Reversed Audio - Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer | E3 2019

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Nintendo dropped the trailer for the sequel to 2017's game of the year, Breath of the Wild, but the beginning has...reversed audio?..
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Jun 11, 2019




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Comments 8 598
So I’m seeing comments that say it sounds like it’s saying “poor Hyrule for Link has found the body” and “poor Hyrule for Link is gone” And we see green energy go into Link’s hand. ...what if Link is “gone” becaus she’s been possessed?
RodeoDani 7 hours ago
At least the rat lives in this version!
omar 22 hours ago
wouldnt the reverse audio be in japanese? cmon guys.
River Luciana
"Help us please" is whispered backwards
Hundred Creeper
“Poor hyrule, poor link, he’s found the body” “Poor hyrule, for link is gone.” Is what i heard
Poor korok, for link has found the puzzle
Karmic But Mai
i didn’t ask to be traumatized
Hawk Light
Hawk Light 2 days ago
I keep hearing "For hyrule, for him, he woke up again"
Hiperdavid271 3 days ago
Poor ganon, he was waiting for half life 3
Bih Nibba
Bih Nibba 4 days ago
0:44 tell me u don’t here a b*tch whisper, “help us please” WTFFFFFFFFF
Hanna Schreyer
Hanna Schreyer 4 days ago
I definitely hear “Hyrule“ or “Push time back“. The last chant is a lot like “Link is gone“ and those “Help me“ whispers are clear too. We got something coming there.
Wierd people Other dude
That musics got rhythm
Ludwig 7 days ago
Come find us, and you can find the body Come find us, or he’ll feast by the morning Come find us, or link is gone by morning Come find us, or link is gone
Mayo 7 days ago
Ganon: *dies* Also Ganon: Nahhh I dont think so
Sniperdiaper Girl
This could possibly be the Yiga Clan, Or something else tied to Gabon’s side. “Find the boy or body by morning.” So they are obviously planning on killing Link..shet...
Natalia Sonic
Natalia Sonic 8 days ago
Red •
Red • 9 days ago
Ok so here's piecing things together. (Not 100% accurate) Game Over Theme + Chanting (Help us, link is gone etc) + Ganondorf = BAD
dat_ ELi
dat_ ELi 9 days ago
i reversed the first part and changed it to 1.30x speed and increased the pitch a little, and it sounded like it was saying "you'll find light but not before the darkness". Maybe this is referencing ganon and how he terrorized the kingdom
cheesebros 9 days ago
It sounds like there saying Zelda find 3 piece as in 3rd peice of the tri force and then seal the dark beast
RC videos
RC videos 9 days ago
During the chanting, i swear i heard the words: ganondorf, ganondorf
dreadlordhg 11 days ago
“Poor hyrule, for link is gone.” Uh oh
David Martin
David Martin 11 days ago
One might also hear: " For Hyrule, oh Link, please find the Body... For Hyrule... Link is gone..." Maybe upon hearing this strange Transmission they therefore embarked to find the Source of this cryptic Message....
IHatMyself _
IHatMyself _ 11 days ago
1:36 I thought I heard megalovania
Umm... okay?
DeokSelat 11 days ago
Does this mean we get an ocarina?
Ran Mouri
Ran Mouri 12 days ago
900+ dislikes must've hurts their ears like Superman when he trying to hear so many sound at once R.I.P them ears
The Nintendo fan
The Nintendo fan 12 days ago
I hear : what the f*** , this is stupid
Christian Berges
Christian Berges 12 days ago
I’m literally terrified in my bedroom as if I were watching a horror movie... what have you done Nintendo?...
Futaba 12 days ago
A good way to find out what is being said is to watch Nintendo Of Japans trailer and see if it sounds different because if not we won’t even know if what’s being said is in English
L Conrad
L Conrad 12 days ago
"Oh Hyrule, help me, he's found the body." Ends with "Oh Hyrule, help me, he's gone."
Ariana Zazai
Ariana Zazai 12 days ago
The voice is clearly saying "excuseeee me princess"
Nichi Supreme
Nichi Supreme 13 days ago
Link and Zelda walk in the room Ganon: It's free real state.
Julian Ortega
Julian Ortega 13 days ago
"Poor Hyrule, for Link has found the body" "Poor Hyrule, for Link is gone" That line is scarier than Majora's Mask, trust me. Majora's Mask is scary.
Jacob Osborn
Jacob Osborn 13 days ago
Wait a minute if link is gone like the lyric says does that mean that we will get a zelda game with character customisation or zelda as a playable character
Julián2802 :v
Julián2802 :v 13 days ago
It's creepy
Geek Freak1011
Geek Freak1011 13 days ago
Can't fucking wait for this to come out
fantasylord Sun Day
Woooow now it's more horrible and terrific than the original
BlakeTheBroken 13 days ago
*Gannon is still alive* Link: Bitch how dare you still live?!
