Redmi K20 Pro Review: Incredible Value!

Marques Brownlee
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Redmi K20 Pro has been all over the radar!
G̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶
Cheap phones are getting good
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Jul 26, 2019




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Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan 4 hours ago
G̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶ Cheap phones are getting good 💕
Vigorous Kyle
Vigorous Kyle 12 hours ago
The only thing midrange about this phone is its price
Humaid Humaid
Humaid Humaid 18 hours ago
Shell i buy redmi k20 pro or iphone xr i will play game pubg.which is best phone
Voition_Light 19 hours ago
That looks so goddamn bad on that K20 Pro (Front Facing Camera). Your phone might be faulty or something dude because that's not how it's supposed to work
Lalit Barai
Lalit Barai Day ago
Link to that wallpaper please.
Gonzalo González
Can't believe I finally saying this: watching this video on a Xiaomi mi 9T PRO. I totally love it.
Md. Abdur Rahim
theme name???
Victor Mwaba
Victor Mwaba Day ago
Your unit should have a faulty front camera.. try to be fair next time I'm disliking this video for that. My front camera works perfect
Fallah Hassan
They made a lot of updates for this phone.. it's really good now especially the front camera and the stock launcher
Karthik V
Karthik V Day ago
It's 1000 times better than iPhones
RalOrtTal 2 days ago
i got the redmi note 5 for $200 at the beginning of this year. fantastic device. does everything i want it to do. just make sure you root it and put android on instead. the factory software has some bloat and lots and lots of ads in the factory apps. even in some phone menus
ScudTeshka 2 days ago
wrong info about 9t and k20 naming...it realy shows how much effort was given to full review
The Semi Nerd
The Semi Nerd 2 days ago
K20 = Mi 9T K20 Pro = Mi 9T PRO
matty tariang
matty tariang 2 days ago
Where my Indian Bros at🤘
Whenever I see this guy, I'm comically reminded of how inept he is about anything concerning smartphones. Really pays to be rich.
Sualeh Ali
Sualeh Ali 2 days ago
MyUI? 🤔 7:34
Charit Shetty
Charit Shetty 2 days ago
Who else is watching on k20 pro. 😬
Colin Ling
Colin Ling 3 days ago
Redmi k20 pro comparing to huawei nova 5T, k20 amoled pixel is bad look like 720p, k20 having battery drain issue... cell standby drain issue , k20 fingerprint so slow and no accuracy compare to huawei lighting fast side mounted fingerprint, weight k20 pro heavy like hell , SD855 just a little bit faster comparing to kirin 980 ( cpu performance ) and huawei 32mp front punch hole camera is way better than shit 20mp on k20 pro pop up camera look like 8mp on samsung, and nova 5t real camera imx586 shot better image overall compare to k20 same imx586... im bought two of them than im sold K20 pro and buy realme x pro...
Deepanshu Singh
Deepanshu Singh 3 days ago
Since I've been using redmi note 4 for a while now. I'll happily accept this phone 😁
LEO THOMAS 3 days ago
Watching this video on k20 pro😂😂
Евгений Егорушин
Xiaomi one love ❤️
Евгений Егорушин
3:52 Чьи то ноги в кадре 🤣
the jackal
the jackal 3 days ago
Hhhhhh the seconds between 1:46 and 2:00 was so funny moment.
maz 89v20
maz 89v20 4 days ago
256/8 global model very very good like other excellent flagships , the down side are that camera / battery but it's OK with GCam App, hopefully battery get better with new updates in which xiaomi is fast with rolling out
zmoh p.
zmoh p. 4 days ago
Can you do a review on Huawei Nova 5T?
Eagle Bird
Eagle Bird 4 days ago
No micro SD card slot . Failed my requirement
Md Abrar Alam
Md Abrar Alam 4 days ago
hey marques brownlee.. wich one shoul i buy ... galaxy a50s or redmi k20???
Sanjay Muraleedharan
It's $350 now. HAPPY DIWALI.
Sanjay Muraleedharan
09:55 WAIT WAIT WAIT Did i just see a micromax Headphone? MKBHD?
Sergey Faynitskiy
The software of xiaomi gets faster with the time. It always suck at start, but in couple of months with updates it turns from night to day. Just like OnePlus and rest of Chinese smartphones... So now it is better than it was by the time this review came out. And it is also cheaper now, 300-350$ P.S: the front camera of your sample is garbage, normally K20 makes much better photos...
