Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette

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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on JeffreeStarCosmetics.com this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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May 20, 2020




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M&W 5 days ago
My main motivation to get rich is the fact that I want to have ALL of Jeffrees makeup cos it's all so beautiful and I struggle to even pay for a single concealer 😂😭
Hailey Payne
Hailey Payne 5 days ago
Tattoo diaries part 3??????? Please! 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤
Llama Del Fid
Llama Del Fid 6 days ago
Voldemort was found shook
Candace Marie
Candace Marie 6 days ago
I KNOW EVERYONE HATES THESE COMMENTS!!! But I’m a small beauty girl just starting off my journey if anyone is interested I’d love for you to like and subcribe to my channel. It would mean the absolute world to me. My next video is going to be with the James Charles palette once it comes & im excited for this journey! Thank you in advance!!!
Steve's Homestead
My friend does really good makeup tutorials, she's close to 100 subs but deserves so many more. Please can you check out her name is: Eve Nicholls MUA
Leigh Marr
Leigh Marr 8 days ago
“I’m not Thanos”😂
Lalala Wonderla
Lalala Wonderla 9 days ago
This look tho 😍😍😍
i’m really not a jefree star fan but i want the palette, the colors are perfect for me and repetitive colors are no big deal bc I LOVE THOSE COLORS
v i c t o r i a ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
La llorona really said:
PINGU_IBIS 12 days ago
It makes me so happy that jeffree has a true friend ❤️❤️
R.R. Leah
R.R. Leah 13 days ago
Pleeeease the List of the products you used for this look!🎭
R.R. Leah
R.R. Leah 13 days ago
YOU ARE AN ICON JEFFREY, don’t allow the haters take your GLORY!.
Leepok Temjen
Leepok Temjen 13 days ago
Jeffreestar is really a star. Love you forever 😘
Alex 14 days ago
Not gonna lie, anytime I see your stuff in a store I get super excited.I always message my sister like “ CASSY CASSY JEFFREES MAKEUP IS HERE ITS HERE!!! I’ve been waiting for this !! I’m so happy!!!! “ Especially when I go to Toronto to visit my sister I tell her “ I’m in Jeffrey Star Heaven!!!” @jeffreestar
Alex 14 days ago
I love your makeup it makes me happy! I use your make up a lot for my cosplay looks and to bring my original cosplays (My “TheRagDOLLCollection” characters “I draw . Your makeup is amazing! I love how it feels on the skin, and how a lot of the colours compliments your eyes and more
Art Ficc
Art Ficc 14 days ago
All these pallets have been kinda subs jeffree I think ima just stick with James
K Feez
K Feez 15 days ago
Halloween seasonal realness
Alexandra Draper
Alexandra Draper 15 days ago
Cremated is such a terrible name for an eyeshadow palette. Am I the only one who would have associated the grey fallout in the pan with ashes? YUCK! He should’ve gone with deceased 🙄
Heather Orrick
Heather Orrick 15 days ago
Oh!🖤🤍 It’s so beautiful
Desirée Hayles
Desirée Hayles 16 days ago
Cynthia Stanley
Cynthia Stanley 17 days ago
Hi Jeffree!🤩 I had to save but I finally have the Cremated pallette. I'm so excited and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for these fabulous products!💞💞
[ hattie ]
[ hattie ] 17 days ago
flashback mary vibes from his makeup
Jessica Cummings
Jessica Cummings 19 days ago
This is my favorite one you've released, I check your store to make sure its there on a daily until I can get it
Julie Harris
Julie Harris 21 day ago
Okay people get offended over everything 😂 Cremated was for the emo’s and goths, Jawbreaker was candy themed, while Blood Sugar literally was just medical themed and was more inclusive because it appealed to diabetics (I mean I liked it so I bought it) , then everyone is just offended by everything with the Orgy collection “how dare he release more make up!
lex fontenot
lex fontenot 21 day ago
‼️‼️ please help SWLA‼️‼️ Louisiana has been destroyed by a hurricane. i know how much you love to give back! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THE PUBLIC TO SEE‼️‼️‼️
QUEEN M 22 days ago
I love the palette!!! My type of shade
Brood 23 days ago
How can people even watch this guy, after everything he did against James? Jeffree is utterly despicable
Timi Omega
Timi Omega 20 days ago
1) You are the person watching him since you're on his video. 2) By having a brain and knowing that people, ourselves included, are not perfect beings and that if you expect to be forgiven for your mistakes (which I'm sure you've made) you should do the same with others 3) What in the world gives you the right to judge others? Are you a saint, Mother Theresa, God, a sinless creature, did you cure cancer, are you perfection? Doubt each of those. You're a person who spreads hate on the internet and questions the minds of others while having no other purpose other than commenting on RUvid videos. Start using your brain and stop being so ignorant and hypocritical.
