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Marques Brownlee
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The Game Boy is the most popular handheld gaming console ever. It allowed us to take games like Tetris, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda with us on-the-go, changing the gaming industry and our free time forever. On the 30th anniversary of its release, Marques Brownlee unboxes and explores how the Game Boy came to be, it's impact on society, and why it's leaving us feeling so nostalgic.

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Apr 19, 2019




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Comments 80
TUDOR 2.0 27 minutes ago
Yoo Mark Ass Brownie
Dean Emanuel
Dean Emanuel 6 hours ago
nothing can top the grandpa of all portable games gameboy
Mikko Villareal
Mikko Villareal 2 days ago
Dude him struggling to open that game case brought me back lmao
Ahmad Issa
Ahmad Issa 2 days ago
i was wondering i always find with your hand a different smart phone that the other video as your maybe daily driver ,, can you make a video of how do you quickly change from phone to another without the headache ??
Ethan Hayden
Ethan Hayden 3 days ago
I think it’s so cool that RUvid has gotten so big that people like Marques can just casually have Matt Bellamy on the show and nobody bats an eye
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta 3 days ago
Do the Nintendo switch and the switch lite please
Slayer0fKings 3 days ago
That dude saying the Walkman was invented in 89 if I recall correctly is incorrect the Walkman came out in its cassette form in 79 they were already 10 years old by then
Ramez D
Ramez D 3 days ago
6:05 Damn that DS foreshadowing
Engkus Una
Engkus Una 4 days ago
Huuh q g ada gambr y ngebleng 😃 terus samfe kafan
Ahmet AVCI
Ahmet AVCI 5 days ago
Hello friends, I suggest you take a look at my channel. I will be with you with innovative content.
blake hebert
blake hebert 5 days ago
this show makes me want to get RUvid Premium so badly
Daniel Najar
Daniel Najar 5 days ago
Pokemon Red/Blue 🔥
Tom Twedell
Tom Twedell 6 days ago
I love the series, but hate that you are opening sealed mint copies and literally destroying them. Get F'd collectors.
HRAVEC 6 days ago
I think the DS was the most popular portable gaming system
Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad 7 days ago
I can say that my childhood in the 80's was far from boring. How can a person in this show make a statement like that but didn't experience it for themselves.
iFaisallah Preacher
10:20 Marques: Power Button... *shocked face*, coolest thing ever
Shree Dii
Shree Dii 9 days ago
how about FM RADIO
ENのラジオ 9 days ago
I'm a game youtuber!!!!!!
i love this series '
Rayan 9 days ago
They don’t make em like they used to
Dark Dusty
Dark Dusty 9 days ago
The gameboy orinter was great when printing my pokemon pokedex letter XD
Quinten Reimer
Quinten Reimer 10 days ago
Damn that's a good knife, is that a spyderco?
Tiel Master
Tiel Master 10 days ago
Pretty sure the DS was the most popular of all time but yeah loved the Gameboy.
Jay Thompson
Jay Thompson 10 days ago
Love this
Adr Sngp
Adr Sngp 10 days ago
I am younger than Marquez but I grew up with the tech. Looking at this makes me feel old but also makes me realise that technology traveled slowly outside the USA and Japan.
StaleCereal 11 days ago
this video really hurt my head cuz he just opened a brand new gameboy and then used a flamethrower on it. those are expensive and rare especially on the condition
Mr Memes
Mr Memes 13 days ago
i love how he said that its the lost popular handheld console but really its the nintendo ds
とも 13 days ago
海外でもレトロゲーム集めるんですねw ゲームキューブのファンタシースターがすきですw
Bertnard Miller
Bertnard Miller 13 days ago
Listen to bells of war by Wu Tang they used that same technique to make the beat for that song
Orlando Centeno Jr
Orlando Centeno Jr 13 days ago
Wait! How did you get an original Gameboy to NEVER have been opened? Dang y'all...MKBHD did a Gameboy OG UNBOXING!
DariaOnDisplay 14 days ago
I felt so old when Marques was like I never used a game boy... then i'm like i'm 26 and I have.... we're the same age!!??? like how have you never used one before lol
Sehalos 14 days ago
This got me thinking, why doesn't Marques review consoles?
Ian Nyagah
Ian Nyagah 16 days ago
i remember Gameboy because of tetris and super mario
anonymous one
anonymous one 16 days ago
nintendo wasnt the king of video games at this point.. jesus you guys are terrible with terrible research for sure. ever heard of the amiga or any other computer that could play games and made the gameboy look like a peice of shit kids toy? as someone born in 1981 this retrotech series seem to be made by people who have no idea wtf they are talking about , especially your living experts who apparently were around during this period who seem to have not been tech geeks and no very little of wtf they are speaking.
anonymous one
anonymous one 16 days ago
gamboy wasnt the most popular it was the most known and most affordable outside of geeks who knew better
Mike Lopez
Mike Lopez 17 days ago
Goddamn, we've come a long way since the days of a pinball machine.
K BH 17 days ago
Please tell me you didn't torch the brand-new, boxed Gameboy from the beginning of the video. Unyellowed Gameboys are pretty rare.
Seiceanu Robert
Seiceanu Robert 17 days ago
the paper on the gameboy printer waqs too oldddddd!!!!!!!!!
