Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes

Dane Bliss Design
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This is an unofficial explainer video I created for a college project. I decided to gear it toward TheSolutionsProject.org. The assets went from Adobe Illustrator to After Effects. This animation explains the different types of energy such as, fossil fuels, biomass, nuclear and renewables.
Written, animated and illustrated by Dane Bliss
Music by: Essa: soundcloud.com/essa-1
Voiceover by: Mike Porter: goo.gl/GNouYE
Visit my online portfolio to see some more work at www.DaneBliss.com
Twitter: twitter.com/DaneBlissDesign
Facebook: facebook.com/Dane-Bliss-Graphic-Design-813194572110628/timeline/
German translation by Robert Orzanna
Twitter: twitter.com/orschiro


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Dec 16, 2015

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Comments 212
S.n.hyper Year ago
So this comment is for anyone that wants to use this video you can use it without asking just make sure you add the channel name in your bibliography
big mac no cheese
big mac no cheese 17 hours ago
Ur mad kid outta my game fatyy
Cubeot Games
Cubeot Games 17 hours ago
I’m only watching this to finish school
Aarush Aneja
Aarush Aneja 17 hours ago
big mac no cheese
big mac no cheese 17 hours ago
Y u mad
Cubeot Games
Cubeot Games 17 hours ago
big mac no cheese agree
Jake Designer
Jake Designer 8 days ago
This looks like the fine work of an NEIT Grad. Hey19 is my favorite tribute band to Steely Dan!!!!
Dane Bliss Design
I think I've heard of Hey19!
Jake Designer
Jake Designer 8 days ago
Wow you look just like their drummer!
Ajay Coletta
Ajay Coletta 8 days ago
OMG mine too!
Josh Pop
Josh Pop 24 days ago
Eric Niegel
Eric Niegel Month ago
*FISSION* not fusion, there's a fundamental difference
Full2Fun 3 months ago
this has good explanation of advantages of solar energy over non-renewable sources ..www.buzzingfacts.com/2019/05/top-5-advantages-of-using-solar-energy.html
Diogene Fernandez penillas
Aguante huracán caramba
Diogene Fernandez penillas
Aguante huracán caramba
Luck duty
Luck duty 3 months ago
Hola muy buen video muchas gracias por tu tiempo nos vemos 👋
Gabriela Zúniga
Gabriela Zúniga 4 months ago
But renewable energy sources don’t have the power to produce that much energy. Most renewable sources lose more energy than they can produce, for example OTEC or a light bulb that only uses 5% of the energy and the other 95% is lost (heat).
Harold Fernandez
Harold Fernandez 4 months ago
Hi, there are one issue in you presentation: Nuclear is not generated by fusion (uses Hydrogen as fuel) but is fission (uses Uranium as fuel), Fission is exactly the opposite of Fusion.
Marwan Mezoui
Marwan Mezoui 5 months ago
Great video i like it
Marwan Mezoui
Marwan Mezoui 5 months ago
SNKRhead Games
SNKRhead Games 5 months ago
This is not telling you what renewable vs non renewable sources idiot
SK - 08VN - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549)
Even biomass is a renewable energy source
CelesteCresia Sotelo
"And we even flirt with energy." lmao 😂😂😂
David Cuthbertson
David Cuthbertson 6 months ago
This is a propaganda piece. Keep that in mind when watching this video. There is at the present time over 500 years of carbon based fuel already discovered.
Aragorn 6 months ago
Using fuel results in production of carbon dioxide which harms the planet we need to live on. U are old and sick and don't care but young people who want to look and feel healthy do care.
leizl manlangit
leizl manlangit 8 months ago
Can I use this video for my reporting? It explains everything I need. this is o helpful
James Biggar
James Biggar 8 months ago
Learn how you can become a renewable energy pioneer at resystechdotcom.
Anaidelyn Orona Espino
Lulu La Saumure
Lulu La Saumure 8 months ago
Hayden Rooney
Hayden Rooney 9 months ago
Who’s watching in 2018??
Alexander Fearing
Alexander Fearing 5 months ago
Omar Rojas-Rodriguez
have fun dieing
Olivia Morris
Olivia Morris 9 months ago
i will, u too.
Daniel Butters
Daniel Butters 9 months ago
What is the music on this video?
Raymond Nelson
Raymond Nelson 10 months ago
i know right
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly 11 months ago
A very good film let's all go renewable
Rod Ives
Rod Ives Year ago
Renewable energy has never generated one watt of base load synchronous power ever. So if you are going to use renewables to power the world when will the engineering and ability to provide base load renewable power be perfected ???? Renewable energy like your nuclear fusion reactors is all bull shit.
NEW HOME SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM : The '20k solar panel system' is coming to an end. Wall street confirms all share holders are selling hard after this weird cheap solution popped on the radar... And they have every reason to... Over 18,000 Patriots are using the system in their homes... (and that's just in the last three months) hey get unlimited energy for less than 80 cents a day... Without paying one nickel more to their electricity provider! If you’re skeptical... Just watch this short video... and you’ll be able to cut your power bills to almost ZERO in just 45 minutes! WATCH IT HERE : bit.ly/2nLYvYt
