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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I wanted to sit down and just talk to you guys. It's been 2 weeks since The Secret Life of Jeffree Star has been out in the world and I wanted to address questions you guys had, and expand on a few topics... I also wanted to reveal a few dark secrets that I wasn't ready to tell Shane or talk about until now... My whole life I've had a very hard time opening up to anyone... Thank you for listening.
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Aug 19, 2018




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Els Cnossen
Els Cnossen 10 minutes ago
You are such a beautiful person... love you dearly ❤
Christina Maloney
Christina Maloney 14 minutes ago
I'm so happy for you and your mother and you have balls for coming out with all of that transparency is the best and u know it that's why you're so amazing.
Alexandra Rodriguez
I loooove you Jefree. You are amazing. Your story is inspiring. So glad you are able to open up and let go.
Susie Synth
Susie Synth 23 hours ago
I grabbed a joint when the video started. I must get stoned with Jeffree. I love you honey. 🌹
Wazza55 Day ago
Life and its tribluations. We are only human. Life eh! Your a good soul Jeffrey x
Brandy Westnedge
Brandy Westnedge 2 days ago
Thanks for opening up on your story of mental health. Our stories are very similar although I haven't spoken with my mom in 6 years. Your story makes me want to call her. I haven't harmed myself in 5 years and no one knows I even did it. You got this man. You're on to healing.
Nelle Nalle
Nelle Nalle 2 days ago
it feels so weird, a celebrity feeling exactly how I felt.. I feel so.. Im what omg as kwfowbf
Stone~Diva *Perfectly*Imperfect*
I understand totally about your Aunt and Uncle becoming your second parents. Mine are too. My second Mom isn't blood related either and she could pass for my Mom. Unfortunately my birth parents have passed. I can't imagine my life without them (my Aunt & Uncle,) they've helped me through so much. My relationship with my birth parents was always difficult. Be blessed that you have a chance for a new relationship with your birth mom. I will keep you and her in my prayers. Thank you for sharing and being so real. I have so much respect for you. ❤❤
ainun drosemeier
ainun drosemeier 3 days ago
Dudeee whattt upp...
destiny ynitsed
destiny ynitsed 3 days ago
I just love u for ur beautiful soul...ur share ur awsum life events and u are awesomely interesting and colorful and creative...I love looking at u doing the vids and talkn bout what u do in life...ur beautiful and thank u for motivating me to be the most creative me...crazy how a person u have never met before cud give such inspiration 💣💥💎❣💋💘
Aniah Anderson
Aniah Anderson 3 days ago
For him to say not to be ashamed of the scars is very inspiring... I haven't worn a pair of shorts or a shorter dress etc. In a very long time... it's nice to feel not afraid and it's nice to feel encouraged 💝
Dianna Brown
Dianna Brown 3 days ago
Im so happy you are in touch with your mom .......your a wonderful son.....good luck always with you and your mom...... God love you !!!!!!!! God bless.
Jess Nesh
Jess Nesh 3 days ago
Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K. 4 days ago
Jeffree I’m so proud of you, I say this I LOVE YOU 💜
Meg Rose
Meg Rose 4 days ago
I love you jefree I can relate so much. Your amazing
RantsandRambles 4 days ago
My mother lost her job and her house in 2009... she was homeless for a while but now living in a 250 sq ft efficiency apt, still no job 12 years later and just letting herself go... I've tried to help her but she has been too depressed to dig herself out... :/ I can understand :(
Apperition 4 days ago
Gamalo Luttig
Gamalo Luttig 4 days ago
Pixelpanda YT
Pixelpanda YT 5 days ago
Your skin isn't paper so don't cut it, Your face isn't a test so don't cover it, Your body isn't a a book so don't judge it, Your life isn't a movie so don't end it, Your neck isn't a shirt so don't hang it, Your amazing in your own way
EFTYCIA11 5 days ago
I feel for you I think you walked a long way to get to a better place. I send you prayers love and blessing ! you are so unique
Annasue Hardin
Annasue Hardin 5 days ago
Your mother is the person who nurtures you with unconditional love. Mother's are anyone. Don't ever feel bad for being the amazing person you are.
Hyper Hype
Hyper Hype 6 days ago
Jeffrey it’s ok I have suside thoughts.
