Rewind YouTube Style 2012

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WATCH THE 2014 VIDEO: yt.be/rewind
We invited some RUvidrs to star in a mash-up of culturally defining moments of 2012. Can you spot all the references?
Can you name all the RUvid stars in the video? Watch carefully and you might even find a few surprises... (Hint: try moving your mouse around in the player!).
PSY - ruvid.net/u-officialpsy
Walk off the Earth - ruvid.net/u-walkofftheearth
RyanHiga - ruvid.net/u-nigahiga
AlphaCat - ruvid.net/u-alphacat
KassemG - ruvid.net/u-kassemg
DailyGrace - ruvid.net/u-dailygrace
MysteryGuitarMan - ruvid.net/u-mysteryguitarman
DaveDays - ruvid.net/u-davedays
DeStorm - ruvid.net/u-destorm
PyroBooby - ruvid.net/u-pyrobooby
BarelyPolitical - ruvid.net/u-barelypolitical
RealAnnoyingOrange - ruvid.net/u-realannoyingorange
FreddieW - ruvid.net/u-freddiew
CorridorDigital - ruvid.net/u-corridordigital
RhettAndLink - ruvid.net/u-rhettandlink
Smosh - ruvid.net/u-smosh
FeliciaDay - ruvid.net/u-geekandsundry
ChesterSee - ruvid.net/u-chestersee
iJustine - ruvid.net/u-ijustine
EpicMealTime - ruvid.net/u-epicmealtime
MyHarto - ruvid.net/u-myharto
JennaMarbles - ruvid.net/u-jennamarbles
ShitGirlsSay - ruvid.net/u-shitgirlssay
JuicyStar07 - ruvid.net/u-juicystar07
GloZell - ruvid.net/u-glozell1
ClevverTV - ruvid.net/u-clevvertv
SmoshGames - ruvid.net/u-smoshgames
HuskyStarcraft - ruvid.net/u-huskystarcraft
TarynSouthern - ruvid.net/u-tarynsouthern
EdBassmaster - ruvid.net/u-edbassmaster
HeyKayli - ruvid.net/u-HeyKayli
CaseyLavere - ruvid.net/u-caseylavere
and more...
Directed by Peter Furia
Produced by Peter Furia and Beau Lewis | Director of Photography: Catherine Goldschmidt | Edited by Peter Furia and David Fine | A Seedwell Production | Full credits at seedwell.com/rewind


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Dec 17, 2012




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Comments 100
Cyrus! In Quarentine The Noob
Better be klaymations.. ;-; no klaymations
CBK Grim
CBK Grim 3 hours ago
When life was good and somewhat calm.
Mateo PimentelOOF
Mateo PimentelOOF 3 hours ago
we didn´t knew were making memories. We just knew we were having fun
♡︎Ochako Uruaka♡︎
I was 2 when this was made I-
ji I
ji I 10 hours ago
ji I
ji I 10 hours ago
Pewdieboi playz 2.0
Pewdieboi playz 2.0 11 hours ago
Back when the internet was simpler and not full of scammers and trolls
don't eat me
don't eat me 12 hours ago
Since trump got elected RUvid rewind has not been the same :(
brontosarusgaming 53
At the end lol So bad To bad It’s almost THE WORST Nvm it is This is the most worst video on yt
RePower ita
RePower ita 20 hours ago
Aahhhh... When The Pandemy don't exist
Danny J Batista
Danny J Batista 23 hours ago
😭🤘good old dayside
Jill Rolleston
I’m scared
Clash of Game
farting rainbows
First rewind ever wow
Jacob Vasquez
thats the time we're other countries are not allowed
Marron Giant
Marron Giant Day ago
Jazz Reigh Pedrajas
This really was bad
Jazz Reigh Pedrajas
@Onur Dora ÖZTÜRK T3 yeah ur right
Onur Dora ÖZTÜRK T3
no lol 2012 is the very good but 2018 and 2019 are trash
Diamond Wolf
Diamond Wolf Day ago
Can we have a time machine and go back in time where it made so much sense?!