Anand the gamer
Anand the gamer 17 days ago
Thx for 100 SUBSCRIBER
Anand the gamer
Anand the gamer 17 days ago
thx for 100 SUBSCRIBER
Anand the gamer
Anand the gamer 17 days ago
Thx for 100 SUBSCRIBER
Anand the gamer
Anand the gamer 17 days ago
Thx for 100 SUBSCRIBER
Andre Pixelboi Jones
This has brought back so much fond memories. @Marques - The hard indestructible plastic you flamed, turns a bit yellowish. Mark of authenticity. Miss those classic "metroidvanias".
StarShips 18 days ago
Wonder if people 30 years from now will look back at the iPhone that would influence whatever technology that will be the norm in the future.
mwboost 18 days ago
Regret selling my Gameboys... So i recently bought them all again online lol. All genuine.
Wyatt Clason
Wyatt Clason 18 days ago
These are all 90"s and after kids what the heck
Eboy Warrior
Eboy Warrior 19 days ago
I normally just squeezed the sides honestly to open the cases for the gameboy games XD.
Eboy Warrior
Eboy Warrior 19 days ago
also, GameBoys were originally designed for adults, not kids.
Eboy Warrior
Eboy Warrior 19 days ago
just some minced garlic
i came into the game boy with the gameboy pocket. i got the red one that came with pokémon red, (before it was fire red i think) and i actually still have it and play it to this day. honestly one of my favorite games of all time.
Anthony Flores Jr.
Anthony Flores Jr. 20 days ago
Is it out on sale new??
Ousmaila Bouba
Ousmaila Bouba 20 days ago
Men and women are equal, where is game girl 👧🏽🤣🤣🤣
Geovani Lopez
Geovani Lopez 20 days ago
Bro this tech isnt that old
win dows
win dows 21 day ago
Sophie Serebryanaya
was not expecting Matt Bellamy
Andrei Avasi
Andrei Avasi 21 day ago
So who else waited 3 to 5 days before posting their comment to go along with the 1985 theme?
Justin 22 days ago
Damn I feel old now that gameboy is considered retro tech, this was my childhood
Kenan Daçkan
Kenan Daçkan 22 days ago
3:26 Amk Çin'lisi Game Boy'u bile yemeye çalışıyor.
Neofito89 22 days ago
You can not give to a gameboy camera and print a NOPE, clearly you are not having the context in mind. By that time was mind blowing. I still remember who had it in my school.
Nanaresh 23 days ago
And when my batteries were dead, i used a wire and tape to connect a different battery's terminals and the Gameboy's teminals, hold the connection between my thighs to keep from breaking contact and also hiding that connection from my brother, and played till dawn
Arnold Gonzalez
Arnold Gonzalez 24 days ago
Think about this that name could never be used today cause folks would get offended in so many different ways.
Brandon Goodsell
Brandon Goodsell 24 days ago
its so old.
VNegru MINSAIT 24 days ago
i liked the beat of the chip tunes
sneha pandey
sneha pandey 24 days ago
Hey I am gamer
Janblu Poggio
Janblu Poggio 25 days ago
What I want to see: Game Boy vs Nokia 3310
Grantham Patterson
Grantham Patterson 26 days ago
Thumbs down because they just torched a perfectly good GameBoy
Dan Math
Dan Math 26 days ago
Trying to play in the dark was infuriating. GameBoy Color is when it took off for me.
Naveen Thanikachalam
All of your "Retro Tech" is so cool. It's like watching a well-scripted documentary.
Rory Majors
Rory Majors 26 days ago
Life for a child wasn’t boring in the 80s. We actually went to a weird place called “outside”.
Nikolas Okons
Nikolas Okons 27 days ago
That is the black and white version, but color version was the best, I loved the coloured version more than Sega, and the coloured version was very expensive then.
Emiel333 Official
Emiel333 Official 27 days ago
My childhood! Nintendo! Game Boy!
Pedro Testa Lourenco
I found a Advance sp in the fucking Garbage!
Kenny Ryan
Kenny Ryan 28 days ago
Fondest memory for me was playing my Gameboy during the days when my grandfather had me join him at work. He was a city bus driver in Queens, NY. Good times talking with gramps, playing Links Awakening, and eating chicken meals at Chirpin' chicken :P What's your fondest memory/memories of the Gameboy? Also check out AVGN's gameboy accessories video. It's hilarious.
Lingering Amusity
Lingering Amusity 29 days ago
I remember having a Gameboy, but some nasty ex friend of mine that I lend it to, never fucking returned it. I swear if I ever meet that bastard again, I will torture him. I still miss my Gameboy, it helped me with depression back then. My PSP Vita got stolen too. I'm utterly unlucky.
Kim André Skogstrand
I got my first gameboy by getting 3rd place in a competition. The goal was to create a slogan that included both "Super Mario" and "Milky Way"(the chocolate). My mom did it for me and it was: " Med Super Mario på TV'n og Milky Way i neven."(in Norwegian that rhymes), translated literally it means "With Super Mario on the TV and Milkey way in the hand". The first price was a SNES, the second I don't remember, but the third was the gameboy:)
Suika Suika
Suika Suika Month ago
the ink in the printer is jsut too old, it worked really well
Alexis Marquez
Alexis Marquez Month ago
Wtf 1800s Nintendo
TougeRuzbay Month ago
I still have the original gameboy and gameboy color but the sega Game Gear was something else at the time.
Ramit Sehgal
Ramit Sehgal Month ago
I got this game in India in 1996 from my cousin living in USA. Oh, it was a rage. I still have it. I enjoyed the Game boy with 2 games: Tetris and Paperboy.
b0jka7a Month ago
13:10 how much angry video game nerd fans just screamed beacouse of the shity addons
Swapnil Abey
Swapnil Abey Month ago
Handy Boy sounds like a sex toy
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