Response to Quaffine's Kickstarter Crap Response

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In this video, i put it to quaffine's ass. Nuff' said. yea. boiiii [Holds up flavor flav clock]
If you want to see quaffine's entire response, here it is: ruvid.net/video/video-FTBVzlwYRug.html
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Jan 29, 2015




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ryan pongracz
ryan pongracz 11 hours ago
I wish we weren't in a society we can't say nigga gotta eat, without a riot
Mishtox 2 days ago
come on* me louis c.k
Big Man
Big Man 2 days ago
Nigga's gotta eat
dominic Johnson
dominic Johnson 3 days ago
Idubbz(I-du-bbb-z) I'm not sure how anyone can not say it right
SHORT MEMES 5 days ago
Jrezky 8 days ago
That "Ryan" call forward actually does pay off in the Cybermatrix response. Cause that rocker fish dude's name is Ryan, and Edups does the wannabe Good Will Hunting monologue from CQaffine's response.
roses ayy
roses ayy 8 days ago
Lol I like how he dressed fancy Like queefine
roses ayy
roses ayy 8 days ago
Hoo ha the whole world works
Lalo Arr
Lalo Arr 8 days ago
This feels like a content cop lol
Eonwoo K
Eonwoo K 9 days ago
3:57 wtf did he say
Bl ank
Bl ank 10 days ago
I loved RUvid in those days
Arian Bazyani
Arian Bazyani 12 days ago
I dunno why I keep coming back to these videos
Jakob P
Jakob P 12 days ago
rip eduardo
Josh Parkin
Josh Parkin 12 days ago
decafinated african lolololololol
bboy greenlees
bboy greenlees 13 days ago
ProdByBrazzy 14 days ago
Niggas gotta eat
Fox Excess
Fox Excess 15 days ago
wheres the first one?
V O 1 D
V O 1 D 16 days ago
Pray fo da lawd idups
Daniel Grossmann
Daniel Grossmann 16 days ago
i really wish dude would have called him queeffine too
Havyluvsya123 16 days ago
I was half asleep ready to go into dream land and idubbs goes “n-words gotta eat” and my eyes shot open I was not expecting to hear that. he’s like tyler the creator he could never get cancelled ig
Limo Wreck
Limo Wreck 16 days ago
idubbbztv "I do big booty bitches z television" genius underlying message
kian fotouhi
kian fotouhi 16 days ago
“come at me Louis CK” aged very well
Wide Boi
Wide Boi 17 days ago
You look sick, you look like you need, food go get a burger. If you showed that to me without context I would've thought it was a meme
emilio_ 19 days ago
1:50 spiritual lyrical miracle individual spiritual miracle individual
Diablo 19 days ago
Everyone caught that at 3:58 right? Imma give Ian a pass
Hamish Finlay
Hamish Finlay 19 days ago
cer eal
cer eal 19 days ago
Where's the payoff for that Ryan joke???
Mad Max And Madi
Mad Max And Madi 20 days ago
Quaffeine is dead now.
Cesar Sanchez
Cesar Sanchez 24 days ago
Liked the video simply because he said nigga
Ash Carson
Ash Carson 25 days ago
2:09 "i-ian senpai..! I didn't know you felt that way U\\\w\\\U"
NoLeads Ent.
NoLeads Ent. 26 days ago
dont make me ask again i keep on laughing at this gay as African who wants to be your happy friend :D ......see, hit me up for lyrics dude
Harold Farrow
Harold Farrow 28 days ago
I’m about to throw a blazer on and call people out on RUvid
Derek Rau
Derek Rau 28 days ago
Ya this I like the 15 time I’ve watched this video.
bashpr0mpt 28 days ago
Did eduppz just call him a jogger without calling him a jogger?
