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James Charles and more speak out on the tragic passing of gamer and vlogger Desmond Amofah, who was found deceased a week after going missing.
Full Story: www.eonline.com/news/1052077/etika-s-youtube-friends-react-to-tragic-news-of-his-death
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Remembering Etika: RUvidrs React to His Death | E! News


Published on


Jun 25, 2019

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Comments 8 406
E! News
E! News 18 hours ago
The default upload setting for our videos is to run ads. We've disabled them as well as the "likes" number as neither are appropriate at this time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Teskea14 4 minutes ago
Thank you, it is not appropriate to make money and fame off a persons death.
KomoLikesCats 36 minutes ago
you have my respect.
Craterside 39 minutes ago
@Icynibba monkaS
retr0 Hour ago
Jesús M
Jesús M Minute ago
Dude, i f*cking miss you bro
Nintus986 2 minutes ago
It’s just not believable, but I know it’s true. RIP my dude.
GhostlyPepperGD 2 minutes ago
1 Like = 1 Prayer for Etika’s death 🙏
TheTacoGod23 3 minutes ago
Paul Rios
Paul Rios 3 minutes ago
"All i like is porn!!!" A memorable quote i shall never forget
TKKing X
TKKing X 3 minutes ago
Aifala Tia
Aifala Tia 3 minutes ago
I never watched his channel but still Rest In Peace I hope he had a good life
SuicideSQ 4 minutes ago
obviously one dead black guy dont matter cause this video is being monitized bahahhahahaa!!!
Teskea14 5 minutes ago
There should be more awareness about mental illnesses. Rip Etika
Daddy-Kun 6 minutes ago
this is why you LEARN how to swim whilst you can...
Angel 7 minutes ago
Who tf is Etika
Roblonox_v2 7 minutes ago
Strove Tuesday
Strove Tuesday 8 minutes ago
Perpetual light give to him Lord and may the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God may he rest in your peace forever
s nl
s nl 9 minutes ago
why is this trending? everyone knows blahk livez dont matter toosoon?
Angel 5 minutes ago
Who tf is Etika
Rk Squad Roman kimbro
Rk Squad Roman kimbro 10 minutes ago
This dude had a whole life to live and just ended it on the age of 29 Dang never watched him but he seemed like a nice dude
Gaming Thing
Gaming Thing 10 minutes ago
Rest In Peace
Aw Ete
Aw Ete 11 minutes ago
It's just a Prank!lmao
trillestsnake f
trillestsnake f 11 minutes ago
Never knew this guy nor do I care But clickbait title
Chameeleein ASMR
Chameeleein ASMR 12 minutes ago
who da hek is eitkah?? he did utube??da fak??
blumb tumb
blumb tumb 12 minutes ago
Hah, it's funny seeing "youtubers" making these RIP posts and talking of them feeling saddened by his death, only to clearly see that majority are simply doing this for reputation purposes. They spam useless hotlines and expect someone REALLY suicidal to call them. If I'd personally feel that way I could not care less about calling someone DOING THEIR JOB and acting like a robot, I'd rather be spoken to personally, away from my thoughts by a sibling or a close one. Many don't realise that those people have nobody. Fans? Those are disposable and useless, do you really think they care about a youtuber? They are simply saddened that they won't see their videos any longer, or any social media activity in general. They will easily jump on a different youtuber's channel after some time and forget Etika or another individual they're not related to. When people suicide others could not care less. The world continues to spin on its axis. People wake up every day and go by their needs. Etika and others have not changed the world, they were disposable, he was an "entertainer". Either he'd die from old age, or as he did, it hasn't changed one bit. The world doesn't care about us. We are all disposable. We all will perish one or another day. Either by our own hands, someone's, or by something unconventional and inconvenient, like an accident or illness. You WILL all FORGET Etika, as you forgot others. Who know's. Maybe Etika is actually free? Maybe he's with God, or possibly out of the Matrix.
steveolive214 12 minutes ago
Another person dead due t0 the police smhh
SuperToysSurpriseZ 13 minutes ago
Etika who??? ive never heard of this person..