Onur Dora ÖZTÜRK T3
yeah lol
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin Day ago
When RUvid actually cared about their creators
Onur Dora ÖZTÜRK T3
i miss 2012
movie scenes
movie scenes Day ago
Oh old memories 😂 i was 10 when that came out
sharie09111 Day ago
Can't believe we made memories with this
Sceptical Drax
0:36 not this guy again
Tails179 2 days ago
Old but "GOLD" days
Melissa 2 days ago
I was to young to remember 2020
sit down drank
sit down drank 2 days ago
I first saw this video when I was 12. I had always been watching RUvid videos since I was 10 or so but it was just one of those things and not think of it. It was this video that showed me that it just wasn't people making videos, this was a community of creators who cared about this site, people with genuine personality who lifted one another. Now when I see RUvid I see the sad husk it once was. A gold mine of weird, fun, random (in a true sense) content that would actually come up in the recommended feed. Whilst there is still genuine creators on this platform they are often suppressed by RUvid's often vague guidelines. And the whats left of this site is nothing but content farms and children/family channels. I've noticed since about 2014 this platform has been going down hill, and the only people who call out RUvid are the ones RUvid wants gone because they know they're speaking the truth. It's no longer about true content, this is about money. "It's a free market, they don't have to change, they making bank" how much money is enough money?
unlock ing
unlock ing 2 days ago
Fun fact:you are watching this during quarantine
Cyan Crewmate
Cyan Crewmate 2 days ago
Ngl this one is good tho
year review
EvilEpicFace 3 days ago
Imma come out and say it, I blame politics.
W S F 3 days ago
This feels like a lifetime ago.
Bro Time
Bro Time 3 days ago
RUvid was so better back then.😔
OofersUnited 3 days ago
Joshua Mamangun
Joshua Mamangun 3 days ago
Oh how I miss these simpler times
vellichxrry 3 days ago
2020 anyone?
Cheeto Bunny•
Cheeto Bunny• 3 days ago
Why is he tbagging her men are weird
FallKooper 3 days ago
Times when it was good
Josh Cortes
Josh Cortes 3 days ago
they out more effort into this than 2019 smh BIG smh
Josh Cortes
Josh Cortes 3 days ago
Bubble BFDI
Bubble BFDI 4 days ago
Minecraft was not popular at this time because it was a early version probably Minecraft became famous when pe start to explode with mobile
Jichael Juicy
Jichael Juicy 4 days ago
I think this was the actual beginning of RUvid. I can't put it into words for why, but it simply feels like this was the actual start.
theFMDguy 4 days ago
When RUvid was not for T-series and Cocomelon
FrostCat 4 days ago
BloodWire 4 days ago
Remember when RUvid was actually good me neither
O K 22 hours ago
Ahmad Tehfe
Ahmad Tehfe 4 days ago
the used to be so edgy and now they take evreything so seriously i swear youtube in 2020 is like the employee that takes there job way too seriously
NotXeroShi 4 days ago
Anyone see fallen kingdom in there? Cuz i did!
Crash 4 days ago
10th grade memories
Joel Louis
Joel Louis 4 days ago
I think I am going to cry
Wolfie 4 days ago
Toby 4 days ago
SlasherJohn 4 days ago
Ah yes... The good RUvid you say.
samsolt 4 days ago
i remeber my way older cousin showing me this and saying it was a parody
Delta fan
Delta fan 4 days ago
2019: bad rewind Me: we need 2012 rewind back
Salty eggs
Salty eggs 4 days ago
I’m here to refresh my mind
VelocityOneHD 5 days ago
the golden years
Afiq Fadhli
Afiq Fadhli 5 days ago
In 2012 - 2016, they made it simple In 2017 - 2018, they tried so hard In 2019, they didn't even try
Qasim The Great
Qasim The Great 5 days ago
youtube contact me my channle name is qasim the great
m1chaels 5 days ago
This is better because Minecraft
I Like This Name
I Like This Name 5 days ago
hop in the train, to a much...........simpler time
Chubinav Bunsthena
T- West
T- West 5 days ago
Peek RUvid rewind
KIRAN 5 days ago
* Squaks * 69
* Squaks * 69 5 days ago
Back when RUvid wasn't the ses pool of advertising and doughtubers.
