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Tracklist • • •
00:00:00 • Nizar - Morning Breeze
00:03:42 • TYMELAPSE - We Became Strangers
00:10:36 • Caduceus - The Reason
00:15:01 • Colliding Galaxies - Communications
00:18:58 • Selerac - Nair
00:24:38 • Natus - City In The Sky
00:29:03 • Wanderer - Breathe
00:33:50 • O S L O & Michael St. Laurent - Closure
00:37:35 • Air Shaper - Exit Strategy
00:40:23 • Solace - Lois
00:45:55 • Dessin Bizarre - Endless
00:53:14 • Fading Language - What Doesn t Hold Is Bound to Break
00:59:22 • Cash - Stratosphere
01:08:02 • Hazy - After The Rain
Support Hazy - open.spotify.com/playlist/5uqKfYq4LEq7Oj29Zrn4wv?si=hADRbD_1SHuoqizj_pqccQ
01:13:31 • Endhel - Beginning
Image by - Alex Bierwagen

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Jun 8, 2018




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Comments 80
BLUME 9 months ago
My Gaming Channel - bit.do/eZRDh
death2deepstate 17
What, no Tarkov gaming? ;) I'm addicted to dying in that game.
Jonathan Ekat
Jonathan Ekat Month ago
playing almost every game with cheats is the most boring and unfun thing to do and to watch. stay with ur music that's better i guess :)
mysongs 4 months ago
DO oyu have a spotify ,, plylist of profile to follow. Thanks
Windowmaker 8 months ago
If you want to gain traction with that you need to add an element of personality. People don't flock towards commentary-less gameplays. Hell people barely watch gameplays with commentary and a persons face attatched anymore. You need to try harder if you want to do something more than just flood the platform with more useless unwatched content. Give it some heart.
SL G 8 months ago
Will keep an eye out for a different upload. Big gamer here but not into Witcher3... Well done with this Ambient mix and image. Very nicely put together - thank you :D
Neha Jain
Neha Jain 17 hours ago
To everyone out there struggling with isolation and uncertainty during this quarantine period- I send you lots of courage to survive this tide. I am from India but this comment section makes me realize that people are worried about their academics and jobs all over the world, that I am not alone in this. Music that brings together all of us on this page probably holds the only key out of this situation- to lead simple lives, to not buy things we do not need, to appreciate our closest family and friends, compassion and gratitude. This, and the realization that the only thing within our control is our breathing- to keep breathing in and out and keeping one foot in front of the other. Lots of love to all my fighters out there- we will emerge different from this pandemic, hopefully in a good way.
Revolunov R.
Revolunov R. Day ago
Let me alone in that forest..............forever.
Michael Roque
16:20 killed it xD
Furkan Günay
The digital age is boring. I want to live in forest, Mountains with my friend in a tent. I think this means everything.
OneSlo Gen3
OneSlo Gen3 2 days ago
It's like I'm floating in air... 🙏
Sam Rad
Sam Rad 2 days ago
i wanna live inside this Picture !
We're strangers, you and I, but that's okay. Because we're still here, surviving in a world that seems so cruel. And yet here, in this misty forest, amid the quiet muffled nature, and the grey skies and the cool air, it's okay. We're safe for now. So let's lay down amid the tall grass and just let the world keep spinning. Sooner or later, it'll figure itself out. We could use a break.
