Returning To Apex Legends In Season 4

Luke TheNotable
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Download Apex Legends Season 4 free on PC, Xbox, and PS4 here: www.inflcr.co/SH1j4




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Comments 80
Zazzy Boiii
Zazzy Boiii Day ago
The fact he doesn’t use the legends abilities and special ability lol 😂😂
My Cash
My Cash Day ago
Luke can u add me ,my username is Slickyricky716
Dominic Zinchini
50 tips RUvid Macro he will give u 50 tips for apex
Connor Ellis
Connor Ellis 2 days ago
Is it just me or does this game remind me of titan fall 2
MinionKeys 2 days ago
i remember watching this guy when i used to play fortnite damn he's not changed one bit
Hayden Ryan
Hayden Ryan 2 days ago
I got in your game and you killed me
Impanmati 3 days ago
If your going to be passive aggressive to apex while playing fortnite just dont play it.
Ulz 4 days ago
Luke ain't sleeping on the havoc. Zylbrad would be proud
Tyty Lap
Tyty Lap 6 days ago
The l-star is from titan fall
Victor Gael
Victor Gael 9 days ago
Alternator is op in apex I have a op combo it’s r-99 and triple take sub to Luke the notable and like to him
Krazy Meow
Krazy Meow 10 days ago
this whole video was a ad
ZedstackZip05 10 days ago
Btw Luke have you/will you ever play titanfall because apex is a titanfall spin-off and uses the same weapons
ZedstackZip05 10 days ago
I actually started apex yesterday
Elphy Plays
Elphy Plays 11 days ago
Mozambique is MO ZAM BE CK
DurVul 12 days ago
Parisi Tonio
Parisi Tonio 12 days ago
Yessss plzzz 100 drops apex legend plzzz LTN we desurve this ive watch all your Fortnite drops videos i would like to se some apex legend gameplays
jacob kremmer
jacob kremmer 13 days ago
Do more apex do 100 drops on it
Jazzbaby LOL123
Jazzbaby LOL123 15 days ago
I startet in Season one. And i have over 100 Wins and i am in level 243
RomusTaglius 15 days ago
Yoooo where can I buy the shirt that Luke was wearing? It’s pretty fire ngl
Lhuxs 16 days ago
We love u luke. We know it a sponsored video but this all feels so forced😂
Hydra Playz
Hydra Playz 16 days ago
Imagine sucking at apex
Graeme Francis
Graeme Francis 16 days ago
And another name is WhiteShadow7878
Graeme Francis
Graeme Francis 16 days ago
My name on apex is Sonic777z777
Graeme Francis
Graeme Francis 16 days ago
Once you actually become good then you should rate every legend sorry if I roasted you
Graeme Francis
Graeme Francis 16 days ago
This needs to be done
Graeme Francis
Graeme Francis 16 days ago
Do 100 drops as your favorite legends
Seang Pov
Seang Pov 16 days ago
Play overwatch
Relawc Playz
Relawc Playz 16 days ago
I wish u played more apex and rainbow six siege. Without being sponsored
Kaloyan Vasilev
Kaloyan Vasilev 17 days ago
Plz do hundred drops train yard in apex
Cove 18 days ago
wheres the 100 drops for legends?
MSDK9 19 days ago
Please play 100 games bloodhound or something like that
Aden Howard
Aden Howard 19 days ago
This felt like a forced sponsor
Noe Mariona
Noe Mariona 19 days ago
There was a kroger add and I thought of the corona virus
Adeyeye Mike
Adeyeye Mike 20 days ago
Can we have I dropped Refinery 100 times
Adeyeye Mike
Adeyeye Mike 20 days ago
Can we have I dropped Refinery pls
Lori Newbold
Lori Newbold 21 day ago
Please do 100 drops on apex
Benjamin Johansen
When luke saus that attachements are different PUBG: am i a joke to you?
destroyed _
destroyed _ 23 days ago
“it’s a new season so i wanted to drop in” *sponsored by ea* *yes not because you’re sponsored, but because it’s a new season*
BH Pinkerton
BH Pinkerton 23 days ago
U played with me today. Im HsA Pinkrton and xanyhatesu is my friend
BH Pinkerton
BH Pinkerton 23 days ago
Can u add me Luke? Ive been watching since Halo
iJayvenile 25 days ago
100 drops at lava city
James Bartholomaüs
Play Titanfall, its what apex is based on.
