Redmi K20 Pro Review: Incredible Value!

Marques Brownlee
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Redmi K20 Pro has been all over the radar!
G̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶s̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶
Cheap phones are getting good
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Jul 26, 2019




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Comments 80
Ankit Jaiswal
*"Headphone jack, U got it.!!"* A huge smile on my face. 😊
Ramiz Karim
Ramiz Karim Day ago
Bro i am using this device trust me there are some defect on your front camera from my point of view its great
Burnwolf Promotions
The amount of time you said *you got that*... Ricardo would be proud
Roshan Raj
Roshan Raj 5 days ago
This phone looks a lot similar to poco F2 pro on the front side,don't u think?
TheGameMaker 6 days ago
That was one of they best purchase in my life *.*
Harish 6 days ago
All u got that only
music World
music World 7 days ago
I'm using k20 pro but my front cam is takes good pictures
Jaypee150 9 days ago
Mi 9 is actually higher than Mi 9T I think
Paul Paradiso
Paul Paradiso 9 days ago
And the Mi 9T Pro is exactly the same as the Redmi K20 Pro, lol
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous 10 days ago
All the 2.8k dislikes from k20 pro users who are defending their shitty cameras in the comments box😂😂😂
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous 10 days ago
I am confused b/w samsung a51 and k20 pro...pls help me out
Mohammed.Alhabsi Mohammed.Alhabsi
I want to review the Sony Xperia 1 2019
Jomar Jumawan
Jomar Jumawan 13 days ago
please review poco f2 pro..
Myles Johnson
Myles Johnson 14 days ago
Just ordered a K20 standard today after finding out the K30 is going back to LCD.
Slow Bucks
Slow Bucks 14 days ago
What processor does the mi 9T have ?
Myles Johnson
Myles Johnson 14 days ago
xX90sWereTheDaysxX 15 days ago
How can it not be waterproof? What a let down....
Boxing 16 days ago
I like this phone but software is bad
Different 16 days ago
costs more than a op7 pro :/
Jor4n 16 days ago
Maybe it is because I have the mi 9t. But my selfie camera works great... It isn't awesome, but it is defenitely not bad. Maybe yours is faulty?
Mr Dy
Mr Dy 17 days ago
Love u
TIMEinversion 17 days ago
How much money take from redmi, for this phone review
TIMEinversion 17 days ago
Ur rich tech, why do give reviews for this cheap brand stuff..
Blueshoe Nike
Blueshoe Nike 17 days ago
When cheap phone cost only $400 👍yea CHEAP PHONE 🤗
Claudia Gonzalez
Claudia Gonzalez 17 days ago
can i use the k20 pro in the united states?
MJ Lakshmi Narayanan
K30 pro/Poco F2 pro is out sir, please review
Hemang Choubisa
Hemang Choubisa 20 days ago
Can i have this wallpaper
telefonkirtys 21 day ago
Xiaomi Mi 9T or Samsung A51 ?
Myles Johnson
Myles Johnson 14 days ago
From my research the Samsung A51 cpu competes more with the SD 660. Mi 9T has a SD 730 and is made of glass. I think Mi 9T is the way to go.
Wtfhow 22 days ago
k20 pro vs Iphone Se 2020. Vote!
Vlad 22 days ago
So the k20 is the mi 9t And k20pro is mi 9t pro right??
Ryan 23 days ago
Please do a Redmi k30 pro review
Watch For Sure
Watch For Sure 24 days ago
MIUI 12 is now insane try it. It's exactly like iOS 13
Sallcrafter 25 days ago
Hey! Is the K20 pro still a great phone in 2020? Thanks
Hitesh Rabari
Hitesh Rabari 25 days ago
Whos dislpay ppi..?
Tridib Saikia
Tridib Saikia 26 days ago
Its a strange review. The front camera is quite good in it. Thts expected because you are a born-iphone lover. All others are simply crap for u.
Hassan Sabri
Hassan Sabri 26 days ago
2:03 pewdiepie headphones
DkDs. 27 days ago
xiaomi mi 9t is the global version of k20, both have a pro version so its the same thing
Harshit Sagar
Harshit Sagar 27 days ago
Ya bro i am using k20 pro amazing experience
pspthegr8 27 days ago
I bought a Redmi Note 7S for about 180 dollars and rooted it. Installed a custom ROM and it's really amazing how similar it feels to a Pixel! The ROM is EvolutionX for anyone who's interested!
F4H33M H4S4Ñ
F4H33M H4S4Ñ 28 days ago
The only cons are no expandable storage and pop up selfie cam is a gimmick where the mechanism won't last long. Otherwise, K20 Pro is an incredible value for money. 😊
Madhu G
Madhu G 28 days ago
If it comes with punch hole + memory slot means = Xiaomi most selling device ✓
Naveen P Nair
Naveen P Nair 28 days ago
MyUI you got that
Nishaanth Kumanan
Nishaanth Kumanan 28 days ago
yes marques
Jim Islam
Jim Islam Month ago
watching this video on K20 Pro. this phone is AWESOME.
