Retro Tech: Game Boy

Marques Brownlee
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The Game Boy is the most popular handheld gaming console ever. It allowed us to take games like Tetris, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda with us on-the-go, changing the gaming industry and our free time forever. On the 30th anniversary of its release, Marques Brownlee unboxes and explores how the Game Boy came to be, it's impact on society, and why it's leaving us feeling so nostalgic.

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Richard Dubois
Dope !
sedawk 4 hours ago
Ugh ... Was looking forward to learning more but you dedicated 15% of the video to flame throwing the game boy? Ouch. Generally I like your videos because they are smart - but that was just plain dumb. But hey - whatever attracts the Fortnight kids I guess.
Tim Chan
Tim Chan 6 hours ago
I'm excited for this new "old" series of videos and thanks Game Boy
Ray Gao
Ray Gao 8 hours ago
This is not the Original one !
gmpassos 9 hours ago
The intro sound is TOO high! When listening with headphones I instantly need to reduce the volume! PS: I really like the quality of your videos.
MnemonicSyntax 9 hours ago
Been following you a long time Marques, and I have always enjoyed your content. This however, is probably my favorite video and I love this new segment. Keep up the good work!
mudjaku bugnoy
mudjaku bugnoy 10 hours ago
2:27 that is a THICC console right there😂
Jm Lagunzad
Jm Lagunzad 12 hours ago
And nobody even thought about the family of that game boy? What a shame people.
simonz28 13 hours ago
as soon as that twat nicetat came on , i rage quit , what a tosser , was great right up to that point
Suleiman Abutu
Suleiman Abutu 15 hours ago
Love your Channel 😂❤️
Ante Andrijasevic
Ante Andrijasevic 16 hours ago
20:30 goosebumps :o
Aaron 19 hours ago
Could you please do a segment on the beginning of the PC? That was definitely also a turning point in the history of technology.
AllMaul Day ago
This is.....DOPE!
Scott Kepple
Scott Kepple Day ago
STOKED Marques. Great work.
Karthik Day ago
Retro tech: Antikythera Mechanism
D. Reyano
D. Reyano Day ago
"Poking away on a calculator to kill time"
DeeJay Easter
Dude. I love the way this video is shot.
Phill360 Day ago
Amazing Marques. Looking forward to the next episode
BenjiMC1 Day ago
Have to do the Walkman next..
Bobby Solorio
I'm so Glad I was born in the 80's!!!
Ich am da boss
Gameboy: i survived a gulf war bombing Mkbhd: hold my flame thrower
Ich am da boss
Ahhhhhh it’s rewind time
China dab
China dab 2 days ago
"RUvid Original"? Cinemassacre this video last year!
Фрэнки 2 days ago
Ебать, вот это продакшн
.m. 2 days ago
i like the interviews and historical info. better than just a review
Pikminiman 2 days ago
20:30 for the badass chiptune at the end
James F.
James F. 2 days ago
This has a Vice vibe. You killed it.
juggawest 2 days ago
SPOILER: Thanks for the flashbacks, enjoy your Game Boy get rechargeable batteries or a long plug! Typed before the hot time with Casey! Funny gotta stop hitting save the Handy Boy always wanted that, Camera and printer had no real interest. So many hours just on Tetris alone, great video Thanks again!
Sufyan C
Sufyan C 2 days ago
What an amazing video. Love your creativity and cinematography in each of your videos!!!
Pan Makser
Pan Makser 2 days ago
10:19 that reaction is everything that I need, like, yeaaaaa Marques, now you know what the fuzz it's all about.
Pan Makser
Pan Makser 2 days ago
30 years, let that sink in......... oh, no can do, FUCK IT HURTS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T ACCEPT IT!!!!!!!!!!
Cristian C
Cristian C 2 days ago
It was fun to watch this vid!
quak 2 days ago
Handy Boy STD lmao 😂😂
TheOfficialNar 2 days ago
Was not expecting that chiptune dj guy to produce those kind of beats from a gameboy. That was dope.
aruekca18det 2 days ago
I just simple loved this video. Very, very well done. Thanks!
Syahrul Azzim
Syahrul Azzim 3 days ago
your content is super dope!
m0zA2T 3 days ago
just because he couldn't figure out how to open the game case he calls the design terrible kids these days....
