Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 9

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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 3 354
Veronica Zieman
Veronica Zieman 23 hours ago
I haven’t caught up on the series yet and you may have already done this, but if you plan on building on the filled in area behind the house (like with the pool) you’re probably going to want a geotechnical engineer to test the fill. If it isn’t compressed enough it won’t be as stable and will still settle a lot over time, or it could get washed away in rain before you get the retaining wall up.
roger davies
roger davies 23 hours ago
hope you got building permits, If not------------
machinegunnick 19xx
Matt secretly said fuck you this is Texas 🖕🏼🤠
Jake Porter
Jake Porter 2 days ago
Great video and thanks for sharing.
Straight Talk With Cindy
Butlers pantry
Amanda H
Amanda H 5 days ago
the name you are looking for is a butlers pantry off the kitchen
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown 5 days ago
Did anyone else try and dodge the flying knife....
Tigra Watanabe
Tigra Watanabe 5 days ago
By the Way, has ever tell you someone you look a bit like Chris Pratt?^^ s19.directupload.net/images/200111/gnwpepj8.jpg
Mogsy Games
Mogsy Games 6 days ago
"you can do a lot if you just try" best quote ever 2020
Angela Webber
Angela Webber 8 days ago
My biggest pet peeve about this series, the Tyvek paper is still up in tatters! Why can't all of it come down!?
AMG Ironworks
AMG Ironworks 9 days ago
Matt if you see this good sir. Rule of thumb in any thing maintenance always replace in pairs.
Natedoc808 9 days ago
You have a troubleshooting analytical mind, hence why you are good at your profession which also translates to you being good at essentially reverse engineering things and fixing them.
Katie Biance
Katie Biance 10 days ago
It's called a butler's pantry
Katie Biance
Katie Biance 10 days ago
Robert Asimov
Robert Asimov 10 days ago
HelloFresh please Shipe to Romania !!!! i want to try your food !!
pwghost 10 days ago
Really do not understand the usa build codes seems all very outdated :O
William Argueta
William Argueta 11 days ago
hmm if you had a wet saw you could’ve cut in between the mortar and just chiseled the brick off, might’ve been easier then the hammer drill. but the wet saw does get squirrely, and messy
KittenzKatz 11 days ago
foreverchangingchanges changingallthetims
that amount of hard work you put in yeah you won't sell it so much sweat and time spent by the family
foreverchangingchanges changingallthetims
hard-working Mr and Mrs and kids also fabulous videos indeed
KM Writes
KM Writes 12 days ago
need to put in an environmental request. Please plant trees, trees, trees. I was sorry to see you bulldozing over trees for a pool area.
Glenn Cole
Glenn Cole 12 days ago
Sounds like ur learning..lol he didn't fix both..
97JoMiller 12 days ago
I can't be the only person who dodged the monitor when the knife fell down lol
Capping Skill
Capping Skill 14 days ago
Did that hurt? 13:10
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott 14 days ago
Pointing at things by throwing a knife into it is the most hilariously Texas thing in this series.
Susan S.
Susan S. 16 days ago
Proverbs says, “Steady plodding brings prosperity.” You guys have such an awesome attitude!
Jason Dick
Jason Dick 16 days ago
It's actually called rocky fill.
Claire Mahony
Claire Mahony 18 days ago
I think this has you so stressed out Matt that you heard is going grey!
Benjamin sisko
Benjamin sisko 18 days ago
When it's hard to break something apart, you know its put together well
Mimea 17 days ago
Well said.
Jenn W
Jenn W 18 days ago
Butlers pantry 😀
Jenn W
Jenn W 18 days ago
Dude, your wife deserves this gorgeous house once you are finally done with it...especially after all the stress and headaches it’s probably caused! You will want to keep it especially after all your blood, sweat and tears.
Vicki Boyle
Vicki Boyle 19 days ago
You are so cute. I hope that grappler works great when it's done. Hang in there sonny, you got this.
Ann Betsa
Ann Betsa 19 days ago
Sir, I really admire your mindset !
Tiler Shoe
Tiler Shoe 19 days ago
Pool sounds like it'll be a challenge with all the big boulders in the ground 💪
Abigail Van Ark
Abigail Van Ark 19 days ago
Anyone else a tad nervous with him chucking a knife at brick? No just me ?
yanyan blancia
yanyan blancia 21 day ago
with that much effort i don't think he will sell that
QanT-00Q 21 day ago
13:58 oh well i thought the knife was coming at me so i ducked
Janice Seagraves
Janice Seagraves 21 day ago
I believe that pantry is called a butlers pantry. A butler pantry is basically a kitchen within a kitchen. Its purpose is to allow you to do food preparation and clean up after meals without actually dirtying your main kitchen - the kitchen that people see. ... People won't have to see the dirty dishes, the food scraps, the opened items of food and so on.
GRM Outdoors
GRM Outdoors 21 day ago
just got time to catch up on the mansion episodes... watched this episode yesterday and i think you jinxed me Matt! The water pump on my "the Da Chevy" just started leaking today....looks like im attempting my first water pump repair lol
benjamin 22 days ago
It’s called a butlers pantry
Arcadiez 23 days ago
True, but now with internet and RUvid you find guides on most things
karen matthews
karen matthews 26 days ago
it still hurts to see the stone off the house
AFE 27 days ago
Renovando? Yo diría reconstruyendo.
June Marlo Lozada
June Marlo Lozada 28 days ago
"You can do alot, if you will just try" -Matt (2019)
thespankdmonkey 29 days ago
I have been watching this since day one. Your beautiful wife has the patience of a saint you crazy bastard! Love the spirit that you have put into this project and the amount of energy that you put into it as well! God bless you and your family sir!
Michael Flarkin
Michael Flarkin 29 days ago
Why is he calling the Lazy Susan "Annie?"
Keri De Vita
Keri De Vita Month ago
Butler's pantry
Kathleen Horton
Kathleen Horton Month ago
Butlers kitchen. Not Chef Kitchen. 👍🏻
James Miles
James Miles Month ago
13:57 this is why men will die before women
Doodle Med
Doodle Med Month ago
back here re-watching it because i cant wait to see the next episode of this.....
Alex Maxwell
Alex Maxwell Month ago
Mat can you do a update?
Does anybody know what the approximate square footage of this house is, and does it have any basement or is all the square footage on one level?
cormac petre
cormac petre Month ago
Why doesnt he destroy the house and build a new one
հokцƽ ρokus
հokцƽ ρokus Month ago
Did you give up 😢
J S Month ago
Good video, but you are taking out some pretty cool stuff. Keep on providing updates...love it!
Awesome Person
Awesome Person Month ago
when is the nexxt video? its been a month :(
Jacob Moses
Jacob Moses Month ago
I still haven't found out if this place is haunted. I guess they will find out when they move in :)
Francis Francis
Francis Francis Month ago
Dude you are going to be 60 when you move into your reno working by yourself. Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 999?
Nettie Letkeman
Nettie Letkeman Month ago
Excited to see it finished.
Mattie Miller
Mattie Miller Month ago
This house looks like four or five houses slammed together. Can't wait to see how it turns out! (And how it got there)!
jfowler081 Month ago
It’s been a month! We need updates!!! Excited to see things being built back up though!!
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