IrdalienGaming Month ago
damn boi that battery thiccc
Terror IDs
Terror IDs Month ago
If you're a gamer please don't buy this phone you'll end up regretting, better switch to OnePlus buy paying extra bucks you be happy by choosing OnePlus
Iametron Month ago
You dont know how to take selfies bruh mine its good
Tom Maju
Tom Maju Month ago
Can u review poco x2..plse
Mathew Omolo
Mathew Omolo Month ago
you might not know it's slow, if you haven't used a more expensive phone
Oqba Pogba
Oqba Pogba Month ago
I fell like you alwys talk negative about mid range phone but always positve about falg ship you have to look about the market that made for
CatalystOfFire Month ago
Anyone got a link where I can buy this K20 Pro? I can only find the Xiaomi.
CodeOne Month ago
Damaged front cam device hahah, works super-great on mine!
Rish4bh - Brawl Stars
03:38 Daft Punk
Ryzen Month ago
K30 pro is out, go check it out!
Jane May
Jane May Month ago
I have my HD2, thanks but no!
Nicholas Laurensius Halim
Is it good till right now??
KaheemMini Month ago
Well yes of course
Shahez Ahmed
Shahez Ahmed Month ago
wallpaper marques?
Popo Nkulu
Popo Nkulu Month ago
On 6:27 what is this device please? I need it lol
Dikiu Nkhapuinamai
Bank of knowledge video💪
Perch Boshnagian
I quitted watching all kinds of reviews cuz they simply suck. I bought my MI9 Pro 5 months ago and there were no reviewers talking about the real weak sides it truly has. 1. It has an issue with the volume which most probably is a software problem. Sometimes when you wanna increase or decrease the volume it starts to do it with ring and notifications volume instead, so you're obliged to reboot the phone. 2.The camera hangs quite often when you turn it on. It's especially uncomfortable when you wanna take a quick photo and the camera is fucking dead so you need to force it to close and then reopen again. 3. The screen light sometimes doesn't go off when you're talking by phone. This is I guess because they removed the bazzles so there wasn't enough space to make proper sensor. These guys are doing a lot of reviews and still miss a lot of staff. That's because they're not real users of the phones they review but they do it for merely reviewing!
KaheemMini Month ago
Thanks for telling me all these Informations
Susovan Majumdar
ur front cam is faulty man...
Krishna Singh
Krishna Singh Month ago
Poco X2 check that out
Damian Dwornik
Damian Dwornik Month ago
How can i get a app drawer ?
floor gang darius
Nova launcher
Wex Seldon
Wex Seldon Month ago
Anyone notice the pewdiepie headphones? 2:10
Aryan Tiwari
Aryan Tiwari Month ago
Iphone Se is 42.5k in india and this is 25k. yeah.
K M Abir
K M Abir Month ago
Where can I get the wallpaper of this phone from?
Orange Studios
Orange Studios Month ago
This guy sure puts decent wallpapers. Every phone he reviews looks great because of the wallpapers.
Vettas 4
Vettas 4 Month ago
All of u chill out when k20 pro launched it had a trash selfie cam after some weeks they fixed it with updates
Vondra Month ago
This phone has really great specs. Will last me for a long time and it has a beautiful display. I don't use cameras at all so it doesn't bother me and i have never used a phone that had anything better than a SD625 so i think i will love the performance on it. Will get it as my new phone for sure so i can save money by not buying a new phone every 2 years and rather spending it on my computer.
BLĄCK RĄcër Month ago
6:37 is that a neem tree?
haider ajmal
haider ajmal Month ago
Can you remove those watermark on pics?
Hey MKBHD it's 2020 where's K30 Pro Review?⚡😎
Shubham Gupta
Shubham Gupta Month ago
How to get that wallpaper ??
Bibek Neupane
Bibek Neupane Month ago
Random Access memories
CyRil Babu
CyRil Babu Month ago
1:03 ABHIRAJ KOTTAYAM മലയാളി! എന്താല്ലേ...
FelixDied Month ago
Boy only if it had water resistance... I use my phone in the shower all the time
Joseph Kishon
Joseph Kishon Month ago
Bro u need to consider how xiomi has presented android os in their phones. It's very pleasant to use than other androids. I'm using mi phones for the finely tuned android os. Pls use the the phone and experience it and include the UI experience in your review. Its's matter in a review
Sagnik Biswas
Sagnik Biswas Month ago
I think there was some problem with your unit. The selfies might not be s10 level but they aren't garbage. They are good.
David O Donovan
David O Donovan Month ago
Just ordered one 🙌
Sühàib Réhmàñ
Starting of the video is lit
gary mann
gary mann Month ago
Do US carriers work with this phone?
Nadim Month ago
Xiaomi 9 ---> Xiaomi 9T Xiaomi 9T = Redmi K20 Redmi K20 ---> Redmi K20 Pro Redmi K20 Pro = Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
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