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Here it is! 2019 Livery! Come see me and Miley this saturday imn Miami! Use code 'TJ' for discounted tickets! Get your TunerEvo tickets here: tuner-evolution.com/index.php/tickets
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Comments 100
Tj Hunt
Tj Hunt Month ago
treerexaudi Official
+Harry Marcus Mikaelson true fan
Harry Marcus Mikaelson
Yo your wish is my command I have just done your brz in need for speed payback and I tried to get as close as possible I will tag you on twitter or Instagram of pictures and I love watching you videos keep up the good work
treerexaudi Official
lol +Tom Scholtus
Tom Scholtus
Tom Scholtus Month ago
Tj Hunt i live in australia so just send me free stuff that you have at events aye?
treerexaudi Official
You removed the mustache... :( How can we tell it brz now?
Junior Lopez
Junior Lopez 4 days ago
Black isn’t a color
chris Velasquez
chris Velasquez 25 days ago
Tbh I don’t like it at all I liked when it was gray
chris Velasquez
chris Velasquez 25 days ago
Tbh I don’t like it at all I liked when it was gray
yuka yukad
yuka yukad 26 days ago
ok new design on forza coming out soon guaranteed
Henry Madigan
Henry Madigan Month ago
200 hp
Maxwell Ochtera
Maxwell Ochtera Month ago
I demand a green ripperino reprint, to satisfy the OG's
Latasha Perez
Latasha Perez Month ago
Peace out and keep moving forward 🙏 😩
jeremy humphery
jeremy humphery Month ago
Drugs have hit Calvin hard lol if you got back to a few years man oh man
Masshole Garage
Masshole Garage Month ago
Bring back the ripperino sticker teeej!
Sander_Holmgren 05
It thougt it would be much wilder Teeg😁
max pimentel
max pimentel Month ago
fuckin ruined it again 😂
LuV YzY Month ago
Just take off the the number and don’t put one back
Gray Taylor
Gray Taylor Month ago
joeyblaze2o1 Month ago
Nailed it......... fire!!!!!!!
Flynn Cameron
Flynn Cameron Month ago
bruh. u need bigger rims
Jordan Engen
Jordan Engen Month ago
Saw it in Miami today [well, yesterday now] and I can indeed confirm that it looks SO GOOD in person- like I know it's hard to believe that it gets better. But trust, IT GETS BETTER
my friend
my friend Month ago
Only if it had all black wheels
Omar Lopez
Omar Lopez Month ago
You know you make good money when you can spend it on something so ugly looking
Jayski Beats
Jayski Beats Month ago
Yeeeee 👌🏽👏🏽
St8 Chillin
St8 Chillin Month ago
Im i the only one who doesn’t like the new color
Danny Laxus
Danny Laxus Month ago
My favorite part is the bumper with the way the blue contrasts with the grey😭💕
Kar Month ago
wtf where is the ferrari
Trev0or Month ago
Joshua Compton
Joshua Compton Month ago
Looking for how to ruin a great looking brz this is the video for you.
Jesus Rivera
Jesus Rivera Month ago
What kind of power mods? Does it make more than 200hp
Pursue Cars
Pursue Cars Month ago
Add hunt co to the number plate?🤔
1992Hoffman Month ago
Congratulations TJ on your partnership with Meguiars!!! 🔥🔥🔥
E Sondi
E Sondi Month ago
Yikes. Welp, tj sold out big time.
Krishneil Garib
Krishneil Garib Month ago
Ripper NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. but glad you love it bro! It would be mad if you ran white so that you and Calvin can be boisssssss
Colin McGlashan
Colin McGlashan Month ago
:( put it back to grey please
supernom Month ago
it's ugly
Sandro Fortini
Sandro Fortini Month ago
Choppy editing is a little to much, cool car, not my cup of tea but if you like it that’s all that counts, congrats ! Don’t inhale to many exhaust fumes
diamel serrano
diamel serrano Month ago
You made it bro.
Toofast For you
Toofast For you Month ago
When I think u can’t get any gayer this comes
Tom Allan
Tom Allan Month ago
Hi, we watch from the UK. We watch a gardening show here in the UK called Monty Don, he has a Golden Retriever and the show is extremely popular because of the Golden Retriever. You might want to try getting your Golden involved in your blogs and I think you will be surprised with the extra followers. We love your blogs and my Golden gets very happy when your Golden comes on the screen. Keep up the good work.
Andrew Lomeli
Andrew Lomeli Month ago
Anyone else thinking of timthetatmans outro song lmao
Daryl Huxley
Daryl Huxley Month ago
When ru getting the liberty walk kit for the 458
Chris Snelling
Chris Snelling Month ago
Love the car, from an old geezer from 🇬🇧
Alex M
Alex M Month ago
Riced out😂
Josh Perry
Josh Perry Month ago
I’m sorry but Defo not my liking to try hard
Mr EeroBotti
Mr EeroBotti Month ago
Looks like shit to be honest
Syth Smoke
Syth Smoke Month ago
dave gubbiotti
dave gubbiotti Month ago
Teeg looks absolutely SICK, love it. How much does a modified wrap job cost like that.?
Benke Month ago
Nathan Legozzie
Nathan Legozzie Month ago
So the BRZ is for track use? What's the point of the car # 28?