Tuah Danish
Tuah Danish 5 days ago
This guy has pewdiepie's headphone bruh
Pandamonium 5 days ago
Buy A70 at least it is consistent for similar cash and features
Its not ME ..its MI
Rahman Sallehin
Rahman Sallehin 5 days ago
For the selfie camera, just install GCam and it's fixed!
Calebfoust3443 7 days ago
Check out the new Oppo Reno Ace! Do you think it's better than the Oneplus 7t?
MD YHK 7 days ago
Not my ui it's me ui
Nobody 731
Nobody 731 7 days ago
Why are ppl now so picky with such small things like how a flagship fingerprint reader is like a millisecond faster. Like pls just be grateful that tech has advanced to this magnitude
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez 2 days ago
He's reviewing the fucking phone. Would you rather he lied to his viewers?
David Montes
David Montes 7 days ago
does the 9t work on usa networks like metropcs?
Paul McNaney
Paul McNaney 7 days ago
Does this phone work in the USA on the Verizon network?
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara 8 days ago
Hey I think you just got a defective unit because my XAOMI Mi 9T takes good selfie photos.
Kapil Kapoor
Kapil Kapoor 8 days ago
You didn't talk about the main feature... The PROCESSOR
Sushil Kunwar
Sushil Kunwar 10 days ago
Bhai yar redmi k20 pro normal internet streaming par heating issues hoti hai ya nhi .. heavy games like PUBG me to savi heat hoti hai but normal continue use par heating issues hai ya nhi please answer
Alex aXy
Alex aXy 11 days ago
Your front camera was faulty and this phone has water resistance, but doesn't have certification. So, it's even better.
ashton parrish
ashton parrish 11 days ago
300$ walmart, cant beat that like bruh
Kharat Kaustubh
Kharat Kaustubh 11 days ago
You need to turn on AI to actually get the best photo both front and back. Please try it once. Update the Software. (Now available) (Try G-Cam Mod) Use it in different scenerio. Try it with a BRAND NEW K20 Pro (just to be sure.) U Might be SURPRISED...!!! Give us an update. Waiting. Thank you
Sapan Pradhan
Sapan Pradhan 12 days ago
Nice one...
Juan Sambucetti
Juan Sambucetti 12 days ago
yeah that shit is dirty...
The Dark Ray
The Dark Ray 12 days ago
Ok here we go... Redmi k20 Pro = upgraded Redmi k20 (w/ Snapdragon 855) Redmi k20 = Mi9t Mi 9t is targeted for the west Redmi k20 is targeted to the east (Historic graph of Xiaomi's horrible naming scheme) (simplified)
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez 5 days ago
it also has a better camera sensor, the screen is super amoled, and battery charges twice as fasr
Jackal Prince
Jackal Prince 12 days ago
The selfie can't be that bad. You must have something wrong with it
Jackal Prince
Jackal Prince 12 days ago
Enough with saying finger print magnet .... Who cares!!!!!!!
Ezequiel Gouveia
Ezequiel Gouveia 12 days ago
Water resistance do you meant Ip68 o just waterproof as there is on Xiaomi mi9 and other Chinese phones?
Bb 12 days ago
You forgot to take of the plastuc from the camera
XerRact 13 days ago
Your front camera is broken it's quality isn't that bad I recommend you to contact xaomi
Amirdex_ TDG
Amirdex_ TDG 13 days ago
Joshua Marsay
Joshua Marsay 13 days ago
It seems like you don't like to big up budget phone's you only big up the more expensive flagship phones!
wizzgamer 5 days ago
This is a flagship phone it's just much cheaper.
Jack Feiner
Jack Feiner 14 days ago
Watching this on my K20
InsaneMrs_ Rabbit
InsaneMrs_ Rabbit 14 days ago
Where can I buy this the k20??
Harinath ts
Harinath ts 14 days ago
Why can't you just say that this phone is better than ..... 😀
Fish 4 Fun
Fish 4 Fun 14 days ago
I've heard the 4G LTE bands are very limited in the states.
TRULYMORTAL 15 days ago
SO this is not the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro? Totally confused. That's what it says this is on Amazon.
Moses Odhiambo
Moses Odhiambo 11 days ago
It is
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