Haliburton Solar and Wind
Great explainer video!
The answer is modern monetary theory. We can use money to move real resources between countries and sectors for the betterment of our planet. Since the "free market" only acts when there's profit involved, we will need the government's help to do the heavy lifting for society's gains and benefit. Not just for the capitalists.
Mike Whatley
Mike Whatley 3 months ago
you must be joking
Magda Poznanianka
Paliwa kopalne są najważniejsze!!!
Magda Poznanianka
Zwłaszcza ropa naftowa i benzyna (diesel)!!!!!!!!
FARM SHOW Magazine
Amazing video! Good Job
Darragh Magee
Darragh Magee Year ago
We haven't actually achieved Fusion that doesn't take more energy than it creates, what we use today is nuclear fission
Злата Добрая
А ещё существуют безтопливные генераторы Александра Кугушова!
Toastinator Year ago
its fission not fusion at the moment.
Corey Mcniel
Corey Mcniel Year ago
I did something very similar, new plans from Avasva helped me with this.
Roselyn Cudal
Roselyn Cudal Year ago
greetings! can i ask your permission to use your video for our school project?
Roselyn Cudal
Roselyn Cudal Year ago
Dane Bliss Design
Yes you can, go get em'!
Pedian Benedec
grasias por los sup bro
amit sharma
amit sharma Year ago
Green and cheap energy are real. Is the governments are ready for change the economy course.
محمد عبدالغنى
oh i wish if all the world have a renewable energy my friends told me that if the world stay like this the earth will be like mars so we should have a renewable energy every where!so cool not cool it is amazing it help me in school
Dheemaan Mehta
we YEET with energy
Amanti Mcneill-Lester
this helped me so much
MCPretzelM999 Year ago
Electrolysis is also renewable, albeit hilariously expensive. Good video.
Sam King
Sam King Year ago
This is why I want to study civil engineer in energy system
John Snow
John Snow Year ago
"Nuclear energy is released during nuclear fusion". That was painful. FISSION, not fusion.
EcoGEM Club
EcoGEM Club Year ago
EcoGEM.Club generates renewable energy. Invest in us to generate more pure energy sources.
Wash Year ago
This video should have way more views
Parent Year ago
aw man, I cant find a video quite as good but I cant show this to my fifth graders with people killing each other :(.
George Boast
George Boast Year ago
ctwatcher Year ago
Biomass kills. The emissions from their fuel aka landfill garbage harms. This is a culling program of humanity.
tiffany taylor
what do u mean; by 'projected'
tiffany taylor
what do u mean; by 'projected'
justmania Year ago
hi very nice and helpful video but, may I ask which editing app you use because it will help me out a lot -thank you
Yesi Maryam
Yesi Maryam Year ago
This a cool video, my comment for the renewable energy resource it should be WATER instead of RAIN.
Diego Velazquez
How would nuclear energy run out?
Nou Ha
Nou Ha Year ago
please can any one of you write to me in the commanttaire all what he said please
Władca Wymiaru
*SOLUTION* We need thorium energy! It is better than so called "renewables" Proof: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/30/Lwrvslftr2.png over 200 times more energy lftrnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2-billion-years1.jpg near endless source of energy... ruvid.net/video/video-mhMI54zeyxw.html 50 quadrillion dollars discovery
Zain Ali
Zain Ali Year ago
we flirt with energy, dead
Avighno/Whatever you want to call me Basu
YOU TOOK AWAY 20 SECONDS EXTRA OF MY LIFE!(And the paul bros suck and swallow and chew)
Gamer_Boy_ For_The_Win
What about non renewable energy
Haliburton Solar and Wind
This is a great explainer video! Renewable energy is the way of the future.
Dinuka Ranasinghe
Nuclear energy comes from nuclear fission not fusion. At least not yet....
Flynn Miller
Flynn Miller Year ago
poo tehehrhe
Larry Bob
Larry Bob Year ago
Larry Bob
Larry Bob Year ago
Penny wise the dancing clown 🤡
Larry Bob
Larry Bob Year ago
Josef Stalin
Josef Stalin Year ago
For the love of god can people just stop arguing about money and work for a better world for themselves and their children? Jesus everything has a fucking price on it these days.
Prajwal Kumar
Prajwal Kumar Year ago
great animations , good work
justin atienza
kiss my ass to make energy
Alexander Fearing
Alexander Fearing 5 months ago
tony tang
tony tang Year ago
too bad
Iwin Lonazo
Iwin Lonazo Year ago
ola k ase
Solar Streaky
Solar Streaky 2 years ago
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xZHSx 2 years ago
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xZHSx 2 years ago
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Solar Streaky
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That's my boy 💦🍆😫
Solar Streaky
Solar Streaky 2 years ago
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Solar Streaky
Solar Streaky 2 years ago
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Solar Streaky
Solar Streaky 2 years ago
Fred K.
Fred K. 2 years ago
I'm sorry but what kind of accent is it? :) Australian English?
VEX Year ago
Fred K. Just a mid south English accent
Jed Yaripon
Jed Yaripon 2 years ago
Why don't people talk about the bad effects that renewable energy gives
Archana Johari
Archana Johari 2 years ago
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