A T 13 days ago
*Gasps* What if it’s a Majora’s Mask type beat and Link is gone in the beginning so you have to play as Zelda to find him before time runs out and Ganon destroys everything. Time limit would mean minimally exploring Hyrule which would be boring to do otherwise if you’ve already played BotW 1. Also allows you to meet NPCs from before who are now depressed, adds to the sadness of Zelda’s story, and allows her to save Link and come full circle. “Poor Link, for he has found the body” “Poor Hyrule, for Link is gone” “Come find us by morning or Link is gone”
I hear: oh Zelda, oh please, find the body, oh zelda, oh please, help😨
All Might
All Might 13 days ago
So, are we not gonna talk about the rat at 0:48?
Marco the dragon
Marco the dragon 14 days ago
Lyrics from zelda 2 game over theme OH bye bye oh link ....you going to die .... Oh bye bye hyrule ..... is going to end ...... Zelda : we have to save hyrule! Link : well excuse me princess!
Shade x
Shade x 14 days ago
2:53 to 3:02 Sounds like "Oh Zelda, * Link will fall by morning." Slow it down to x0.5 speed. This is what I heard.
Aly Sutherland
Aly Sutherland 14 days ago
people keep talking about what the obvious singer is saying, but nobody it talking about how you can CLEARLY hear someone whispering “help us... please” right around 0:45 just in the background
Mурзик 2
Mурзик 2 15 days ago
That one Human
That one Human 15 days ago
All I here is push line up
Irene C. Abry
Irene C. Abry 15 days ago
alright y’all listen up: come find us, or you can find the body. come find us, and he’ll feast by the morning. come find us, and he’ll set the darkness free. come find us, or she is gone by morning. come find us, or she is gone.
Skikopl 11 days ago
@Irene C. Abry ok
Irene C. Abry
Irene C. Abry 11 days ago
Skikopl idk man. i’ve seen people claim that they were the ones who leaked them, but they ended up being real. but i just don’t know. i really don’t know what to believe. all i’m saying is that it really does sound like the audio.
Skikopl 12 days ago
@Irene C. Abry but on twitter the "leaker" itself said its fake
Irene C. Abry
Irene C. Abry 12 days ago
Skikopl that’s the thing though. he claims it was fake, but trust me. i’ve dealt with people claiming that leaks are fake, but end up being true. the leaks could be real or fake, but they honestly do sound like this audio, so i just don’t know.
Skikopl 12 days ago
On twitter he said he didnt write something like that
GMD Code
GMD Code 15 days ago
Sounds like goodbye link
JJSSEEJ 16 days ago
hmmm, poor hyrule for link has found the body -> Link finds ganondorf, implies disastrous consequences. Poor hyrule, for link is gone -> said consequences being Link takes ganondorfs place being sealed. All i'm getting from this is that this might be the first mainline Zelda title where we actually get to play Zelda !!!!! If link is gone, then this could be the end of the cycle of the triforce of wisdom and courage being pitted against the triforce of strength. What if Zelda finds a way to break it all??? HMMMmm
Becky G 123 7
Becky G 123 7 16 days ago
“Oh, Hyrule! For, it is time to party!”
coding pro88
coding pro88 16 days ago
This is gonna sound creepy but around 2:30 someone whispers help us
Wild_Cloud 17 days ago
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera 17 days ago
In 0:44 you can here Zelda whispering HELP US!!!
Lethal_Nick1996 21 day ago
Should've gone for the head in twilight princess
Juliusmag Apfel
Juliusmag Apfel 21 day ago
Help us .... wtf
VeeNeckSweatrz 21 day ago
To me it sounds like "goodbye world for link has found the body" and "Goodbye world, for link is gone" 😬
ItalicBlackbird 21 day ago
At the start if you set the playback speed to 0.75x you can repeatedly hear: “Poor Hyrule, for Link has found the body” And at the “end”, which is really just the beginning, you can hear: “Poor Hyrule, for Link is gone”
CallMeShazzle 22 days ago
I was hearing all sorts of stuff, but most prominently was "Come find us, don't let Link find the body." "Come find us, don't let Link come."
Yohannai 22 days ago
It looks like the source of the Calamity! And the song does sound like "Poor Hyrule, for Link has found the body", but I don't hear the "for link is gone" part, just "Poor Hyrule, for Link has found-" and then it cuts off. All in all, really looking forward to the game!!!
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