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Marques Brownlee
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The Game Boy is the most popular handheld gaming console ever. It allowed us to take games like Tetris, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda with us on-the-go, changing the gaming industry and our free time forever. On the 30th anniversary of its release, Marques Brownlee unboxes and explores how the Game Boy came to be, it's impact on society, and why it's leaving us feeling so nostalgic.

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Apr 19, 2019

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Comments 10 945
Arctic Ninja
Arctic Ninja Hour ago
Nokia 3310 , Walkman Portable Music Player, Polaroid Camera, Type Writer
Denver Fernandes
if Justin Trudeau was the ceo of nintendo back in the day, he would rename the gameboy to gamepeople.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Hour ago
this guy makes comments and judgements without consideration of the times it was there, and only looks into the focused market the product was in, consideration for practicality for what it was suppose to be for... its ridiculous how single minded this guy is. He was definitely around to realize how big of a deal the backlit screen was, it wasn't standard until the color. When the pocket came out still no backlit screen but there were modification companies you could send them out to to get backlighting put into it. Kits to backlight it at home. It was the first commercialized aftermarket customization outside of desktop PCs for gaming.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Hour ago
wtf is this guy talking about? he's never held a vinyl album? he's never held a TV remote? these are common things older than a GB, I was alive to play the original GB, and it wasn't backlit like that...the GB casing... it was a cheap case for kids... more parts more things to break... this guy is soooooooo ignorant and playing this up like its from 1880s instead of 1980s...
Boris B
Boris B 2 hours ago
one of the most fun video's i've ever seen
Corey Kelley
Corey Kelley 3 hours ago
My heart. Got it when I was two or three. I have a picture of me at 5 with my Game Boy meeting Michael Jordan, my dad had to drag me away from F-1 Race for a picture, I was so mad.
Patricia Cardenas
Patricia Cardenas 7 hours ago
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Skull Swagger
Skull Swagger 7 hours ago
8:44 this video is sponsored by gizmoslip
KryptoKonvict 18 hours ago
My god. I remember these GameBoy commercials. I was only 3-4 yrs old but still remember them. Man, when life was simple.
OSD 23 hours ago
I can't beleive you opened a mint condition gameboy. wtf is wrong with you.
Nate Slatts
Nate Slatts Day ago
that .... WAS.... AWESOME! hats off dude! that was one of the most incredible youtube specials i've ever seen! utterly fantastic! f**k! the nostalgia is real! .... seriously cant get over how enjoyable that was!
James Smith
James Smith Day ago
You never really realize how ugly Casey until you see him lol (not hatin just observing lol)
My Tech HD
My Tech HD Day ago
Great video! Keep up the good work! Just subbed to your channel.
Shiv kap
Shiv kap Day ago
10:21 that expression was priceless
Miraj Ahmed
Miraj Ahmed Day ago
I want that music man!!! I could hear that all day
Miraj Ahmed
Miraj Ahmed Day ago
You go something with like 'last long'. Well said ma'am
Khaya Mdlalose
Nokia 3310
Khan Cool Cat
That's cool and all, but aren't there a limited supply of Gameboys out in the world?
DogoYRoxy Day ago
love gameboy :D like if u do
jimijackson Day ago
Omg I owned a magnifier with a light too! But not the side speakers
jimijackson Day ago
God I feel ancient lol I remember how many batteries I went through playing Tetris or tennis. The screen fading as the battery emptied
steven otsusoki
steven otsusoki 2 days ago
where's my pokemon game ?!1?!
9latinum Studioz
9latinum Studioz 2 days ago
durability test; Everyone - drop it A few timez Marquez - *Unleash the dragon* 🔥🐲🔥
Wayne John
Wayne John 3 days ago
Appreciate the video! Know you were just saying it for the video but as a tech guy you must have played with an Apple 2E.. so there's no way a Nintendo GB could be the oldest peice of tech you've ever held. And as a tech guy you know that under all this sophisticated GUIs and hardware...everything still boils down to binary 1's and 0's. No need to turn your nose up at old tech bro.. respect the old school..
