Our Colorful Airstream Renovation Tour! Van Life Before and After

Mr. Kate
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Black Lives Matter: blacklivesmatter.com
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Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille

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Jun 17, 2020




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Comments 100
Mara Ferent
Mara Ferent 4 months ago
My jaw has never dropped so low! This is INCREDIBLE Kate and Joey! And Moon too, Congrats on your first steps!!
Aashi. Tawani
Aashi. Tawani 3 months ago
Too Precious
Aashi. Tawani
Aashi. Tawani 3 months ago
Mara Ferent Too Precious
Canciones 3 months ago
thanks so muchh!}
Niyati chowdary kollu
Omg my jaw dropped to
Lunar Nightz
Lunar Nightz 3 months ago
My jaw dropped at his hair lol
Donna Brown
Donna Brown 3 hours ago
You both are so creative, thank you for sharing your expertise, love your videos.
Sandy Garcia
Sandy Garcia Day ago
ughhhh!!! I love the looks of endearment that Joey gives to Kate.. you can really tell he loves her. So cute ❣️❣️
Jane Synnot
Jane Synnot 2 days ago
Jaiden Callihan
Jaiden Callihan 2 days ago
So amazing
Jaiden Callihan
Jaiden Callihan 2 days ago
I wish you could come to my home and do my house but I live far away😭😟
Jane Dowdle
Jane Dowdle 5 days ago
I wish you could design my life
CK Rivers
CK Rivers 5 days ago
damn now I have to be done with you too.
K O 6 days ago
This was incredible!!!
Mzlily09 6 days ago
Wait did you say Winston passed away? I’m so sorry for your loss 😔
chaquel ragbasingh
pilara 7 days ago
he’s the absolute cutest!
Hannah Lorz
Hannah Lorz 8 days ago
you guys talking about the knife brought back so many memories of my grandpa 🥺
Ashley Arthur
Ashley Arthur 8 days ago
black lives matter is a bad website all lives matter go trump
anna O’Brien
anna O’Brien 8 days ago
You’re gifted ! What a team ..... Amazing work ❣️
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall 11 days ago
You two are so genuine, real, and positive
Tavia Millward
Tavia Millward 13 days ago
Can we just acknowledge Joey's woodwork skills thus far. Damn, look at Jesus, hairstyle included.
Tavia Millward
Tavia Millward 13 days ago
I can see it already. Mr. Kate is going from furniture line to airstream line. I wasn't feeling some of the 60s paint except the mint then I saw it altogether. Great work guys! BTW great hair Joey lol
Laurynski 15 days ago
Love the intro! Thank you for taking a moment to lend your voice to uplift black lives and those in the LBGTQIA community! Also love the video!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
JenniferValerie Johnson
So much love for mr kate and joey
nicbelove XXIV
nicbelove XXIV 17 days ago
kgrobinson007 22 days ago
Ok, totally late to the party and totally off topic, but can someone PLEASE tell me the brand of the zebra shirt Kate is wearing?!? I really love it.
Harper Thompson
Harper Thompson 23 days ago
Arlo Weston
Arlo Weston 24 days ago
who else is watching this during online school!!
Pete Herrera
Pete Herrera 26 days ago
Beloved: All lives matter and no individual life is more valuable or important than any other life and if anyone wants respect, then give it as respect is earned. and given For anyone to say that only one race matters which the statement of "Black lives matter" is racist in my opinion.
Chelbee Negeli
Chelbee Negeli 27 days ago
So beautiful iam always watching your Video
Kellie Lewis
Kellie Lewis 27 days ago
Great job I love love love it 😁👍
Sonia Soto
Sonia Soto 28 days ago
#MYLIFEMATTERS #Mylifematters
ysa Month ago
i shed a tear when i saw how happy kate and joey are for moon's first steps omg, i love u all!
Diana - Lea Baranovich
Beautiful - is an understatement.
Molly20omg Month ago
Dyah Delisser
Dyah Delisser Month ago
your baby is beyond gorgeous!!!!
