Redstone Academy - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 15

Alan Becker
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Yellow teaches everything he knows about Redstone, then challenges the others to make the most ridiculous contraption they possibly can.
I made an online course! ► www.bloopanimation.com/alan
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Dosepo игры
Я 1 русский
sekar taro tawakal
sekar taro tawakal 3 hours ago
Suhendra Tulanyo
Suhendra Tulanyo 4 hours ago
Orange orange
Татьяна Хам
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Татьяна Зернова
Татьяна Зернова
Jeffrey Mariano
Jeffrey Mariano 6 hours ago
Jeffrey Mariano
Jeffrey Mariano 6 hours ago
Gdcsbr mb m mm N yr.v.jrx.. m vymm nhvum.uch . M ..
Hong zhe stickfigure
Stickfigures can do better redstone than me
초코별 9 hours ago
Miguel Godoy
Miguel Godoy 10 hours ago
like si ablas español
Galaxy Memes
Galaxy Memes 10 hours ago
Lol at the end 😂😂😂
Myrna Taylor
Myrna Taylor 12 hours ago
Why is yellow the teacher?
The KillerCow
The KillerCow 16 hours ago
That reminds me of my time at school Still hate Bool to this day
Катя Косинцева
Классно офегеть
original- just a old school thing og 2- same just a sequel og-3 another sequel og iv YEP THE REAL ORGIN the virus-OH NO THIS IS GETTING SERIOUS minecraft vs animation- The movie animantion vs minecraft- tv show- survival season 2-more sponsers;-; season 3-nothing=D NOthin-JUST Nthing
3:14 yup "VIRUS" is spreading from season 1 to season 2 :/ stay home
커비꿀잼 유튜브 Kirbisfun YT
At 2:58 if you make it 2x faster you hear megalovania
Aliza Peries
Aliza Peries Day ago
can you make a nature academy?
Šoka Black blue red Yollw geen lsosao
czanduZ_ !
czanduZ_ ! Day ago
Wojan niebieski a palion zielony
czanduZ_ !
czanduZ_ ! Day ago
A teraz widzowie z polski matruner Zółty
Jacob Dane
Jacob Dane Day ago
Teacher yello look to red green orangs woe blue and red i
Jacob Dane
Jacob Dane Day ago
Heyhey sticksman si buetifuel
Killerbee47 Day ago
*Dies of fall damage*
Karen TheMiniKitKat
This actually helped me because I am not a good red stone user
Hafis Aulia
Hafis Aulia Day ago
Prosesor Intel dan AMD yang paling penting adalah bahwa kamu tidak akan pernah bisa menang
Cris Hidalgo
Cris Hidalgo Day ago
Coool pero por que con cosa de minecraft por que esta vacano
Kimberley Moore
Green made a Minecraft vr I have one to like if you have one to
Alejandro. maxista Burgos
Jajajaja😹😹😹😹 separese. La escuela
Alejandro. maxista Burgos
Jajaja. Xd
Susan Bromley
this is made in pivot
Egedeniz Avsindirin
green:music academy orange:fight academy red:herobirine academy blue:spell or garden academy yellow:redstone acadmy
Thien Bao Doan Le
Milla Mahone
Milla Mahone 2 days ago
Joshua Eisenbart
Joshua Eisenbart 2 days ago
Blue's problem: no way to replant the netherwort Orange's and Green's problems: no way to do that without command blocks, and absolutely useless. Red's problem: a pig that wants to get dirty. He solved the problem. That is why he won.
D Nさんだよ
D Nさんだよ 2 days ago
Is this school?
vas 2410
vas 2410 2 days ago
a channel is stealing your videos give a like beacose alan need see that the chanel is "stickman game"
vas 2410
vas 2410 2 days ago
a channel is stealing your videos
Little Dude
Little Dude 2 days ago
*Mumbo Jumbo:* are u challenging me?
Shao Qi Neo
Shao Qi Neo 2 days ago
5:57 You could say that the fact red won is a load of hogwash
Hanz M
Hanz M 7 hours ago
Jonathan Conklin
Jonathan Conklin 2 days ago
Jonathan Conklin
Jonathan Conklin 2 days ago
i love it
KN Park
KN Park 2 days ago
They should have won if they had run Doom on redstone.
