Redstone Academy - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 15

Alan Becker
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Yellow teaches everything he knows about Redstone, then challenges the others to make the most ridiculous contraption they possibly can.
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Feb 15, 2020




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Comments 60
Xheza Tepelene
Xheza Tepelene 9 hours ago
3:17 This takes me back... Did you get AaronGrooves again,or whatever his name was?
{youtube vids by Brii UwU}
the ending tho XD
MLR 17 hours ago
Can someone please tell me why the levers are moving by themselves?!
AB Chess TV
AB Chess TV 17 hours ago
green x blue = mint
Rafael Akivaev
Rafael Akivaev 19 hours ago
I cant even make a Good redstone thingy
hannah devin2606
hannah devin2606 21 hour ago
C, v
hannah devin2606
hannah devin2606 21 hour ago
Aria Febrian
Aria Febrian 22 hours ago
yellow stickfigure is sethbling
Creative destruction Bro
Due Bear
Due Bear Day ago
I like how orange and green are fighting
Dylan Chicholeto
Yellow Stick Figure just taught me more stuff than school did.
Julian Ellis
Julian Ellis Day ago
CyVriX Day ago
Why is Yellow so bossy?
joseph nguyen
The orange gut in the video the head is a circle
THE WOLF Day ago
هل هناك عربي هنا
Olivegamer Day ago
Every Minecraft noob: how does a chest use redstone? Pros: LeT mE tElL u
serdar efe
serdar efe Day ago
Yo Soy Alex
Yo Soy Alex Day ago
Con esto aprendo mas que en la escuela xD
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Azriel Jouval
3:44 Tetris
Silvia Lima De Paula
I think the yellow the most inteliggent
Edrose Flores
how did yo do that
hakim halid
hakim halid Day ago
Life of engineering student
John Nicco Calicdan
5:28 the green guy is playing minecraft
Antonio Otter
Antonio Otter 2 days ago
Make a new friends of the video
Coosa CC Tennis
Coosa CC Tennis 2 days ago
Jenny Gao
Jenny Gao 2 days ago
Great for redstone noobs
EthanGamesVH 237
EthanGamesVH 237 2 days ago
Can you show us what they wrote in their. Books?
Lucien Sankou
Lucien Sankou 2 days ago
5:27 Green: So I made Minecraft -in- with Minecraft Fundy: *Furiously taking notes*
Ayaan Alam shaik
Ayaan Alam shaik 2 days ago
Mumbo Jumbo: Is the best Redstone genius builder. Yellow: Finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.
Anson Chen
Anson Chen 2 days ago
Why does blue love awkward potions (netherwart soup) so much
Frans Nainggolan
Frans Nainggolan 2 days ago
.......Whoa so cool........
Emine Yıldız
Emine Yıldız 2 days ago
please come a new hungarian section
Punkleton _Gamer
Punkleton _Gamer 2 days ago
The pig was the best cause is impossible to make what red and green maked
DAH WORST GAMER 2 days ago
Who else is Watching in 2020 👇
Lauro Batista
Lauro Batista 2 days ago
Jjjyty5 Jbhbhvhvvjjbjhuv
TÝPEK . . .
TÝPEK . . . 2 days ago
That intro😂😂 my whole life
Ghibranz PB
Ghibranz PB 2 days ago
It really helps me tho, thanks
I learned alot about redstone just watching this video
Andrew Calunod
Andrew Calunod 3 days ago
Dxxxx is my day to go home and get some rest I will be sure I’ll get to talk later I’ll get to go Gggggg
Alansar Trignot
Alansar Trignot 3 days ago
Nobody: Children in the night of Christmas: 2:40
Khalid Bahafid
Khalid Bahafid 3 days ago
لا سبأ بستلشتقشفنش
Smooms 3 days ago
Blue should've gotten the trophy because his is the only one that works in normal minecraft
Gril drago
Gril drago 3 days ago
Despite being the most troublesome because of his curiosity He is quite impressive at teaching
Hannah Girlish
Hannah Girlish 3 days ago
A Winner is Red
Azriel Jouval
Azriel Jouval 3 days ago
Orange: here take this Green: No its yours Orange: JUST TAKE IT! Green: ok Orange: Stupid. It was a bomb.
Jo Seph
Jo Seph 2 days ago
can be original instead of copy and pasting one of the top liked comments next time
Taliyah Sok
Taliyah Sok 3 days ago
6:20 that’s funny
petr posekaný
petr posekaný 3 days ago
TETRIS !!!!!!!!!!
For ranger
For ranger 3 days ago
Everyone: *learns something about redstone* YAAY!! Yellow: *W R I T E T H A T D O W N*
6:18 that killed mee
NAG 3 days ago
Stickfigures are genius
hlhlh lhlhl
hlhlh lhlhl 4 days ago
One of the few teachers in common media that reflect how actual teachers feel internally
DarkZAL3X12 4 days ago
3:11 regresa a la parte 5 para entender la cancion XD
陈明汾 4 days ago
I love stick man!
Sen The Man
Sen The Man 4 days ago
3:12 same song from the note block vid.
Deanna Foix
Deanna Foix 4 days ago
You should do it every week
Oscar H
Oscar H 4 days ago
All: fighting to get out and start building
bunny bunny
bunny bunny 4 days ago
And. Alien can I make an image I and you pls I love you alen you are a pro you have 11M subscribe wow you can make every animation
bunny bunny
bunny bunny 4 days ago
We love you alen you are a great boy
이시온 4 days ago
영상 잘보고 있습니다
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