FishyForever21 Aguilar
anyone knows the name of the song from the back round ? :) \
Alondra Jimenez
Alondra Jimenez 23 days ago
;-; if I had the money I would buy every single pallet ✌🏻😔
Rita Vázques
Rita Vázques 24 days ago
Das miedo estas bien gacho
abc def
abc def 24 days ago
I'm very offended by the photoshopped ash! hOw dAre yOu?😆
Jade Cotto
Jade Cotto 26 days ago
ixtasis 28 days ago
Ben Nye cream white, wow. Ben Nye is what schools use to teach MUA's. (Boyfriend went to film school)
Pat Kay
Pat Kay 29 days ago
I work in the funeral business so this is the perfect palette for me! LOL
Mr. Japperlingo
Mr. Japperlingo 24 days ago
idontknow 29 days ago
I’m more offended because he actually tried to sell a pallet that only has grey shades in it... and that people actually bought it
Ann Month ago
Love this!
Hailey Couture
Hailey Couture Month ago
Can you actually take responsibility, Instead of manipulating your fans, and friends? Or how about actually apologizing, and do something about the "bigger problems" that you brought up IN your "doing what's right video" instead of trying to sell your stuff. Because that was just a way to try and make people feel guilty for not liking your behavior, your personality, or how you treat people. You have a huge platform and what are you using it for? Because correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see anything about blm before you did something wrong. All you did was take advantage of your young audience, and use it to make you money. Sure you "apologized" (barley) but you didn't mean it, nor did you "do what's right". There are so many people saying this, they aren't haters they are giving you advice, how about you take it.
KaeBae Play game
The long lost member of Kiss
Enya ._.
Enya ._. Month ago
crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north Month ago
I actually feel bad for jeffree no matter what he does or says some group of people is offended and wants to cancel him until they forget and love him again it’s so two faced 😂 grow up
crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north Month ago
How are people getting offended by the name cremated get a grip 😂
Y L Month ago
Its just color... smh people r too sensitive
Jeffrey Tamayo
Jeffrey Tamayo Month ago
"Detox" Oh no it's jeffree
Chantel Nagel
Chantel Nagel Month ago
How can i order your make up when im in south africa ❤❤❤
ХоббиDIY Month ago
Just here to read the comments.
Melanie Kirk
Melanie Kirk Month ago
Damn, nicole is an awesome artist!!
nissien loves makeup
Jeffree ur pallete names are soo offensive Conspiracy: offensive to flat earthers Jaw breaker: offensive to people who have been smacked in the face Blood sugar : offensive to folks with diabetes Alien: offensive to Aliens Blood lust: offensive to vampires Jk jefree we love you
Lily Luna Lou
Lily Luna Lou Month ago
Absolutely love this look it is so creative and just pure art. Just thinking of doing all that line work gave me anxiety 🤣.
Mary Dodge
Mary Dodge Month ago
Mary Dodge
Mary Dodge Month ago
Iris Cherry
Iris Cherry Month ago
at the end who else feels like jefree is under a filter, it’s so trippy
Danna Santana
Danna Santana Month ago
Soo you did not do your makeup!?
Karl Vibes
Karl Vibes Month ago
what i thoughr
Cynthia Ramos
Cynthia Ramos Month ago
Every color I absolutely love is in this palette! I will not need any other. I have waited literally forever for this! The colors are magnificent and require next to nothing to blend. The lasting power is ridiculous, it does not come off until I remove it! The looks I have created have gotten nothing but noticed and tons of compliments! At 55 years old you want nothing but the best!!! Thank you Jeffree Star you have made my face very happy with CREMATED!!!!!
Anees Films
Anees Films Month ago
👆     😂   🐛💤👔🎶🐛 ✌️            ⛽            🥓🐦         🎸    🌂       👢      👢
Kingdom World Records
Shit I need to get me some life insurance......
Kingdom World Records
Jeffree I want you to name a palate or a color called, “sugar bitch.” That would be iconic.
Hell 68Productions
I Love the cremated pallet I’m a mortician and feel this is appreciation for all us morticians out there and I’ve never felt like I had a place but you got me hooked
Allura Collinson
Why aren’t we talking about how wholesome and beautiful it is for him to glam up and then jump back in his pool like a little kid on a summer day and swim around happy and goofy with his fur babies. He’s trying during a hard time and his products are pure art.
