Redmi Note 8 - WHAT DID THEY DO!

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The Redmi Note 8 is the successor to the wildly successful redmi note 7. It is affordable, has great specs just like its predecessor. The Redmi Note 8 has a snapdragon 665 processor, 4000mAh battery, 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM
The Redmi Note 8 is available at Xundd Philippines

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Sep 26, 2019




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Comments 80
Ethan Denis
Ethan Denis 2 days ago
Jesus that camera is depressing
Owl Province
Owl Province 10 days ago
Sya din ata sa unbox diaries. Duh
Redentor Prudente
Redentor Prudente 23 days ago
unbox diaries... wooohoo
Mexie Jill Yee
Mexie Jill Yee 25 days ago
Ikaw yung sa unbox diaries right?
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos 27 days ago
Si vince yan
Gaughan Month ago
2:55 every iphone is like this lmao
JohnPaul Barrios
Redmi note 8 or redmi note 9 Please i need help
Peter Nyash
Peter Nyash Month ago
the camerasssss
Alexander Alonzo
Alexander Alonzo 2 months ago
Mayroon na bang HFR sa Mobile Legends??
HAZE 2 months ago
Realme 5 vs Redmi Note 8 ? Which one is the best?
How come this is only ₱7,290 for the 4gb/64gb variant? In Xiaomi stores both physical & online (Lazada & Shopee) its ₱8,490?
Bullet express
Bullet express 2 months ago
Idol kuya beans
_T Marian
_T Marian 2 months ago
What difference does the Pro have with the normal version?
Ikaw si unbox diaries
Bint-e-Adam 2 months ago
I want to know something important. I bought redmi note 8 6gb 128gb. It's not showing branding below the screen. Is it normal?
every thing
every thing 2 months ago
Redmi note 8 is trash the gpu doesn't work for me
Krisman B
Krisman B 2 months ago
Dangly Balls
Dangly Balls 3 months ago
Should I upgrade from my iPhone 8 Plus to this
PUBG PANIS 3 months ago
Boss , sama mo naman gyroscope sa PUBG ! Kung malaki ba ang delay '
baekhyunie yesungie
baekhyunie yesungie 3 months ago
can you dont fucking do THIS! I use this phone and it is fucking good,not like what you fucking say! Bitch!
janssen pacaonces
janssen pacaonces 3 months ago
does it come with a fast charger...?
Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon 3 months ago
How was its earpiece sound? Good enough?
rareads 3 months ago
Annoying cuts after every 2 words and a badly distorted mic
rareads 3 months ago
Annoying cuts after every 2 words and a badly distorted mic
Lico5512 3 months ago
Needed to know if it was nano SIM, THANKS
Amin Gurung
Amin Gurung 3 months ago
Never buy
TechRoot 2.0
TechRoot 2.0 3 months ago
I have to this .. in sri lanka, redmi note 7 is expensive than the redmi note 8. BUT WHEN RELISED
Shahriar Tasnim
Shahriar Tasnim 4 months ago
You can do it at your home,while chilling,while in a party XNXX, Your Best Place To Earn Easy Money.
Syeda Maha
Syeda Maha 4 months ago
Buht mota ha weight byht hau
Arafat Irlandez Panda
Sadly Mobile legends No HFR In xiaomi Note 8😞
Arafat Irlandez Panda
ah ok thanks❤️ I buy that Note 8
IRFANz GD 4 months ago
What!? I'm using redmi s2 and I have hfr
Cosmic purple X Budo
I have the gorgeous redmi note 8 cosmic purple (limited edition) 6gb ram and 128 gb rom
Cosmic purple X Budo
😂 redmi note 8 is killin it
HoC 4 months ago
my redmi note 7 can only go medium graphics and high fr in COD mobile however this one can go to high and max. I wouldn't say that's not a significant upgrade. unless you're a hater.
HoC 4 months ago
it has one significant upgrade though , from adreno 512 to adreno 610 correct me if I"m wrong. but that gpu upgrade matters.
Charlotte Yee
Charlotte Yee 4 months ago
Watching this with my redmi note 8 ghed. My phone is so proud hahahaha
Norelbis Ibañez
Norelbis Ibañez 4 months ago
Yadigar Amirov
Yadigar Amirov 4 months ago
İnternet olmadan video zəng vurma ozelliyi varmi
Shriti sharma
Shriti sharma 4 months ago
My cell is accumulating dust inside the rear camera lens. If anyone else is also facing the same?
JERIC VLOG 5 months ago
Redmi baka naman😁😁😁 Redmi 6a user here Small blogger here #xiaomi #redmi
Dean Dizon
