Resident Evil Timeline - The Complete Story (What You Need to Know!)

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This year, we return to Raccoon City once again! Before we do though, we decided to take a look back at EVERY canon piece of Resident Evil media. That's right; the games, the movies, the manga, and even the stage plays. It was a HUGE undertaking, but luckily we got by with a little help from our friends.
Video Chapters (See Pinned Comment for Full Detailed Timestamps)
0:00 Intro
0:54 Resident Evil 0 & Umbrella Chronicles (Beginnings / Nightmare)
5:22 Resident Evil (Remake)
7:33 Umbrella Chronicles (Rebirth) & Resident Evil Outbreak (Outbreak / Hellfire) & Outbreak 2 (Wild Things)
8:59 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1st Half) & Resident Evil 2 (Remake)
16:36 Resident Evil Outbreak (Decisions, Decisions)
17:45 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (2nd Half) & Resident Evil Outbreak 2 (End of the Road)
20:49 Umbrella Chronicles (Death's Door) & Resident Evil Survivor
22:53 Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X
27:17 Darkside Chronicles (Operation Javier) & Resident Evil Dead Aim
30:57 Umbrella Chronicles: Prelude to the Fall & Umbrella Chronicles (Umbrella's End / Dark Legacy) & Resident Evil Revelations
34:22 Resident Evil 4 (Main Game / Separate Ways)
40:27 Resident Evil Revelations
47:56 Resident Evil Degeneration
53:22 Resident Evil 5 (Lost in Nightmares / Main Game)
1:01:49 BIOHAZARD: The Stage
1:12:10 Resident Evil Revelations 2
1:20:49 Resident Evil Damnation
1:26:59 Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire & Resident Evil Umbrella Corps
1:28:46 Resident Evil 6
1:48:28 BIOHAZARD heavenly island & Resident Evil 7 (Old Videotape / Daughters)
1:51:21 BIOHAZARD: The Experience
1:59:55 Resident Evil Vendetta
2:05:00 Resident Evil 7 (Beginning Hours / Banned Footage / Main Game/ Not a Hero / End of Zoe)
2:11:47 MUSICAL BIOHAZARD Voice of Gaia
2:14:45 Outro
All game footage captured and edited by Suggestive Gaming (with the exception of the stage plays, credit below); please do not use without expressed permission.
Special thanks to the follow channels for their uploads:
Biohazard: The Stage - ruvid.net/video/video-3aoZgrNlS8g.html
Biohazard The Experience - ruvid.net/video/video-vAfw7lquynE.html
Biohazard: Voice of Gaia - ruvid.net/video/video-poOdhKEjFgI.html
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Jan 26, 2020




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Comments 100
Suggestive Gaming
Suggestive Gaming 8 months ago
Topics covered at the following times: 00:00:54 - Resident Evil 0 00:02:45 - Umbrella Chronicles “Beginnings” 00:03:17 - Resident Evil 0 00:04:06 - Umbrella Chronicles “Beginnings” 00:04:32 - Resident Evil 0 00:04:45 - Umbrella Chronicles “Nightmare” 00:05:22 - Resident Evil 00:07:33 - Umbrella Chronicles “Rebirth” 00:07:49 - Resident Evil Outbreak “Outbreak” 00:08:22 - Resident Evil Outbreak “Hellfire” 00:08:37 - Resident Evil Outbreak 2 “Wild Things” 00:08:59 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 00:11:11 - Resident Evil 2 00:16:36 - Resident Evil Outbreak “Decisions, Decisions” 00:17:45 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis 00:18:57 - Resident Evil Outbreak 2 “End of the Road” 00:20:01 - Umbrella Chronicles “Death’s Door” 00:20:49 - Resident Evil Survivor 00:22:53 - Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X 00:27:17 - Darkside Chronicles “Operation Javier” 00:29:00 - Resident Evil Dead Aim 00:30:57 - Umbrella Chronicles: Prelude to the Fall 00:32:00 - Umbrella Chronicles “Umbrella’s End” 00:32:22 - Umbrella Chronicles “Dark Legacy” 00:33:02 - Resident Evil Revelations 00:34:22 - Resident Evil 4 (& Separate Ways) 00:40:27 - Resident Evil Revelations 00:47:56 - Resident Evil Degeneration 00:53:22 - Resident