Red - Yours Again (Lyric Video)

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Check out the official lyric video for "Yours Again" by Red
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“Yours Again”
I can almost feel you breathing
Like a whisper in my ear
I remember how you lost me
Or how I lost you
I stare into the blackness
It's staring back at me
Why did I try to live without you?
I want you, I need you
Open up my eyes
I need your light again
Burning me inside
I need your love again
I can feel our hearts collide
I can feel our hearts ignite
Open up my eyes
I'm yours again
Will I wake up from this moment?
Will I see you slip away?
Or is this a new beginning
Of beauty and rage?
Where did I lose my passion?
Where did I start to fade?
Without you my world is darkness
I won't let go again
Open up my eyes
I need your light again
Burning me inside
I need your love again
I can feel our hearts collide
I can feel our hearts ignite
Open up my eyes
I'm yours again
I'm yours again
I'm never letting go
I'm never letting go
I'm never letting go
I'm yours again
I'm yours again
I'm yours again
Open up my eyes
I need your light again
Burning me inside
I need your love again (I'm yours again)
I can feel our hearts collide
I can feel our hearts ignite
Open up my eyes
I'm yours again
Music by RED performing Yours Again (Official Lyric Video). (C) 2015 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Apr 3, 2015




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Comments 1 079
JC Zapata
JC Zapata Day ago
Florida man walking into Area 51 be like...
Joy Cast
Joy Cast 5 days ago
Chell Quinnette
Chell Quinnette 5 days ago
Beautiful ...Love the lyrics to this song.
Brian 6 days ago
These guys are one of my favorite bands. they are sooo good.
Lucas vm
Lucas vm 6 days ago
wat een kanker muziek, red van het bloed dat uit mn oren stroomt als ik deze muziek luister
Todd Cheyne
Todd Cheyne 15 days ago
Prisoner FN-24601
Prisoner FN-24601 14 days ago
Todd Cheyne
Todd Cheyne 14 days ago
Prisoner FN-24601 I like the song.
Prisoner FN-24601
Prisoner FN-24601 14 days ago
Whaddya mean by that?
James Desomma
James Desomma 19 days ago
Most somt know that they are a religious band
Stigma 9 days ago
Actually, most do.
Abuzar Khan
Abuzar Khan 19 days ago
Red and Linkin Park are the only two bands I listen to sooo muchh..
Martin X
Martin X 20 days ago
Really like the melody, this song should have more views
Naija Queen
Naija Queen 22 days ago
Oh WOW 😯♥️♥️
John Mc Grath
John Mc Grath 24 days ago
This song ain't about god.
Stigma 9 days ago
It is
Supernatural 25 days ago
Fuck Michael can sing.
Jim Blacksmith
Jim Blacksmith 25 days ago
Arthur Padilla
Arthur Padilla 28 days ago
As someone who invited Christ back into his life I really connect to this song.. couldnt believe how powerful the feeling of accepting my lord and savior into my life again was.. forever greatful
Saul Solache
Saul Solache Month ago
This band saved me from losing control. It is better then the habits I mean and also medicine for my thinking. Praise God
Justus Tru
Justus Tru Month ago
DivineShadow0 Month ago
Why does it has the red forest and bird mask hooded person from 12 monkeys TV? That I see for album cover
Oh Jetty
Oh Jetty Month ago
This a cry out to God.
KASIM EMRE Month ago
V iskey')
Ryan Rocha
Ryan Rocha Month ago
Chito & Cookie Chihuahuaville
2019 still playing this
j pb
j pb Month ago
denison gabriel
denison gabriel Month ago
Alguem ouvindo 2019?
Edgar Torres
Edgar Torres Month ago
Open up my eyes, im yours again JesusChrist
Stashia Month ago
Arca-de-Noe Dofus
Arca-de-Noe Dofus 2 months ago
OPEN UP MY EEEEYES, I NEED YOUR LIGHT AGAIN BURNING ME INSIDE, I NEED YOUR LOVE AGAIN (8) best gamer music to me-- listening to this song makes your body goose bumbs. its really great to hear while playing ;-;
Yüksel Şahan
Yüksel Şahan 2 months ago
Egemen'in sesi kulaklarımda çınlar her dinleyişte💜💜
Yüksel Şahan
Yüksel Şahan Month ago
@Harry Zimmer Howard Egemen's voice plays in my ears every time I listen to the song.