Miranda Rojas Marina
A quien más en el minuto 2:26 le recordó a twice, Jajaja en ese tiempo ni existian
Brayden Gassmann
Brayden Gassmann 5 days ago
This is soooo nostolgic and is my childhood holy
Moth 6 days ago
Epic music before kpop was taken over by rap
Romsag 6 days ago
thunb up if watch in twenty 20! i like youtube rewind 2013
VibezPlays 6 days ago
This is so good
Rafifo Zufar
Rafifo Zufar 6 days ago
Good times
Rafifo Zufar
Rafifo Zufar 6 days ago
This rewind is a legend
Sir Gibberson
Sir Gibberson 6 days ago
Remember when youtube rewinds were actually good? Yeah, me neither
Daniel Gruder
Daniel Gruder 7 days ago
2020 is everything that we expected 2012 to be
O K 5 days ago
Ethiopian calendar-2012 Gregorian calendar-2020
Flower Sing
Flower Sing 7 days ago
is the best rewind ever!
Flower Sing
Flower Sing 7 days ago
anyone whating in 2020?
Camryn Nehoda
Camryn Nehoda 7 days ago
The Weird thing is this was on my Recommended
TheTopHatGuy Android
Turns out every yt rewind is cringy I was just too young to notice
Lab production
Lab production 7 days ago
Bro when I was 3 or 4 this was the first video I saw, this brings back nostalgia..
jrk tv
jrk tv 7 days ago
What is going on
MR RAMDOM 7 days ago
: /
BudgetBunion655 7 days ago
Oh what I would give to turn back time
Callan Sssinkyyy
Callan Sssinkyyy 7 days ago
We peaked and didn't even know it
Lemonade Glass
Lemonade Glass 7 days ago
I miss these times
D&D 7 days ago
Me see "the annoyin orange" in 2020 I see my childhood in a wonderful video....
DAJHANCCO 7 days ago
cuando antes youtube era chévere
k4r1 8 days ago
i hate 2020
HaaW 84
HaaW 84 8 days ago
damn these were good times. look what 2020 has become.
The Year 2020
The Year 2020 8 days ago
obama was in rewind 2012?
the best rewind.
Spidie 9 days ago
Instead of a RUvid rewind this year they should do a decade rewind
Cactus Pete
Cactus Pete 8 days ago
"Minecraft Multiplayer Fun"
Dulluog Louiz
Dulluog Louiz 9 days ago
I miss this 9/12/2020 time 9:50
Emily Does roblox and gacha
I remember when the youtube reminds were actually good
The Rodway
The Rodway 9 days ago
When rewind was actually entertaining.
SN0WZZ 9 days ago
The only good RUvid rewinds were 2012, 2013, and 2014. Prove me wrong:
Ivanswtchx 9 days ago
New Super Mario Bros. U
Seb 9 days ago
Damn these were the good old days when everyone was just having fun🙁
Elio n
Elio n 9 days ago
Thx Psy
Bintang Prahesa
Bintang Prahesa 10 days ago
Ok I late 7 years
Air Bang
Air Bang 10 days ago
When tiktok and Fortnite and corona never existed:
O K 5 days ago
Wait for 2021
Chaotic Creature
Chaotic Creature 8 days ago
And influencers
The ultimate dart monkey
2020 needs to be all of this from 2017 to 2012
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