Evil 5 “Lost in Nightmares” 00:54:32 - Resident Evil 5 01:01:49 - BIOHAZARD: The Stage 01:12:10 - Resident Evil Revelations 2 01:20:49 - Resident Evil Damnation 01:26:59 - Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire 01:28:03 - Resident Evil Umbrella Corps 01:28:46 - Resident Evil 6 01:48:28 - BIOHAZARD heavenly island 01:49:32 - Resident Evil 7 (Old Videotape) 01:50:29 - Resident Evil 7 “Daughters” 01:51:21 - BIOHAZARD: The Experience 01:59:55 - Resident Evil Vendetta 02:05:00 - Resident Evil 7 (Beginning Hours) 02:05:14 - Resident Evil 7 (Banned Footage) 02:05:37 - Resident Evil 7 (Main Game) 02:09:38 - Resident Evil 7 (Not a Hero) 02:10:14 - Resident Evil 7 (End of Zoe) 02:11:47 - MUSICAL BIOHAZARD ~Voice of Gaia~
GasMaskMan 01
GasMaskMan 01 9 hours ago
B8b 8 c b r
Humblxd 16 days ago
D Hi
Humblxd 16 days ago
D Hi
Adon Blackwood
Adon Blackwood Month ago
bill Weinberg
bill Weinberg Month ago
Sorry man but i am Laughen my ass off at this you die but you do not die an etc this is so damn funny
Marv Hour ago
I have always being saying that you can solve any problem with a rocketlauncher.
Maiyagy Gery
Maiyagy Gery 7 hours ago
I know all the story because i played them all and because i am a big fan, but i don't know why i still sit and watch this for 2 hours goddamnit.
Man Lil
Man Lil 7 hours ago
Note to self, Invest in Helicopter Shares.
Paul McAllister
Paul McAllister 9 hours ago
I feel like everyone of these characters would die within their games If it weren't for this mysterious person leaving around ammo and weapons everywhere
Kirill Azarov
Kirill Azarov 16 hours ago
C N 21 hour ago
Someone is a little demented at Capcom to make this story work...
athausand dollahs
2:12:19 Josip Broz Tito must be rolling inside his grave when he learns that what was once Yugoslavia is being toyed with by a virus
athausand dollahs
1:12:54 revelations 2 really has some soviet nostalgia sprinkled on it which is rather nice
blaccGOD Day ago
And they couldn’t make a good movie out of this. What a shame.
cam___ willi
cam___ willi Day ago
Id be surprised if this wasn't over an hour long
RockRedGenesis 2 days ago
Ah, the Resident Evil Rocket launcher, the great equalizer! Useful in all situations!
Sam 2 days ago
Kaio Vinicius Silva Santos
I appreciate that you keep everything up!
Poe Wolf
Poe Wolf 3 days ago
Can you do the dead rising timeline since you did resident evil
Enrique L
Enrique L 3 days ago
After seeing this, I'm excited for Resident Evil 8 Village with Chris and Ethan and Resident Evil Infinite Darkness series in Netflix with Leon and Claire that are coming next year. 😁
Wegee Kun
Wegee Kun 3 days ago
Finally!! .. 😍😍 thank you for this 😍
Adog 00
Adog 00 3 days ago
Ty for this
Tyeon Bethany
Tyeon Bethany 3 days ago
I swear, the rocket launchers can all this stuff quickly.
Big Phish
Big Phish 4 days ago
Resident Evil Village will end with Ethan in a helicopter, calling it now
Big Phish
Big Phish 3 days ago
@Mr Punz a helicopter with rockets.
Mr Punz
Mr Punz 3 days ago
it will end with a Rocket Launcher
Death_San Darkrender
*Go amazing Jill.*
SanguisDiabolus 4 days ago
Hilarious that there exists a stage play, but more than that, hilarious that it's apparently canon.
Mr Punz
Mr Punz 3 days ago
they need to turn all of those into anime movies
Ryan Escaño
Ryan Escaño 4 days ago
RE Marhawa proj chris looks like joel from TLOU tbh
Mr Punz
Mr Punz 4 days ago
all of the manga stuff and live action stuff need to be packed into 1 game Resident Evil: The Untold Chronicles
Ben Hayfield
Ben Hayfield 4 days ago
That fucking jet ski 😠
channman201 5 days ago
man i wanna see a cool RE play live that'd be freaking awesome
Kelly Walsh
Kelly Walsh 5 days ago
so was anybody going to tell me that there was a Resident Evil play or was I just supposed to find out through a 2-hour timeline video myself?
