Reversed Audio - Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer | E3 2019

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Nintendo dropped the trailer for the sequel to 2017's game of the year, Breath of the Wild, but the beginning has...reversed audio?..
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 100
Dante Maggitti
Dante Maggitti 6 hours ago
I heard the “help us please”
Ávöcädō Toast
Ávöcädō Toast 10 hours ago
0:43 if you listen closely you can hear whispers saying "help us, please" in the background. There's theories about it
TryingMyBest Day ago
“Poor hyrule, for link has found my body”
Ana Lane
Ana Lane Day ago
0:28 Ganondorf turns the other way Zelda: Bye bye I'm out of here
Sin- Nombre
Sin- Nombre Day ago
It says: "Ahohihahohihahohihahoihahohih"
Julian Kemmink
me as a dutchman doesnt hear anything in dutch, i only hear something in english: 'hyrule release me with your courage' or something
Up Dog
Up Dog 2 days ago
I think botw 2 will be about hurdles dark past
Saul master of stuff
0:43 did that say help us please?!?!
Marvinteleon 5 days ago
Wow I really heard poor hyrule for link has found the body It is chanted quite a lot This is gonna be dark
Kissaget 6 days ago
At 2:30, there is a really low whisper, and it sounds to be saying "Turn back"?
Ganeshram Senthilmani
The mouse is like YAY IM STILL ALIVE
mr guy
mr guy 6 days ago
The body kinda looks like a sheikh monk, don't ya think?
Mcnugs bitch
Mcnugs bitch 6 days ago
Holy fuck this is some freaky shit
RandomUser 7 days ago
" help us please.."
Donut Man
Donut Man 7 days ago
"Poor Hyrule, your kingdoms now unguarded. Poor Hyrule, for Link is gone."
Country Fried
Country Fried 8 days ago
Please fix the TRASH weapon system so I can enjoy this one.
Greybear8172 9 days ago
2:32 and 2:40 it literally says “Hyrules coming oh no” just a like how the castle gained legs
Gabe Schugardt
Gabe Schugardt 9 days ago
I've read a lot of theories, but I just can't hear anything in the music. It's just simple vocals to me, like the typical "ominous Latin chanting" we hear in a lot of different game soundtracks. I can definitely make out a "help us" at about 0:42, but that's not part of the singing.
CastGraph3789 11 days ago
0:47 “Digiorno”
Oscar Popkema
Oscar Popkema 11 days ago
Dead body reported
Oscar Popkema
Oscar Popkema 11 days ago
I think it was green
Oscar Popkema
Oscar Popkema 11 days ago
In reactor
Shnuk 11 days ago
This sounds better
Hylian At Heart
Hylian At Heart 12 days ago
I heard a theory that they are sayin the whole, “poor hyrule, for link has found the body” but that they clipped the beginning of each word to distort it
Hylian At Heart
Hylian At Heart 12 days ago
What we hear is all up for debate, but I think everyone can agree the word “body” was said multiple times
Phil Kemper
Phil Kemper 14 days ago
Anyone else hear the, "Help us, please" in that trailer?😳 When it closes up on link and zelda after the bodies head goes back on.....
Olivia Nunley
Olivia Nunley 14 days ago
Everyone keeps saying that the choir is singing, "Poor Hyrule for Link has found a body," then, "Poor Hyrule for Link is gone," but I hear, "Poor Hyrule for Link is now a body," then, "Poor Hyrule for Link is gone." My boy Link is gonna die again. 😔
Hylian At Heart
Hylian At Heart 12 days ago
Wannabe 1 Me
Wannabe 1 Me 14 days ago
Oh hell nah! This game is officially going to the horror section!
Jeriel el Gamer Torres
Damm this give me same chills like majoras mask
zeranzeran 15 days ago
2:46 " For. Link. is. Gone. - The Goddess Of Hyrule -"
Goku Ssj god
Goku Ssj god 15 days ago
I here joined us or hyrule will be ravaged also poor hyrule for link has found the body poor hyrule for link is gone
Justin B.
Justin B. 15 days ago
HOLY SHIT “Link has found the body” “LINK IS GONE” chills 💀 like fr I’m actually scared. also where th is some more news on this game???
Justin B.
Justin B. 12 days ago
@Hylian At Heart idk that’s just what I hear at the end, could be gibberish. We won’t know until the sequel comes out.
Hylian At Heart
Hylian At Heart 12 days ago
Waiting for the anniversary in February....but yah. LINK IS GONE!? HOLD UP WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING!?
Chris Kacso
Chris Kacso 15 days ago
One thing that bugs me is why are we assuming the hidden message (if there is any) has to be in English?