Areli Serrano
Areli Serrano 3 days ago
Hermosa música, relajante e inspiradora ♥
29- 0
29- 0 4 days ago
Wanna live there with Gerard Butler..by the sea with a boat. 😅
Mike Hapka
Mike Hapka 4 days ago
legend has it bigfoot lives in them woods
Supattra Lathi
Supattra Lathi 4 days ago
This is the best
CottonMouthJoe 5 days ago
Feel soft green grass on your feet. Feel wind carres your knees and hand. Ruffling your hair. Sunshine warming up your face and shine in above through the cloud which are softly drifting through sky carried by wind. You stand on top of a hill looking at distant horizon at which blue sun lit sky and glistening green hills meet. You breathe in deeply the fresh, cool, refreshing air and breath out while simutaniously relaxing every muscle from toes to your forehead. You feel so light, easy and carefree. You take in the sights and sounds and replace all your everyday worries with this serene blissful moment. Time stands still for you know. You wonder how you struggled in your head so much when all you can feel now is safe and wamr embrace of existence in the moment. You smile without noticing and your eyes get watery. Deep inside you courage and hope filled with faith arise from deep corners of your heart. You feel confident in yourself and the future. The wind dries your eyes again and the wamr sun on your skin gives you goosebumps. You never enjoyed simple sights and quiet moments in life like now. You breath in deep, deep and exhale the most relaxing and mind clearing breath you ever did. You start to realise that you Can do this. You have it in you. You always had. With a tear in your eye, a wamr smile and wamr eind in your hair you make yourself a promise. You will take this journey in all it brings. Embracing the treasures of it and holding thight through the storms. Bringing empathy and joy to yourself and others. Remembering the good and having faith in the future and yourself. Being hard on yourself, making mistakes, taking time to get better, forgetting, it's all human but it is all worth going through. We will preveil and live in life's full joy with our loved ones. For souls and true love is eternal. Nothing, absolutely nothing can overcome it. It often feels like the pathways are too harsh to tread but worry not. You have the strength in you. You are far more precious and loved then you could ever imagine. Take it slow, carefully taking care of others and yourself so to ease the cloudy days and stormy nights. It is all worth it in the end but even noe you could live in shine of good and eternal...you are strong, you are never alone, you are precious and you are loved. Have faith my friend. i know we will meet again and forever cherish the hardships we will ruse above tommorow. Keep love in your heart and try to do some for others if you can. You just might find something truely beautiful unlike you've ever felt
Georgia 8 days ago
Hello Hund
Em Jackson
Em Jackson 9 days ago
Here we go week, be kind
Christian Neale
Christian Neale 10 days ago
Hey man! I love your music and I am also a music producer of ambient music! It would be great if you could help my channel grow by shouting me out!
theBurgerTunes 10 days ago
shining mix, great job on the balance and the effects
Ignacio casanova
Ignacio casanova 10 days ago
Azamat Baykhanov
Azamat Baykhanov 10 days ago
¡El Búho Feliz!
¡El Búho Feliz! 10 days ago
I'm sorry for cutting the inspirational comments and all but... The cabin in the image, looks like a murder cabin in the middle of the woods.
Kendra 11 days ago
Open heart, open mind, open air- this is where I am. My essence. Clarity. Free soul. Peace.
V.I.N. 12 days ago
_I see myself in this quiet place/Vidím se na tomto klidném místě._
Abu Saif Tamim
Abu Saif Tamim 12 days ago
Having a worst midlife crisis got me here 🙂 hope I can recover before my thoughts kill me
Old Yeller
Old Yeller 12 days ago
Most of us wander but dont know why well...just ask yourself, sit down and think, that's the best we can do...
Michael Kinney
Michael Kinney 13 days ago
I share an account with my husband so I'm posting under his screename right now. Another poster inspired me to share my thoughts, as they will live here forever. It's May 19th, 2020. I'm reading the book "Unmasking Narcissism" by Mark Ettensohn because I'm moving close to family again. My whole adult life has been a confusing mix of anxiety, loss of sense of self, feeling unfulfilled, and losing direction. I came to the realization in January that I was emotionally neglected growing up, and now I'm realizing that my narcissistic mother is a huge cause of my adult problems. I'm trying to understand her since I'll be living near her again, so I'm reading up as much as I can before I move. It desperately hope to regain a sense of self. I went through psychosis last year and have been struggling ever since. The pandemic has been a relief to me. I've been able to stay home & read, understanding what I missed out on growing up and learning why. None of this is easy, but I'm happy that I'm making the effort now. I need to be wholly myself before I move back, else I fear losing myself again.
