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Rescue Greyhound Dog Is So Happy To Race Around His New House | This woman rescued a dog from racing and made him her BABY. For more of Blue's adventures, you can check him out on Instagram: thedo.do/bluethegrey. Special thanks to Kimberley for sharing Blue's story with us! If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here: thedo.do/submit.
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May 1, 2018




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Comments 1 606
D G 17 hours ago
I wanna rescue retired race grey hounds..
Diamond MollyB
Diamond MollyB 6 days ago
What a good boye.
Francy Petra
Francy Petra 7 days ago
Prateep Kumar Sengupta
That snoot needs some serious boops! ☺️
Jeana Roebke
Jeana Roebke 14 days ago
Angel has a twin soul on the other side of the world! She cries and barks when she wants lovin's, treats, on the bed, etc. I just love the Greyhound breed! They're AMAZING dogs, they truly are!
Do it Right now
Do it Right now 21 day ago
Of that you said that he has so many feelings I love that you said that he has so many feelings what a beautiful thing to say about an animal how observant God bless you
magical equestrian
magical equestrian 23 days ago
he so cute!! his lil ears go pop
Craig Stevenson
Craig Stevenson 26 days ago
Greyhounds are born to race. Once finished they should be destroyed.
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz 4 days ago
Gina Jones
Gina Jones 29 days ago
So cute
E F Month ago
Water Month ago
*dog noise*
Cheryl Nelson
Cheryl Nelson Month ago
He's such a beauty!!!
"JeNnA mArbLeS"
Miranda Brooks
Miranda Brooks Month ago
Generally speaking greyhounds are good apartment dogs. They are couch potatoes. Off the race track they look for a sofa or a bed. Walk everyday and once a week at the dog park, the rest of the time they are on the couch.
george taragon
george taragon Month ago
sorry but racing greyhounds are NOT rescued, they are adopted, they are treated better than most pets while racing, abused dogs wouldnt preform and they are not forced to race , thats why the dog mentioned loves to race around his new home, it is instinct and in their DNA
george taragon
george taragon 4 days ago
@Panzer Blitz get some .education on the subject
Panzer Blitz
Panzer Blitz 4 days ago
if greyhounds were treated well and not euthanized they wouldn't be closing down the race tracks.
sqlcomp Month ago
I love the color on him!
gurjit singh
gurjit singh Month ago
God bless you💗💞🌷🙏👏🌻👍👍👍
Mark Lanton
Mark Lanton Month ago
Thanks for rescuing him. You've got a great heart. GOD bless you.
Zib Ikit
Zib Ikit Month ago
"He cries...a lot." "I AM NOT CRYI-oh, the dog, she means the dog." *lip wobble of happiness* 😆😅
Ronald LeBeau
Ronald LeBeau Month ago
Animals make one purpose to live
Ben Grimm
Ben Grimm Month ago
If someone's baby is ugly, do you just say nothing?
Deadshilz Month ago
Love greyhounds, such gorgeous dogs and love when people give retired greyhounds a second life after the track :)
Chrisxulo Month ago
Duhlorence69 Buttsweat
Ive lost track of all the stuff my dog has taught me
NWAZ flatEarther
I meet a few greyhound dogs at work every year, what wonderful dogs, so gentle natured. God bless.
a n i s s a
a n i s s a Month ago
Thats a big cermet
kevin g
kevin g Month ago
Because that dog is made go outside like a park or river...
Robert Hall
Robert Hall Month ago
Go go gadget dog legs!!! LOL
SailorPuke Month ago
This is what happens when you allow your cerment to grow
Daniel Bunton
Daniel Bunton Month ago
Of course a greyhound will beg to go outside being trapped inside so cruelly all day alone.
troy heichel
troy heichel Month ago
He’s beautiful!!!! What a good boy!!!!!!!dog
quest 77051
quest 77051 Month ago
Jessica Leal
Jessica Leal Month ago
It's just like my dog, Baguette. So much drama!! I accidentally adopted a teenager.
nevy channel
nevy channel Month ago
Horse races, dog races, pig races, it’s all sickening and I’m glad that little man is retired and doesn’t have to please anyone by making cash anymore, he is just loved ❤️😍
Kathy Florcruz
Kathy Florcruz Month ago
They're like javelins with legs.😂
Colin Harding
Colin Harding Month ago
Beautiful story
frank ferrero
frank ferrero Month ago
feelings all the time? yeah it is like living with a woman,pmsl24/7 rofl
Mauro Ariel Alegre
Lovely lesbian' stories...
Carlos Pacheco
Carlos Pacheco Month ago
I would love to adopt a greyhound, how can I do that?
Rosen420 Month ago
An Cermet has finally be growned up!
ʙᴀsɪᴄ ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ɢɪʀʟ
You need to put yuor Cerment in watear so it can groaw more
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins Month ago
Just giggling away watching this, while my coworkers roll thier eyes knowing I am watching a doggo video.
yeo john
yeo john Month ago
Everytime a Bullfighter spills his intestines when he is stabbing the poor Bull. it's time to celebrate.
nithu princy
nithu princy Month ago
She does same like my sweetie she just cries out of sadness when I step out and cries out of happiness when she sees me back... I miss her... She is now in a better place
Jeff Tucker
Jeff Tucker Month ago
I press this video my greyhound let’s out the biggest fart
Rebekah Seibert
Rebekah Seibert Month ago
amanda sermon
amanda sermon Month ago
He got his first zoomies!!!
MeatN2Vedge Gaming
Wow apparently no one has ever heard of a greyhound before xD
dabzvapelord Month ago
As soon as I saw the thumb nail I knew this would be in Melbourne
Dan Mickelson
Dan Mickelson Month ago
Probably tons of pent up energy
Car Lover
Car Lover Month ago
Im glad that Florida outlawed dog racing , it's horrible how these dogs are treated when not winning .thank you for adopting him .he's lovely and keeps you in good health with all his energy . Once these dogs were only owed by royalty . And I hope all dogs have a chance of a good home when retired .
Suze Teichreb
Suze Teichreb Month ago
He’s adorable ❤️ I love greys.
Lily Scott
Lily Scott Month ago
Kermit has a soul mate
Mo Fungo
Mo Fungo Month ago
Greyhounds are actually very affectionate and in need of the same. They also need to move...make that *run* daily (if possible) to discharge their built up energy. So, taking them to some open space where they can let loose it's beneficial to them...and to their owners :D
Eptimiz Month ago
Why the long face?
LambentLark Month ago
My grans lived to be 101. After her husband died, before she was even 50, she started going to the dog track. One day, she came home with this limping, sad looking, greyhound. She told my uncle, "I've won a lot of money off this dog. He got lame and they were going to put him down. So I adopted him. You got a problem with that?" "No ma'me!" He said. For 5'1 and a buck twenty, she was a scary woman. A year later, someone tried to break into her house and Elpidio went after him. The guy got away from the dog but, not without leaving a lot of blood, some clothing and his wallet. There was never a time I can remember she didn't have at least 1 if not 2 or 3 greyhounds. She had a fenced in acre she would let them run as much and often as they wanted, "Look at those doggo's run! Look at how graceful they are!" She taught me to be a better person just by being herself.
Gangnam Blue
Gangnam Blue Month ago
I hate people betting on animals..
Delvon Hall
Delvon Hall Month ago
Got him out of the industry and onto our couch...
Crazy Ivan
Crazy Ivan Month ago
He is sweet :)
Veran Edits
Veran Edits Month ago
glad these owners are educated and got a martine gale!
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