Redmi Note 8 - WHAT DID THEY DO!

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The Redmi Note 8 is the successor to the wildly successful redmi note 7. It is affordable, has great specs just like its predecessor. The Redmi Note 8 has a snapdragon 665 processor, 4000mAh battery, 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM
The Redmi Note 8 is available at Xundd Philippines

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Sep 26, 2019




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Comments 724
ChubbyChecker182 3 days ago
Gave up watching before the unboxing started
Ken Kioria
Ken Kioria 6 days ago
Watching this on a redmi note 8
its me mamzy
its me mamzy 2 days ago
Anong color? Planning to buy this month
Ron Carlos roldan
Ron Carlos roldan 11 days ago
Fb name:ron carlos roldan Mobile number:09064136187 #GiveAway
Talia Andrews
Talia Andrews 11 days ago
The bezels are pretty darn THICCC!!(in 2019 standards)😂😂😂
azzim ihsan
azzim ihsan 11 days ago
but still lose with s7 cause doesn supprt fortnite rip
Ismail Bellahmer
Ismail Bellahmer 11 days ago
Is there a version of 6g ram / 64g memory of the redmi note 8 ?
B BG 13 days ago
Disregarding thick accent, the intonation is horrendous while yelling inbetween. Terrible to listen to. Work on your intonation and speech.
Ognjen Nedic
Ognjen Nedic 13 days ago
Does anyone have a problem with Viber on this phone? When someone call me everyting is OK, but if I calling the problem is that he does not hear me.
does it need saying?
Unwatchable video
8233Eire 15 days ago
You fucking ASSHOLE!!!
えAłɨëñ 27
えAłɨëñ 27 22 days ago
I need a new phone for gaming #techbeansgiveaway
EnemysKiller 25 days ago
Yeah no that ad just made you completely untrustworthy
mad max
mad max 25 days ago
for your information note 8 is better than note pro!
Jerome Manabat
Jerome Manabat 26 days ago
.iloveit. #TechbeansGiveAway
Jr Alangcao
Jr Alangcao 26 days ago
Sana manalo para sa pag aaral ko #TechbeansGiveaway
Big_ Man
Big_ Man 27 days ago
How much.?
Mashkiki 27 days ago
Wathching the video on redmi note 8 xD
Mashkiki 26 days ago
@its me mamzy The phone od really good, and i agree with him.
its me mamzy
its me mamzy 26 days ago
What can you say about the experience? Is it good or not? Do you agree with the one doing the review on this phone?
Rashel Ahmed
Rashel Ahmed 28 days ago
I will buy it😉
Danish Adam
Danish Adam 29 days ago
How did you set the graphics to hdr and extreme frame rate? (Im also using redmi note 8)
Danish Adam
Danish Adam 29 days ago
How did you set the graphics to hdr and extreme frame rate?
Leo Peralta
Leo Peralta 24 days ago
Ieyden Phantom
Ieyden Phantom 29 days ago
Im using old redmi note 4x. It has 1080p60 also. But bad for gaming.
Ahsan Farooq
Ahsan Farooq Month ago
never trust PINOYS opinion
Ian Eugenio
Ian Eugenio Month ago
I'm sorry, but were you trying to sound like Jerry (not his real name tho) from JerryRigEverything? Even the delivery of your closing spiel was leaning towards how he speaks and narates on his contents. No offense, but hope give the presentation (delivery)some more work.
Kashmir712 Month ago
has a dedicated microsd slot, so it's okay
jane pido
jane pido Month ago
kuya vince bat ganun? napanuod ko yung review mo sa unbox diaries, sabi mo dun maganda ang quality ng camera pero dito sa techbeans channel, sabi mo garbage ang camera quality 🤦🤦🤦 im not trying to be shady.. na gulohan lang ako... mejo inconsistent lang ang opinion sa reviews ..
Iamme Perts
Iamme Perts Month ago
Guys, original at mapagkakatiwalaan ba mga xiaomi phones sa memo express??
DronexX TxQ
DronexX TxQ Month ago
Help I can get redmi note 7 but the red I note 8 for me is only 2€ more what should I do I don’t like the little small logo on the screen of the 8 :(
Yano Arellano
Yano Arellano Month ago
Hahaha over sa kaartehan magsalita ang putsa! Siya din sa Unbox Diaries.
Wait & Watch
Wait & Watch Month ago
Image samples are used from other videos and not your own content.
mr johan
mr johan Month ago
Ram 6gb? #Ask
metal chicharon
metal chicharon Month ago
To many sssssssssxxxxssss
Ceejay Rosario
Ceejay Rosario Month ago
Pagnaglalaro ka gamit to hindi matatamaan ng daliri mo yung camera di gaya ng rn8pro
Jaime Moreno
Jaime Moreno Month ago
Why do you speak like that? do you run out of breath every two words or what?
Mei Hooman
Mei Hooman Month ago
Why does your Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 comes with a 18 Watts charger but here in this video comes with 10 Watts? ruvid.net/video/video-lXZr-BcwRyg.html
Luis Youl Batongbakal Raganit
Talaga po ba na 10w charging lang ang global version ng redmi note 8
Usman Alam
Usman Alam Month ago
whenevr you end a sentence you sound so horrible.
mrs jhai
mrs jhai Month ago
Okay na, pero sa video cam talaga lagi kong hinahanap. Downside hays
Vanjie Malasa
Vanjie Malasa Month ago
San po makakabili ng Redmi note 8 global version? Sa Lazada or shoppee? Any links po?
Leo Peralta
Leo Peralta 24 days ago
Nakabili ka na ba? Meron ako binebenta redmi note 8 white 32gb brand new, namali lng ng order instead n blue white ang dumating..naka add kc sa cart kaya nag auto shift..
J XIV Month ago
I wish the Redmi logo at the front and back had small r 🙄
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma 20 days ago
How's this phone? I can see that you bought it...
Daniel Enyel
Daniel Enyel Month ago
I don't know you been sarcastic or that how you spoke
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