Luchiferca 16 days ago
I would like to move to this house for a month or two. Take a break from all the problems and know yourself. I hope this will happen in the coming years. Guys who live in such places, I ENVY YOU A WHITE TESTAMENT!
Кирилл Николаев
26:24 30:31 36:58 53:34 1:02 :40 1:08 :40 1:15 :31 I was fly
Larry Hyde
Larry Hyde 17 days ago
"We Became Strangers" by Tymelapse is devastatingly beautiful - true soul music. Thanks for posting.
Sung-Ho Chung
Sung-Ho Chung 17 days ago
Peaceful. Can feel God's presence! Thank you Blume
glanceDup 17 days ago
Martin Torres, Jr.
Martin Torres, Jr. 18 days ago
Been soaking in your ambient sounds these last couple of days.
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin 18 days ago
I'd love to put some of my 4k nature shots over these mixes
Rosemary Escobar
Rosemary Escobar 18 days ago
Reminds me of camping..laughter..joy..exploring singing out loud bonfires
Red Wine
Red Wine 19 days ago
I am in peace ... a rested mindset... feeling alive... just breathe out all anxiety
Grent Animations
Grent Animations 19 days ago
I am lying in bed, trying to relax and for some reason I just suddenly burst out crying, like, I’ve had to hold everything together and keep everyone up and keep people happy and I kinda just let it all go for a second and just cried, didn’t really feel too much better but helped me realise I need to take things a step at a time and focus on my own emotions as well
some one
some one 19 days ago
every introvert heaven
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson 19 days ago
izel saka
izel saka 20 days ago
What a nice entrance ,my heart is melted !
Colorkatt 20 days ago
_Imagine not knowing things like this were out there_
Petrova_work 20 days ago
для сна самое то.
Emilie Clarke
Emilie Clarke 21 day ago
Omg I’m in heaven listening to this 🙏🏼 Thank-you!
Sisterhood of Free Spirtis
I love this! Takes me on a journey. Love music that is emotional, deep, thought provoking, inspires my art, calms, ughhhh music is a gift from heaven.
Helena Rabelo Freitas
This playlist is everything.
Silversurfer 22 days ago
Is this about the future of Sweden?
Nurba Shanghai
Nurba Shanghai 22 days ago
this place in the picture. feeling that I was once here ....
MenInBlack090 22 days ago
where is this place? I wanna live there .....
Artsy Me
Artsy Me 22 days ago
May 7, 2020 I was reading these comments and it made me feel so at peace reading them that I decided I should add one too. Everyday I repeat the same routine, wake up, go to school, do homework, and come home. That’s pretty much everyone’s daily routine. But there’s something else, throughout the whole day I find myself dreaming of what I want for the future. I live a normal life in a normal house that everyone lives in. I want more though. I want something different. I want to wake up in a beautiful bedroom full of light coming through my window and plants in every corner. I want to make my breakfast, and take it outside to enjoy. Outside of my house would be a beautiful garden, along with a large beautiful enchanting forest. I want to finish my breakfast, put on a long, comfortable dress, and tend to my garden. I want to walk through the forest without a care in the world, then sit under a tree with my journal, and books. I want to stay there for hours, till I come back to my home and eat lunch. I will finish up the novel I’ve been working on for months. Clean the house, while also listening to my favorite music. Take a nap. Make dinner and take it with me to wonderful clearing in the forest, where I sit, eat my dinner, and look at the stars, while listening to beautiful music. I will fall asleep and wake up to being carried home in my husbands arms. The next day might be a little different. I might go to a beautiful lake nearby and paint. I wouldn’t have the same boring schedule, I wouldn’t be stuck in my room all day. I would be free! This is my dream, now, what’s yours? Please do tell! ✨🌑🌿🌹
Deni 22 days ago
Loneliness keeps lingering around, who would know that I could feel like that when I live in a small apartment, but with so many people? No privacy and intimacy, even worse in lockdown.. I want to have my own room and decorate it with pretty little things and have it my style, but I can't. I don't feel like myself, the feeling of hatred I have with myself overwhelms me. I'm not sure what loving somebody is anymore. I recall before quarantine that I gave up on my life and stop working and going to school, I wanted to die. Skipped school so much. I couldn't tell my family my real reason. Sorry, just thoughts I've been having a long time.. just wanted to put them somewhere.
