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Everyone freaking out. I'm a bad sister and when I recorded this I thought was still 13. She is 14. That is why I changed the title lol.
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Comments 80
MINE_CRAFTY 15 hours ago
How many times is she gonna say how old her sister is
Kendra Joy
Kendra Joy 18 hours ago
I love how overprotective she is for her little sister 😂
Valentine Family
Valentine Family 22 hours ago
Cecilia: touches her lip with her finger for 0.00001 seconds Gabby: stuffs whole fist into her mouth
Jaelyn Cruz
Jaelyn Cruz Day ago
Ayden Diaz
Ayden Diaz Day ago
Oh shit the being was scary
Alysa Gustafson
Alysa Gustafson 2 days ago
I cant believe that her sister looks 16 here and she is 17 this year
Laci Prather
Laci Prather 2 days ago
I can see she likes Panic! At the Disco
cakuras 2 days ago
Tik tok is now the thing
FoxFern 2008
FoxFern 2008 2 days ago
When musical.ly was a thing
Audrey Smith
Audrey Smith 3 days ago
Literally me! I will murder anyone who makes fun of my little sisters, but I will slap them and not care.
Sheila Wensil
Sheila Wensil 4 days ago
She must like panic at the disco
Symphony Starlight
GachaXXsunflower 5 days ago
liltay 6 days ago
no one gonna talk about the fact that there is a cross in the back
Eleven 6 days ago
A lot of ‘Panic! At the disco’
Hamilton RBLX
Hamilton RBLX 6 days ago
whassup with her eyebrows? no hate ;-;
Pearle Sings
Pearle Sings 6 days ago
Perks of being an older sister is when your little sister messes up you get to handle it however you seem fit instead of just telling your parents.
Olivia Stratton
Olivia Stratton 6 days ago
K what’s up with all the panic! Love that !!
Aryonna Bair
Aryonna Bair 6 days ago
Who else is rewatching her vids cuz ur bored lmao❤️
krystle Johnston
krystle Johnston 7 days ago
I need idea for Tik Tok bc my sister is 9 and I need 2 make fun of her for being weird and thinking she’s cute and hot what should I do lol Thx for reading this if u have❤️💕💗🌯
krystle Johnston
krystle Johnston 7 days ago
I love ur sister she’s so cool, cute and seems like she’s really nice
RoXi Foley
RoXi Foley 7 days ago
Not hate, but Gabbie said 13 years old but the title say 14
Joseph Nieves
Joseph Nieves 7 days ago
She's currently 17
Cristen Grylish
Cristen Grylish 7 days ago
Syd Animates
Syd Animates 7 days ago
Cecelia be a P!atd fan I stan
Marley Sims
Marley Sims 7 days ago
She said don’t hate on baby sister but she didn’t say don’t hate on me
Athena C
Athena C 8 days ago
Jack Klimsza
Jack Klimsza 9 days ago
what was once called musically moves is now how furries move around
Jack Klimsza
Jack Klimsza 9 days ago
i want to see her sister's reaction to this
Ems honeydreams
Ems honeydreams 9 days ago
3:33 had me dead
LPSScribbles .
LPSScribbles . 10 days ago
Her sister: *hardly touches lip* Gabbie: *fingers mouth*
Elisa Riley
Elisa Riley 11 days ago
bening ajibaskoro
bening ajibaskoro 12 days ago
Gabbie: *intro* Me: oK bOoMeR
Madison Hawkins
Madison Hawkins 12 days ago
She is so cute
Michelle Munoz
Michelle Munoz 12 days ago
Those face expressions tho
Brooke ford445
Brooke ford445 13 days ago
Gabbie's a super overprotective big sister, and honestly, I'm the same way with my baby sister. She made a dick joke once and I almost fainted.
Brooke ford445
Brooke ford445 13 days ago
this should be called "Gabbie being an overprotective big sister for almost 10min"
Kalaya Roberson
Kalaya Roberson 14 days ago
what's it like being a psychopath??
Tessa Bundy Reitzer
It’s so fun to watch people make musicallys the damn mommy one had my dying 😂
Samiksha Natarajan
Samiksha Natarajan 14 days ago
The days TikTok was called musically
Tiana Grant
Tiana Grant 14 days ago
who is watching in 202 i watched this in 2016 to like when gab di some tiktoks there cringe!!
skittles pidgeon
skittles pidgeon 15 days ago
I remember when this was musical.ly and when I had no idea what P!ATD was 😂
Cc stuff
Cc stuff 15 days ago
Low key her sister and I share names like skskskkskskkkskskskks
Hamadan Quasim
Hamadan Quasim 15 days ago
I went to hate her sister just to enrage her. Now i m feeling bad. I dont mean to offend anyone.
