Reversed Audio - Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer | E3 2019

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Nintendo dropped the trailer for the sequel to 2017's game of the year, Breath of the Wild, but the beginning has...reversed audio?..
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Levi 3 hours ago
Tbh I hear "poor Hyrule, for he is back to haunt thee"
Ninjakitten42 7 hours ago
I don't get it. What am I supposed to be hearing here?
Levi 8 hours ago
This is what the legend meant when they said the power to defeat Ganon was underground. They weren't supposed to dig up the ancient Sheika tech, but rather destroy Ganon's human form 👀
Timawa Viking
Timawa Viking 14 hours ago
Ben drowned is gonna be the last boss, isn't he?
George Adair
George Adair Day ago
It’s like a weird version of zeldas lullaby
FireLlama 07
FireLlama 07 Day ago
It probably wasn’t a good idea to watch this at 1am
DarthShrek66 Day ago
Who heard "help us, please"?
Salvo 1998
Salvo 1998 2 days ago
Let's say it's Ganondorf.... a decaying Ganondorf... the SAME from Oot and after being defeated his Body is kept very deep under the castle. Ganon itself was still inside and broke free again but after Young Link defeated Ganondorf the first time the Sheikah build the Guardians and the 5 Divine Beast's, 4 to Attack and one for Testing (I'm Talking about the one under the Shrine of Resurrection). And after being once more beaten Ganon returned to Ganondorfs Body which like Link in Botw after longer time healed him. So Ganondorf stayed under the castle for so long that nobody knew he was there. Alive... yet still in a coma? Ganon as well inside him after it's defeat through the 4 Divine Beasts and Ganondorfs hatred he became stronger and left the Ganondorfs body once more but this time he sent 4 different creatures to the Divine Beasts to take them over and small dark energy into the guardians and what happened next... we all found out during Botw....now Ganon died and he sent a bit of energy back to Ganondorf so that he would awake soon to avenge him and thats what we will maybe see in Botw 2
Justin Mathis
Justin Mathis 2 days ago
I think I’m gonna have nightmares
TB Supra Tom
TB Supra Tom 2 days ago
Wait, what if it’s actually a prequel
Porter S.
Porter S. 2 days ago
I kept hearing. "Push onward, the ---- is on the body."
Laura Veronica Arango Rodriguez
Link:finds the body of ganondorf Kolog:oh you found me
Gameview 2
Gameview 2 4 days ago
Me after watching the original trailer: I understood nothing Me after watching this: I understand now
zic732 5 days ago
If the lyrics really are "poor Hyrule, for Link is gone" I wonder if that means only Zelda will be playable for all or most of the game? Really makes this the Legend of *Zelda* then. That would be a twist :o
Havoc Steel
Havoc Steel 5 days ago
I’m actually terrified
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin 6 days ago
In case you havent realized yet,this is a Jojo reference
OverTopGamez 6 days ago
i hear "good bye link, open its body" idk why
Potato Man
Potato Man 6 days ago
ffs ganon not again i thought we dealt with this
Ashley Drury
Ashley Drury 6 days ago
Hopefully this actually allows you to beat the boss instead of not letting you save
arykthan 6 days ago
"im blue da ba di da ba da"
Brady Walters
Brady Walters 7 days ago
It sounds like it's singing.
Zachary Alejandro
That head snap is even scarier in reverse
ken kaneki
ken kaneki 7 days ago
Nintendo's gotten smarter.... I've been trying to decipher this, and all I can make out is "oh hyrule" and a few other words, and also I swear, I heard some one whisper "help us". Nintendo, what in the world are y'all doing? I mean making a Zelda game that is going to be scarier than the great Majora's Mask!? That makes me nervous.....
LonktheHero 4 days ago
ken kaneki, I heard it too
paul paul
paul paul 7 days ago
Sean Garcia
Sean Garcia 7 days ago
Everyone is talking about the Poor Hyrule lines but I think everyone’s only hearing that because they read it first and then listen
Mr. Racoonie :P
Mr. Racoonie :P 7 days ago
wanna make a Creepy Pasta about this anyone?
ZachBrandis Riddle
Even in the reversed version it still sounds creepy
This looks more like an end game thing in reverse
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 8 days ago
Link: uses hero sword to seal up ganon * Ganon: lol ur funny ( ͡🔴ʖ🔴°)
nose wiggly
nose wiggly 9 days ago
This is what I hear yeah that's right nothing
1010 boii
1010 boii 9 days ago
k with the rewinded audio it sounds like the voices are singing something thats like sealing ganon or something
Steely Clan
Steely Clan 10 days ago
I hope this game delves into how calamity ganon came to be
Thaddeus W
Thaddeus W 11 days ago
“Poor Hyrule, for they are by the body” “Goodbye Link, say Hi to the dead body” “Goodbye Link, for he is gone” that’s all that I heard.
