Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' Performance Video

Red Velvet
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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' Performance Video ℗ SM Entertainment


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Jan 8, 2020




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Comments 100
BTS pOtAtO 12 minutes ago
Not a red Velvet fan but this song is ICONIC
Bianca Matta
Bianca Matta 26 minutes ago
Las amo 🍶🥺
rachma desianti
psycho soty
Kaouther Zeghdani
Kaouther Zeghdani 3 hours ago
Guuurl I've never seen girls enjoying and feeling the dance as much as this girls
Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv
62MILLION V¡€W$!!!!!!
Oscar ezequiel
Oscar ezequiel 4 hours ago
Thank u for using this word ^^
Nina _
Nina _ 5 hours ago
everytime i watched this they make me question my sexualty.....😐
Aian.Santiago Vlog's
Psychoooooo my ghadddd ang ganda
Aian.Santiago Vlog's
Love you all
Aian.Santiago Vlog's
Grabeeee huhuhu
Aian.Santiago Vlog's
Aian.Santiago Vlog's
Im your fanboy
Aian.Santiago Vlog's
We love red velvet from philippines
Aian.Santiago Vlog's
Huhuhu i love youuuu all
Aian.Santiago Vlog's
I hope they could notice me I love you all❤😟
glossy justie
glossy justie 6 hours ago
62M views without promosi
Vivy Vicentia
Vivy Vicentia 6 hours ago
why am i just noticing this after watching this video like a million times that one of the girls was cheated in line distribution and choreography
greeshma bn
greeshma bn 6 hours ago
Tho i stan skz I love this song
Rotsen Slagen Galvadores
Im a once if this song didn't win the SOTY I'll protest with you all reveluvs. Hssbjjaba #PSYCHOSOTY#TWICEAOTY HAHAHA
오라이씨 all i see
모든 아이돌 통틀어서 최고의 퍼포먼스 비디오
Jesus Solange
Jesus Solange 7 hours ago
I love this song so much it's truly a masterpiece
Jinelle D'souza
Jinelle D'souza 7 hours ago
seulgi 's hair is the bomb
Noemie Tubana
Noemie Tubana 8 hours ago
My favorite Red Velvet song
Al-Shaeed Muntasil
Al-Shaeed Muntasil 8 hours ago
*psycho performance video is now their 12th most viewed video after surpassing rbb mv* 1. bad boy - 283m 2. peek-a-boo - 180m 3. russian roulette - 180m 4. psycho - 176m 5. red flavor - 159m 6. dumb dumb - 133m 7. ice cream cake - 119m 8. power up - 105m 9. happiness - 97m 10. zimzalabim - 79m 11. rookie - 67m 12. *psycho (performance) - 62m* 13. really bad boy - 61m
kris d
kris d 9 hours ago
Thus song feels so mysterious because it had no promotions. When I watch this it feels like I have memories that I don't remember uk what I mean
Og Gb
Og Gb 9 hours ago
This is such a good song!! Only red velvet can pull off this concept!
Exo-L ReVeluv Monbebe Nctzen Wenee
Str@m Psycho
All In One Click
All In One Click 10 hours ago
Guys help me for ma 1k Pleaseee.....
GFriend Buddy Yerin
GFriend Buddy Yerin 11 hours ago
I'm a buddy but I can't stop listening to this song
Yany 11 hours ago
No one : Absolutely no one : Korean CC : *woo* *woo* *woo*
Sheena Gantuangco
Sheena Gantuangco 11 hours ago
I'm not a fan but this song is so addictive also wendy's voice
Hani Dwifariha
Hani Dwifariha 11 hours ago
Go go go 70m🔥
rahayu hasanah
rahayu hasanah 12 hours ago
Cuma 1 yang kurang,,, costum ny kurang pas.... Alias kurang cocok
William Mills
William Mills 12 hours ago
I’m really trying to recognise the red velvet members and put names to faces (ive listened to them for about 2 years but I don’t watch videos I just use apple music) so I’m going on most music videos/performances asking who’s who. Can someone help me with which member is wearing what and time stamps? Thank you!
Rubby-angel angel
Rubby-angel angel 12 hours ago
Almost 1 year and we're still obssessed
Junghwan Treasure
Junghwan Treasure 12 hours ago
No one can deny the fact that this song deserves "SOTY" than any K-pop songs this year! like bruhhh once you hear this song it'll be stuck in your head and you'll eventually get fond of it!
Yvonne Egalin
Yvonne Egalin 13 hours ago
oh my god this is espiring
wannadancenow 14 hours ago
