Relationships Destroyed, The Men Vs The Women! - Couples Uno

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Apr 9, 2018




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Comments 80
Manuel Trujillo gaming
Girls says we are underdogs Us::who you asking about
Johnathan Garcia
As you can see, It is Marcel and four seven zero beating there wifes in a game that involes yelling and punishing....beautiful
Ryan Martinec
Ryan Martinec Month ago
Ryan Martinec
Ryan Martinec Month ago
Jackdaripper #it’s will
I’m rootin for the bois! 🤙
Maddax Smith
Maddax Smith 2 months ago
team wrkzero out here
_juuzou. suzuya.x.andrea.guim_
Omg the girls are winning and the guys are losing lol 😂😂
ArcadeoTheLacerator 3 months ago
11:25 - 11:33 *press x to doubt*
Stalker O’ Flame
Stalker O’ Flame 3 months ago
I think it’s so funny to hear Simone to hear screaming with her high pitch British accent, it’s cute
Jaylen Watson
Jaylen Watson 4 months ago
When Marcel said plus 8 repeatedly, did anyone else hear it drift off into him saying pussy or is that me
The Musicmaster107
The Musicmaster107 4 months ago
11:48 14:44
Landon Cary
Landon Cary 5 months ago
14:44 did anyone hear the little girl scream from marcel.
Raul Tabares
Raul Tabares 5 months ago
darkest feather
darkest feather 5 months ago
Round one got cucked
JesterPlayz RBLX
JesterPlayz RBLX 5 months ago
Why do I feel so bad for the girls???
dominick murray
dominick murray 6 months ago
Simone so dam cute 🤦‍♂️😂😂
Austin Schoenenberger
Lol rewatched for like the 8th time y'all should do more if these
Derrick Wren
Derrick Wren 6 months ago
"You can only win with plus 4s" Um did you not just do the same thing with literally all the skips in the deck?
Horváth Ádám Bence
Lesson learned: never doubt women.
LoFi NOVA 6 months ago
Lmfao bro i need to watch yall live one night
LoFi NOVA 6 months ago
Lmgao best one yet
Golden Spartan999
Golden Spartan999 7 months ago
Krisy you got it
MidgetPower120 7 months ago
8:57 Simone had a +4 ...
Patrick Petersen
Patrick Petersen 3 months ago
She probably drew it after getting +4 by Marcel
Zac Doby
Zac Doby 4 months ago
MidgetPower120 I was thinking the same thing
MorooseApollo 7 months ago
At 8:58 she did have a +4 and could have fucked them
sniffles262 7 months ago
This is legit one of my favourite friendships of the crew! 🤣🤣
Dante Anaya
Dante Anaya 8 months ago
10:06 did you just Wow
Chandler Bukowsky
Chandler Bukowsky 8 months ago
Anyone notice Marcel’s girl had a plus four, but didn’t play it 😂😂 got me weak it was around right after 9:00
The Kiddos
The Kiddos 9 months ago
What are the odds the pluck 2 where the same color as there last card 13:03
Ꮢ ꂅ ᕱ Ꮅ ꂅ Ꮢ
Antraeon Rintokken
Antraeon Rintokken 9 months ago
It's fine if he sleeps on the couch. It's much better than sleeping with a sore loser anyways. ;)
Ladies I would like to say that I on the guys side
Sir Aeslava25
Sir Aeslava25 9 months ago
There is nothing more terrifying than "simone, are you ready?"