Alex Torres
Alex Torres 29 days ago
2:07 Ian summoning up the skills he learned in Acting 1 freshman year
Dimitri Warchief
Oh shit I think he said thotty bitch
Braydon Perez
Braydon Perez Month ago
If u get a content cop on you, just take the legitimant advise And also get a fucking laugh, if ya cant laugh at urself, then who can ya laugh at
tristan Month ago
niggas gotta eat
VanossFanboy Month ago
truly timeless content
Caeser 316
Caeser 316 Month ago
Wait, idubbz has thee b’s. My life is a lie
Caeser 316
Caeser 316 26 days ago
Billnye therussainspy i have I just did pay attention that much
Billnye therussainspy
Have you never looked at his name
YOUR NAN Month ago
When he said half white half black... you’re mixed race you unintelligent spoon 😂💀
Elisa Heiskanen
Elisa Heiskanen Month ago
The name Quaffine sounds like someone with speech impairment is trying to say graphene.
xoparker xo
xoparker xo Month ago
3:57 lmaoo
Velanti Venti
Velanti Venti Month ago
idubbz is using the same concept as iphone weak
Mathieu Month ago
I love that thumbnail
Chambo Month ago
still waiting for that ryan call back joke
Brandon Ojeda
Brandon Ojeda Month ago
5 years later and I still laugh
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges Month ago
Gramatical 😂
Jae Davis
Jae Davis Month ago
i've watched this video quite a few times but i've never seen the og kickstarter crap all these years later
Ken Adams
Ken Adams Month ago
Quaffines got to be one of the most unlikeable dude I’ve ever seen
Gardner Howland
Gardner Howland Month ago
niggas gotta eat
Psycho_Killer 204
You got it wrong Ian. That guys real name is Crack Feen.
Alex Popowski
Alex Popowski Month ago
Brah, I thought it was pronounced ‘kwa-feen’. Time to get a new name, I’m always right.
Efrain Rascon
Efrain Rascon Month ago
Did he just assume he was rapping BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!!!!!!!! idubbbz = racist Half Life 3 confirmed
Cole Buss
Cole Buss Month ago
5:53 best part, no denying it
DreamRider 1984
DreamRider 1984 Month ago
I du bigbootybitchez =idubbbz
Johnny Pobre
Johnny Pobre Month ago
Should’ve ended it with “peace out. Bye bye.”
Aloof Month ago
why does this have so many fucking views?
Dragon Breath
Dragon Breath Month ago
I want the kickstarter craps to return
Jordan S
Jordan S Month ago
"NIGGAS GOTTA EAT" 5 years later it still kills me
Andrew Keeley
Andrew Keeley Month ago
"Cum at me Louis C.K." Did not age well
aleph null
aleph null Month ago
"come at me Louis ck" that didn't age well.
Dz Zenok
Dz Zenok Month ago
go get a burgur
Braden R
Braden R Month ago
I come back and rewatch this years later and still don't know wtf dotty bitch was supposed to mean.
DMarko22 Month ago
It's spelled wrong, it's caffeine Idiot.
cjwaffles Month ago
Sherwin Vincent
Sherwin Vincent Month ago
02:48 ....might wanna take that back bro
Swuzzys Month ago
Michael Mcdowell
Saccharine, you are all welcome
CanWeGet100millionSubsWithNoVids ??!??!
I actually laughed out loud and said “haha he said the nibba word” when idub-b-bz said the nibba.
Pure Beans
Pure Beans Month ago
It's the Internet, loser just say nigga or nigger
Just say nigga,no one is going to get mad
Pancake Killer
Pancake Killer Month ago
Who the fuck is Quaffine?