Lil Humane
Lil Humane Month ago
*I was wondering why this palette has become controversial because i didn't know the meaning of "Cremated" haha😂😂*
Michele Valdivia
I just got this palette & it's amazing!!! I love it! P.s. I've been extremely sick with covid for a month. People get offended for nothing now a days🤷‍♀️
Sj Month ago
What is this tripe. This women sounds and looks like a man, stuff of nightmares
Shayla Louis
Shayla Louis Month ago
That is a man
Khaleesi Kimber
Khaleesi Kimber Month ago
Boring pallet
okaminess Month ago
20:24 What kind of sycophant...would you like me to be?
okaminess Month ago
Is there a way to put makeup on your tongue so it looks like a 🐍 fork tongue?
Rhea Escobia
Rhea Escobia Month ago
i really like how jefree handle his life😩😩😩
mike wazowski IRL
we know jeffree that you meant no harm ppl always reaching and overreacting. your work n palettes r art 💕
UwU Stef
UwU Stef Month ago
Your next palette should be called Dark Place✨🥰
Average Avery
Average Avery Month ago
OH MY GOD! I can’t even tell he’s wearing white foundation, I thought that was his real skin!
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith Month ago
You could transform yourself to a normal functioning person of society does someone in a 50s movie I'll talk to you about the black and white one because the cameras were limited at that time
Marina Sharp
Marina Sharp Month ago
Yeah so after having this palette for a while, the only thing I can't stand about it is the glamour shot of your face on it. I get having images of you on paper inserts, on the throwaway packaging etc. but directly on the palette, huh? It was a weird call and I feel like maybe everyone was too scared to tell you it's tacky. It's tacky.
Beanie Month ago
i know this video about cremated,but this look be giving me casper the friendly ghost vibes? Jeff aint friendly,just translucent
No other Like my own skin
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LaMonaAmaya 177
LaMonaAmaya 177 Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-0jUT26E2Wck.html I ❤️ everything he says and does 🤩🤩🤩🤩
outofspace e
outofspace e Month ago
He lives for morphy... yes he does..
FaithHopeGrace Month ago
You a freak.....a demon in a dress 👿
Yara Lo
Yara Lo Month ago
It’s called cremated because it’s actually made out of cremated reptilians that he bought off the government
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams Month ago
Why is everyone so nice to him in these comments but the next video he is getting attacked. Like did new stuff come out. The things that I hear are all old stuff. I don’t get it.
April Carter
April Carter Month ago
This has been my favorite so far!
T L Month ago
You owe me big-time at $,100,000 fool we it even ese that fuck up
T L Month ago
Don't be scary call me ese
T L Month ago
U think I am scary of u ese don't mess with Mexican ese SUR 13
T L Month ago
Report you and I lie shit about me on video ese
Top Dead Center
Top Dead Center Month ago
What are you talking about ? Ese
Crystal Olson
Crystal Olson Month ago
The last 5 seconds 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Lord Adams
Lord Adams Month ago
They're so good at it
Ann Gelin
Ann Gelin Month ago
Dustin TheWind
Dustin TheWind Month ago
Sativa Diva
Sativa Diva Month ago
Not human. Not right in the head. A total waste of groceries.
LunarLioness Tarot
This is my favorite pallet that you’ve done.
Ice Berg
Ice Berg Month ago
Get off the site Jeffree, worthless content.
Skyra Jane
Skyra Jane Month ago
This pallet is awesome but, please, please, PLEASE!!! Make and all green pallet complete with mattes and glitters! I love you!
Heroine Month ago
Kelsie Austin
Kelsie Austin Month ago
Glam and Fab Queen TV
is a very good marketing guy. I freaked out when I saw the palette, in this Pandemic moment. But Art is art. it. For as long as no one gets His timing is perfect. He Pandemic will happen when they created this last year. I wonder how the Asians will look at this. They are so into Feng Shui.
nyob windy
nyob windy Month ago
i dont have dirt i dont care about money
nyob windy
nyob windy Month ago
Kimberly Francis
shrtlink.ca/xxxbabiessexual695 වැඩිපුර පෙල්ට් දිලීර
Griffin _
Griffin _ Month ago
That is a man 😮
The Moon
The Moon Month ago
Kill it!
Min Yoon-gi UwU
Min Yoon-gi UwU Month ago
Emblushta Month ago
Talking Furkids
Talking Furkids Month ago
Love this look so much and just received the pallette from my wonderful hubby 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤💙
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