Pusha MC est.1972
Epic fail
Diego Armando García Amor
Oooh Teej,so nice men
Matthew Melegrito
Kinda copying Dai Yoshihara a lil bit
sleepyyy p
sleepyyy p Month ago
miley looks like a nfs underground 2 final boss LOL
Ramune Kee
Ramune Kee Month ago
Wheres the hot neon pink? It would complete the car
Chuck Durham
Chuck Durham Month ago
BRZ looks amazing bro!! Deff the sickest BRZ I've seen to date hands down!!
Clay Cowart
Clay Cowart Month ago
Get some eye cream for the dark circles teej Mario badescu makes a good one
Shantez Kraig
Shantez Kraig Month ago
Hey TJ what can I do for a seal leak (transmission) first I thought the transmission was damaged til I realized it was leaking which is causing the transmission to slip I currently drive with the O/D off it seems to catch better I have a 2007 Crown Vic.. ADVICE PLEASE
Patrick Mulligan
The BRZ looks fantastic!!
Rhythm Sinners
Rhythm Sinners Month ago
Looks great guys. Worth the build up.
Blaj Eduard
Blaj Eduard Month ago
Looks to complicated , where is the simple/clean look ? It's like a girl with extra makeup
C1Y3R Month ago
Whats the exhaust setup on this thing?
Bo Corley
Bo Corley Month ago
Looking like the mystery machine 👌🏼👌🏼👍🏼
venusunusis Month ago
Looks amazing !!!
Robin Loveniers
Robin Loveniers Month ago
Eww no just disgusting
2doorduude Month ago
Car looks like like something I would mod on GTA lol that thing is LIT
illumoenati films
0:00 - 0:38 me peeping my girls phone when she on snap
Victor805 Month ago
That’s So Rice 😂
HeftyBiscuit Month ago
Looks like the RC car from toy story
Laurence Mojica
Laurence Mojica Month ago
Diamond Dog
Diamond Dog Month ago
Kameron Langham
Kameron Langham Month ago
Yooo that’s my boi @daley visual, you made it bro!!!!
32 Yr Old Casual Food Industry Worker
Absolute hot mess of a car...such a fckin rice rocket. Poor BRZ, R.I.P.
Zachary Burrows
Zachary Burrows Month ago
But it’s not a 2019 BRZ
The Kid
The Kid Month ago
New wheels now
Tevan Howe
Tevan Howe Month ago
3 colors yet I’m def def counting 4
Aninda Raj
Aninda Raj Month ago
Instead of green,red would have look much better☺
InnSession Month ago
Was honestly expecting some crazy 350 throw back kinda thing from that thumbnail but I’m kinda disappointed honestly it looks tacky But as long as you love it that’s all that matters 😌
Peddy Ferdian
Peddy Ferdian Month ago
yeah, ripperino sticker didn't match with other color, damn teej 👌
Tfa Tv2.0
Tfa Tv2.0 Month ago
your promo is on point, where you get your tent and banners from, share the secret @tjhunt
R Hammerfist
R Hammerfist Month ago
Looks good Fella
Kenneth Bowry
Kenneth Bowry Month ago
Anyone got a wet wipe Handy.
Carlo Scarps
Carlo Scarps Month ago
Take off the number 28
David Feliz
David Feliz Month ago
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson Month ago
Meguiars logo on the number boards
Kurtamis Vine
Kurtamis Vine Month ago
How nice is that blue
Marquis Medellin
Tim Cunningham
Tim Cunningham Month ago
That car looks pretty fuckin cool Teej
Αλέξανδρος Δημητσόγλου
No anime stickers? pass!
ArcticLongShot Month ago
Now add pink
Razury Ashiko
Razury Ashiko Month ago
It's just me or your BRZ left rear wheel too close to the fender?
kenny schouten
kenny schouten Month ago
Damn nice livery man! The 1 thing im always wondering is how the brz would look with rims an inch bigger then current.
Simon Friberg
Simon Friberg Month ago
”It’s pretty choice” and he even looks like Skinny Pete
Simon Friberg
Simon Friberg Month ago
”It’s pretty choice” and he even looks like Skinny Pete
Shaun_D_ NZ
Shaun_D_ NZ Month ago
The wheels are the worse part
Chris Valle
Chris Valle Month ago
2:05 plastic dip emblem?
sleek_ASH Month ago
I neeed to get one of them posters but I live in the uk can someone get me one and al pay for posting please
Righardt Nel
Righardt Nel Month ago
oh mah lord. that definitely isn't my kind of 'that's soo cool!'
Tyler Woolford A.K.A. Chicken Little
Now Miley.... even more 🔥🔥🔥
HE15 RGP Month ago
BRZ Looks Absalotly BRILL TJ Hunt I would of added the Crome to the Hood Vents But on the Hole Its Brilliant !!! So Sad I am In the UK and will not be able to get a Free Poster .Saying that I hope have a really stunning Road show. Oh after watching the Video "WHO THE F**K CUT YOUR HAIR” If you paid more than a Dollar you were robbed 🤪. It really is To Mucking Fuch.
Codine Red
Codine Red Month ago
And officially all your cars are ruined
Call me Papa Zero
2:22 is the reveal, skip or dont skip
Reece Kutzli
Reece Kutzli Month ago
NEW drop lookin spicy
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