Hampton_the_one 12 days ago
Links arm is fucked, that weird spirit just went up into his arm
Attorib2 Atticati
Attorib2 Atticati 12 days ago
Imagine Ganon getting up and going on all fours, his head twists, his eyes staring into your soul. You hear his raspy voice moaning(like a mummy’s you dirty minded person)and he runs at you fast(on all fours still)and thats how Zelda gets pushed of the ledge.
Attorib2 Atticati
Attorib2 Atticati 10 days ago
Thaddeus W: I know isn’t it lovely
Thaddeus W
Thaddeus W 11 days ago
I hate absolutely everything about this comment
dengamleidiot 12 days ago
I dosen't mean jack-shit in reverse
Kookoo Bop
Kookoo Bop 12 days ago
I bet the only thing going to through link and zeldas head rn is: *”why wont this little bitch die i stg its the third time already”*
gee 12 days ago
..what if....just..what if.......midna is the one speaking
Lucy J
Lucy J 14 days ago
3:19 almost made me pee myself
MsGers2 14 days ago
Something about it being reversed is way more unsettling
Jon Galt
Jon Galt 14 days ago
My uncle works at Nintendo. He says there will be 72380 korok seeds in botw2
Draw Man
Draw Man 13 days ago
No how will I expand my inventory space???
Dominic Nevarez
Dominic Nevarez 14 days ago
HEY LISTEN maybe thats why the zonai disappeared, as we can see in the trailer the architecture of the temple is that of the zonai, so maybe the whole zonai tribe went there for a day of sacrifices and thanks to their gods. so maybe ganon invaded their temple and slaughtered them and then one of the warrior's there put a seal on ganon using his own soul because as we can see the hand has a mind of his own and in the flash of light we see the hand reaching for ganon and the top where the malice is flowing from ganon's chest extracted from the hand (because as we can see the hand is embedded in his chest) to the top of that structure and it looks like the malice is fueling the piece of technology.
Joe Woolley
Joe Woolley 16 days ago
I just heard in the tune that it says ganodorfs return
z3ldafanjuli3 16 days ago
I watched this again, but at the lowest speed for my phone (0.5x). What I now hear is just slightly different from what I think I heard before. It now sounds like the voices are saying, "Come find her. Oh, Link, please. Come find me." Or something like that. Zelda seems to fall at some point. Or, it may be possible that the ghostly hand may have been a woman's hand.🤔
Jacob darby
Jacob darby 17 days ago
Come find us or he’ll feast by the morning ?
brobroman20 17 days ago
Link find us please find our bodies
ACE RHYTHM 17 days ago
That decaying corpse is on his two feet, wounded in his chest, and resembles the likeness of a gerudo with a blue aura holding down where the wound is. Wanna know what other gerudo died on his feet to a stab wound in the chest, with a snap by a being surrounded by a very similar colored aura? Zant didnt kill Ganondorf at the end of Twilight Pincess. he sealed his soul from leaving his body. Ganondorf lost the triforce's blessing after link defeated him, making his Gerudo form mortal again. Ganon is able to exist outside of his Gerudo form as well. Wanna know another fact a lot of people missed? A Gerudo male is born every 100 years. seems like a pretty familiar number from Botw, dont it?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 9 days ago
Ganondorf very clearly dies at the end of TP, also this isn’t TP Ganondorf because he reincarnated after that game.
Shaggy the undying meme
Yes, link awaken after 100 years
Tzer 17 days ago
The eyes from the malice resemble the eyes from the majora bosses in the remake Did ganon just put on the fucking mask and physically merge with it
Mike Watts
Mike Watts 17 days ago
Now I dont know bout anyone else but that first part said goodbye link. Something bout this trailer sends shivers down my spind and I'm extremely excited for it
TrusteeUnicorns RainbowMagic
Is sidon back tho?? Thats the most important question.
Fiminate Crafter
Fiminate Crafter 18 days ago
Theory: The game won't come out until at least 2022. Sure they have the current template for BOTW, But they might have to put in new towns, new bosses, new cutscenes, and new game mechanics.
The Uganda KING!!!!!