MegZzY Nèsüb
MegZzY Nèsüb 6 days ago
Jeffree from one cutter to another stopping os the hardest thing to stop so i commend you for having the courage to tell your viewers we love YOU so please if YOU EVER need someone to talk to please contact me that really goes for anyone reading this 💖💎💖blood DOES not always make them family, sometimes, we choose our family!!! I lived in my car for 3 years and on the streets for 1 !! I totally GET what she's been through its hard AF then to not be homeless to after two months of living off the streets and not on heroin. I found out i had a brain. And Hydrocephelus and i needed to have surgery and ended up having to be put into a coma for 3 and a half months and had to relearn how to live my life and my first thing i wanted to remember is how to wear makeup and guess who i found , YOU and you showed me how to be the old me experiment with my make-up again so THANK YOU for that!!! And this video!!!
Dithery Vannet
Dithery Vannet 6 days ago
I'm going through something similar I just can't help my mom, I've tried and I can't seem to get to her and all I can do is give her money and that's if I have money.. life is fucked up
Megan Kibe
Megan Kibe 6 days ago
Dear jeffree. Thank u so much for sharing. My daughter introduced me to u a couple of months ago. She was 11 at the time. I'm in recovery for self medicating n never feeling normal in life n I can relate to this viedo. I do have mental issues too. But I dont want this be about me. My daughter was diagonised with a number of mental issues. I promised to always help her threw n sort threw her feeling w/o judgment. We've always been transparent in our feelings n I see me in her n I am truly scared for her as hers was diagonised at an ealier age than most children but I can relate on most areas of how she feels. I noticed her always wearing long sleeves n I figured it was just a phase but I was wrong. It was until I did a phone did me n her step dad see her arm n I instantly broke down n lost it. She too self harms. I actually started to watch the viedo n woke her up on a school night n said lets watch this together n we both lost it. I also shared with her that I to wanted to die when I was littler so I can relate. Not really sure if ull ever read this but we got her in for a drs appointment at the best childrens hospital bc I can't lose my biggest supporter in my soberity. She's now 12 n going this weds to the hospital to have another possible diagonises. I just wanted to say thank u bc the one thing I promised her was to help her in every way but also that she wasn't alone in this feeling of self harm taking away the pain. We both sat here n cried our eyes out n for her to hug me n say wow momma u were right my idol spoke out on it. If he n u can get threw this feelings then I shall do everything in my power to too. Thank u so much. U just have no clue the door u have opened up for me n her. Best of wishes. Megan n love from my daughter kenzie
Claudia Robinson
Claudia Robinson 7 days ago
Thank you for sharing .
leahkallixto 7 days ago
Wow! There's so many different views on jeffre Star online that's usually negative. I'm so happy I came across this video because I see you in a completely different light. I'm so happy to know he is just a kind soul who has been hurt alot throughout life which I can relate to you completely 💗. I remember I wasn't familiar with Jeffree in 2010 and one of my friends took a picture with you. I wish I would have said hi. So happy for you - Love always Leah
Deborah Gonzales
Deborah Gonzales 8 days ago
I don't know what to say except it's ok & I love you & wish I could hug you ❤😘🦋
christina L
christina L 8 days ago
You are a beautiful person inside and out!! It's okay not to trust someone, but I'm glad you found trust in Shane. Love you, love watching you!
*мαяιlуи *
*мαяιlуи * 8 days ago
Oh my God!! I LOVE this make look, colours etc, on you!!!! This is my absolute fave...you look incredible!! 🥰🌟💛
Caitlin Mayhew
Caitlin Mayhew 8 days ago
Will always love you Star 🖤
Lexi Chase
Lexi Chase 9 days ago
I can't say thank you enough for this
Robyn Matthew
Robyn Matthew 10 days ago
Sarah Peterson
Sarah Peterson 11 days ago
I self harmed I cut my inner thighs I don’t have big scars but quite a lot of small one on my thighs stomach and a few on my arms thank you for opening up it’s been hard I stop last week I’m stopping for my friends and family that you
Mathilda Jensen
Mathilda Jensen 11 days ago
Love you for sharing!
Tiffany Tullis
Tiffany Tullis 12 days ago
Jeffree, I can see the genuine sparkle of love and kindness in your eye when you speak of your Mother. You have a loving spirit.
