Rescue efforts underway after Typhoon Hagibis dreches Japan with widespread floods

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Rescue efforts are in full force in Japan following Typhoon Hagibis, which drenched Tokyo and surrounding areas and left at least seven dead and 15 missing. Hagibis, one of the strongest storms to hit Japan in decades, made landfall south of Tokyo on Saturday evening and moved northward. It brought torrential rain and ferocious winds, causing widespread flooding and damage.
Typhoon Hagibis: recovery and rescue in full swing after deadly storm

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Oct 13, 2019




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Comments 301
tieuquy linthinh
tieuquy linthinh 15 days ago
Water is so clean
루니랜드 20 days ago
During the Tohoku Earthquake off the Pacific Coast, Korea supported 300 billion donations and relief items to the Japanese Red Cross and dispatched rescue teams. However, Japan has shown brutality to exclude Korea from its relief country. Japan is a graceless nation and a loathsome nation. You must realize that you are uncivilized yourself. At the same time, Japan is criticizing South Korea for not sending relief goods. Think for yourself and realize. Whether they are eligible for relief supplies.
山田花子 2 days ago
Korea???? The ranking of contributions to the Tohoku Earthquake(Japanese Red Cross Society)↓ 1 USA 、2 Taiwan、3 Thailand 、4 Oman、5 China、6 Algeria、7 UK、8 Vietnam、9 Hong Kong 、10 France、11 Switzerland、12 Malaysia、13 India、14 Brazil、15 Papua New Guinea、16 Singapore、17 Australia、18 Mongol、19 Philippines、20 Italy People from these countries never say, "I helped Japan." We Japanese know and appreciate the countries that helped us.
Cuon Ly
Cuon Ly 24 days ago
Because the earth is so much dirt our mother nature must clean up she cleans up everywhere not only Japan
Chuethao Yang
Chuethao Yang 25 days ago
꧁Michael꧂ ꧁John꧂
1st tsunami then this 😢
Leandro Rafael Bayonito
Trivia: (1) The typhoon that damaged the Philippines is a Japanese-originated International name called Washi (Eagle), although the most destructive is the Chinese-originated name of Haiyan. (2) On the other hand, the typhoons that struck Japan are Filipino-originated International names of Maliksi (meaning quick, agile, or nimble), and the latest is Hagibis (meaning Speed).
Leandro Rafael Bayonito
1:10 Shinkansens are temporarily inoperative by flood.
shaibaan waheed
shaibaan waheed 27 days ago
Does anybody realize how clean the streets are in japan from this video? Not a single piece of garbage floating on the roads. Just water
Mango 28 days ago
House without running water can get water outside easily
ศรัญญู บัวสุข
มื้อ?ลูกฮอกกี้ นักต้มตุ๋น!?
ศรัญญู บัวสุข
มื้อ?ลูกไอ้เอี้ย เสียฮู้ตูดหั้ยกับบักฟ่าน้าน!?
Thank you Google
Thank you Google 29 days ago
kevine lim
kevine lim Month ago
They should not kidnap Hina-san
Jessica Y.
Jessica Y. Month ago
The people of Japan dont deserve this. They are literally the most nice people in the world.
Sun Set
Sun Set 25 days ago
Yes, but no one can STOP natural disaster!
I think Nobita did something wrong again
Shahid Amjad
Shahid Amjad Month ago
any body can give me detail information and more movies of this typhoon on my whatsapp 03416176097
Brunson Bollozos
Weathering with you?
Geogrhpaic National
nice shot japan
Richard Avellana
China deserves such kind of disaster not Japan.
John Dave Camarin
thik cha
thik cha Month ago
Japan seems to be a dangerous country
FAZE_ Weepsy
FAZE_ Weepsy Month ago
Japan may be the best at technology but their weather there is Gg
XxuNIXcornxX Month ago
Here where I live, the earthquake was rlly strong, it happened a minute ago. The chandelier looked like it was gonna fall.
TravXs Month ago
Lets pray for japan Without japan *Theres no Anime*
Lal H k i p
Lal H k i p Month ago
Fingers crossed.. such a lovely country and place but bad weather daaiimm .. 😔
Nouri Ellis
Nouri Ellis Month ago
My heart goes out to all impacted by this.
cris san
cris san Month ago
I pray they stop over populating that island so people wont hurt themselves..
Elementia David
Elementia David Month ago
0:21 *g r o w*
Hikaru Caihatsu
Hikaru Caihatsu 27 days ago
Yeah it's looks there was zero gravity...
Cucu Ca
Cucu Ca Month ago
Earth getting even for the killing of her children - whales and dolphins - Mother Earth will keep coming to you with vengeance!!!
Samaresh Dhock
Samaresh Dhock Month ago
Prayers for japan ...🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
•Mellow Teaa•
I hope they are ok
Samantha McBride
I see
CH Bae
CH Bae Month ago
Stop hunting whales....
amelia L
amelia L Month ago