KCQuesadilla 15 days ago
The Candler Kids
The Candler Kids 15 days ago
i would really like it if they take a dark turn with this one similar to majoras mask
Chris Carstens
Chris Carstens 16 days ago
something may happen to link because all people hear is link is gone so this may be a game where link doesn't die and have to make his way out of the castle or you play as Zelda trying to find link under the castle what do you think it will be
Billion Fox Gaming
Billion Fox Gaming 16 days ago
Is it more does it look like a nightmare that someone is having?
Zer0 17 days ago
did anyone else realise that link was wearing the champions tunic whit the leather reinforcements and green sleeves of the traveler tunic
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 18 days ago
Ok, but has anyone thought of hearing it in iapanese?
Metallic Dagger
Metallic Dagger 18 days ago
Ohio, where is the whole potty
Mikah Brown
Mikah Brown 19 days ago
Gannons spirit wasn’t sealed in the body but out. That is why calamity Gannon happened
Mikah Brown
Mikah Brown 19 days ago
It says oh Zelda please find my body
Mikah Brown
Mikah Brown 19 days ago
They sealed Gannon because they knew he’d be rebourn so how the heck did he come back to life 2021ZELDA: a stupid decision cause it’s always like that 2022ME: still addicted to the game😂
Gamer Of Games
Gamer Of Games 20 days ago
"For hyrule for link will guide a doggy" is what i hear
Rafael O.
Rafael O. 20 days ago
Ganondorf: *comes back to life* Link and Zelda: “Dammit not this shit again...”
Pink Destroyer
Pink Destroyer 21 day ago
Это на русском, тут говорится : "пошла нахуй ты, царя храни"
ČØÙŔĮËŘ 6 21 day ago
Morshu should make a return
COFFIN 21 day ago
you guys are all on crack jesus christ
Meja Nyberg /:
Meja Nyberg /: 21 day ago
Zelda 0:32 AH HELL NO
Ezana Wolday
Ezana Wolday 21 day ago
I know this is old but before reading comments its sounded like “Towards Hyrule, the Link has found the body” in 150% and For Hyrule the Link has found the body” in normal reverse. Just a theory.
Paul Brouillet
Paul Brouillet 22 days ago
Rejoint nous pour qu'hyrule soit enfin libre.
Lemon._.TheCat 22 days ago
"Poor Hyrule, for Link has found the body" *Link has reported the body* King of Hyrule: Where Urbosa: Shut up your dead, they can't hear you Link: It was in the Dungon Zelda: Who was the last person there (*To Be Continued, By You Possibly*)
Gunes Ozgul
Gunes Ozgul 22 days ago
woah woah woah I heard a "help us" in there somewhere (1:41) and after that, if you listen closely it keeps on saying help us
April B
April B 23 days ago
Hearing that heartbeat sound in my airpods-
That raptor Guy
That raptor Guy 17 days ago
I know right
Sara 23 days ago
Imagine the woman who did this sound just Like :oh aj e oha o e i p ha i . On the autotune
ツGwomenazai 24 days ago
Theory: The chanting heard in the trailer is actually hylian but in reverse
Deecy P
Deecy P 25 days ago
Sorry but I dont understand anything
Jotrocken 25 days ago
In German you can hear: Durch deinen Sohn muss ich wieder zu Vaati. In English that means: I have to get back to Vaati through your son.
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson 25 days ago
This is legit horrifying, wow. I can only imagine the dread Link and Zelda felt upon discovering Ganondorf's body in that mummified state.
GorgPlays 26 days ago
Alls I hear is "poor Hyrule for link has found the body" just chanted over and over again like 3 times, god this shit is creepy
Gabriel Guzman
Gabriel Guzman 27 days ago
Link's gonna die!!!!!!
MrShadrack 27 days ago
I can confirm that the first part of the sentence is “oh hyrule” That we can all agree on
MrShadrack 27 days ago
This is scary as hell
Maya Stokes
Maya Stokes 28 days ago
If you play this at 0.75 speed and listen closely at 1:03 it almost sounds like it's saying "oh hyrule for link is gone"
Verecundius 28 days ago
!eyboog ,ereh terces on si ereht ,emit ruoy detsaw ev’uoy ,tuB .siht esrever ot hguone revelc eb dluow ydobemos wenk i ,siht gnisrever boj doog yeH
The Blooper
The Blooper Month ago
why did I think it was a good idea to watch this at night?
Tempest VRoid
Tempest VRoid Month ago
Lmao put this in 2x
Jade Moonblood
Jade Moonblood Month ago
The last part sounds like “Oh Hyrule your king is far from falling? ....oh Hyrule your king is gone.”