Itz Plant
Itz Plant 23 days ago
This is helping me study I'm procrastinating by typing this. The first song reminds of Skyrim but then for me trickles into me of Sims 2 or 3 after the intro. idk I played it when I was younger my mom had it on her laptop when they still had optical drives. The second definitely gave me nostalgia for Minecraft that I used to endlessly play and get in trouble for....its soothing.
Stas Sv
Stas Sv 23 days ago
Well, that place is wonderful. The music is amazing, and BLUME is fantastic.
LeVek 24 days ago
I'm 22 years old Right now I have resumed my work, it's hard but I like this work when I am in a good frame of mind ... But shit right now there are only things that are depressing me! I have the impression of being bipolar, there are days when I have confidence in myself and days when I become my old self completely depressed and shy who does not manage to allign a pharse. I lost a bunch of friends 4 months ago now I am ALONE, I have always been ALONE so I am used to it. Except that when I reflect on my life everything collapses and I cry every night now. Just last night I was talking to a girl on a dating app, I was happy because I was never good at talking to girls. Except that it was a hoax from an old 'friend' who didn't care about my face. At that moment I cried because I don't know why the universe is going after me like that I have built on many flaws and I still have bad habits of my 'old' me I am writing this text at the time because I have no one to talk to except my mother except that I don't want her to know that her son is going badly. Thank google traduction
Elisabetta Soggiu
Elisabetta Soggiu 24 days ago
I mean... How beautiful is the place in the picture above? I wanna be there!
Richard Casey
Richard Casey 24 days ago
Ummm? Are they solar panels on the roof of that little house? If so I'm slightly disappointed with the person living there. I imagined them living completely off the grid. At peace with the simple things. Oh well!!
Gio P
Gio P 24 days ago
as an artist i enjoy alot of alone time and this is the best way i have found to stoke and inspire my creativity accompanied by this music. beautiful.
TonyVHS 25 days ago
Ngan Le Tran Kim
Ngan Le Tran Kim 25 days ago
I know that this picture was from Willow- Witt Ranch, Ashland, United States by Alex Bierwagen. It is a peaceful, gorgeous place with a lot of farms, high mountain for hiking,...... Ok, now I know the address, just need a chance to go there and somebody to go with.......... When? When I can I go to there? Oh I just want to go there, with all my heart, with all my life. That is all.
Dimitar D.Dimitrov
Dimitar D.Dimitrov 25 days ago
Leaving my thoughts too.So I lost a lot this year,mainly friends that I tought they were close to me,it hurt but I got through it. University is going to shit because of the virus,but also because my country's system stops me of becoming the engineer I want to be,its against me.Im going to open my own business by the end of this year and I got one shot at this so I got to make it worth it.I neglected myself for years because of a girl I wanted to be with and was too blind and fooled by her that something can happen,and after that I lost all senseof feeling be it love,happiness or simply anything.So I started training,getting back the body I once had,basically I am focusing only on myself now.I stopped caring for other people because I mean nothing to them even tho I gave my all for them even saved the life of one of them.I also have an addiction that im trying my best to overcome (not drugs or alcohol) so far its going great.I have full confidence in myself and stay true to my beliefs and way of life.I push as much as I can to achieve the life I want to have , to create my own world to live happy. I've learned a lot about people,friends,trust and loyalty so I will be extra careful to choose who I want in my life next time. All in all guys, believe in yourselves for real you can do we all can.Thanks for reading my story, I hope you are loved and happy. ...and yes,I am crying while listening to this
AUDIO GARDEN 26 days ago
Nice bro
Hello 26 days ago
I'm honestly a little bit scared. Keep on ignoring these thoughts and feelings, but ever since the quarantine started to get serious around my area, little by little I started to care less about school. It's scary honestly. The work wasn't that hard, but it all kept piling up. Didn't do some important assignments, then got scared of showing up to class. That's how I stopped going to them. They're still ongoing now, but I'm scared of coming back honestly. They expect me to do work, but I don't see myself doing it. I've become a lazy bum, up to the point where I imagine myself living an unproductive future where I work at a job I hate and only trying to survive. It hurts. I know life like that isn't too bad. A pizza delivery guy can be the happiest on Earth, but it's so sad how things changed. There's a lot more going on than this. When will the uphill start again? Really admire those people who are not afraid of anything. Those who just go for it. I know I should forget these thoughts and focus on the good ones, but it's hard. Or rather I make it difficult. Let's see what happens.
