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Kitchen Nightmares
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Chef Mike back from the dead.
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Dec 8, 2018

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Comments 1 326
Snoop vt
Snoop vt 3 hours ago
American customers have lots of complains if a British person were asked there won't be any
Finesse God
Finesse God 3 days ago
Who was recording if all the cameramen left to give them privacy to talk? 🤣😂😅🧐
PumpkinsDontCry 11 days ago
this show is part of why I never go out to eat. I trust standards more at McDonald's if I gotta than any food place.
Deadpool231 15 days ago
Two of nothing retart
Deadpool231 15 days ago
Chef bruce jenner
Deadpool231 15 days ago
Chef mic at it again
M.Lorraine Roberts
M.Lorraine Roberts 15 days ago
How does the health department even keep this place open
Ric Pina
Ric Pina 16 days ago
First time I heard Gordon call somebody buddy 🤔😂
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 19 days ago
servers are hot as hell!
The Wolf
The Wolf 27 days ago
If THE cooking equipment aren't working right. Close the restaurant until they're working 100%!!!
Victor Espino
Victor Espino 27 days ago
-You cant do it on your own. There has to be a way -gordons face in distress. Dude you're the problem, you have a cook that you don't let cook and you dont take any feed back and keep sending out bs food.
Victor Espino
Victor Espino 27 days ago
I don't like this at all. Lol
Loyalty1269 28 days ago
Her cunt lips was smell horrific
katiepot2002 29 days ago
What fool waits 90 minutes to get their food? Answer: A staged fool!
SrgtBarney 29 days ago
If you watch the whole episode, Greg is a real hard worker and seems to be a good guy. The wife however...
Melissa Mckinney
Melissa Mckinney 29 days ago
Don’t people already know that if Gordon Ramsay is visiting a restaurant then it is probably not up to par
TBoy205 Month ago
kid can’t even pronounce queso
hdtvcamera1 Month ago
He's not a chef
George Vasquez
George Vasquez Month ago
Customers are full of shit
Marc Jason Galambao
White Shaq
White Shaq Month ago
3:11 is that FPS Diesel
Just Chad
Just Chad Month ago
I know the Customer's are bs but it's so satisfying to watch this show.
Kelli Gutierrez
Kelli Gutierrez Month ago
once you see the rice coming out looking like a snowball....leave.... quick...
gorilla glue
gorilla glue Month ago
I'll have the *kwesso*
De Sterrennacht
De Sterrennacht Month ago
We went from “no working equipment” to “my marriage is failing” real quick
MissMeow 25
MissMeow 25 Month ago
Ay Greg! - 🤣
Shaquille Myers
Shaquille Myers 2 months ago
Why does he look like that guy (devoe) from flash
Meredith Redmile
Meredith Redmile 2 months ago
Did we find the LAMB SAUCE?
Boobalopbop 2 months ago
Wow they definitely don't interact like a married couple. They don't seem to know each other.
MissMeow 25
MissMeow 25 2 months ago
The wife annoyed the hell out of me, she's an embarrassment to all hard working mexicans.
MissMeow 25
MissMeow 25 Month ago
@Slap shot Studio2006 I know right?
Slap shot Studio2006
Aida Batres I had better Mexican food from a truck
Leena Husa
Leena Husa 3 months ago
I'm trapped in a kitchen nightmare videos spiral and I can't stop watching them 😂
Ingrid Garcia
Ingrid Garcia 3 months ago
I like how Gordon told the camera men to get out but yet they still got everything on the hidden cameras
Sara 3 months ago
brO I have never seen an emptier kitchen even my 15M kitchen has more supplies than this restaurant
MythologyandRelegionIknow OSkyBlivionRim
Solution, destroy the microwave.
Cristhine J
Cristhine J 3 months ago
The chef kinda looks like Pete Sampras.
Sebastian Annab
Sebastian Annab 3 months ago
Latina is a MILF
dark monnelly
dark monnelly 4 months ago
Why pay for chefs that stand around?
Daniel J Mann Photography
1:20 look at the paint worn off the door....
Daniel Chai
Daniel Chai 4 months ago
It should be called Chef Mikes Rebirth v2
Secrets Of the past
Secrets Of the past 4 months ago
Sometimes I wonder if the customers are just saying what they are saying about the food because the cameras are there. like, would they think it sucked if they didn’t know it was supposed to suck?
Julie D
Julie D 4 months ago
How about the owners run their business properly instead of harassing their chefs. And give them proper equipment to work with.
Clark Napper
Clark Napper Month ago
The chef's the owner...
ValTheCatPerson 4 months ago
The qwueso fondida?
Tristan Santiago
Tristan Santiago 4 months ago
Sheryl Brown
Sheryl Brown 4 months ago
Watching in 2019 . When was this from? Let me know people .
Mich Jean
Mich Jean 4 months ago
Here's what the sous chef did this entire service: Microwave the fundido hand the head chef the tongs dressing the salad or something?
lavender fields
lavender fields 4 months ago
Sick of same videos now
McDonald's Big Mac
McDonald's Big Mac 4 months ago
They have zero business running a restaurant 😑 Like are you FUCKING KIDDING ME !
Mortika Valentine Kennedy
But you still hear them and see them lol
W Sijtsema
W Sijtsema 4 months ago
Gordon: Can i have a water please? Waiter: Sure! Gives water** Gordon: IT'S DRY
Mr Tibbs
Mr Tibbs 4 months ago
Waitresses are hot!
The Unidentified
The Unidentified 4 months ago
FPScanada 4 months ago
god that woman seems like the last person i'd want to marry..