LADY_FoxLEE Month ago
Help Me Oh Hylia help me find the body. Honestly it gets creepier every time you hear it. Second time: Poor hyrlue for link has found the body. Third Time: Find my body For Hyrule help me find my body. Poor hyrule for link is gone now.
Roman Garcia
Roman Garcia Month ago
Help us is said multiple times in da trailer listen by the highest volume and you hear it
Paola Lopez
Paola Lopez Month ago
0:42 “help us please”
Ellie Cheriton
Ellie Cheriton Month ago
I heard the song say "help us" twice near the end
Pedro Ivo G.S.
Pedro Ivo G.S. Month ago
I think that's kinda Yanny and Laurel audio, each one hear differently. I listened in the begining 'My mind Hyrule'
Gamerboi 18
Gamerboi 18 Month ago
0:43: help us I can no longer sleep at night
mikecraft zandblock
Brain: hey u sleep Me: yes now shut up Brain: this video Me:😱
Olek Fijołek
Olek Fijołek Month ago
I'm 11 and i don't care i'm probably going to have nightmares when i play it, i want it RIGHT HUGGING NOW
liar princess x blind prince nis ship
poor hyrule for link have found the body poor hyrule for link is gone you have met with a terrible fate haven't you?
imposter sans
imposter sans Month ago
Why does it have to be creepier than the creepy Among Us videos
imposter sans
imposter sans Month ago
Wet namE
Wet namE Month ago
Bruh, that exists?
sOuR RisOTtO
sOuR RisOTtO Month ago
If they reversed the trailer I feel like it would have been better
PokeNitro21 Month ago
I don't hear anything I think some people are just superstitious because we've been waiting so long.
Mystery Gaming
Mystery Gaming Month ago
They say: Come find us, or she will go by the morning
Kaegan G
Kaegan G Month ago
It could just be me but some of the sounds sound normal when it’s played in reverse and others sound weird when played in reverse, and vise versa for normal sound
Jacob Month ago
I love a good cryptic ass depressing game
TJ Reed
TJ Reed Month ago
boy oh boy am I hoping that botw 2 has full voice acting like in age of calamity. It made me more invested in the characters
Ryan Botw
Ryan Botw Month ago
Poor Hyrule, For Link has found the body Poor Hyrule, now link is gone Poor Hyrule, I think it's time to party Poor Hyrule, Link has found the-
Canned Rat Meat
Canned Rat Meat Month ago
Coming 2036
August Horii
August Horii Month ago
Ganondorf gets up, Zelda nope
SuperFanatic22 Channel
0:46 nice McGroove music!
Wolf 006
Wolf 006 Month ago
I read one comment that said that it was saying: “Poor Hyrule, for Link has found the body.” And now I can’t un-hear it.
Fortnite i s cool
CoMe FiNd Us OrE sHe Is GoNe By MoRnInG That Trailer gives me goosebumbs...
Shiny Hunter 772
After Age of Calamity, I’m not too sure that’s Ganondorf...
julian hackley
julian hackley Month ago
0:43-0:47. “Help us..please”.
AmazingAsAlways Month ago
All I can hear is: "Oh Zelda, oh Link find the body" and a whisper of "Help us, please".
Zelda Hyrule
Zelda Hyrule Month ago
I hear "Poor Hyrule, for ganon stole my body"
Purple Haze
Purple Haze Month ago
So is this trailer hyrule warriors age of calamity because I am confused plz someone tell me
Coyote Wild
Coyote Wild Month ago
This is for the sequel to Breath of the Wild. Not age of calamity
Gaminggodipad 2
Gaminggodipad 2 Month ago
"Poor hyrule for link has found the body" "Oh hylia where is my body" "Help me" "Help us,please" "We are evil" "We saw your fate" "We are friends so come come here come" "Here come" I only hear those and thats scary considering is 1am in my country Please tell me if i have some weird psycho mind , thx
All I hear is “Poor hyrule for link has found his body” “Poor hyrule for link is gone Wth this shit scary af
Danny's Game Zone
I actually got chills 😟
Shaggy the Undying meme
What I hear: Oh hyrule! You think, its time to party! But hyrule! Your link, has found the body! Goddess hylia! Your king, is now unguarded! And hyrule! It isnt, a fault of me! Poor hylia! For link has faound the body! (2×) Pot hyrule, your link, is gone...
Chromic Clouds
Chromic Clouds Month ago
Tbh it sounds and looks better reversed
Oscar Nuñez
Oscar Nuñez Month ago
I was like: What r u guys talking about, I hear nothing Oh... But then I heard, and now I'm terrified
phips 329
phips 329 2 months ago
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