Dean Dizon 5 months ago
he is reviewing phone not comparing shizz
Dean Dizon
Dean Dizon 5 months ago
bias review of all time
the bubulibo
the bubulibo 5 months ago
This guy ruined my brain!!!!
CodenameMimic 5 months ago
redmi note 8 vs xiaomi mi a3? please im having a tough time to decide because of their specs
Neil jemaica Alhambra
Hahhaa ikaw. Ba yung kayy unbox diaries yung c vince hahaha😂😂😂
M E H 5 months ago
Exlixir's second channel
your audio is peaking so much
Austin Ndy
Austin Ndy 5 months ago
The camera is trash. I can attest to that
Amitai Lavi
Amitai Lavi 5 months ago
when someone complains about below 60fps preformence but youre a consol player: the future is now old man
Vinz Obnimaga
Vinz Obnimaga 5 months ago
Your accent really bothers me
Barry Webber
Barry Webber 5 months ago
Xiaomi's budget Redmi phones offer excellent value for money performance, they seldom fail to impress.
shahin 5 months ago
Hey snapdragon 666. Great it is a satanic phone! I'm sorry 665.
ronnie rodriguez
ronnie rodriguez 5 months ago
di kalang marunong magpic
samkhara 100
samkhara 100 5 months ago
I have this phone
Jacob Mendoza
Jacob Mendoza 5 months ago
Fake redmi
Tuna • 2 decades ago
"Let the unboxing begin!" *NO!*
sajal ali
sajal ali 5 months ago
What about ear phones
fara ben
fara ben 5 months ago
Unboxing hands ....not phone !
OMAR F. 5 months ago
Its trash dont buy it, I have it.
chad fredeluces
chad fredeluces 5 months ago
Xiaomi is the best!! Idol loveyou haha! Sana manalo redmi note 10 huhu Thankyou LordGod ❤ #UNBOXINGDIARIESGIVEAWAYS #XUNDDPHILIPPINES
chad fredeluces
chad fredeluces 5 months ago
Xiaomi is the best!! Idol loveyou haha! Sana manalo redmi note 10 huhu Thankyou LordGod ❤ #UNBOXINGDIARIESGIVEAWAYS #XUNDDPHILIPPINES
ItsT4ti 6 months ago
Watching this on my redmi note 8 , best phone ever
Ruben Oliveira
Ruben Oliveira 2 months ago
@Israel Gonzalez AnTuTu
Israel Gonzalez
Israel Gonzalez 2 months ago
Where can i check if my redmi is origi nal and not a fake?
Ruben Oliveira
Ruben Oliveira 3 months ago
Ramzil 6 months ago
Meron po ba nyan sa tutuban robinson?
Ezekiel Nual
Ezekiel Nual 6 months ago
english version of unbox diaries
Le DexYT
Le DexYT 6 months ago
no earphone ...
Thandani Mugadza
Thandani Mugadza 6 months ago
You are garbage
P 0 T A T O
P 0 T A T O 6 months ago
Ok po ba sya pang ml pag naka max settings no frame drops?
Sladgi 6 months ago
How did you unlock hdr and extreme fps? Answer pls.
Sladgi 6 months ago
@Brian is it okay to use gfx tool?
Brian 6 months ago
Sladgi he was using gfx tool my guy
Kevin Delos Reyes
Kevin Delos Reyes 6 months ago
Unboxing Diaries na pinatanga.
Axcell Epan
Axcell Epan 6 months ago
Saan po pweding makabili nyan??
Noli sobremesana
Noli sobremesana 6 months ago
Meron ba d2 sa bacolod city gusto ko itong e regalo by using home credit. #unboxdiaries #unboxdiariesgiveaways
Chernobyl Fighters
Chernobyl Fighters 6 months ago
Well, I did buy the redmi 8t and the eis is working flawlessly after an ota update. I have no complains with it whatsoever and bought it on Black Friday for the same price as the same configuration redmi note 7. I feel like I made a good choice :)
Ismail Sellami ismail
Ok that's the cenclotions
Keval Shah
Keval Shah 6 months ago
How in the world does this look like an iPhone?????????
nanda kumara
nanda kumara 6 months ago
Nice, but frame cut is disturbing Also its seems like trien - mr who's the boss
sanju mudiraj
sanju mudiraj 6 months ago
Google assistant is not working Help me to get set
Yuvaraj 6 months ago
Watching in my note 8 mobile with same colour...
FrostTheUgly 6 months ago
4:19 aha aha and thats why my 130 bucks S5 can play 1080p60fps
4DoTs Ss
4DoTs Ss 6 months ago
Redmi Note 7 or Redmi Note 8? Pls answer i want to buy one of these two phones
FrostTheUgly 6 months ago
Redmi note 8... that's what I'm going to buy
ChubbyChecker182 7 months ago
Gave up watching before the unboxing started
Ken Kioria
Ken Kioria 7 months ago
Watching this on a redmi note 8
its me mamzy
its me mamzy 7 months ago
Anong color? Planning to buy this month
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