Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 24

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Here is the Door system we installed www.sierrapacificwindows.com/Product/Detail/Door/Bi-Fold/Aluminum%20Clad%20Wood/Bi-Fold%20Door
And here is the main Sierra Pacific Windows site www.sierrapacificwindows.com/
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Aug 2, 2020




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kickit59 20 hours ago
Matt the big window rivals the big window of the Berghof! I have got this far since about Sunday! Once I get caught up I will be anxiously waiting for new videos! Great job man!
Matthias Sukkau
Matthias Sukkau 2 days ago
It a bi-fold door
Taytahni Torra
Taytahni Torra 4 days ago
I wounder what the outside would look like
josh w
josh w 4 days ago
At 8:30 when you were appreciating the view there was a few seconds were there were white specks on the screen. was that radiation? Haha radiation is known to be seen like that on camera and you are in Texas 🤷😂
No Thanks
No Thanks 7 days ago
Only thing, imo, that would have been better than those accordian doors, is ones that pocket. Either way, they look really good.
L borate
L borate Month ago
We love you guys too.
John Williamson
John Williamson Month ago
How long is the freakin driveway?
cody morley
cody morley Month ago
Hear me out, above the accordion doors....a pocket door with a very large screen door with a man sized opening door in the middle that pulls down when the accordion doors open but don’t want mosquitoes in!
GK Simplicity
GK Simplicity Month ago
I’m jealous of your doors
Michael England
Michael England Month ago
Those kids are SO adorable!!
Michael England
Michael England Month ago
Has anyone noticed, he has a nice view?.
WeChallenge 2 months ago
Its been said, "Go Big or Go Home!" With this project You all can do both... Better Yet, "Go Magnificent and Go Mansion!!!"
Josh G
Josh G 2 months ago
Did anyone else see IwoJima when they were raising the post in place?
Reed Waller
Reed Waller 2 months ago
The fact that the living room door opens up 3 on one side and 5 on the other and not 4 and 4...is driving me insane.
Jodie Landsdown
Jodie Landsdown 2 months ago
Went are you being the walls inside the home
Mary Wright
Mary Wright 2 months ago
This is awesome but looks freaking expensive
miss kris
miss kris 2 months ago
The only thing that would have made those large livingroom doors better is if they sat flat against the house when open, instead of sticking out
PaytonEnloe 2 months ago
Matt would be the one too actually make a ramp and park the Humvee in the living room
Rabe Remington
Rabe Remington 2 months ago
No way he put the aspen guy in that's just neat
David Griffith
David Griffith 2 months ago
Why use splitting beams?
Digital Dan
Digital Dan 2 months ago
I like you and your family best, and this incredible monster next. The original was a mansion-on-the-cheap, which I have seen before. If you build a mansion, it needs to be top quality.
Sean McGuire
Sean McGuire 2 months ago
The window n doors look great. Love the black metal outside n wood inside.
Outdoor Guy's
Outdoor Guy's 2 months ago
How many times does he mention the views in each video?
Nicole 69
Nicole 69 2 months ago
He gets more annoying every episode. I almost have to turn the sound completely off now. 🤣
Chris Buxton
Chris Buxton 2 months ago
I feel like he's just keeps adding additions!! Will take forever to finish. It's amazing though
gerad nerison
gerad nerison 2 months ago
And right outside that accordion door would be my fire pit
Jerry Nemeth
Jerry Nemeth 2 months ago
I would love to visit your mansion someday.
chaquel ragbasingh
chaquel ragbasingh 2 months ago
Doors seems like a lot of work ..✌
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 2 months ago
Marisol Leòn
Marisol Leòn 3 months ago
Erin Freize
Erin Freize 3 months ago
Why did I start this at midnight? Watching every few, fast forward is my friend and enemy, and someday I'll watch the whole series in its entirety. What an adventure!
Lsurah 3 months ago
I love lanai type doors!!!
Larry Wells
Larry Wells 3 months ago
Did you know the concrete poured into Hover Dam is still curing
Conniving Crow
Conniving Crow 3 months ago
2 million acres? How many states is that?