Dandra Simon
Dandra Simon Month ago
Thank you for taking time to speak on blm and lgbtq ✨
Gladys Patrick
Gladys Patrick Month ago
that was so cute moon..... happy birthday
Amaris Renae
Amaris Renae Month ago
Decordream by Seemaa
Wow......this is awesome makes me wanna make my homein there....
louise Robinson
louise Robinson Month ago
superholly Month ago
I swear, y'all are such a dynamic duo! I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH EVERYTHING YOU DO!
Bella Month ago
Normally I don’t like orange and blue together, but this looks AWESOME
Gabby xo
Gabby xo Month ago
So many damn ads
sc000ter000 Month ago
I was skeptical... but it is a much better place than before...
Alicia James
Alicia James Month ago
You guys are the cutest
Ramneet Kaur
Ramneet Kaur Month ago
It's the prettiest thing ever!
Jackson McNuggets
I don’t like the murals
Foxymama 2003
Foxymama 2003 Month ago
This just blew me away!!!! I am stealing this color palette for my kitchen, I am in love! Watching Moon’s first year has been so amazing! Kate, Joey, my baby is 17 and it feels like his first birthday was just yesterday, enjoy every second and I promise it will just keep getting more wonderful and magical as he grows up! You are the most fabulous and loving parents and Moon is as lucky to have you as you are to have him! Happy and safe travels in this gorgeous home away from home!!!! Your talent is beyond words and your love for each other permeates the entire space!!
Anne Connolly
Anne Connolly Month ago
Love it! Great Colors and style! You got your Moon , Stars & Colorfull Astro~~Air Stream Dream!
kathi wright
kathi wright Month ago
kudos to you for this ‘virtual’ idea of makeovers. it is brilliant!!! and moon is so big (have not seen you in months).
Sage _LovesUnicorns
You could always Velcro stuff that goes on the shelf
SwiftTay Gang
SwiftTay Gang Month ago
Amazing !!!
Colleen Longardner
Too many commercials. However, Moon looks just like his mommy. Sweet little guy.
Charlotte Tanner
how much did it all cost
Gracie Jack
Gracie Jack Month ago
the reveal is at 40:01 ... ur welcome :)
Dull Rabbit
Dull Rabbit Month ago
i legit cried at how happy you guys sounded when he took his first steps it’s just so heartwarming
Souzana Addas
Souzana Addas Month ago
you are good people i hope the best for you ❤️❤️❤️
Vanessa F
Vanessa F Month ago
“It’s a burrito guys...We’re decorating the inside of a burrito” 😂😂😂
Charles Pruett
Charles Pruett Month ago
I looked up to you tell this moment i hope u know what you are talking about and hope u change your mind
Natalie Cross Colorings
Love the color palette!!💗😎
Safiyyah M
Safiyyah M Month ago
without a doubt the best makeover you have ever done. It is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. the biggest transformation ever like the vibes of this thing is immaculate you are so talented WOW
Shaliek Month ago
Why does the guitar at 41:23 sound like a kid asking questions?
Tae Yi
Tae Yi Month ago
Happy Birth day moon💓💓💓
Lady E
Lady E Month ago
You are the most precious people Watching you grow...Watching Moon grow...So fun and Happy Creative Magicians!!!.....Love your energy and inspiration during these tough times...All my best...:=) Peace, E ..Keep on Keeping on!!!!
amina omaima
amina omaima Month ago
wow... it is so beautiful...
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith Month ago
Beyond stunning 😍
Zhannell Kimura
Zhannell Kimura Month ago
I’m imagining Moon being a teenager and making this his actual bedroom a la Beck Oliver from Victorious
Grace Connor
Grace Connor Month ago
I'm sorry but there were like 20 ads in just this one video
AR Knight
AR Knight Month ago
So cute! It will be perfect for future camping trips with Moon! ❤😁❤
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Month ago
ooh cute moon happy b-day
luv2bevl Month ago
Not massive into retro, unless something calls for it. But really like the idea behind it.
Tanya Pomeroy-Garrett
This is so rad ! I love it I’m so inspired !
bluerosegurl Month ago
BLM supports violence towardspeople of all colors when people protest the protests. They support the riots which destroy minority businesses in minority cities. Way to promote hate.