SS LOGIC 3 minutes ago
Angel In specific memes, there is this black guy who overreacts to something. That is Etika. I remembered him because of the memes, and PewNews.
Angel 5 minutes ago
Exactly who tf is this guy
millie456601 13 minutes ago
It felt like it was only yesterday I saw you reacting to Cloud. Rest in peace, Etika.
Lynx Jobby
Lynx Jobby 13 minutes ago
Rest in paradise find peace and hope you in a better place
Mary Preston
Mary Preston 13 minutes ago
How did he die?
Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha 14 minutes ago
Sensations off of someone’s death wow
sandmanoseven 15 minutes ago
Didn't not ever know about this person.
steveolive214 15 minutes ago
Never heard of him ...anyways i want a turkey sub
denymenot 15 minutes ago
Etika who?
Giant Vader7
Giant Vader7 15 minutes ago
Jacob Pleggenkuhle
Jacob Pleggenkuhle 15 minutes ago
MissGlam19 16 minutes ago
Everyone be like “RIP ETIKA” and legit don’t even know who he is and or ever watched any of his videos. That bandwagon thooooo.
HoiMinoy 16 minutes ago
R.I.P Etika Your fans will always miss you.
MrPaisley 17 minutes ago
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me de troller
me de troller 18 minutes ago
Its so hard for me not to say oof
Retro Parade
Retro Parade 18 minutes ago
Thank God something this important is #1 on trending
mega sean
mega sean 19 minutes ago
Remember everyone, if you have any suicidal or depressing thoughts, seek help immediately. Life is too precious to surrender willingly, the material goods that you own or covet only make up a tiny percentage of your existence; the life that you hold is billions of times more valuable. Memories, experiences, personalities, existence; it’s something no amount of money can buy. The entire wealth of the world is worth far less than being you for one second. It may look bleak right now, you may be looking down at the abyss, right into the devil’s red eyes, but remember, it’s only a passing thing. Life will change for the better if you make it so. The first step to doing that is by getting help. Your best friend, your lover, your family, professionals like the Samaritans, as long as you’re talking to someone about _why_ you’re having these thoughts, you can lay your problems out for the world to see, and that means together, we can make your problems right. Etika was someone who couldn’t get help at the moment of his life where he needed it most. My heart aches just thinking about how much he was suffering on the night of his passing. That’s why I say if you take away anything from Etika’s death, let it be to never end your life when things get tough. Fight on and make your life worth living.
YouZettaSonsOfDigits 19 minutes ago
I watched Etika for his hilarious reactions to Smash and other stuff in his streams. I loved his personality. Watching his mental health deteriorate in April to the point where he was dragged out of his apartment by the SWAT team just hurt me. Getting out of the hospital 4 times and he still was tweeting nonsense and how we were all god. At that point I stopped watching his streams because it felt he was spouting nonsense. Eventually I saw he made a reaction video to the new DLC characters in Smash and felt some relief thinking he was back to normal in some way. It wasn’t until 4 days after he made the “I’m sorry” video that I realized he jumped off Manhattan bridge and eventually they found his body. I feel in some way the world to me is just not gonna feel the same anymore without him and it hurts.
E Lowe
E Lowe 19 minutes ago
Dray 20 minutes ago
This is a fck up cruel world with alot of evil people who don't want good people to live. Its a war between good and evil. Evil people are winning not for long but not for long. R.I.P good bruv we know your spirit is in good company because they have no power there.
Anderson Littleton
Anderson Littleton 20 minutes ago
Never forget✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Xy Kiko
Xy Kiko 20 minutes ago
It's hard to let this sink in.... Etika seemed like such a fun person, and I loved his videos, so it's hard just to believe he is now really gone...