곡 발매한지 벌써 9개월짼데 이 레전드곡 완전체 무대가 하나밖에 없다니 하아... 스브스 진짜 너네는 정이 안가 정이!
Arus Wati
Arus Wati 15 hours ago
who vokal in this video
Nix Mergría
Nix Mergría 16 hours ago
me tienes loko
Ella Aguilar
Ella Aguilar 17 hours ago
I love their vocalssss😻
Gia Rei Laylo
Gia Rei Laylo 17 hours ago
Why is Irene hair is so long im so sad because she so pretty .-.
William August Tambunan
Lee know Uwu
Lee know Uwu 18 hours ago
liana liana
liana liana 18 hours ago
This song is amazing im fans youu
Lali Vejano
Lali Vejano 18 hours ago
nakaka LSS tong kanta hehehh
dr_ _ _ _ove
dr_ _ _ _ove 19 hours ago
they just drop Psycho and I'm listening to this all day
hyungwon. 19 hours ago
Dika Kpopers
Dika Kpopers 20 hours ago
The best song Forever
Dika Kpopers
Dika Kpopers 20 hours ago
The Best Ever
Dika Kpopers
Dika Kpopers 20 hours ago
Yeri so preety
Dika Kpopers
Dika Kpopers 20 hours ago
Red Velvet Queen
MARIAH YAMOKA 20 hours ago
Esta es una obra de arte.
Afni Nur Afiah
Afni Nur Afiah 20 hours ago
I miss this era:")
little panda
little panda 20 hours ago
no words needed. SOTY. periodt
Casius_ Snow
Casius_ Snow 20 hours ago
Conocer grupos nuevos y analizar el primer video que me encuentro solo para sacar suposiciones y opiniones personales para ver si le acierto a algo de pedo, es mi pasión(?
Musikat Lyrics
Musikat Lyrics 22 hours ago
I love you irene..
ebrar kırım
ebrar kırım 23 hours ago
Selma Selma
Selma Selma 23 hours ago
i'm sorry i dont know her name but this girl at the beginning 0:02 looks like cha eunwoo
Wafa Achour
Wafa Achour Day ago
Omg si cute girls
kpoper_ imagines
oh my gosh this is perfect sorry i haven't seen it before
Zeynep Yurtseven
I am not reveluv but ı love you so much İrene Jenrene reall
krystian WANG_FC
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Everything will be okay
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much I love you so much
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Yeri best girl
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Joy best girl
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Wendy best girl
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Seulgi best girl
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Irene best girl
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
You're best girl's
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
I miss you
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Red Velvet ot5 Forever
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Camille Bautista
Wendy ❤️
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Revearmy luv
Revearmy luv Day ago
Red Velvet
Francesca Fino
I love Seulgi like Moonbyul. I love Irene like Bomi. I love Joy like Jisoo. I love Wendy like Soyeon. I love All girl or boy band. Because all music and all artist are fantastic! No war, only love.
Flor Cruz
Flor Cruz Day ago
Hola redvelvet te amo seulgi
Najwa Naila234
Frevan Jaena
Frevan Jaena Day ago
They are very beautiful I wish this team never go away
kim seko
kim seko Day ago
لوف يو ايرين
kim seko
kim seko Day ago
فايتينغ اونيز
kim seko
kim seko Day ago
رغما اني بلينك بس حبيت تشارك بالستريم
kim seko
kim seko Day ago
Joyce Day ago
Quá đã
k-pop world k-pop world
I love so much this song
k-pop world k-pop world
Red velvet is the best
hanineallah habiba
위 ~ 👏 it's good
alokdalok Day ago
61m views for a performance video? Wow that's too low
Marcus Hwang
Marcus Hwang Day ago
Meerab Zaidi
Meerab Zaidi Day ago
This song will never get old
txsch Day ago
September 2020?
our captainrene
Neilius Solivius
SHREE Day ago
lets admit this *Red Velvet is a visual and vocal beauty*
e majalah2u
e majalah2u Day ago
0:22 can i know who is this?she's so cute
Lelouch Tuazon
kang seulgi lead vocals and main dancer
Sooyoung_parkjoy Reveluv
61.7Million V¡€w$ Almost 62Million V¡€w$!!!!!
aomg gg
aomg gg Day ago
bir gün herkes Dept stanleyecek
Cheyenne Barrows
Ugh I wish they released this version of the song rather than the album version. The back orchestra throughout the song makes the song hit differently ❤️
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