Jason T. Brown
Jason T. Brown 9 months ago
RUN IT. BACK. -Marcel
BlackRose _3282
BlackRose _3282 9 months ago
Who's watching this video in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, etc? Scott:"Let's go daddy"
Noah Klein
Noah Klein 10 months ago
Thanks boys for showing that MEN ARE SUPERIOR TO WOMEN
Duck Hunt Dog
Duck Hunt Dog 10 months ago
14:42 LOL, Marcel Screaming In The Background
Frostygamer76 10 months ago
I rootin for Marcel and scotty
?? 10 months ago
Is the only insult the girls can come up with is Dick a dick
drama julius
drama julius 10 months ago
Boys are better
Annie Panda
Annie Panda 10 months ago
Uno went from " Oh hey let's play a fun card game" to " Babe, please don't keep all the blankets, the couch is cold". 1 like= 1 blanket for them two
Devan Farrell
Devan Farrell 10 months ago
Does marcel smoke crack? His name is “basically I do WORK”??🤔🤔
Biggie Cheese
Biggie Cheese 10 months ago
I can’t tell if básicos girl has a British or American like its both
SKABOOPIDY 10 months ago
They aint' messin' around
[R3KT] TeamUp17
[R3KT] TeamUp17 10 months ago
Anyone else heard that laugh at 4:01 ? 😂🤣
Positively Vibes
Positively Vibes 10 months ago
Proof dudes are better than girle
AlphaOJ 10 months ago
Simone's screams of anger are just soo cutee xdd and same with Marcel. You guys are just perfect fr each otherr 💘💘
Wolfslayer Gaming
Wolfslayer Gaming 10 months ago
You poor girls you deserve to win
Kannonball 11 months ago
14:00 Says the man who won THREE GAMES IN A ROW on a Draw Four Wild, you are the last person who gets to say that.
gamer boy
gamer boy 11 months ago
2019 being bored?
Mohammad Riazi
Mohammad Riazi 11 months ago
You are the Andre dog Everyman like you
Adnan Hussain
Adnan Hussain 11 months ago
Tre' Runyon
Tre' Runyon 11 months ago
This came out on my birthday! I don’t even think I realized that last year. Thanks for the amazing birthday gift Marcel!!!
The lady were worse than jack and tim
That One Demon
Been a year and I still am watching this. Simone is freaking adorable.
Just Some guy with a beard
will not lie I thought it was marcel and ben 10
the awesomeyoutuber 908
Best teamwork I’ve ever seen in uno 2v2
BlaZe Ghoul
BlaZe Ghoul Year ago
Let’s go marcel
Taylor Dinius
Taylor Dinius Year ago
13:55 everyone gets lucky in a whore house
gaming with dan
Go Simxne and fissy09 go underdogs!
Griffin Door
Griffin Door Year ago
I wasn’t rooting for ur gf’s
Chillby Year ago
U n c o m f o r t a b l e
Sergej M.
Sergej M. Year ago
LETS GO MARCEL !!!!!!!!!!
Stop Global Warming
6:30 it is nogla when he draws a lot of cards
Roc Roc
Roc Roc Year ago
A funny moment for me 14:40
Coretta King
Coretta King Year ago
Yall better get a good spot on the couch. Yall sleeping there TO NIGHT BOI
Blue Toad Gaming
"We're the underdogs. No one will root for you." Let's go Marcel, let's go.
Anonjoe oof
Anonjoe oof Year ago
11 the percent my phone is on
AdeptKing Year ago
Man these guys must have nice relationships if they can talk to each other like that.
Daniel Keller
Daniel Keller Year ago
Uno couples fighting causes uno relationships if you're not careful.😅
Dionne Rodriguez
lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo baby
alex bolton
alex bolton Year ago
The superior race. The alpha males
Xavier Mccray
Xavier Mccray Year ago
2019 anyone
J S Year ago
Marcel screaming in the background is great
Excitedtree 4293
Brian Harvey
Brian Harvey Year ago
We care for them not you women go suck one
ToXiC_ MeMeS
ToXiC_ MeMeS Year ago
Use wild for last
Jared Peko
Jared Peko Year ago
Scott sleeping outside marcel and while Scott and marcel outside the girls think why there the underdogs when really marcel and Scott the underdogs
shinyfreddy games
Wow I always knew women were assholes take their girlfriends for example
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan Year ago
10:58 Sorry Simone
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