Nikolaij Brouiller
*in case of BioWeapons, break the glass on the rocket launcher case*
Conversation Strangler Steven
Resident Evil 4 was such a great game! I've played almost every resident evil, with the exception of the gameboy color one, and a couple of others. RE4 might be my favorite.
isolated introvert
16:30 just marking my place
Bella Swan
Bella Swan 5 days ago
It’s crazy how we go from the mess of a plot that is RE6 to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.
Stiven Kerl
Stiven Kerl 6 days ago
Dope time line , well explained 💯
srzar 6 days ago
Watching this I realized how repetitive the story is!
Richie REWINDS 6 days ago
The perfect video to help me understand what Resident Evil 7 Biohazard has to do with the main timeline
Bumster Dumster
Bumster Dumster 6 days ago
Anyone else fall asleep and then wake up to this?
Altus Juul
Altus Juul 6 days ago
Wait Nicolai is still alive? I thought he died in the remake :think:
Spooky Kake
Spooky Kake 7 days ago
I like how in either a different version of RE2 (not the remake) if done correctly you can do a secret Easter egg where you can find an infected Brad
Goldengaming Boy
Goldengaming Boy 7 days ago
I rlly don’t know I should hate Ada or love her
monkey madness
monkey madness 7 days ago
I'm confused I'm sure that pierce was the one that shot the electricity from his arm. Just saying 1:47
Feverun 0
Feverun 0 7 days ago
Since 3make is canon now, no wonder Wesker interested in Jill, she lifts that railgun.
There's two things you can count on in a Resident Evil game. 1: A Self-Destruct device. 2: A convenient super weapon being found/given for the last boss.
Sheriff Jotaro
Sheriff Jotaro 8 days ago
Can we get a f for everyone that died
Music H2O
Music H2O 8 days ago
wonderful game
FBI SWAT 8 days ago
1:15:53 oh no biggie just firing an empty gun
anime godz 69
anime godz 69 9 days ago
Lion is best boy
Melody Brown
Melody Brown 9 days ago
This made more sense to me than me doing my taxes and the walking dead series combined!
benjamin whitaker
W8............ There's a Resident Evil stage play?????
kyle caoile
kyle caoile 10 days ago
U worked hard on that I see.
Dallows 10 days ago
Morale of the story? No matter how bad things get, there’s always a helicopter.
Smokey420Greenleaf 10 days ago
wow... i fell asleep on this twice and its STILL going
J Bud
J Bud 10 days ago
Maybe its just me but none of the shit in this video is canon right?
Mily Croft
Mily Croft 10 days ago
holy cow!!! I didn't know that there was a play!!!
Mily Croft
Mily Croft 10 days ago
holy crap this dude turned into a zombie queen???
flixz_scorpion 10 days ago
cod zombie is works to be honest its more complicated to under stand
David Kings
David Kings 11 days ago
To me it ended in RE6, The Remakes are okay and I enjoyed them, though I enjoy the originas more (RE3R is really good if you play it without comparing it with the original). I found the story of RE7 really lame, and definitely not interested in Village, however I am not against it. I would just have liked a final game with Jill, Chris, Leon, and Claire (and Ada) that gave those stories a proper ending, and then yes, move to a new story with boring lame Ethan if they have wanted, with a new story (like in RE7) but in a total different reality that has nothing to do with Chris, Jill and the others. Instead of just shoehorning Chris unnecessarily in a story that can clearly move on without him (but of course, they need someone that attracts the interest of people).
Jason Pina
Jason Pina 11 days ago
I love how in this long convoluted story you guys thought our non-understanding of the words Ataman and Castellan would ruin it for us.
Possum Man
Possum Man 11 days ago
I'm way too lit for this. My herb is like re herb just better, like wow.
Kamran Rehman
Kamran Rehman 11 days ago
If anything I got that a shit load happened in 1998😂
Tony Pajamas is my name
Is this series supposed to be taken seriously?
Tony Pajamas is my name
I decided to play resident evil 6 with a friends for the memes. I've never played a resident evil game before. This series is so fucking ridiculous lmao.
Jeremiah Hicks
Jeremiah Hicks 11 days ago
Where does Ada just find rocket launchers at?
