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Jeremy and James must rescue Hammond but which truck will serve better to get to him and how will Hammond survive on his own?
From Top Gear, Series 22 Episode 6.
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Jan 28, 2016




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Comments 100
itz_money!!! Day ago
chevy sucks
Emmig -21
Emmig -21 2 days ago
Which Ford is this?
Septic Schizo
Septic Schizo 2 days ago
I love that when James get to finally say "Still, could be worse."
Nick Higgins
Nick Higgins 3 days ago
Anyone else notice they didn't censor the word "shit", but censored all other swearwords?
terry thomas
terry thomas 4 days ago
I thought I had seen all the old Top Gear episodes but I don't remember this one.
Hunter Brown
Hunter Brown 6 days ago
4:19 where else can I find may singing this song?
Charlie Robertson
Charlie Robertson 10 days ago
Why would you dislike this
nanjeed 10 days ago
James itu kayak fitra eri Hammond itu kaya ridwan hanif Jeremy itu kaya om mobi bener ga kira kira? heheh
Rayhan Islam
Rayhan Islam 10 days ago
Why would Chevy build this piece of garbage? Isn’t it supposed to be for off-road? It has literally the worst approach angle. But again... it’s a Chevy
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes 11 days ago
I like the look of this raptor better than the newer ones tbh
bhavani b
bhavani b 13 days ago
This shows that slow and steady win the race
Caoimhin Saunders
Caoimhin Saunders 14 days ago
Eletha Duffy
Eletha Duffy 16 days ago
I love these guys!
NITHIN CHACKO 16 days ago
i am the only one worry about mileage
Zumbalacazan Cuatro x Cuatro
Top 👍👍👍🔝🔝🔝👌👌
Liam Leyson
Liam Leyson 17 days ago
Hammond has been waiting for so long then he has to wait for hammond to take him back like Spongebob missing his bus rides
Tu Tran
Tu Tran 17 days ago
Paolo Sioson
Paolo Sioson 18 days ago
As a pure comparison this isnt fair since Hennessy is completely separate from Ford and they specialize in making powerful upgrades and superchargers plus they added bigger tires while the Silverado Z71 is just a normal top of the line variant Chevy made themselves. Still a very entertaining and awesome episode tho
emre yonluer
emre yonluer 18 days ago
FORD 😍 👍 😎
Plywoodcar Johnson
Plywoodcar Johnson 19 days ago
Good stuff
Giocanni Campos
Giocanni Campos 20 days ago
Should have used the Chevy Colorado
CaptainAmerica322 20 days ago
“We need 2 because generally pickups only have 2 seats” *rent 2 4 door pickups
Baxter Fortune
Baxter Fortune 22 days ago
who from 2020?
Longhaul 1764
Longhaul 1764 22 days ago
Why didn't Jarimy use his spare tire?
if Integra
if Integra 23 days ago
Idk about where you guys live but those Silverado’s are always getting stuck in the snow during a Cleveland 3 day long blizzard. My explorer zooms through snow like it’s nothing.
Haida 23 days ago
That Ford is amazing at off-road I’m not gonna lie
Styri 20 days ago
Well it's a Ford that's Ford for ya
뮤직 스토어
뮤직 스토어 23 days ago
let`s Subscription
so what it s demonstrating is that the chevy will be must trustworthy than the ford , being that it s briging back , two host out of three
Joe 4495
Joe 4495 24 days ago
James may get a better car
AN 25 days ago
Thank you for the subtitles and great English from the hosts, it helps me learn English
Keaton Schooley
Keaton Schooley 25 days ago
Mom driving vs dad driving😂😂😂
Victor Hunter
Victor Hunter 25 days ago
Really shows you how ford makes better trucks than chevy
Aaron Lhungdim
Aaron Lhungdim 26 days ago
Driving and Doing Shows in the Age of 50+ Is hard
DeWayne Hodges
DeWayne Hodges 27 days ago
Much better than new top gear. I always quote these 3, and one of my favorites is "3 wheels on my wagon, and im still rolling along!"
Tobirama Senju
Tobirama Senju 28 days ago
Ford can use Clarksons footage as an Advertisement xD
McQueen 28 days ago
Akani Awomi
Akani Awomi 28 days ago
Cookie 28 days ago
HenryPizzaSandham - Gaming / Music
Did I hear them say “Thunderbird 1 is go” from Jeremy and “Thunderbird 2 Is still go” from James?
weltvonoben 28 days ago
Damn BBC. Killed Top Gear, now still earning Money with it.
Marc Lingg
Marc Lingg 29 days ago
What Episode is This ?
Sunny Boah
Sunny Boah 29 days ago
No way this was released 4 years ago, feels like atleast 8 years ago
Fearless Month ago
Old Top Gear is the best and better, no matter what 💯.
tester deathportal
im guessing canada. i live there, shoveling is unbearable
TBoy205 Month ago
TIL a knocking sound in you engine means your tire has come off the rim
J eagles
J eagles Month ago
For anyone interested 1:25 is a reference to aviation but I won’t go into a James May-level explanation
Michael Lawlor
Michael Lawlor Month ago
It’s good to see the british learning what it means to be a man and drive a truck
Quinn Andrew
Quinn Andrew Month ago
Something in a winter wonderland...shi*
Bauer CA
Bauer CA Month ago
Jeremy actually looks good with a country hat like that
xslonk Month ago
Jeremy is actually more American than I think he would admit or even realize.
