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Original song by New Creation Worship
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I call upon Your name
You delivered me from harm
In the shadow of Your wings
No fear comes
I turn to You alone
Jesus, You’re my guiding light
In the presence of Your love
I will abide
No matter what the storm
You command the surging seas
At Your word there is a calm and a peace
Forever in Your heart
I can never fall away
For Your faithful love endures age to age
For I say out loud
You are my strong tower
You will rescue me, Yahweh
I will not grow faint but my heart grows stronger
As I choose to seek Your face
I run to You, my refuge
For You are on my side
Hosanna, hosanna!
God arise!
CCLI: 7036235
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Aug 31, 2015




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Comments 80
Christine Tay
Christine Tay 25 days ago
Kyrshan Nongrum
Kyrshan Nongrum Month ago
May God bless each and every one of all to those who have faith and trust from the inside heart.God may bless you always.
Dr. Nick
Dr. Nick Month ago
Leo Jansen
Leo Jansen 2 months ago
Reshma Pradhan
Reshma Pradhan 2 months ago
I used to listened this song so much and today I've found again
Pearl Mary Samuel
Pearl Mary Samuel 2 months ago
Jesus truly you are our REFUGE
itzme Gwen
itzme Gwen 2 months ago
I can imagine how beautiful worshio is in heaven...the presence of God is so thick especially in the middle part whete only the instrument is being played
robert mochary
robert mochary 2 months ago
Beautiful songs!!!!you guys doing great job!
Esther Dass
Esther Dass 2 months ago
I love my Jesus because God is my refuge and he is my strong tower on my life😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Dharini de Mel
Dharini de Mel 2 months ago
First time I’m listening to your worship although I listen regularly to Pastor Joseph’s sharing the word of God. Such an anointed man of God. Singing is also so anointed. Thank you Lord!
New wine Lk
New wine Lk 2 months ago
Wow! Blessed people.
samjinliew 3 months ago
Ruffa Malali
Ruffa Malali 3 months ago
Thank you Jesus for everything you will always be in heart forever 🙏❤️
Timothy McGeever
Timothy McGeever 3 months ago
The last time I was in SE Asia for a week in Singapore seeing my sister who lived there for a year and a half, this song was the anthem of that trip and stuck with me! It moves me everytime, a beauty
Donna Taylor
Donna Taylor 4 months ago
Wow thank you Jesus 🙏
Haroldo Da Silva Carvalho
muito bom Haroldo do brasil
Vern fern
Vern fern 5 months ago
bosom ministries
bosom ministries 5 months ago
My Strong Tower💯😃👏
Gospel Music
Gospel Music 6 months ago
I'm an ex Muslim JESUS saved me from Hell now we preaching the Gospel
Esther Becky Twinniez
Why on earth is this song not 20M views????
Pradip Basumatari
Pradip Basumatari 7 months ago
Whenever we listen to your songs we feel the presents of Jesus .Praise be the name of the Lord Jesus.May God bless you.
pkrbh krbh
pkrbh krbh 7 months ago
Sing praise him forever
Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds 7 months ago
Denis R.
Denis R. 7 months ago
It is good to see so many people worshiping FATHER GOD. GOD Bless everyone.
Santos Librado
Santos Librado 7 months ago
Phil 8 months ago
So beautiful worship
Marcus Mattie
Marcus Mattie 8 months ago
So blessed church, more blessing I pray.
Tina Kaul
Tina Kaul 8 months ago
Thanks Father for Jesus
Gospel Song Lover
Gospel Song Lover 10 months ago
kneel before God, worship Him in spirit and in truth!!!
Church of Dallas Glory
Beautiful woow I love jesus
Sem Year ago
Mahima Nissi
Mahima Nissi Year ago
Will be in tears whenevr I listen to this song
Mahima Nissi
Mahima Nissi Year ago
My all time favorite
Memory Munkunka
This is so so powerful I wish to worship with you in this beautiful atmosphere you have made my night and I wish to know you name my sister in Christ, during day time I was tempered a man was making to look like am a full because am not married but because this wonderful worshiping am blessed my God is my refuge
Carmen Arispe
Carmen Arispe Year ago
Beautiful song...Thank you Jesus...🙏❤
Memory Munkunka
My dear worshippers thank you for beautiful, powerful and great singing you moved my all been I wish if you I'll have this moment like this again i will join you so that I can worship with you in a such atmosphere God you are my refuge by creation church
Lamont Hicks
Lamont Hicks Year ago
Wow what city is this church in?