Carolina Craw
Carolina Craw 3 months ago
Nobody: Matt: son, go clean the windows
Erich Averette
Erich Averette 3 months ago
That living room door is amazing. How do you plan on keeping bugs out when you have it open? Air curtain? If tons of bugs come in you will never use it so it only good for the view.
Ishaq Ballut
Ishaq Ballut 3 months ago
The amount of curtains that he has to install🤯🤯🤯
old godzillary
old godzillary 3 months ago
10:19 one of the coolest things ive ever seen in a house
Norrya Parsa
Norrya Parsa 3 months ago
I've watched nearly every video in this series. I can honestly say that you have made me soo effing jealous!! Cuz, now I want my OWN abandoned mansion.... #sigh 😧😧😲😲
Poot lol
Poot lol 3 months ago
The intro is almost 1minute long now wow
A M 4 months ago
Those doors are badass.
LaneWalkerz 4 months ago
👀 wow the accordion window doors wow
Riley M
Riley M 4 months ago
Sierra pacific needs to sponsor you
Jim Marshall
Jim Marshall 4 months ago
You can buy (or possibly negotiate for) a portable WARN winch that you can use on any vehicle, be removable and usable around the house. One is also a 1000 pound hoist. I know you'd like that aspect. I don't work for them, but just know how good they are.
Serenaar 4 months ago
I'm still just jealous that he can fit cars in his garage (admittedly he did build it from scratch). My normal sized car won't fit in ours. Binge watching this in Lockdown :D
Ayden Crossman
Ayden Crossman 4 months ago
You should put fake grass on the back porch to cover the concrete
Eternal_Erudition 4 months ago
That's pretty Neat!
cool thought
cool thought 4 months ago
your steel beam and column looks bare. Did you at least get a coat of paint or sealer on it to prevent rust?
K R 4 months ago
Timber frame entrance looks amazing.LR door fantastic.
Justin Kundinger
Justin Kundinger 4 months ago
Milderd Spence
Milderd Spence 4 months ago
D R E W 4 months ago
One of the worst videos you've made.
Headless Chicken
Headless Chicken 4 months ago
First time I saw a door system that accordion opens like that is in a new building my workplace had installed for the college cafeteria. The glass wall that looked across the lake openes exactly like that, but we're talking like 20ft high glass doors. First time seeing them in a consumer home though. Spent around a week trying to catch up on these videos. Almost there!
Angela Abbs
Angela Abbs 4 months ago
I really hope you keep the chimney the way it is.
Jamie Wawrzonek
Jamie Wawrzonek 4 months ago
That’s an awesome property.
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani 4 months ago
Enjoy watching your video
Lefty Funkenstein
Lefty Funkenstein 4 months ago
Matt, I have to apologize because I've watched DR and thought you were ...a silly person...after watching you renovate this place I have a new respect for you.
__Hoggasims __
__Hoggasims __ 4 months ago
It stresses me so much that the bay window is not symmetrical, 3 windows on one side and 5 on the other 😭😭
Joel Sanchez
Joel Sanchez 4 months ago
S13 MAJENTA 4 months ago
Let me make a landscape project for this mansion!!!
Andrew Sita
Andrew Sita 4 months ago
looks great so far can't wait to see the finished product
Alex Graser
Alex Graser 4 months ago
new drinking game. every time matt comments on the view = drink. RIP liver...
Alex Bruton
Alex Bruton 4 months ago
Does anyone feel like they have seen this somewhere before 6:55
Ann Thrash-Trumbo
Ann Thrash-Trumbo 4 months ago
Just curious--how do you deal with bugs with such an open wall of doors? It's gorgeous, by the way! But it's Texas...
Plexity 4 months ago
Loved the video matt, great editing with the drone, amazing views.
Cody Powers
Cody Powers 4 months ago
Matt does what I would do if I was worth 10 mil.