Mark Salgado
Mark Salgado 11 days ago
Are those last few storys live action play? Very interesting!! 🤔
Cole Rogers
Cole Rogers 11 days ago
Wesker semes like he should be in the matrix
Drake Valiance
Drake Valiance 12 days ago
USA and Russia together equals best alliance ever
Drake Valiance
Drake Valiance 12 days ago
Remember when RE5 was so racist it was the end of the world (nevermind it has an African female co- protagonist)? My how our world has devolved since then.
Drake Valiance
Drake Valiance 12 days ago
I think you missed the GBC RE with Barry and I think it may have been Jill.
Drake Valiance
Drake Valiance 12 days ago
Wow very in depth guys. A few of those games (the boat ps2 game and the ps1 survivor at least) I thought my cousin and I only knew about lol
Breast Feeding
Breast Feeding 12 days ago
27:05 Correction, Claire didnt find that plane, that was the plane he used to get to antartica
thundergaming155 12 days ago
What is with resident evil and rocket launchers?
Marc Jungblut
Marc Jungblut 13 days ago
Nothing took place in 2018/2019?
fredlee john
fredlee john 13 days ago
I only knew one. Project Alice ☠️
Rana Hassan
Rana Hassan 13 days ago
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Cursor 13 days ago
when the main character is in trouble, just wait for some side character to throw an RPG
orange juice
orange juice 14 days ago
nice so this is why my fucking phone died I’ve “watched” 2 hours of this shit man
Trav D
Trav D 14 days ago
Why does it say 1998 on the re zero segment?? That game came out on gamecube in early 2000s
Suggestive Gaming
Suggestive Gaming 14 days ago
Those are the years the games take place in the story
poptartcult 15 days ago
What ever happens to H.U.N.K ?
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken 15 days ago
Ok who’s with me that re5 wesker looks really fucking cool
suckmylol 16 days ago
"And then x is attacked by a Tyrant"
S1THL0RD 94 16 days ago
Man after playing this series all these years man it's been a journey
C S 16 days ago
Resident Evil: The Play Damn...
Can Tezcan
Can Tezcan 16 days ago
Resident Tyrants and Helicopters
Alex 16 days ago
Should have mentioned the 100x you die to Steve when he mutates and that the only way to escape is to narrowly dodge a hit, take one, full heal, take another full heal, then finally you escape.
Markoi Green
Markoi Green 16 days ago
Wow never knew the story is so stupid,shame because games are quite good
Kevin Grant
Kevin Grant 17 days ago
Not gonna lie, that play seems real interesting.
Quan Chi
Quan Chi 17 days ago
Not gonna lie, Leon's Silver Ghost is a much better looking weapon than the Matilda, would take the silver ghost over the Matilda anyway tbh.
RedheadMetalC 18 days ago
I always found it funny how Jill can get bitten, puked and claw'd many times yet still go on uninfected until Nemesis fucks her arm with Ninja tentacle.
AD 18 days ago
You forgot operations racoon city
Suggestive Gaming
Suggestive Gaming 18 days ago
You’re telling me I spent two hours meticulously covering the plot of a game series, including obscure media like manga and stage plays but I just *forgot* a game?
47RoninGaming 18 days ago
Barry's a dick and has been since R1
Great work guys 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
oduneyeman 19 days ago
ah man that was good, I wish there was more RE. It's october too so the perfect time for zombies.
eazyc404 19 days ago
this video is so long by the time i was done i was still confused lmao
Luckybass 1391
Luckybass 1391 19 days ago
This comment is midway. Wtf there was an actual live play of this story?
oduneyeman 19 days ago
I would love to hear that Lisa Trevor survives and is the final boss for a future game.
Aleera 20 days ago
Bravo boys! Bravo!
Ozzy Preciado
Ozzy Preciado 20 days ago
Jill with sexy outfit RE1 secret mansion key 😍😍😍 so fit!!
DouglassGaming 20 days ago
Are yu gonna update this with resident evil infinite darkness? And re8?
Shadow Phoen1x
Shadow Phoen1x 21 day ago
Will you be updating the RE story once RE8 and Infinite Darkness come out in 2021???
Sqish TV
Sqish TV 21 day ago
35:34 Del Lago means lake in Italian Wow
Casey 21 day ago
Honestly this storyline has outgrown its original compelling roots and is an overly complicated mess the whole franchise needs a reboot to go back to a more grounded foundation instead of derailing into an action drama series and stick to the horror survival
Negan 21 day ago
Netflix, hulu, amazon PLEASE make a live action resident evil series! Use this video as a blue print to begin with
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