Jacob Bahr
Jacob Bahr Month ago
If it weren't for his accent, he could pass as a Yankee. That Raptor suits him
Justin Cravalho
Justin Cravalho Month ago
Jeremy...funny but reckless and lazy
feamtortress2 Month ago
Derek Butler
Derek Butler Month ago
can we talk about how the ford had a popped tire and still beat the bowtie
Migz _carz
Migz _carz Month ago
Jeremy didn't know he has a spare wheel😂
Del Taco Jordan
Del Taco Jordan Month ago
Is it wrong I wish James got to him first so Jeremy would have to take Richard back to Vancouver and actually show him pissed off?
The Real J.R.
The Real J.R. Month ago
The raptor is a beast. Glad that I have one.
Trenton Gertcher
4:15 did he try to make him a D
can't he change a bloody tyre
Jonathan Hunt
Jonathan Hunt Month ago
It’s either a ford or dodge no Chevy
Mr huggy Jones
Mr huggy Jones Month ago
4:18 is the best🤣
Morris Anderson
Morris Anderson Month ago
So what vehicle was the camera man using,,
Troy Childress
Troy Childress 2 months ago
Ah that super supercharger
Bálint Magyarósi
Bálint Magyarósi 2 months ago
This is basicly Snowrunner but in real life
Sean Silas
Sean Silas 2 months ago
Show me for the win unless it doesn’t make it I hope it does
Sean Silas
Sean Silas Month ago
Richie Demo
Richie Demo 2 months ago
Firm approval of TSFH music
андрей куролесов
а внедорожников не было?
I upload complete Utter nonsense
hamidreza jafari
hamidreza jafari 2 months ago
Which episode is this about?
aShit Sandwich
aShit Sandwich 2 months ago
Is May driving just a 1500 or 2500? I know it’s a z71 but I don’t know much about trucks
Jordan Strachan
Jordan Strachan 2 months ago
"lightly used"
alexander walker
alexander walker 2 months ago
I love how James always goes “hello viewers”
Evan Okeefe
Evan Okeefe 2 months ago
Wait but actually how did they get that raptor out..
Set Username
Set Username 2 months ago
I must admit I'm not a fan of pick up trucks at all, but this Ford plowing through the snow is just epic!
Zephaniah Dejene
Zephaniah Dejene 2 months ago
You should've taken a Tacoma rather than a ford those cars makes offroading easy trust me I speak of experience .and good job with the life Hammond
Vinh Đào Tuấn
Vinh Đào Tuấn 2 months ago
Why does not use the "indestructible" Hilux?
Salman Azam
Salman Azam 2 months ago
I kinda felt bad for Hammond. I knew Clarkson and May would be a bit careless and ignorant about rescueing him for humor's sake but I think they took it too far...
Mithra Parast
Mithra Parast 2 months ago
Speed and power, dig and claw
Ning3n 2 months ago
No wonder the Beeb fired Clarkson. Damaging rare vehicles constantly. Then taking shots at a producer. Then there's the constant willful ignorant commentary.
ひひ 2 months ago
Evan F.
Evan F. 2 months ago
You've got Clarkson going absolutely wild, May out for a leisurely Sunday drive, and Hammond...throwing a fit. Classic Top Gear shenanigans.
Alan Sohn
Alan Sohn 2 months ago
Asker Koshmuratov
Asker Koshmuratov 2 months ago
bbc operators crew is way better, they capable to film astonishing footage so seamlessly combined with a superb montage. To my mind this is weak component of the current show. Am i the one who noticed that?
붕어빵 2 months ago
5:43 look at his face
Yuudachi poi
Yuudachi poi 2 months ago
I wonder what the camera crew’s riding
Vigor Od Bgda
Vigor Od Bgda 2 months ago
If Trabant pay this guys money they will clame Trabant is best car ever.
Remington Brown
Remington Brown 2 months ago
I always liked the humor of this episode but I always hated the two trucks they chose to compare in the challenge. It was pretty obvious from the start that the raptor was going to do way better
Nina Makhortova
Nina Makhortova 2 months ago
Matthew Luchitti
Matthew Luchitti 2 months ago
He was driving the raptor so much harder 😂
Nebiyou Daniel
Nebiyou Daniel 2 months ago
6:05 - 6:12 I kept on repeating this part over and over.
Nishant gupta
Nishant gupta 2 months ago
Temperature and pressure all in the green
1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STI
should’ve had clarkson in the silverado and hammond in the f150. so they’d eventually pop their tires and get stuck while james may searches for sticks to make a fire with and constantly adjusts the tree tent
DriftZ TwoSeven
DriftZ TwoSeven 2 months ago
KA Bar knife?
TOYOTA QTR _1 2 months ago
ford trash
Yushan Chen
Yushan Chen 2 months ago
is this staged?
Chips Handon
Chips Handon 2 months ago
I heard James May call it the "Zed-Seventy-One" and now I know why the Revolutionary War had to happen.
Steven Chalmers
Steven Chalmers 2 months ago
Geeza can’t do normal driving ‘ it got to be flat out ‘ crash bang wallop 🤣🤣🤣
Tharusha Fernando
Tharusha Fernando 2 months ago
That was shitty driving Clarkson
Tharusha Fernando
Tharusha Fernando 2 months ago
Velociraptor 🖤
Simon Moor
Simon Moor 2 months ago
Something in a winter wonderland... Shit
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