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Rescue Greyhound Dog Is So Happy To Race Around His New House | This woman rescued a dog from racing and made him her BABY. For more of Blue's adventures, you can check him out on Instagram: thedo.do/bluethegrey. Special thanks to Kimberley for sharing Blue's story with us! If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here: thedo.do/submit.
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May 1, 2018

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Comments 1 342
Suhvvy 16 hours ago
Literally a giant Kermit
DollCrisis 21 hour ago
I love how %80 of the comments are Jenna Marbles references 😂
Puffy Duck
Puffy Duck 22 hours ago
Lmao he’s so cute he looks like a mouse with a long face
Ana Leon
Ana Leon 23 hours ago
Pixelface Art and Animation
It’s Kermit’s big brother :D
i love greyhoundsssssssSSSSS
GayLoser 2 days ago
John Neal
John Neal 3 days ago
Lovely dogs, soppy things the ones iv met lol good for you getting him, another thing, iv never had a smart dog, I think the dozy ones look at me and think aah he's thick, he will do nicely🤣🤣
Goulash 3 days ago
Hes just a big nasty boi!!
barnes 77
barnes 77 4 days ago
The joy of adopting a dog and seeing it come back to life is pure bliss. There's nothing better. Out to adopt - Rescues Rock
Asian Potato
Asian Potato 4 days ago
2021 Cermet
Dustin Wood
Dustin Wood 5 days ago
Reminds me of my greyhounds hahah personality on top of personality!
́·· ́Rai ny`··`
Blue is just a giant Kermit tbh. He's loud crying babie uwu
Anna Truszkowska
Anna Truszkowska 9 days ago
Andrew Bracher
Andrew Bracher 9 days ago
I love this video! I have an adopted greyhound as well
Sharon 92075
Sharon 92075 10 days ago
*So sweet!*
Cindy Brown
Cindy Brown 10 days ago
Have fun! What a beautiful story of dog and you! At the beginning I began thinking how maybe the broken leg was a blessing in disguise! Lo and behold you thought the same! Gorgeous doggie because of their sensitivity in my opinion plus physical appearance! Enjoy!!
SkyLightx12 13 days ago
Kermit’s bestie
Nigel Cracknell
Nigel Cracknell 16 days ago
Miss my Greyhound so much after watching this, thinking I need to get another on in my life.
king shoutmon
king shoutmon 17 days ago
Oof Ironicly i also have a dog named Blue-
Black Panther
Black Panther 17 days ago
Some dogs are just dogs ......cute......but really don't care about much. Then there are those who seem to have a sense of the world, people & other animals and how it all works!! They are far smarter than most humans! Blue is one of these dogs!!! This Greyhound truly lucked out with his new family......good for him!!! I'm also so glad the owner taped everything of Blues life. So, we can actually see what he went through and how his life was & is now!!
Cathie Austin
Cathie Austin 19 days ago
i could only watch your video up til you started talking about his racing days!!! didn't want to hear more. we had a retired greyhound!! Tammy taylor!!! she was just wonderful!!! we had her til she passed at about 13. we had our weimareiner when we got Taylor. Tessa tried to alpha dog Taylor and Taylor would just ignore her!!! they became the best of buds!!! Taylor was on the smaller side, compared to some. she was a big couch potato one of the sweetest dogs we've had.. miss her terribly!!! enjoy every minute you have with your boy, Blue!!! thanks for your video of him!!
Christina Agudink
Legit bunny and Kermit mixed together
Alisa Travi
Alisa Travi 21 day ago
It's a giant cermet!
foxibot 29 days ago
He is beautiful. Beautiful face. He is now a happy boy! I know how to play! Look! Look at me! He is a Blau dog. Very famous! His eyes just speak love, and joy now. He is looking into your soul.
K Month ago
Omg, he's so cute and funny. I love the way he stares at you! Ha! And uber expressive, aye?
Hugo Rogers
Hugo Rogers Month ago
That like my puppy
Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor Month ago
I absolutely love greyhounds, it’s sad how they use them as racing dogs ;
WOLF GIRLS Month ago
Blue is my dogs name
XXRei & flowerXX
That big nose makes my day!
Downstroy99 Month ago
awe poor boy justa big ol baby 😁❤
Pixy Rose Jes
Pixy Rose Jes Month ago
Yes! Saving the world one cuddle bug at a time is Sublime!
rituparna paul
rituparna paul Month ago
I just fell in love with this dog after listening to his first cry😍
Jay Ess
Jay Ess Month ago
His furever home
Klaudia Thot
Klaudia Thot Month ago
Kermit grew alot woah
Lynn Anson
Lynn Anson Month ago
Your perfect time for each other!!!I hope they stop racing ...my friend lives way out in the county and people are always dumping animals out by her...lots of times they shoot them and then leave..they always go see who needs them..one time they heard several shots and jumped in the car to see and a van sped past..they hey got half the plate..but found 10 greyhounds that many were dead but 3 were still alive. ..they were saved but one lost his leg and one had a brain injury...and yes they got the guy..seems these were cules...and no owners paid man to have them put down...they didn't know he took the $ then did this..he was caught but he didn't get what we all thought he should have gotten...the way they found the owners were the tattoos in the dogs mouth. ..my friends have saved so many animals, it's sad how people are.....to throw life away like trash...karma...
David Jackson
David Jackson Month ago
Sometimes dorks are the best people, glad you saved him, he’s a sweet boy!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Month ago
My comment 1% Jenna marbles 99%
Self development for all*Georges vlog*
Very beautiful dog!!! My Greyhound also liked to whine at the door, until the door will open. He also barked at me when I came home.)) He didn't bark at strangers. Can someone please explain to me, all greyhounds do it so?
james musisca
james musisca Month ago
awe so sweet and silly what's not to love i was told if a greyhound takes off running to catch them go get the car
jason grice
jason grice Month ago
Just in Australia up to 17,000 greyhounds are murdered a year and just after the racing ban a few years ago 58,000 dogs were put down in a very short time, weeks . These dogs are beautiful loveable and very loyal pets that deserve better homes if your thinking about adopting a dog PLEASE concider a greyhound
Jean Copeland
Jean Copeland Month ago
Love 💕 this story, 👍💕🎀
I want a greyhound so bad!
van strother
van strother Month ago
What did you rescue him from?
Jimmi Alli
Jimmi Alli Month ago
Lovely people to rescue Blue
Alli’s Next Chapter
Shilju Gangadharan
Its like a professional slave gladiator and his next happy human life.
Diana Beurman
Diana Beurman Month ago
Lucinda Drk
Lucinda Drk Month ago
Oh my God i love you!!
Mariana Salles
Mariana Salles Month ago
it's like a perfect mix of kermit and bunny
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