Ng Khai Heng
Ng Khai Heng 9 months ago
priscilla ng
priscilla ng Year ago
Isreal Surong7
Maria De Lourdes Ribeiro De Souza
O Senhor Jesus seje magníficado.
Adekunle Adebayo
Anointed worship. Super blessed! Thank You, Jesus!
Josh abraham Zechariah
Where is located this church?
Ng Khai Heng
Ng Khai Heng 9 months ago
Amandeep Ekka
Amandeep Ekka Year ago
I blessed ... Amazing worship ...
James Hughes
James Hughes Year ago
Love the anointing that New Creation church has it’s a testament to the anointing that the pastor has brought.
sonia johnson
sonia johnson Year ago
Beautiful song
김은지 Year ago
Elijah Tama
Elijah Tama Year ago
You guy's awesome
Eugene Year ago
Wow!First time watching you guys and it's just awesome. I like the spaces in between the songs,allows people to reflect on the words and worship.Perfect👌
VR Inks
VR Inks 8 months ago
Eugene god bless in the name with my father in Heaven the heaven is already done in the name of my father Amen
TeamHef-zibah Year ago
Memory Munkunka
Too powerful, Lord Jesus I am seeking to see your face and your Glory as mose saw your Glory and your power in Jesus name I cry with my loud voice calling upon your Holly Name Jesus i am in the desert I need you more and more in my life and want more Grace amen
In NCC, can really see everyone is in oneness focusing on worshipping our Jesus with so much gusto
Haven Alipao
Haven Alipao Year ago
Praise theLord to the king of all the earth. ..hallelujah to the king until the end. .
Lisiandre Nogueira
Lindíssimo louvor
Janice Reck
Janice Reck Year ago
Absolutely awesome! I've been posting Psalms on my "One Foot in Heaven" book Facebook page and I look for inspirational photos or videos to pair them with and I love this to pair with Psalm 11. Beautiful!
marco monterey
Maravilhoso nosso Deus
jorqueam Christ
praise God...this is my favorite song...thank you Lord you are my true refuge
Àmý BD
Àmý BD Year ago
Beautiful song 😊
Robert 2 years ago
Refuge, beautiful voice well sang GOD bless you all 🙏🥝
gian tria
gian tria 2 years ago
still watching this video. nice Jermaine Leong 😇
John Mahugu
John Mahugu 2 years ago
awesome :)
Dehomely Jr. 46
Dehomely Jr. 46 2 years ago
Jermaine, Keep singing Sister and don't stop. I need more of this and all of us need more worship music like this. Please come to Omaha, Nebraska.
Annick Mathé
Annick Mathé 2 years ago
I tried a rendition in french......
Shineson Gerald
Shineson Gerald 2 years ago
my god ,my god ,is this church or heaven in earth ,god bless pastor prince
Ryan Mayer
Ryan Mayer 2 years ago
years ago i was very sick but then jesus came to heal me from my sickness and i was healed
andrew tungsk
andrew tungsk 2 years ago
Hallelujah . God bless New Creation Worship with signs and wonders as we listen.
Robert 2 years ago
Sweeter than wine, a beautiful worship song, now go to Ephesians 6:10 and put on,. The full armour of God, if you all ready read it before, read it again. You'll never loose sight of who you are in this lost world. Be strong my Brothers and Sisters.
Teona Anoet
Teona Anoet 2 years ago
Nachyra Smith
Nachyra Smith 2 years ago
What a lovely song.
Rama Lina
Rama Lina 2 years ago
We did a cover for this song in arabic 😍😍 it'll be great if you check it out ruvid.net/video/video-6QzkX3LjXjs.html
Solomon Gilmore
Solomon Gilmore 2 years ago
Glorious worship in spirit and truth
Angel 2 years ago
Excellent. thank you ABBA FATHER
Paul Zau Ja Mun
Paul Zau Ja Mun 2 years ago
Amen The Lord is my refuge
Rama Lina
Rama Lina 2 years ago
We did a cover for this song in arabic 😍😍 we love you so much 😍😍 ruvid.net/video/video-6QzkX3LjXjs.html
Thuch Akol
Thuch Akol 2 years ago
Amen Amen Amen Lord Jesus is my Refuge!
ChrisChannelTV 2 years ago
Jewel_ Braelynn
Jewel_ Braelynn 2 years ago
No matter what wrong you have done or you are weary and broken - Turn back and RUN towards god.For he is LOVING and He will embrace you again.
Terra Research
Terra Research 2 years ago
Bless the lord !
WAR EAGLE 2 years ago
David Camarillo
David Camarillo 2 years ago
everytime i listen to this song i am strengthened in my faith, spirit, and soul!
bacon macon
bacon macon 2 years ago
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