Harry Zimmer Howard
İngilizce'de ne demek?
Nguyet Nguyen
Nguyet Nguyen 2 months ago
I’ll love you forever 😌
Nguyet Nguyen
Nguyet Nguyen 2 months ago
Talk to me I’m always here
Justice 2017
Justice 2017 2 months ago
Spud Queen
Spud Queen 2 months ago
Red is the best Christian band, they don’t sugar coat anything
Laura Lew
Laura Lew 2 months ago
Agape ❤️Lew
Nguyet Nguyen
Nguyet Nguyen 2 months ago
I like the song. So sad
Dj Scavanger
Dj Scavanger 2 months ago
THE MOST INTENSE WALKING IN HISTORY its also the most intresting love song
animeshock2006 2 months ago
Well the duality of the song is interesting this can be taken as a love song and or a religious song too
Edgar Torres
Edgar Torres 2 months ago
Anybody explain me what does the hybrid on the video means, please
Bruce Kremer
Bruce Kremer 3 months ago
Goosebumps ..... Beauty and Rage is an incredible comeback CD... I't sure lifted me up... Just cannot put it in human words.. Thanks Red...
American English Teaching
Come here in Madagascar Red while I am here, lots of fan here, release more videos, proud of this Christian band
Surgar Kay
Surgar Kay 3 months ago
Open your eyes I will stay in touch with my life. I don’t need yours to be sure of that
Aggregor 3 months ago
Probably my most favorite red song 💔
Skylar Simpson
Skylar Simpson 3 months ago
I'm in love with this band
thanietje D.C
thanietje D.C 3 months ago
i love red
Dank Bob
Dank Bob 3 months ago
With songs like this I had no clue Red was a Christian band.. Great music regardless
Pristine Art
Pristine Art 3 months ago
Ive been listening to RED since like 2008-09 when i was 11-12, now im 23 and still freakin love them!
Marlana Mcbride
Marlana Mcbride 3 months ago
Rick Tapia
Rick Tapia 4 months ago
This song is amazing. Sounds much like from their days of I&I
barbaro267 4 months ago
I've been obsessed with this song forever!! It's been a few years and it's still one of my favorite songs!
Nilanc 4 months ago
Zdr Zayo :3
Stellar Yugioh
Stellar Yugioh 4 months ago
I wonder what the budget was for the making of this music video
Manny Blackstar
Manny Blackstar 4 months ago
Such an amazing amazing band. Those who have listened to Red are truly blessed. Great music voice and riffs.
Spencer Johnson
Spencer Johnson 4 months ago
munir dion
munir dion 5 months ago
Asiiikkk seruuuuu bebe dendi.. seruuu
XxSceneGirlxX XxRowanxX
600 dislikes!?!?!?! What the heck?? That's just messed up.. RUvid shouldnt even have a dislike button... That's horrible.. This song is awesome I love it
abdullah shehroz
abdullah shehroz 5 months ago
Addictive that i've listen in my song life history ..nice one done
Jesse Higgins
Jesse Higgins 5 months ago
the perfect description of my life and spiritual walk these past few months.....
Death Comes
Death Comes 5 months ago
Death is the most beautiful pain you can feel..
Karima 'Kaii' Ghazi
Karima 'Kaii' Ghazi 5 months ago
While not being religious, I interpret this song to be about love. The band may have intended it as a song about faith for god, but for me, in my interpretation, it speaks about the love between my forever-man and I. I first discovered Red during our first and hopefully only break-up, but there was something this song taught me about love and what I learned actually helped me to realise that the person I lost is the person I do truly love, and I shouldn't have let them go, despite our problems. Thankfully he and I are in contact again, sorting our relationship out, this time just us involved. Although the relationship is now quite different, he and I are happy and we have a new found appreciation for one another, and our love feels nothing short of incredible. This song reminded me of what love is, and how strong it can be. We are starting again, and the difference this time is we both know what we have to lose. This band deserves so much more credit and popularity. They're so underrated. Someone, somehow, sort it out XD
Sed Gold
Sed Gold 5 months ago
2019 anyone?
Harley Vampy-Sis Quinn
Really deep and meaningful song 💜💜💜
Slarkel 5 months ago
Aww ^-^ I love the lyrics, they are so beautiful :)
Ina na
Ina na 5 months ago
starset, red, BB, Asking, I see star
K Andonova
K Andonova 6 months ago
Come to Bulgaria 🙏❤️❤️
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