Garvin Bowen
Garvin Bowen 3 days ago
Guys you remember blowing the cartridge to get it to work ..lol
Maple Sappy
Maple Sappy 3 days ago
sweet, get something nice and burn. Guess some people never grow up lmao
MrLoose26 3 days ago
awesome video .. the best tribute ever paid to the gameboy , reminded me my first gaming experience, wow this retrotech segment needs to keep going great work man
dliniypasha 3 days ago
Next episode idea: Tamagotchi
Martin Demsky
Martin Demsky 3 days ago
I got two from Play It Loud edition, first is transparent and second yellow, it runs lsdj and nanoloop mono music software :) and of course i added backlight
The Great Gambino
Definitely going to start listening to Chip Tunes!
Cestus Fr
Cestus Fr 3 days ago
STD's handy boy LMFAO
Kenley Najar
Kenley Najar 3 days ago
Siknik64 3 days ago
To clarify, people weren't skeptical about Nintendo because of their past making baseball cards. They were skeptical because of the MASSIVE video game crash that happened a few years back when all those companies were making game consoles in the late 70's.
h neneur
h neneur 3 days ago
No one: Them (2019 feminists): Why not GAME GIRL? Spare me your wisdom and get you a KITKAT.
Charlin Cho
Charlin Cho 4 days ago
I have a Gameboy color, Gameboy advance and the psp.
Neko Michi
Neko Michi 4 days ago
Picked up an original GameBoy at a flea market for £2.50 a while back, it was cheap because the display was apparently busted. 10 minutes with a soldering iron later, it was as good as new. This thing is a true survivor.
TrendyStuff TV
TrendyStuff TV 4 days ago
TrendyStuff TV
Matin Day ago
+TrendyStuff TV HOW DO WE MAKE IT STOP???!!!
TrendyStuff TV
Matin Day ago
ImDino 4 days ago
saying there would not have been a smartphone if there wasn't a gameboy is a liiiittle bit of a stretch
Yung Ghost
Yung Ghost 4 days ago
Game & watch was ahead of it's time. Reminds me of a popular handheld I grew up on... DS
Riaz 4 days ago
I've never seen Marques really go like "whoa!" until this video at 10:20
RagingAsianGuy 4 days ago
Jesus I haven't realized how young you mentioned you haven't seen a gameboy.
demon6937 4 days ago
3:21 those cans are phenomenal
demon6937 4 days ago
I still have my gameboy but it's not working anymore before I had 1 nasty drop and the stereo speaker was not working anymore. Currently I still have my working gameboy advance sp.
Robin Sequira
Robin Sequira 4 days ago
Handy. STD. That was 100% on purpose.
Robin Sequira
Robin Sequira 4 days ago
No Game Boy, no mobile gaming? Even though handheld games existed before the Game Boy? Yeah, no. It even came out the same year as the Lynx (and if you think Atari was just copying Nintendo, you greatly underestimate how long it would take to create either system). We might be behind where we are now, but you can 100% erase the Game Boy from history and still have handheld gaming today.
Usman Zafar
Usman Zafar 5 days ago
This is quality content, MB. Nice work. Video=Dope AF
Andrew Brumbeloe
Andrew Brumbeloe 5 days ago
I liked this video before it started. never done that.
CJ the baka
CJ the baka 5 days ago
Cool documentary. Could you do one on the Sega Saturn?
Aldo H
Aldo H 5 days ago
Japan still produce them, I think. This console was actually around my time 😂 I'm from '85 anyway, I played my cousin's gameboy that time
Sonnie Loyola
Sonnie Loyola 5 days ago
When I first had this original gameboy in ‘93 all of my friends, nephews and neighbors are so envy. They even brought their own 4 x AAA batteries just to make sure they will be able to play it. Castlevania, Mario F1, TMNT, Kirby, and Supermario. So happy and proud to experience this cool piece of technology.
Yep 5 days ago
I recently just started picking up my gameboy advance sp and I have been enjoying the hell out of it. Most days i prefer to play my gameboy over modern games.
Nkosinathi Mathonsi
That was cool
iciconnect 6 days ago
Way to go Nintendo! holy Crap!! 😮
Brian Baratheon
Brian Baratheon 6 days ago
I had one of these. I remember playing Super Mario Land and Pokemon with friends in class in the 6th grade. I also remember how quickly batteries would die.