FocuSTazn 4 months ago
"kweso fondita" ....
getskared 4 months ago
I just really wish i could see somebody throw a banquet meal in the nuke then try to serve it to him
sfxchris96 4 months ago
“KWESSO” fundido... smh
Chicago Finest
Chicago Finest 4 months ago
Definitely the microwave is the hardest worker in the kitchen chef microwave is the employee of the month no doubt.
Jeriel B
Jeriel B 4 months ago
so many jumpcuts.. its as if watching two AIs talking about restaurant
Bore Ragnarok
Bore Ragnarok 4 months ago
Nino would clean house
Efren Flores
Efren Flores 4 months ago
The microwave should be paid extra for working overtime!!
Thommy2n 4 months ago
"You can't do it on your own" "there has to be a way" Poor guy, if only there were someone standing right next to him the entire time, already on payroll, ready and willing for something to do. Who could help ease the burden in the kitchen. ... OH WAIT THERE WAS!
Never Gonnatell
Never Gonnatell 4 months ago
I'll like super seriously have some soy to go with my soy.
Michael Solis
Michael Solis 4 months ago
Very pretty waitresses
Douglas Winne
Douglas Winne 4 months ago
NKProductions2014 4 months ago
I only got two hands and a bored chef doing fuck all. 2+2=18
Daniel Fitzsimmons Cruz
I’m confused, why are we just blaming the wife? The husband is complaining that he doesn’t have any help but he had another chef in he kitchen with him but refused to let him do anything. If the problem is that the food sucks and it takes forever to make, asking the other chef you’ve hired to help seems like the logical solution.
aldin 3103
aldin 3103 4 months ago
TAO AKO 4 months ago
"Sounds like the microwave!"
Alexis Ikerd
Alexis Ikerd 4 months ago
All those workers and the dumbass wants to do it all himself then say he only got two hands 🙄🙄
CCuppy 4 months ago
Poor Jacksfilms
15sixmedia 5 months ago
Makes a big show of asking the camera guys to leave the room, still has video and audio feed of “private” conversation. Right.
HomeValue Glass
HomeValue Glass 5 months ago
Baby, quit your bitchin' and get in the kitchen.
sdcfbhjnbfxgd 5 months ago
cooks are definitely smashing the wife
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 5 months ago
The description is killing me
- 5 months ago
Greg is probably the nicest owner/head chef I’ve ever seen on here
Chris Lee-Egan
Chris Lee-Egan 5 months ago
"Could we have a few minutes" crew leaves ...but still a camera in the room, everyone still mic-ed. Yep, reality tv folks
aldin 3103
aldin 3103 5 months ago
7..... thats how many comments I had to read to see the word Nino. Cmon guys get a life will you. Ooooooohhhhhh I mentioned Nino looks like I will get hundreds of likes.
Anemone 5 months ago
If Gordon wanted to rescue Greg, they'd both hatch a plot to murder the wife, cover it up, and frame Nino.
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester 5 months ago
i feel bad.. its too much pressure and the guy is stubborn
Dominus Providebit
Dominus Providebit 5 months ago
As bad as this cook is, one thing I’ll give him, he’s open to change and KNOWS there’s something wrong on HIS side.
asbrozek64 5 months ago
Lol Mary's "critique" is so mild compared to what Gordon says. Mary says it she's a bitch but Gordon says it give him a tv show.
Chels Thiruselvam
Chels Thiruselvam 5 months ago
Did the guy just say queso like “kweso”?
Unicorn Thug
Unicorn Thug 5 months ago
How this idiot got a restaurant... Stupid.
Greg Greg Greg
Greg Greg Greg 5 months ago
At least they have plates
Joe Noname
Joe Noname 5 months ago
This chef seems like a good guy and I can completely understand him, swimming in the kitchen is sux and I'm not sure if that kitchen assistant would be more help if he was get more freedom. Seems like a shortage of workforce at the kitchen. A kitchen of 2 (+1 kitchen porter) supporting a venue with 7 waiter/waitress, aint gonna work.
scoman91 5 months ago
Jesus Christ, Mary is such a cunt. Greg is overworked because he's a delusional optimist who thinks things are better than they are and believes he's handling the situation. It's a wonder they managed to run a place for a night.
Tclash 5 months ago
It’s fucking Frankenstein’s monster FFS!!!
crazy 8
crazy 8 5 months ago
. . . . What a fucking JOKE'"?!!
Desmond Peters
Desmond Peters 5 months ago
Featuring Chef Mike from the Devil May Cry Series
Aidan McNally
Aidan McNally 5 months ago
0:50 dude pronounced queso "kwesso" lol
Jenna 5 months ago
So it's his wife's fault that he's overworked and stressed even though he refuses to let his kitchen staff actually help make food?
Mars.Pop. 2406
Mars.Pop. 2406 5 months ago
0:48 did that fucker just pronounce queso as "kweso"
Eric C
Eric C 5 months ago
*Person offers to help* No, i got it *Complains about having the weight of the restaurant on his shoulders
Danny Danko
Danny Danko 5 months ago
40 minutes my food better be fucking fire
adamalberts2 5 months ago
Only saw this short piece not the whole episode but Gordon is unusually nicer to this group than usual....
Greg O'Donnell
Greg O'Donnell 5 months ago
Fun fact: greg ditched the dumb bitch n hooked up with the waitress, never been so happy for someone ive never met
Mastema 5 months ago
lol the indian kid at :49 KWESO
KeksOnDeks 5 months ago
Does anyone know what episode this is?
Lewis Reid
Lewis Reid 5 months ago
The waitresses and waiters always start chatting shit when the cameras are here but have probably never said a word before it.
James br 00
James br 00 5 months ago
Where's the lamb sauce!
Daniel O.
Daniel O. 5 months ago
Good ol "chef mike"
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