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There are many benefits to using renewable energy resources, but what is it exactly? From solar to wind, find out more about alternative energy, the fastest-growing source of energy in the world-and how we can use it to combat climate change.
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Select footage courtesy NASA
Read more in "Renewable energy, explained"
Renewable Energy 101 | National Geographic
National Geographic

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Sep 21, 2017




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Comments 273
Creek Tilghman
Creek Tilghman 11 hours ago
With Avasva projects you take care of mother nature.
Nathan H
Nathan H 14 days ago
"An end to climate change" Is she crazy? 😂
Xlr8_Trolly_M8 14 days ago
Who’s Teachers Made them Watch this? Mine did, I’m at school right now! (At the time i commented this).
Rashid Al-Muthanna
Rashid Al-Muthanna 19 days ago
Helped alot for my test
Defending CO2 in Air Foundation
Really confused, how come that National Geographic is not aware that CO2 in air is the single lonely source of all foods for all creatures on this planet without one exception. Whenever any mouth of any creature would open to eat, this food is a carbon compound, and this carbon comes only from CO2 in air??? CO2 in air increased from 320 ppm in 1968 to 415 ppm now, a 30% increase, while our population increased from 3 to 7.5 billion, a 150% increase, which means the availability of CO2 as the single source of food for humans decreased by half. This decrease happened while we were burning fuels in our cars and electric power plants, then what will happen if we decrease our fuel consumption?? Only satanic demons would seek destruction for this planet???
ryan sweeney
ryan sweeney 23 days ago
Every country can keep the lights on my don't everyone start building skyscrapers and wrap it will solar panels and make it 15-20 thousand feet up capture every bit of sunlight
Cool 😎
Leeann hell yeah man
You guys should partner with WWF
Willem van Zwetselaar
the way she says combat though
Aldo H
Aldo H Month ago
Why they never think of making renewable energy for Batteries ?
Slapp Playz
Slapp Playz Month ago
"Once built the are cheap" Nice dodge lol
Bradley7 Johnson
More renewables less oil meaning less dependent the world of middle east energy resources less wars more peace
Elijah Neil
Elijah Neil Month ago
Good for my y7 renewable energy project
Nasser Wael Hussain Ebrahim
thank you for helping me to study for my quiz and test
Xlr8_Trolly_M8 14 days ago
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New Asgard '23
New Asgard '23 2 months ago
Hey there :v
Wilfrid Trijac
Wilfrid Trijac 2 months ago
Merci Nord VPN
Filip 2 months ago
Did you know that iceland is powered 100% by renewable energy
the information is so clear
I like so much
Xlr8_Trolly_M8 14 days ago
I Dislike so much!
محمد محمد
محمد محمد 3 months ago
Save nature save earth
Hassan AR
Hassan AR 3 months ago
People complaining that politics stops growing renewables or oil and gas companies etc. there is a bigger problem which is called Integrating these sources in the grid. These energy sources don’t produce fine wave forms and produce very high levels of harmonics which are not good for the grid.
İbrahim75 ŞAMPİYON
1000000000.000000000 bu kadar aboneniz olsun amin!!!! 1000000000.000000000 amine so get your subscribers !!!!
abdulrahman radwan
abdulrahman radwan 3 months ago
Nice .. thanks
Hey guys I love cats
Thank you so much you helped me a lot with my really hard project thx!!!!!
longhaul 7
longhaul 7 5 months ago
What happens in 30 years after building a wind farm
Glenn Cordova
Glenn Cordova 3 months ago
The same thing as what happens with old nuclear, coal or gas plants except with much less clean up. You build new plants with better technology.
Hariom Pal
Hariom Pal 6 months ago
Very Nice
pingu13 6 months ago
Xlr8_Trolly_M8 14 days ago
6 7 8 9 What comes after nine?
Seth Hicks
Seth Hicks 7 months ago
Seth Hicks
Seth Hicks 7 months ago
Seth Hicks
Seth Hicks 7 months ago
NYC 8 months ago
Xlr8_Trolly_M8 14 days ago
Vi Twelves
Vi Twelves 8 months ago
Williams Ulyanov
Williams Ulyanov 9 months ago
Renewable renewable renewable renewable renewable
LOGAN DEMARAIS 10 months ago
MrSophisticatedChild 11 months ago
Arguments about climate change are irrelevant; it makes sense to invest in renewable energy sources.
jSon 11 months ago
0:24 "..., and *NEVER* run out" It *WILL* eventually run out to it is only called renewable energy because it does not pollute the environment and we are able to use them for a longer (a lot longer) period of time than non renewable sources
Nam Luu Dao Huy
This can solve the problem
Keith Rodan
Keith Rodan Year ago
This glossy attempt to sell renewables omits the fact that, as intermittent sources, they depend on gas turbine plants for backup power, and that's just pumping more greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Nuclear doesn't, and it's reliable and statistically safer than all other energy platforms...check it out.
Glenn Cordova
Glenn Cordova 3 months ago
Nuclear power plants are closing every day because they are in economical. Maybe you can buy one.
Keith Rodan
Keith Rodan 11 months ago
With all due respect, rad waste is, by strict government regulation, safely stored at all facilities. Unfortunately, fears are greatly exaggerated, and next generation reactors, such as molten chloride salt fast reactors and other breeder-type models are designed to use spent nuclear waste as fuel, thus minimizing further the waste footprint. You may be surprised to learn that waste from coal plants is highly radioactive, as it is unregulated. Methane leaks from fracking natural gas contributes 10 times more atmospherically-harmful pollution than burning the gas itself. Carbon-free nuclear is a million times more energy-dense than solar or wind.
ADerpyReality 11 months ago
All types of power have alternative backup. It's how SA made the change so fast because we already had renewable backup.
jSon 11 months ago
have you ever thought about the radioactive waste it leaves behind? ISNT THAT POLLUTION?
Chunkeh Monkeh
I don’t know why trump is against this. I mean, think of all the jobs that could be made building solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal power plants!
bill carver
bill carver Year ago
Maybe because it is not efficient. Yes it would create jobs, but you need something in return to pay those people. Solar panels take up to much space for what little they produce. Wind turbines cost so much to build, it would take 50 years for them to produce enough to pay them off. Most all the green energy is funded by the government, meaning tax dollars pay for it. Nuclear is the way to go.
Britany Perez
Britany Perez Year ago
These are my people
Vignesh S
Vignesh S Year ago
I am MTech Renewable Energy student
Mayankraj Prajapat
Mayankraj Prajapat 6 months ago
Did you get scope in this ?
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