel Sweather? I wants it! I adore Squirrels
Elizabet0909 7 days ago
💙 🎤 🎹 🥁 🎸 💙 🔝
Car Arri
Car Arri 8 days ago
Just AMAZING!!!!! what a great melodic and highly musical you've got, congrats.
Andrea the HIP hopper
my ears are eating chocolate mousse
soumyajyoti mukherjee
You know i honestly believed RHYE was sung by a female vocalist until now.
LE LUO 15 days ago
Ezequiel Ignacio Salgueiro
who is the girl modeling on his album artworks?
Victoria Guiazul
Victoria Guiazul 23 days ago
What a pure and outstanding magic art! Thanks for making my quarantine smoother ❤️
sreknord Month ago
Just because what's on his head, I'm out
Böckin Month ago
promise Month ago
i remember talking to this guy years ago in canada on a dating app. should have made my move then lol
Rita C
Rita C Month ago
CC Month ago
I LOVE RHYE ill always love rhye forever and ever ur music is transcendent
Ian Fonnie
Ian Fonnie Month ago
Who else started listening to RHYE because of DIPLO? Lol Corona Sabbath in the house
Michael Carrizosa
When my girlfriend first played Rhye for me I was like "is this Sade?"
Thomas Stewart
Thomas Stewart Month ago
So gorgeous
Lydia Readence
Lydia Readence Month ago
The best of all live....
Nury Lopez
Nury Lopez Month ago
Rhye ..this set is Beautiful 💞
Harvey Month ago
stamp 2 months ago
I really need them to perform in thailand again!! I was too young when they came few years ago damnn 😭😭🔥 they’re absolutely amazing!!
Nayana Julho
Nayana Julho 2 months ago
escutar as músicas de estúdio sem saber quem canta e vê-lo ao vivo é pra abrir a mente. amando a experiência!
Jodi P
Jodi P 2 months ago
Here from the corona sabbath day. Having all of this and you!! 👍👍
kif1983 2 months ago
One of the rare Kexp cases of 'this band is amazing, I need to look into them the moment I'm finished working'.
Alberto Torres
Alberto Torres 2 months ago
Una voz q enamora !!! 🤘
K Daiki
K Daiki 2 months ago
playback speed: 0.5x
Lena G
Lena G Month ago
Jaime Silveira
Jaime Silveira 3 months ago
I cried.
Ana Sofía Sujo
Ana Sofía Sujo 3 months ago
LIlly Pajarito
LIlly Pajarito 3 months ago
If his voice has you shook... check out Glass Animals...
Meg S.
Meg S. 3 months ago
Haha this is the exact outfit he was wearing 3 days later at his show in Vancouver. Nice! He's amazing.
Matt Cee
Matt Cee 4 months ago
Many thanks. Fantastic band, fantastic show. My wife and I have seen them live 4 times, and their live shows are incredible. Even better than album tracks. His voice is unreal... It’s always an intimate show, every venue I’ve attended
The Shivers
The Shivers 4 months ago
Bassist is on point.
Ain Sof
Ain Sof 4 months ago
Who else wants them with Sade? ❣😍❣
lee라라라랜드 4 months ago
너무 좋아요
Elizabet0909 4 months ago
🎶 🔝 🕊️ ♥️ ®️
Anthony Malcuit
Anthony Malcuit 5 months ago
bad remixing in the beginning. the piano cuts shorts.
Виталий Арбузов
M D 5 months ago
sorry buy the ethos of rhye's music doesn't match to bro style of the singer. Maybe just an 'image' and 'styling' thing?
steve 5 months ago
Why does the drummer look familiar?
Mailen Miranda
Mailen Miranda 5 months ago
When are you coming to Vancouver?
Graziano Passannanti
Incredibile! Anch'io come molti ha creduto a lungo che il solista fosse una black singer invece è una stupenda voce bianca, nel senso vocale non della pelle. Grande band e davvero bravi! Unbelievable! I too have long believed that the soloist was a black singer but it is a wonderful white voice, in the vocal sense not of the skin. Great Band and really good singer!
Adam Hume
Adam Hume 6 months ago
Definitely Sade. I really like this group. Is Ben Schweir on keyboards now?
Roman Sokhan
Roman Sokhan 5 months ago
Less jazzy than Sade
Adam Hume
Adam Hume 6 months ago
Lovely music!
Olga Me
Olga Me 6 months ago
KEXP, you are the best!
Herbert Farias
Herbert Farias 6 months ago
É incrível a capacidade que esse som tem de me deixar relaxado, seja fazendo amor, lavando uma louça, estudando ou qualquer outra coisa. Impecável!