So unfortunate that they had to go through a earth quake after the typhoon :-(
James and Shanea vlogs
All of people know that issue........we will pray for all of the people in japan
Kushal Kumar
Kushal Kumar Month ago
Typhoon Hagibis played havoc in Japan with huge damage through rain and winds in Tokyo as well on 12 and around in October 2019. Nearly a million residents were asked to vacate and move to safer locations while over five dozens are said to have died. The typhoon Hagibis is said to be worst in 60 years , following a storm that rattled Japan a month past in September , 2019. In this context , it is apt to refer readers to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alert in article - “ Fresh look and innovation at strategies becoming focus for Japan in coming year 2019 , a Vedic astrology view” - brought to public domain widely last year 2018 in October-November. In relation to September -October 2019 , the text of the alert in the said article , reads like this :- “ More care may be paid during these months while dealing with or storing or handling fire , chemicals , explosive , nuclear-energy , hydro-power and the like. Some health hazards or health concerns………….. could manifest during the year , more so during the aforesaid months. One or more of such regions as Kitakyushu , Yonago , Kyotco , Yokohama or other vulnerable regions in Japan may keep a note for taking more care and appropriate strategy. ………..Hurricane or storm could also cause worrisome concerns in one or more regions of Japan mentioned in this article before”. It seems that predictive alerts of this writer may have been found to be meaningful.
save world
save world Month ago
Why hunting whales?
venster Month ago
Top 10 anime deaths
Vic crisostomo
Vic crisostomo Month ago
pray for japan from🇵🇭
Baaad Dude
Baaad Dude Month ago
The people of Japan should seriously move outta that place. Plenty of room here in the States. Build a New Tokyo in Northern California or Oregon or smthn.
TCF - The Ultimate Whovian
Baaad Dude Just No... No... never... ever
xonia say
xonia say Month ago
Asian country should build a great power and that's a PRAYER. Hope for the people and the nation for quick recovery. :)
simple life
simple life Month ago
天罰てんばつ divine judgment
David Lee
David Lee Month ago
일본 사라졌다. 바다는 화났다. 그거 좋아.
David Lee
David Lee 25 days ago
Now it’s 88. Bradley you should learn the history between japan and the rest of Asian before you spew ignorance.
David Lee
David Lee 27 days ago
Their are 84 dead.
Bradley Comm
Bradley Comm Month ago
"Japan disappeared. The sea was angry. I like that." Do you really? I simply can't believe some people say things like that. So sad.
αvα тαr
αvα тαr Month ago
That very sad why japab
chrisp1961 Month ago
I feel with Japanese people. I am also worried what have happened to the thousands of plastic bags that contained the radiation contaminated soil that were strewn around the school yards and rice fields in Fukushima.
Avisek Gharti magar
Pray for japan🙏😓😓
KnightHawk35 Month ago
0:43 I would be crying my hearts out if i was the home owner.
Aprelsky Month ago
Cool !!
Eirik Graves
Eirik Graves Month ago
Aaron Larsen
Aaron Larsen Month ago
Its heading toward Washington USA right now and will hit in a few days
too tall mccall
too tall mccall Month ago
What the hell was that 0:23? 😲😲
haytham ayoub
haytham ayoub Month ago
a wave crashing
kaylee mikulec
kaylee mikulec Month ago
My heart goes to everyone in this dreadful situation I hope everyone makes it out ok ❤️
John Month ago
WoW! My sympathies, keep safe Japan, you are all strong and lovely people.
paul best
paul best Month ago
100M japanese demand to reside in USA, Don't come here = wild fires, EQ's floods, droughts diseases, etc etc,,,high,,no super duper high taxes. No where to run = death faces everyone, both rich and poor
annezah ripen
annezah ripen Month ago
I am so touched to watch this...so sad...deepest condolences for this lost... But I know Japan's people very strong and hardworking also intellegent...my prayer always with u all....you can do it...speedy recovery to Japan...😥
polybo roides
polybo roides Month ago
My heart goes out to the people of Japan. It is sad to see the awesome destruction caused by this typhoon. A hell of a reminder of 2011.
Christina Ahungshi
ronaldallan deveria
You deserve more than that!!!
Andari Siswono
Andari Siswono Month ago
Del 45
Del 45 Month ago
Can anybody in Japan give me information on Mt Fuji and Hakone Lake Ashi area?
Slippery S
Slippery S Month ago
The Japanese are a strong people. They will prevail and rise up even stronger after this. They always have
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