I think what’s happening is that link and Zelda went into the place where link (killed) Gannon found his body and grasp of life I think he died and his evilness became calamity but before he became calamity he was a dude and wanted the triforce and then died when the gods wanted him dead (murdered) and so his badness became calamity then link defeated him and now he was really dead when a person from the white space BROKE THROUGH and revived him which I think is a person who he found when (Zelda locked him away) in ocarina of time.Ganon broke through forgot about that other person went on and forgot about him/her.THAT PERSON HE FOUND BROKE THROUGH AND BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE and idk why. Btw this just a theory
Random Nope Generator
"Come find us or he will find my body"
Collin Lewis
Collin Lewis 18 days ago
The music is so wierd. It doesnt sound right backwards, or normally.
Nat 18 days ago
Im creeped out man at 0:44 I heard a “help us” type whisper like mad clear 😭😭😭 If this becomes as haunting as Majora’s mask was, I will die in peace 😭
Bruhinator 19 days ago
And this exists for...what reason?
Lieutenant ajjr70 the USAF trainer
Ganon: ah, I’m finally awake- OW OW OW *reaches in bum* Ganon: The hell????!!!! Korok: .. Ganon: .. Korok: yahaha...you uhm....you found me!! Heh heh..
treebranche 19 days ago
Link: I beat ganon! Ganon: You sure did Link: what Ganon: what
AmazingAsAlways 20 days ago
Oh Zelda, Oh Link, Find The Body
JacobVlogz 20 days ago
If you can’t understand the lyrics, it helps to put headphones in and listen to the 60% speed version. If you do that you can hear them saying “poor hyrule, for link has found the body” “poor hyrule, for link is gone” but you need to have your volume up loud and you need to listen for those specific lyrics. I didn’t hear them until I looked at the comments and listened for the lyrics.
Skofnung 999
Skofnung 999 20 days ago
You can kinds hear the Latin verb confundit which means something along the lines of "he damns"
trscsaeg 20 days ago
I think they have the music playing forward and backwards layered on top of each other so no matter which way you play it, it will sound distorted and reversed anyway
RMD25 20 days ago
The more comments I read, the more scaried I am. I’m being completely serious
Azazel cuchara
Azazel cuchara 20 days ago
I think that link and Zelda or at least link are gonna be sent to another world similar to Hyrule like termina Where they also are gonna find champions with mechanic beasts but this time with more problems and way darker shit.
Azazel cuchara
Azazel cuchara 20 days ago
Of link goes to a world like termina and finds someone like the mask seller I'll shit myself.
Joshua Parsons
Joshua Parsons 20 days ago
I hear a lot of “push them down” and “god please help us”
Nazar Khapsalis
Nazar Khapsalis 21 day ago
Revisiting this with a fresh head! I've yet to see anyone translate it as (particularly 0:42 ) " Go-find-her, oh ple-ase-find-the-bo-dy ". People seem to think 'please' is 'link' but if you listen carefully it's a plosive sound ('P'). Anyone agree? Can you hear this sentence??
James Eun
James Eun 21 day ago
Jorja Mcinnes bauer
I hear "poor hyrule, for link has found the body" and "poor zelda, for link is gone" I can't stop hearing that when I try lisaning more. Also I hear in a clear whisper "help us please" Uuuuuuu what? This game might get dark
OctoLink 21 day ago
Try listening to 0:43 . You’ll here something shocking
divine 21 day ago
2:30 "Help us"
OctoLink 21 day ago
Also 0:44
dragon hero
dragon hero 22 days ago
my theory is that at the end when Hyrule is rising is the start of a new cycle from skyward sword.
DUB_CER 22 days ago
Never thought I was going to say this, but make this into a horror game noW, I would love to see this into one ngl
Soraya Weeks
Soraya Weeks 23 days ago
Link: Haha Ganon I have defeated you Ganon: My My My lookie here I've got a fairy Link: Oh No ...............
That one guy
That one guy 23 days ago
And just like that the games over
Pottercraft 824
Pottercraft 824 23 days ago
I think it’s gonna start off where the last game ended because I remember at the end something was wrong with van rudinia
Littlefox 24 days ago
All I here is "pore high rule for lynk" not the rest
henry parker
henry parker 24 days ago
is this in reverce???
gbuzz1216 24 days ago
0:28 Fuck it, I'm not going to fight you, goodnight
Jefferson Gadd
Jefferson Gadd 24 days ago
Does this mean that Link will die or be imprisoned in some way? Maybe link will be trapped in some underground area in the beginning, and as he's trying to escape Ganon is taking over Hyrule. This game is going to be dark and awesome.
FullMetalJonin 24 days ago
Demise was never truly sealed away...
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