Breanna Gosdin
Breanna Gosdin Month ago
you making me shit myself laughing rn idupps
Luke mate
Luke mate Month ago
N word
itsbamzy Month ago
This is so funny . Lol . Randomly clicked on this . You have a lot of respect peoples past comes back to try to “cancel” them . You know the bs . Truly funny though
R. Sharma
R. Sharma Month ago
uh oh n word twitter cancel coming soon XD
I Hope You Die
I Hope You Die Month ago
Lol good luck with that
Shea Yes
Shea Yes Month ago
"im not calling you a gay retard or anything im not sexist" - "it never fucking ends with this guy, he gets on camera and calls me a gay retard"
Joshua Witshc
Joshua Witshc Month ago
This is a bit racist on ians part
Chode Master ᛉ
͏f͏u͏c͏k͏i͏n͏g ͏f͏a͏g͏g͏o͏t
Sofa King
Sofa King Month ago
Bruce Willis was going to star in an action sequel based on your career, but there was no way to put into words how hard it died. poor queefiene
Sofa King
Sofa King Month ago
I called cqueefeine a decaffeinated African and my comment was deleted a minute later. 6 years, no videos, but still got his hand on the delete button xD hes still lurking and triggered about this 5 years later! Mucho success
Sofa King
Sofa King Month ago
Ironically I was highly caffeinated, drinking Buckfast. A wine I'd love to see our man drink!
Sofa King
Sofa King Month ago
This was cringe. sorry
Sofa King
Sofa King Month ago
I heard Louis CK came at him
mike Dergance
mike Dergance Month ago
Yo this shit is great
SPACEBAR Month ago
@9:00 Genius Ninja Jab👌
Pistachio Lover
Pistachio Lover Month ago
1:05 edups enterpris lmao
Alex 74
Alex 74 Month ago
At least it’s not nut sucking foolery.
Mikey_Slayer14 Month ago
He called his subs loyal...imagine being subbed and calling him a simp after that
KIKO Month ago
You know the video is good when a vid made in 2015 still have people commenting 10 or 8 months ago
Vile Slime of a Human
N*gga's gotta eat. Straight to the point my man.
Kim Tazo
Kim Tazo Month ago
John Vanhorn
John Vanhorn Month ago
Why does the response vid have twice the views of the original? Context...
yamutha2 Month ago
He just gone say ‘nigga’ like dat? lmao smh
Dizzle 20 days ago
@Gino Jansen exactly
Gino Jansen
Gino Jansen Month ago
Its just a word you give it power by making it more than that
HorseLegs Month ago
I haven’t seen this video in so long but I think about it all the time. One bit in particular that makes me irrationally angry. When Quaffine says “When I say. Thottie bitch, thottie bitch, ya girl a fuckin thottie bitch. That’s a real story!” It’s not, it’s just not Quaffine. A story has a structure. It has a defined beginning, middle, and end. Good rappers know this, they know how to tell a story in their music. That’s just you calling someone’s girl a thot. It’s a line. Not even a good line. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. It’s been brewing within me for 5 years. I’ll give Quaffine a shit verse. He can have it for free. Bitches flock to my patio cause I got dick on deck. She crash at my paddock like a train wreck. Fuck all night put that pussy in a coma. Her man talk shit I stab his neck like a stoma. Spit a couple raps get compensation like I got mesothelioma.
Gay Retard
Gay Retard Month ago
3:57 lol
Nick-is-lit Bruh
3:58 that’s facts what a homie idubbbz
Adr Ian
Adr Ian Month ago
@javerious GBExOTF whatcha say man?
javerious GBExOTF
@X Æ A-69 on a stack we stay reppin 4024 on kripp 06-031 fuck u mean
X Æ A-69
X Æ A-69 Month ago
@javerious GBExOTF you gave me a stroke nigga
VVafels Month ago
@javerious GBExOTF what?
javerious GBExOTF
dont say nigger my nigga homie my nigga on that shit on the rep on it nigga
Edu Month ago
He is a funny fellow
Swag Yolo 69
Swag Yolo 69 Month ago
He said Niggas gotta eat lol I can’t believe this video still up. Hilarious tho
VVafels Month ago
Tim Zelikovsky
Tim Zelikovsky Month ago
dam he really said the n word
X Æ A-69
X Æ A-69 Month ago
VVafels Month ago
Chill Out
Chill Out Month ago
“Shit I almost started rapping sorry guys”
Ibtisum Sadaf
Ibtisum Sadaf Month ago
"Come at me Louis CK" Oh dude choose your words carefully...
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