Dan 5 months ago
Janice Alderson
Janice Alderson 7 months ago
I love this guys voice i want to sing with him - and it it just sooo soft and beautiful the guitar and keyboard is so special too!
cici chelsea
cici chelsea 7 months ago
Алена М
Алена М 7 months ago
Спасибо за хорошее настроение!
Виталий Арбузов
Алена М поддерживаю)
Tyna Darco
Tyna Darco 8 months ago
Beautiful songs beautiful voice. I am a little surprised by his outfit??
_gongster 8 months ago
Wow, RHYE. Wow, that voice.
Simon Létourneau
Simon Létourneau 8 months ago
This is a top live performance like there are only a few per year on earth! Touching!
Selena Seul Kang
Selena Seul Kang 9 months ago
Whattttt Rhye was a man????
Mathakha Musehane
Mathakha Musehane 9 months ago
Yes... Fuck Yes!!!!!
Patrick Hayward
Patrick Hayward 9 months ago
Well, I just found out the band I've been vibing to for a long time had a male singer...
Fernando Fernandez
Fernando Fernandez 9 months ago
Music for the soul
Бородатый Ал
i'm comming )))
Jones Lubisi
Jones Lubisi 9 months ago
Wish it lasted for two weeks
Tyna Darco
Tyna Darco 9 months ago
So beautiful! That voice . The stuff sweet dreams are made of.
Dee Spear
Dee Spear 10 months ago
am I the only one who always thought this was a woman?
Saša Mask
Saša Mask 14 days ago
Mr. Big had this on me and still does, same for Milosh.
Liberated Love Radio
Nope...You were definitely not the only one. Lol! That brother had me fooled too! he sound is signature and very unique. I am so surprised Rhye is a man and not a woman.
Pas F
Pas F 4 months ago
i swear i can hear a woman in the mixing of break apart, maybe some back up chorus ? it's so weird cause i listen to that song and can't shake off the feeling it's a woman, maybe it's how its mixed
Lisa Watson
Lisa Watson 5 months ago
I'm amazed too. I found them a few days ago and just keep listening, they make me feel open hearted, gentle and sweet.
Mick 5 months ago
I first heard his music on Pandora as Milosh but I couldn't picture a man singing until I found Rhye on YT. Ever since I have become an obsessed fan with him and his band. Rhye is so easy to listen too and just chill whether at home, driving or at work. I really like their live performances on YT just so I can avoid the constant annoying ads that pop up. I hope they continue posting their mesmerizing live performances.
danhe13 10 months ago
Wicked dreams is probably one of the most beautiful songs on the planet
Geert De Roeck
Geert De Roeck 9 months ago
issay rojas
issay rojas 10 months ago
too much!
mrbeetham 11 months ago
Who knew Lars Ulrich had such a beautiful singing voice.
Diego Perez
Diego Perez 11 months ago
loved mike’s sweater i really need one of those
George Edwards
George Edwards 13 days ago
It's from Acne Studios! :)
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 11 months ago
Milosh voice us just amazing! He is the male Sade/Tracey Thorn.
adriana noriega
adriana noriega 11 months ago
Oh Good God 💛
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith 11 months ago
Love the silence and the space of this music...An antidote to all the noise
Tomas Gutierrez-Adams
Tomas Gutierrez-Adams 11 months ago
Better that the studio versions. Fantastic sound.
Geert De Roeck
Geert De Roeck 9 months ago
Gabriel Villegas
Gabriel Villegas 11 months ago
The end was magical.
Gerardo Morales
Gerardo Morales 11 months ago
Does anyone know if Claire Courchene is not playing anymore with Rhye?
Geert De Roeck
Geert De Roeck 9 months ago
sidmoniz6 11 months ago
Magnificent 💕🦋💫
Solina 11 months ago
Best wonderful voice in my life
Raquel Castillo Castro
Rhye is wonderfull! Love it! Desde antes del minuto ya le había dado like al video
Amy Atonal
Amy Atonal Year ago
Song for you
Christina Hansen
wauw wauw wauw
Paola Valdez
Paola Valdez Year ago
I love you so much, this went straight to my soul, love when music does that and you made it happen
Frankie McCall Power
"Oh baby please" come to Australia
Frankie McCall Power
Crit Langford that would be right. As soon as I find out about them they have come and gone :,(
Crit Langford
Crit Langford Year ago
They were just here! Saw them in Brisbane in February. Absolutely blown away. Phenomenal musicians. But yes, "oh baby please", do come back.
DJ_Dell Year ago
오늘도 들으러 들렸죠😊💗💗💗
Sumaia Leite
Sumaia Leite Year ago
Anastasiya Maslava
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