삔쎄요 20 minutes ago
I hope you guys donate all the revenue earned from the ads that were run on this video before you disabled it
James Brown
James Brown 21 minute ago
Rest In Peace Etika. 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏 God Bless🙏❤️🙏
The J Spark
The J Spark 21 minute ago
Didn’t he deal with the deep web and such mhhh interesting
Ren Holt
Ren Holt 21 minute ago
Marshmallow with Teeth
Marshmallow with Teeth 22 minutes ago
Ive been a fan of him since the beginning. Its shocking to think he actually went ahead did it . Rip
Above In Shadow
Above In Shadow 22 minutes ago
Never heard about him.
Travis Lmao
Travis Lmao 22 minutes ago
Why is everyone so triggered about some ads? Jesus christ people are sensitive and stupid
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme 24 minutes ago
I never knew him but it sounds like he wanted to blow up so much on social media that he put on a character that everyone saw and it was the deranged psychotic etika. I think he used it and got so used to it because everyone thought it was funny he decided to fully become that version of himself. Now something's probably caught up to him and he realized all his career was built on a fake version of himself. This led to his death after realizing hes let social media control how he has acted
16bit Classics
16bit Classics 6 minutes ago
Bud he had mental illness simple as that, dont assume what happened, read thr facts out there.
Oak _Erick
Oak _Erick 24 minutes ago
RIP Etika you will be missed
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan 24 minutes ago
Did he shoot himself?
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan 21 minute ago
@IPG he drowned himself? Geese
IPG 23 minutes ago
Matt Ryan drown
Grady Gugin
Grady Gugin 24 minutes ago
Did James Charles even know about Etika before his death
Jesus55 2 minutes ago
James Charles acts like he knows everyone apparently.
softykoala 26 minutes ago
Etika made a really big impact on my life, he filled me with so much motivation. I was really relieved the first time I heard he was receiving mental help. This really hurts and I know I sound stupid. This is really affecting me and I'm sure many many other people are hurting as well. My heart hurts. I hope he is happy with himself now, wherever he is. I, and the whole RUvid community, have so much respect for you, being you Etika. And we thank you for never trying to be someone you're not. We love you, Desmond. I pray to God that Desmond Amofah can rest in peace. I can't stop crying. Please be happy with the whole community you created Desmond. We love you. Rest in Peace, Desmond. 😞❤
The Lost Blade
The Lost Blade 27 minutes ago
Joyconboyz forever
Mauro Cortes
Mauro Cortes 27 minutes ago
R. I. P
Colma B
Colma B 27 minutes ago
Mike Sully
Mike Sully 28 minutes ago
Rip brave soul.
RexIsPro 29 minutes ago
I made a video about his song he wanted played at his funeral sign the petition in the videos description
Cycls 29 minutes ago
I will miss him Rest In Peace
HYPEBOII22 30 minutes ago
whos etika?
Jesus55 Minute ago
He is on the video
Melo O Town
Melo O Town 30 minutes ago
If they told you to jump off a bridge would you do it RIP etika
Ozul Drakul
Ozul Drakul 30 minutes ago
His name is Daniel .
JP Noman
JP Noman 33 minutes ago
RUvid isn't the same anymore. What happened to uploading videos for fun? Now its just another platform on whether your life depends on it or not by the stress of society. Etika was pressured by society. He wanted to express himself freely through his over the top reactions and everything. Yet people did not really understand him fully. Now we must accept for what RUvid and society has put on him. Thank you Etika, please forgive this world that u onced lived in. We are sorry if you thought that everything that you did was your fault. May you play smash bros in the heavens.
Baek Softly
Baek Softly 32 minutes ago
Aqua. 35 minutes ago
I’m really going to miss Etika, I remember having a blast watching his streams
Nurs Animation
Nurs Animation 36 minutes ago
But... Jojo... Man why
Megalone123 36 minutes ago
I.........i still cant believe hes gone, it just doesnt feel real.