Tiago Margon
Tiago Margon 6 days ago
Boiiiii this is dope!
Réginald Chérubin
how old is Marques?
Максим Сочинский
Hey! That is a great video! Thanks, MKBHD! Love to see more. I didn't have one back in the days, but I played a few times. It was a mind-blowing experience. I had a Super Nintendo console in 1995 and I would love to see review on that and Sega and others.
Young Jonathan
Young Jonathan 6 days ago
Mkbhd=amazing thoughtful production
SoupOS 6 days ago
This series is gonna be incredible!!!!
Fredo FB6
Fredo FB6 6 days ago
man.. now THIS is content i wanna c 😎🔥
Rahul Raj
Rahul Raj 6 days ago
This is my fav video of mkhb
Uchiha Silver
Uchiha Silver 6 days ago
Gameboy: Great handheld Gameboy Advance: Perfection
doyoulikejazz 6 days ago
We live in the right timeline
Jay Tojino
Jay Tojino 6 days ago
Thanks Game Boy 👍
Dominic Hickman
Dominic Hickman 6 days ago
dope vid
Ricardo Gomez
Ricardo Gomez 6 days ago
Why did you destroy it ? 😭
Steve Russ
Steve Russ 6 days ago
Did you just flame a 30 year old, brand new GameBoy? Say that was a used one ... It was, wasn't it? Right?
Jack Baker
Jack Baker 4 days ago
the plastic looked aged and the stickers were worn on that GameBoy, so it's most likely not the new one.
Andrew M562
Andrew M562 6 days ago
Retro tech iPod or i-dog
Standing Pineapple
Holy shit you actually melted the fuck out of that thing and it actually still fucking worked? Holy shit.
Sebastardo 6 days ago
Mark "ass Brown" Lee
Serge the Blerge
Serge the Blerge 7 days ago
This guy has obviously never heard of James Rolf, the Video Game Nerd.
Brian Perticari
Brian Perticari 7 days ago
Man I loved this video!!!! Keep this series going
itaintmebabe714 7 days ago
Next video: Tiger games
David 7 days ago
Awesome job Marques!
Isaac Tan
Isaac Tan 7 days ago
When you said you’ve fired a real flamethrower in that studio tour video you meant this?
Invalid571 7 days ago
Setting the game boy on fire --> heresy!
Joe Gibbs
Joe Gibbs 7 days ago
Come on Marques we busted you unboxing that GB like its all original but it's modded with a back lit screen 🤔
Josh Verrent
Josh Verrent 7 days ago
I appreciate the quality of video production and editing!! Cool to see how far you have come!
Matthew Herman
Matthew Herman 7 days ago
Best og gameboy games: final fantasy adventure, Links awakening, dragon quest warrior monsters, Pokemon blue and silver, Tetris, quarth, Mega man v, Castlevania 2, kid Dracula, And fuckin super Mario land 2
Faishal Muhamad
Faishal Muhamad 7 days ago
Playstation 2 Please...
r81365 8 days ago
That entire video was beautiful.
Matthew Streets
Matthew Streets 8 days ago
Page 4/4. Back in christmas of 2009 my parents got me the Nintendo DS LITE. Over the years I brought a Nintendo 3DS, New 3DS XL, Game Boy Pocket (to replace the broken one) and in the end I treated myself to the original Game Boy.
Matthew Streets
Matthew Streets 8 days ago
Page 3/4. Over the years I brought the Game Boy Advance (Because my Game Boy Pocket was broken), Game Boy Colour and my sister gave her Game Boy Advance SP too me.
Matthew Streets
Matthew Streets 8 days ago
Page 2/4. 😔 My parents back in the day never allowed me to have one for my own because it was too much money for them to buy. But back in christmas of 1999 they got me the Game Boy Pocket bundle that came with 2 games, 2 clear game cases and a big carry case.
Matthew Streets
Matthew Streets 8 days ago
Page 1/4. I remember playing with the Game Boy for the first time when my cousin introduced it to me. I had hours of fun playing the games he used to have (I remember him having 3 games).
Luis Rx
Luis Rx 8 days ago
Mark ass brownie is my favorite youtuber
Chris Sadd
Chris Sadd 8 days ago
I play game boy games on my phone. Someday I'll win Links Awakening.
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