Amany Alaji
Amany Alaji Month ago
He looks nice with long hair
Oana 2 months ago
Awesome job as always. I binge watched your videos and I am truly impressed by the variety of styles, by how you manage to materialise people's dreams giving them better than they hope for. You both are very talented and unique and complement eachother beautifully. You have a strong chance to live a legendary love. I look at the date of this video and wonder if Moon is born as Cancer Star sign. If so, he is already massively influenced by the moon, which makes men very sensitive, moody, extremely attached to mother, too feminine. His masculine energy is somehow overpowered by the feminine influence of the moon. Consult a good astrologer to see if Moon is not too much influenced by the moon and if so, give him a nickname to balance it out. All the best beautiful family! I wish you really ALL the best. You deserve it beautiful souls.
Tammy Musselman
Tammy Musselman 2 months ago
All lives matter. Jesus died for us all
Leah Conly
Leah Conly 2 months ago
I agree black lives matter
Ciera 2 months ago
The place is soooo cute!
Sumiya Carter
Sumiya Carter 2 months ago
I LOVE IT!!!!!! This is really nice!!💓
Anisa Greene
Anisa Greene 2 months ago
I love how they aren't like all those reality TV shows where they are so dramatic like how one thing always has to go wrong but they are just real
j lirie
j lirie 2 months ago
I think one of the kids toys thing is non specific items they can be creative with (blocks, sticks, containers, gears, etc) rather than toys that you can only do/put together a certain way.
Gladtobemom 2 months ago
You missed the opportunity for the yellow submarine in the bathroom. Whole thing turned out gorgeous!
Samantha Hutchins
Samantha Hutchins 2 months ago
Yay I’m so inspired! Definitely a great alternative for traveling and vacation during these times!
Esther Perez
Esther Perez 2 months ago
It is absolutely Fantastic! You all three are so gorgeous! I love it and you all. God Bless You Always💖 Your Son Moon is so Precious. Stay safe see you in the next viedo💖💖
Lauren Freeman
Lauren Freeman 2 months ago
Does anyone know where I can find the rug she used for the kitchen?! Much love.
Lula 739
Lula 739 2 months ago
I would love for you to do a camping vlog with this! For a family holiday! you could vlog it and I think you would have a great time! Like if you think this is a good idea!
J M 2 months ago
Where does black lives matter money go? Who has it benefited? Just asking because you support it. Because I care about black lives I do not support black lives matter. 60 % of black people do not support it.
Cato9 2 months ago
Well, just WOWZA! Airstream should hire you to design their trailers. Much better use of the space and SO welcoming and beautiful.
Stephanie Fraughton
Stephanie Fraughton 2 months ago
You guys did an amazing job, it looks so beautiful& so inviting!! I'd die to have a room designed by you MrKate!! I just love your style& your eye for design!! Can't wait to see videos of you guys traveling in the new airstream!! ✌ ❤ By the way, congratulations on Moon walking!!! So freakin' exciting!!
Jae Ra
Jae Ra 2 months ago
Gosh! It's so gorg!
Kristen LemMon
Kristen LemMon 2 months ago
What a special relationship you guys have to have the patience to work through so many design roadblocks together!
Sookriti Mishra
Sookriti Mishra 2 months ago
She looks like female Brad Mondo 🙏
Kanishka Bhatnagar
Kanishka Bhatnagar 2 months ago
I love you guys ❤️
Amber Baker
Amber Baker 2 months ago
AMAZING! This is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely worth it! Perfect during this crazy time!
Michelle S
Michelle S 2 months ago
Absolutely stunning! I love it !!!
My random Life
My random Life 2 months ago
You should try using the sims 4 to plan your designs
Valentine 2 months ago
Joeys hair is going crazy though 🤣
Valentine 2 months ago
I keep thinking about Ross and Rachel discussing baby names and Ross goes “hi my name is rain. I have my own kiln and my dress is made out of wheat.” I went back to find the exact quote. Until then in my memory he didn’t say rain but Moon 😄😄
Small Town Picker
Small Town Picker 2 months ago
Actual video starts at 2:00
Rebekah Mcfatridge
Rebekah Mcfatridge 2 months ago
Well sorry this one is just awful.... Bad job dudes
Natasha 2 months ago
Olga Ortiz
Olga Ortiz 2 months ago
Mary Kate F
Mary Kate F 2 months ago
Black lives matter!
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