Dante Villarreal
Dante Villarreal 36 minutes ago
I miss him
Steven Diaz
Steven Diaz 36 minutes ago
Not to be mean but who the hell is this
fish on
fish on 36 minutes ago
Zerosypher01 37 minutes ago
RIP Etika.
Nina Hresent
Nina Hresent 37 minutes ago
my name is jeff
my name is jeff 39 minutes ago
Who cares about esports
John Doe
John Doe 39 minutes ago
Karma for making false accusations
Thomas 41 minute ago
Never heard of him but rip dude and same goes with anyone else who ended their lives because of depression/illnesses etc.
YoungSandwichM&M MC
YoungSandwichM&M MC 42 minutes ago
a YouTuber
a YouTuber 43 minutes ago
It seemed like yesterday when I was watching etikas reactions to anime and his dark web videos. And now he's gone. R.I.P Etika may he be rembered
RANDY TYSON 43 minutes ago
I don't know why other people like boogie have to be in this
Dariyan E
Dariyan E 43 minutes ago
You guys keep making videos off of him for views even though you guys don't care about him. And to put ads in it. smh. Just leave it alone. PLEASE
Wendi HYD?
Wendi HYD? 44 minutes ago
Alot of idiots mad this video is monetized... When you watch television, there are commercials. The program you watch recieves money from those ads just the same. E News! is a business. It's their job to report on news. We all get money when we do our jobs..
GiantPoogiv12 45 minutes ago
Takiowns Poker
Takiowns Poker 45 minutes ago
Illuminati confirmed.
Itz Scar
Itz Scar 45 minutes ago
He was such a genuinely nice guy and to out a t such a young age is just depressing.May he rest in peace
The Amazing Kirknator-King of wailing woods
Rest in peace... You will forever be remembered.....
Gustavo Bermudez Izaguirre
All of this happened for the Venus project.
Clay Giesige
Clay Giesige 46 minutes ago
Does anyone else find it very Inappropriate that they deleted his RUvid channel?
Robin Banda
Robin Banda 46 minutes ago
I am in his place rn . It’s tough dealing with it all and just ending it all would be great but my homies and mum would be sad
ELI4S 47 minutes ago
Rest In peace
Tropicat 47 minutes ago
w8 w8 w8 w8 X died june 18 Etika died june 19 hhhmmmmmm?????????????????? Rest in peace x and etika🙏
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 49 minutes ago
R.I.P to young king Etika
Dat Fan Boi!
Dat Fan Boi! 49 minutes ago
This is how many people that will remember Etika 🔽
BurningPillow 49 minutes ago
I don’t know who he is...
Cyanide 49 minutes ago
I was just watching his videos yesterday. That's crazy.
Loligarchy 50 minutes ago
I love the up beat music!
Alexandria Acosta
Alexandria Acosta 50 minutes ago
I don't know who he is but sad he died If you can explain to me who he is please.. I wanna know
Pokesnipegaming 23 minutes ago
Alexandria Acosta a very kind and nice youtuber who streamed and played Nintendo games and probably best known for His reactions and the kind of person he is
AmatsuMikaboshi 51 minute ago
More exploiting dead people for views!!!!
davernrush 51 minute ago
So Uhm what exactly is so wrong with running ads on a video like this? I mean it's sad and all but it's not as if making money off of this is gonna change anything. If you have a problem with the video itself that's one thing but I don't see how ads are gonna change what they're saying. That stupid video Jake/Logan (I can't tell the difference) made on the other hand is a different story. Anyone with common sense could see the insincerity and lack of respect. I mean do news reporters not deserve to be paid for their work on TV? Where do we draw the line? I'm genuinely curious.
trust the government
trust the government 52 minutes ago
Stop giving this guy sympathy lmao, he was a future mass murderer. One less anime-watching closet pedophile/serial killer to worry about.
yousmelllikecereal lol
yousmelllikecereal lol 52 minutes ago
i didn't know Etika, but i'm still heartbroken to hear about his death. Rest in Peace.
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