Jorel Boston
Jorel Boston 3 days ago
If this came out in 2019...fugly femanist would make nintendo call it Game Girl for women and Game X.... for trannies lmao
Makesi Seon
Makesi Seon 3 days ago
you should check out the Casio CMD 40
PliFF 3 days ago
This is one of my favorites videos on RUvid. Nicely done.
Michael Hawkins
Michael Hawkins 4 days ago
Gameboy color and a batman game, then later pokemon yellow version. my first experience with mobile gaming. I think I was 8.
Saffron Sea
Saffron Sea 4 days ago
taking casey to a warehouse to blow up gameboys, seems legit
Abigail Tube
Abigail Tube 4 days ago
Kamil M.
Kamil M. 4 days ago
Marquees seriously I appreciate this so much, I wouldn’t have thought
Kamil M.
Kamil M. 4 days ago
Yo his sounds were super dope!
Kamil M.
Kamil M. 4 days ago
I wish you would have interviewed me I’m 84 born 🤣 but seriously it was so much fun to watch , so many memories came up just by hearing the sound from the game boy when switching it on 😆
Kamil M.
Kamil M. 4 days ago
I grew up with game boy but seeing the new generation I would disagree that life was boring, we actually had life beside internet and these shitty games, I don’t regret a thing and i feel sorry for the new generation “only” having these shitty phones in their life and no real life!
Jeffrey Li
Jeffrey Li 4 days ago
Where the hell did you get that from????
Prem Acharya
Prem Acharya 4 days ago
16:43 Tobey Maguire in Atari Lynx ad.
Kevin Henderson
Kevin Henderson 5 days ago
Though it was mentioned that the Game Gear was a battery hog, it was actually a bit superior to the Game Boy. What other handheld gaming device could you get live OTA Television with 20 minutes of battery life in the 90's??
BebéTechManiac 2018
I enjoyed mine a lot. I had the magnifier with dual speakers, but also the battery extender. I still own the similar to that one, Gameboy Color.
Jon Venanzi
Jon Venanzi 5 days ago
the moment i saw you reach for that untouched box, the collector in me screamed
KanataSD 5 days ago
downvoted for ruining a mint GameBoy :( Now I go cry myself to sleep
Jomics Studios
Jomics Studios 5 days ago
I’m going to love this series
Daniel Alcala'
Daniel Alcala' 6 days ago
I dig . Good work
Chris Estabon
Chris Estabon 6 days ago
Life was better back then
Abhigyan Malik
Abhigyan Malik 6 days ago
When can we expect episode 2?
J B 6 days ago
2:41 - We have IGNITION (synapses of joy go firing off instantaneously)
Commodore TV
Commodore TV 6 days ago
Calm down, It's just a portable video game system!
SkyreeXScalabar 6 days ago
such well made, it felt like a documentary, beautiful
Lee Tuaty
Lee Tuaty 6 days ago
Awesome episode man, kicked me back to the times I played in the school bus back in the 90's :)
Paul Weber
Paul Weber 7 days ago
Was this a good well produced video? Yes. But watching them torch that new old stock gameboy was so painful. Also, in terms of additional retro Tech. LGR or 8-bit guy have covered sooo many things, but if you're tying to get a pop culture interest, I'd say: 1. Apple 2 2. Walkman 3. Floppy Disk 4. VHS / VCR 5. Laser Disc 6. Ti-88 Graphing Calculator, Things been around forever, never updated and always used 7. BoomBox, Just it's place in pop culture and 80s hip-hop 8. Beeper 9. Nokia Phone 10. 808
Aleksander Adamski
Oh man, Matt Bellamy!
conall mckeown
conall mckeown 7 days ago
I think looking at some only film cameras or a polaroid camera would be fun
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