Muhammad Diab
Muhammad Diab 24 days ago
Hang in there buddy, don't let negative thoughts get the best of you! Human beings are amazing, we can do wonders if we have passion, strong will, and a plan to do it. Organize your priorities and think of the best way to deal with every one of them. Make sure to do even the littlest thing everyday, don't let a day go by without a contribution to your quest! This could be just a random comment to a post on a RUvid video, but it could also be a key to a door of hope! I really hope it is, and for you to use this key. All I have left to say is I hope everything will work out just the way you want and need, and maybe a little better, for you and for everyone else! Stay strong.
Ferne Icedragon
Ferne Icedragon 25 days ago
Open your heart and trust........the road will rise to meet you
MacTire the son of Lir
Why have 47 thousand people given this the thumbs up? Does the title of this track not infer something? Replacement? exactly whats going on in Europe and America, White Europeans are being replaced, and the soft lullaby here is background music for that, designed to hypnotize you so every time you hear the word "Replacement", you get a warm fuzzy feeling based on this track. Wake up! Replacement is Genocide.
Erina French
Erina French 25 days ago
It’s from a year ago, calm down :)
Number 27k
Number 27k 26 days ago
Sucks to be you !
The Truth Sayer
The Truth Sayer 27 days ago
Have no fear! Stay positive! World with out end! Time just goes on! The eternal light is coming soon! Live life while you have it! We are just passing ships in the night! Our todays will become our yesterdays and our tomorrows will be our todays!
Jonathan Greif
Jonathan Greif 28 days ago
bippity boppity bip bop bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip bip....
Jonathan Greif
Jonathan Greif 28 days ago
boppity bippity bop bip bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop....
muggle 28 days ago
Alberto García
Alberto García 29 days ago
Buena música de fondo! Gracias!
Kulziya N.
Kulziya N. 29 days ago
Love it! its amazing! I also upload chill music! Keep up the content!
Инга Зенкова
Это потрясающее начало так совпадает с картинкой!!!!
et- coch
et- coch Month ago
Krisztina Erdélyi
Absolutely the best mix ever, my favourite one was Hazy - After The Rain
Juliana Damhuis
Juliana Damhuis Month ago
blonde boys like the tub
Poop Month ago
it was nice, but ambient music cant have percussion man. even the slightest, it's too musically pleasing for me to study
MeEncantaKiley Month ago
Those roof solar panels probably aren’t doing great right now. Hope he’s got a fireplace!
muhd syafiq
muhd syafiq Month ago
Anyone know where is this place?
Bibek Soti
Bibek Soti Month ago
greenery and sunset on a hill alone
V D Month ago
ахуительная музыка
Fabiola Alla
Fabiola Alla Month ago
This life sucks ⬛
Davide Bertagna
Davide Bertagna Month ago
Dave Rudabaugh
Dave Rudabaugh Month ago
Sofja Bazarova
Sofja Bazarova Month ago
I want to do so many things, but because of the coronavirus i cant. my parents live separately and......i miss my dad so much...i cant meet him right now because of the situation and my mom also told me not to.....so yeah, its very boring here and sad. i cant make desicions, cause they dont really matter cause im just stayin home. i want this to end so bad.....wish you all the best guys❤️
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