만들기민규 2 days ago
Real Talk
Real Talk 2 days ago
You are actually really helped me with the logic gates part . I finally knew how to do it thanks.
송태희 3 days ago
^^ ㅣ발 배댓들이 영어라서 못알아 처먹겠네^^젠장~^^
·M I Z U M I·
·M I Z U M I· 3 days ago
Lmgamer mese
Lmgamer mese 3 days ago
Wait. Alan now uses 1.14 textures.
naitou yoshinori
naitou yoshinori 3 days ago
Mirella Martinez Pino
Like si lo supiste por juegagerman
Hyper Tails the fox
no pongas comentarios en español en un video ingles, los hace ver estupídos
Renata Bernardes
Renata Bernardes 3 days ago
Dominic Alvarez
Dominic Alvarez 3 days ago
Wojtek Poroniewicz
No U
No U 3 days ago
y i think yellow is mumbo jumbo lmao
Catalina Del castillo
Catalina Del castillo
reans kids flower
Smart the yellow
reans kids flower
Big brain wow
Summer Elizabeth
Summer Elizabeth 3 days ago
can't believe I am now a member!!!!!!!!!
FoxyYT 3 days ago
3:13 i recognize that tune...
Ozzie Flanery
Ozzie Flanery 3 days ago
0:05 Yellow: Apple, NOM YEET smacc desk
ZeldaFan 4 days ago
epic video! And i love that you found the 1 wide 3x3 piston door, which perfectly fits the video as its basically 2 dimensional, but the only complaint is that you didnt provide us with a link to the 3x3 piston door, nir did you credit the person who designed it, which wouldnt be too bad, but then people may think that you designed the 1 wide 3x3 which you did not, not hating, but please credit the person who made it :) Because he definetly deserves it!
Simo 4 days ago
Alan, will there ever be an Animator vs Animation 5? I NEED IT.
jolanda Smit
jolanda Smit 4 days ago
Im not so good at redstone only if de redstone is with nothe blocks
Doge Boi
Doge Boi 4 days ago
0:59 *Top ten saddest anime deaths:*
creeper gamer 43
creeper gamer 43 4 days ago
6:30 , 6:35 that hilarious prank tho!! 😂😂😂😂😂
elnub xd
elnub xd 4 days ago
subscribe to my channel please help me grow
Ms edits
Ms edits 4 days ago
Algum br?
unusual freak
unusual freak 4 days ago
0:00 the most childish ones (red and green) are just well...sitting like that while orange and blue are kinda more chill basically... Red: innocent cinnamon roll (just make sure he doesnt get possesed) Green: basically an angry kitten (just make sure to not mess with his builds) Blue: the trusting comforting type (just make sure to not mess with his fam) Yellow: the smart boi (just make sure to not give him command blocks) Orange: the leader that has alot to learn (just dont mess with his fam) And i like how orange would have to deal with green and blue with red
Ayrissia Buckley
Ayrissia Buckley 2 days ago
Red didn’t get possessed
Hyper Tails the fox
you know that Orange is called The Second Coming, right?
Rafael Lovatto
Rafael Lovatto 4 days ago
Orange is a very troll
Nurul Nurul
Nurul Nurul 4 days ago
Greenland and daiman
Jasmine Kinara
Jasmine Kinara 5 days ago
Bagus sekali filambya aku like ok
Son Tran
Son Tran 5 days ago
you can red
Leticia Aguiar Meugniot
Good job i like it so much
John Meehan
John Meehan 5 days ago
Pig: walks through mud and gets soggy Yellow: walks through mud Me: why didn't yellow get soggy?
Hyper Tails the fox
the pig jumped yellow just walked
John Meehan
John Meehan 5 days ago
Battle of the century: MumboJumbo vs Yellow
Blue Zero Libra Pizza
Nice job, red!
Dante Lave
Dante Lave 5 days ago
I think we can all agree green is the most talented
Gideon O'Leary
Gideon O'Leary 5 days ago
aNiMaTiOn vS. tErraRiA
xxluchielpro 5 days ago
soy el uinico que se dio cuenta que en el minuto 6:36 el mecanimo hace que el cerdo baje y al final ahi un cactus con una tolva abajo
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