Jake Reformina
Jake Reformina 4 months ago
Simply amazing!! I haven’t been to this page for like a year or so and I am glad that you’re still working on the abandoned mansion :)
Damien Canters
Damien Canters 4 months ago
You should start making more renovation projects. I bet you could have a geest bussines
jbee railroader
jbee railroader 4 months ago
You tube is his cash cow..mooooooooo🐔
Jim Small
Jim Small 4 months ago
From the master bedroom, in the middle of the night how much fun to walk out to the edge of the slab and take a piss. No winding through hallways, feeling for a light switch, lifting the seat. Just step outside and let'er go. Wonder design.
Novic Racker
Novic Racker 4 months ago
at the end of the renovations you should take all the aerial footage into a time laps. I think that would be really cool Bro.
Duck House Spb
Duck House Spb 4 months ago
Вид крутой! 👍 Не хуже чем в России) Но дом в России так стеклить не вариант...замёрзнешь🥶
Duck House Spb
Duck House Spb 4 months ago
Неужели там так тепло, что Мэт решил застеклиться в одно стекло...???
U4RIA - Coolguy8623
U4RIA - Coolguy8623 4 months ago
I lived and worked next to sierra pacific industries land for awhile.... EPIC BUILD BRO !!!!!!!!!
Dogbone13 4 months ago
I would have preferred that the window panels, in the open position, store to the inside of the house so they’re protected and out of the way.
Aaron McGhee
Aaron McGhee 4 months ago
Dude... can't get enough of that view!
Gayle Borgelt
Gayle Borgelt 4 months ago
james mortensen
james mortensen 4 months ago
Is there 3 on one side and 5 on the other? SYMMETRY
cwuzii 4 months ago
Wow even the garages in the USA are wood framed 😮 it’s like you don’t want it to last 🤣
Ленар Гарифуллин
Надоело ждать перевод и посмотрел в оригинале. Понял что перевод не нужен, эмоции и кадры стройки все говорят за себя. P.S. From Russia with love
xJinxi 4 months ago
Could the vault be used as a storm cellar?
Mike D
Mike D 4 months ago
Does mere as a sister 🤣
Flipping With Sean
Flipping With Sean 4 months ago
This house is coming out super cool since you’re first video it’s like a sick desert home. You know since Matt is involved it’s going to be a super solid tight build. Looks awesome!!
Cloud Kurgan
Cloud Kurgan 4 months ago
The view
lastchance 4 months ago
At least you won't have problems moving the furniture in
Yazeed 96
Yazeed 96 4 months ago
Broooo the view is incredible It is amazing it looks like there is no cities or villages in the view which makes it incredible Mashaallah hope everything goes will with your hous
mike94560 5 months ago
Cool you could fly your drone from the living room right out the wall door thingy.
Thomas H.L.
Thomas H.L. 5 months ago
shoulda made the accordion door electronic and pocket doors that disappear into the walls...imo
Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott 5 months ago
The demo house and lunk house are both gonna be badass!
Heidi M
Heidi M 5 months ago
Just don’t open it at night if you don’t want millions of bugs in your home. Companies made these doors a lot but should of though of screens with it.
Ann Otten
Ann Otten 5 months ago
Plot twist - how many of those doors does it take to stop a bullet - get them to ship you a few factory defect ones that they can’t use anymore
Son Of God
Son Of God 5 months ago
Why does Merr always looked pissed...
nicholas spitz
nicholas spitz 5 months ago
This would be so cool to come work on this house
John Williams
John Williams 5 months ago
Did y’all see the view though?
Chris H.
Chris H. 5 months ago
I am just now watching this video I accidentally flag this video as spam
Parker Walton
Parker Walton 5 months ago
"look at that view" count: over 9,000
Felix F
Felix F 5 months ago
No neighbours 😅😁
cameron simison
cameron simison 5 months ago
3:41 those wheels look like little airplane landing gear
kenjd57 5 months ago
Am loving the garage almost as much as the mansion. Also do you have a single brother?
Devin Burtz
Devin Burtz 5 months ago
Get rid of your rising s bunker it will leak it will have so many problems
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