Wyatt Brennan
Wyatt Brennan 25 days ago
This vid was just LTN kissing apex legends ass
D4rklvl op
D4rklvl op 26 days ago
I dropped the irl roller skating rink 100 times and got worse
Germen 26 days ago
I hate the fact that famous gamers only play Apex when they get sponsored by the game. I wish they could give theirselves a little break from Fortnite to discover how good Apex actually is and give an opportunity to this game.
R6 Clips
R6 Clips 27 days ago
I’ve played w Sick Mode YT
Noah Potter
Noah Potter 27 days ago
100 drops as a legend in Apex
Resist-Dark 27 days ago
Play more les Fortnite
Shay Cormaic
Shay Cormaic 22 days ago
Stfu fortnite kid
Tsjip 27 days ago
Luke you have a Nice voice. Do something with it.
Right Lyte
Right Lyte 27 days ago
Apex isn’t very good, and it’s surprising that you like it. Why is it surprising? Because you like fortnite LTN. Fortnite players usually don’t like Apex. But everyone has their own opinion...everyone’s entitled to that.
Shay Cormaic
Shay Cormaic 22 days ago
@Cuppedcup yea I know all brs suck and apex is by far the best of the dump this kid is props 6 and in a way he's right fortnite players are closed minded idiots
Right Lyte
Right Lyte 23 days ago
Cuppedcup it’s my opinion so shut up
Cuppedcup 23 days ago
Right Lyte apex isn’t very good? It’s really well made... imo much much better than any br
Andrew _
Andrew _ 28 days ago
2:54 LTN: I like that it’s cool it’s different. Me: cries in PUBG
raahim malik
raahim malik 28 days ago
2:48 when you haven' t played PUBG.
Monty Mqueen
Monty Mqueen 28 days ago
Keeps Mozambique Deppresion: I'm am 4 parrales ahead of you
Talynator 29 days ago
Love how he is pretending to like the game and trying to know what he is talking about
IAMPRADDI 29 days ago
"Sponsered by apex legends" welp theres gonna be a bias
To Cracked
To Cracked 29 days ago
Yaaaaaaaaay he has taste nowwwww!!!!!
Cuppedcup 23 days ago
Ikr lol
Charlie C-Mc
Charlie C-Mc 29 days ago
We're apex 100 drops
Lenu - Nelu
Lenu - Nelu 29 days ago
20 games apex
DDGaxel Nilsson
DDGaxel Nilsson 29 days ago
Pathfinder is god
Joey Ackerman
Joey Ackerman Month ago
Ur face buttaful
Neo 69
Neo 69 Month ago
We need more apex videos
Vixx Hoo
Vixx Hoo Month ago
this is the cringiest thing ever< sorry mate
Salty_Snipes Gaming
3:54 Uhh.... we should not be out here Thats when I skipped 10 seconds to where he said: Ohhhpp thats fire!
Jonseyy Ownsss
Jonseyy Ownsss Month ago
I watched 2 of your videos and I amediantly loved them
Dominic Estevez
Dominic Estevez Month ago
He would be good for a sports game as saying he goes to the right he goes to the left and it’s in
Nickolas Maddox
Nickolas Maddox Month ago
3:23 that’s deep man that’s deep man “meme”
IV Wayne
IV Wayne Month ago
ther no fall daming
FaceTheFerret Month ago
I pretty much never played apex until season four came out, then got a win in my fourth game of the season. i had only played nineteen games of apex.
Sqlp Month ago
bruh listen to ur teammates watching this is cancer
There is only 2 genders 66
I started to play too and I’m really Liking the game so far
E YEET Month ago
He should do 100 games apex
Skully Squad
Skully Squad Month ago
Please do more apex I loved the video
VII_ marz
VII_ marz Month ago
100 games apex
360noscop leo
360noscop leo Month ago
Luke you should play Apex for 100 games
Volcanic Blast
Volcanic Blast Month ago
Peyton Mcclain
Peyton Mcclain Month ago
This was the most scripted unfunny video i have ever watched in my life, if this is how he acts when he does sponsers then i'm not even going to bother watching them
Mr pickles
Mr pickles Month ago
Feels like I'm watching a mobile legends ad
I'm not that bad
Apex on mobile?
Joshua Braeden
Joshua Braeden Month ago
Just imagine luke with a caustic,Watson, and lifeline (just the ultimate camping comp) You couldn’t get him to stop camping
Carter Jessogne
Carter Jessogne Month ago
Apex 100 drops
Tis Toast
Tis Toast Month ago
100 drops Lava City
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