Teary Days
Teary Days 15 days ago
Still cringey
jakexes luke
jakexes luke 15 days ago
Your sister old photos looks like the grinch
Darcey life
Darcey life 16 days ago
This is so sad I miss musically and I prefer it
danny devito
danny devito 16 days ago
i miss old gabbie :’(
Tracy Zamot
Tracy Zamot 17 days ago
R.I.P musicly
Super Stuff
Super Stuff 17 days ago
0:55 I agree, but somehow tiktok has more cringe. Also, it’s strange to think about that this is the video that introduced me to musically back when I was ten. I’m now 14. Wow.
Jessica Palmer
Jessica Palmer 19 days ago
ThAt Is UnExCePtAbLe
Silja Weckroth
Silja Weckroth 20 days ago
the way how you always say "baby sister" and she's 14
Christopher Curtis
Christopher Curtis 20 days ago
She’s a fan of patd I can tell
Lauren McCole
Lauren McCole 21 day ago
The tittle says she is 14 instead of 13
Jennifer Turner
Jennifer Turner 21 day ago
Lmao Gabbie you're so angry about this. Honestly though, i chastise my sis too lol
dan howell’s eyelash
*Panic! At The Disco* 1:43 I Wite Sins Not Tragedies - A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out 2:24 Emperor’s New Clothes - Death Of A Bachelor 2:59 There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered, Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet - A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out 3:46 Victorious - Death Of A Bachelor twenty øne piløts 4:37 Tear In My Heart - Blurryface
Bridgett_ Nadeau
Bridgett_ Nadeau 22 days ago
Her sister:blinks Gabbie:blinks 300 times in the span of 2 seconds
springz 22 days ago
Gacha love
Gacha love 22 days ago
TM Creative Direction
The shirt that she is wearing is from Tokyo ghoul.☺
Ellie L
Ellie L 24 days ago
If you’re surprised by 13 year olds 3 years ago, well it’s 2020 now so I would have to say you’d be really disappointed in the yougins nowadays
stephen wyss
stephen wyss 25 days ago
Eh di ediedi STOP
stephen wyss
stephen wyss 25 days ago
Talented hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm
stephen wyss
stephen wyss 25 days ago
Y tho
Smudolini the Great Dragobear
Is she 13 or 14? I am confused....
Abby Nichols
Abby Nichols 25 days ago
Do you mean tiktok
kina jane
kina jane 26 days ago
666K likes dog i aint messing with that shit
Freda Carpitcher
Freda Carpitcher 26 days ago
She put 13
Gia S
Gia S 26 days ago
Little sis: nips a lip Gabby: bites lip off
Chris C
Chris C 27 days ago
I'm your 666 thousandth like. Please notice me.
Malala Abidi 95
Malala Abidi 95 27 days ago
*Who wants to be Gabbie's sister/brother/sibling and get a free iPhone from her every year for Christmas, lol?* Because ME ok maybe not every year, every few, but still
Malala Abidi 95
Malala Abidi 95 27 days ago
*Gabbie is a good sister - you can tell by how warm and patient she is with her siblings and by how protective she is too. She also gave iPhones to all of her siblings every year or every other year or so. She doesn't have to do that. It is really generous of her and really sweet. I wish Gabbie was my sister.
Mysterious wolf fox
I watched this so many times were the likes is like 57k but now it's 666k NOT TODAY SATAN!!!
Zellii Shiness
Zellii Shiness 27 days ago
What a coincidence the likes are “666K”...
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima 28 days ago
fun fact: we all watched this back when she posted it , and now we are watching it cause it was on our recommendation for no reason
Keith Vargas
Keith Vargas 28 days ago
Oh Gabbie Gabbie Gabbie....
KoKo’s World
KoKo’s World 28 days ago
GABBIE is making it sooo drimatic
Wowa Ze Best
Wowa Ze Best 29 days ago
anyone else in 2020 when this is now just memes😂
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga 29 days ago
Her sister is definitely cringing HARD at this video
kim tittle kim tittle
Your doing to much she barely did anything
Nolan Love
Nolan Love Month ago
Her sister is definitely a huge p!atd fan
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