WiFislilpeach 12 days ago
Honestly I love how you real you are jeffree. That’s what makes me have so much respect for you. Thanks for being so brave
Wanessa Souza
Wanessa Souza 13 days ago
I so appreciate your honesty, I wish you the best
Mary Day
Mary Day 13 days ago
Everything in time will heal but take a step back and look at all the things that cause poison in ur life and stay with what makes u happy today I love u and wish u all the best xoxo
Erica Napoleon
Erica Napoleon 13 days ago
Wow Jeffree your story is inspiring for you to come out like this and tell us personal stuff like this is truly amazing love you and your videos 💜☺️😊
Peta Noonan
Peta Noonan 13 days ago
Jeffrey IM going threw hell. IV lost my son's. Ones in jail an his only 18.. my 7 yr old father, who just got clean is fighting me for him. You help me. Heroin was my cutting. IM clean. I'll never use again. IM fighting a war. Pray for me. I'd love a reply or reach out. This guy got me out of a hole, one that was almost permanent
Stephanie Ferrin
Stephanie Ferrin 13 days ago
You truly are an inspiration
vinthesin613 14 days ago
I love you Jeffrey.
Allison Whitson
Allison Whitson 15 days ago
youre a god jeffree i love you
Kyah Payne
Kyah Payne 15 days ago
Jeffree just rember your fans are alweys here for you.
Sharise Gill
Sharise Gill 16 days ago
Jeffree :( I'm so glad you opened up about this cause it isnt easy to even live through never mind telling the world. You have support, your loved and appreciated...
Tammy McLeod
Tammy McLeod 16 days ago
Hugs from Canada
Ashley Victoria
Ashley Victoria 17 days ago
ashlynnn 19 days ago
I know I’m a little late watching and commenting but mannnn, I am at a rough place in life right now and I feel like Jeffree is speaking to me. I LOVE that he’s putting everything out there, it’s so raw and beautiful. And it’s like therapy for me. I’ve battled with depression most of my life & haven’t spoken to my mother for a good part of my life. I love that he’s worked so hard to conquer everything & I think it’s awesome he reached out to his mother.
karla marambio
karla marambio 20 days ago
Spirit or an angel was telling you to trust Shane
Sonya Doherty
Sonya Doherty 20 days ago
I’d love to reverse the tables and have a chance to speak with you about my story and to talk , fame aside your human you have a heart 💓 and can we talk ? Please
Tishia Burgess
Tishia Burgess 21 day ago
I covered my scars with a tattoo of a big strong willow tree with the date of when I got clean from drugs. I got the tattoo to celebrate my 20 years. I feel like the willow tree is strong but also can bend in strong winds so I feel it represents my personal journey. I had to learn to become the willow.
Anne Lee
Anne Lee 21 day ago
Hi Jeff! I always look at you as a good person, funny and really true to yourself. Wishing you all the best in life and please continue to be the best version of yourself😊 Haters gonne hate (let them), you are such a nice person (i can feel it) 😊 lots of love! 😘😘😘
Brenda Kaseman
Brenda Kaseman 22 days ago
God bless you & your mom. I'm 71 years young but I love watching your videos. I consider U an old soul. U have been thru alot BUT U also have made a DIFFERENCE...❤❤
Patti Kelley
Patti Kelley 22 days ago
I am sooooo happy you found ur momma again and the two of you are mending ur relationship...I could only wish.. see I don't have my momma anymore and I miss her everyday... so spend every moment you can with her Jeffree.. you'll have those memories! Thanks for sharing your story and always being real... keep doing you!
Tamera Whiteside
Tamera Whiteside 22 days ago
I love u sweet baby
leidydi Perez
leidydi Perez 23 days ago
My beautiful boy! I respect you so muuuuch! And I admire the way you overcome your issues. Don’t feel bad 😘
psychicoutlaw Chanel
What a blessing that your mother and you have reconnected. Praise the Lord. All the best for both of you now Jeffree.
Mia Kaspari
Mia Kaspari 23 days ago
you're such a true hero of life and thanks for taking care of your mum. I'm a single mum too and at the moment my son is struggling and we had to part. I truly love him and living with him isn't possible at the moment. Nevertheless, I will always work on our relationship not to lose him. He's such a wonderful Wundercrature like all of us. Thank you for being so honest to all of us.
MC McBride
MC McBride 24 days ago
The more i watch you JS the more i love you ! I am so proud of you your very brave stick by her no matter what i love you sweetie you got me balling like a baby right now ! Oh girl god bless you and your mom !! Im praying for you both!
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