RED - The Evening Hate (Official Video)

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Watch the Extended Cinematic Version here: ruvid.net/video/video-29E1pLd1cio.html
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Director: Randy Armstrong
Asst. Director: Anthony Armstrong
Art Director: Anthony Armstrong
Filming: Jeremiah Wright / Gregorio Rosa
Editing: Jeremiah Wright / Randy Armstrong / Anthony Armstrong
Sound Design: Anthony Armstrong
Special FX: Matt Delisi
Pyro: Rick Ingram
Makeup: Courtney Dellafiora
Excavation: Ronnie King

The air feels heavier tonight
(Something’s coming)
The lights are restless in the sky
(Silence cutting)
I lie, awake
Hopeless, insane
Inside, my grave
I made, while I
Wait for the pain
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
The fear is near, it starts to rise
(Cadence, growing)
The shadows spill across the line
(Darkness is flowing)
Voices, screaming
Cold hands, reaching
The earth, shaking
My mind, breaking
Wait for the pain
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
It falls like rain
The evening hate
It falls like rain
The evening hate
Hate, wait for the pain
Hate, wait for the pain
Like cinders, it rains
We fall, we fall
An empire in flames
We crawl, we’re crawling out
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
Like cinders, it rains
We fall, we fall
An empire in flames
We crawl, we crawl
written by: Rob Graves, Randy Armstrong, Anthony Armstrong
Rob Graves producer, arranger
Joe Rickard Mixing engineer, Mastering engineer
Dave Hagan sound engineer
Gavin Mellberg sound engineer
David Davidson arranger, violin
David Angell: violin
Kristin Wilkinson: Viola
Carole Rabinowitz: Cello
Taylor Pollert: sound engineer


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Jun 7, 2019




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Comments 1 669
Justin Hartway
Justin Hartway 2 hours ago
dammit red rocks the music industry
Helmet Talk
Helmet Talk 21 hour ago
I don't understand the screaming at 2:28
kranky dove16
Narcissistic cannibal - Korn vibes
Ola Canaku
Ola Canaku 2 days ago
Red is back stronger 👌🤘🤘🤘🤘
Erik Hawkke
Erik Hawkke 2 days ago
I only hope that sometime before it's too late people remember that someone simply disagreeing with you does not mean they "hate" you or are assaulting you.
JW 2001
JW 2001 2 days ago
Walking dead vibe well played
Pyromaniack 5 days ago
1.25 speed. Trust me.
Pyromaniack 5 days ago
*UNDERRATED!!!* Let's keep it that way...
Tzakman 6 days ago
Most of the people dont understand how meaningfull this music is to us, its not just having fun listening to a cool song, it is just so much deeper
dayane pers
dayane pers 7 days ago
You are The Best!
Warwulf Vargar
Warwulf Vargar 8 days ago
I see guns explosions and hear greatness. I love it.
SCOOBASTEEB 12 days ago
So epic. Probably one of my favourites they’ve ever done. The lack of views disturbs me
jenちゃんkitten 13 days ago
Saw this live yesterday 😍 So amazing
Carlos 6s
Carlos 6s 14 days ago
Red save my life
samuele maria ribeiro
PACE MAKER 14 days ago
Came here after KSI said he liked them. What an awesome band!
Tzakman 13 days ago
omg this is so Cool
Maryam 14 days ago
@Stigma in this video: ruvid.net/video/video-o-lXxp9Qh4A.html at 25:30
Stigma 14 days ago
When did he say this?
Francisco Gomez
Francisco Gomez 15 days ago
A breakdown in a Red song? I'm all about it😂😂😂😂
DB Shaw
DB Shaw 16 days ago
This song just reached into my soul and told me in the roughest way I'll be okay. Praise God man
Archadious GC
Archadious GC 18 days ago
It is amazing to have a band that really and honestly goes back to their roots, sound like end of silence and it can't be more like you guys, such an amazing music, you can be sure that I will be listening your album full
Joe Sheley
Joe Sheley 18 days ago
Red never disappoints 🤘🏼
Benjamin Aswad
Benjamin Aswad 19 days ago
The evening "HATRED".
Александр Титов
О боже, это шедевр
milekhh 22 days ago
Feed The Machine: THAT WAS HOOLYWOOD QUALITY Release the Panic: poor video Darkest Part: Great video The Evening Hate: "fine" but only "fine" I know its a lot of work but Feed The Machine and Darkest Part videos were TRU MASTERPICES Sorry you fed me with caviar and then you give me that fried chicken, i dont want to eat that anymore :P Anyway i love the music. I dont mind to see normal video without that storyline, just normal Death of me or Let Go or Lie to me style. Dont force that storyline.
Alex Cajahuanca
Alex Cajahuanca 23 days ago
Bandasa de.rock cristiano red.presentensen en el.show.de.jimmy fallon.bendisiones
rodrigo ramos
rodrigo ramos 23 days ago
Brasileiro like??!!
David Negrón
David Negrón 23 days ago
This is music 🎶 for my veins.
Cihan Alpaydn
Cihan Alpaydn 24 days ago
2:54 o_o
Dimon Rudion
Dimon Rudion 24 days ago
Song is amazing... but that video... looks like kids are playing with airsoft riffles and fireworks.
HyperThick 25 days ago
The entire song is masterful but that breakdown hits my soul and that last note gives me chills. Craving more!
War Banner Gaming
War Banner Gaming 25 days ago
Sounds like they have found themselves again.
Blackrainy2k Ace
Blackrainy2k Ace 26 days ago
That swagger at 0:56💯
Mitchell Mote
Mitchell Mote 28 days ago
I was thinking, how can only 27K peeps like this and 418K not!!????...this song is great and everything I love about Red!! Oh wait...that's only 418, not 418 thousand. Wheww...my hope for humanity is restored.
Greywolfin CZ
Greywolfin CZ Month ago
Николай Иващенко
Прям до мурашек!
Unknown818 Month ago
Awesome , please make more Albums 💙✌😎
Maciek Month ago
0:08 Is this Hodor from Game Of Thrones??
Leonardo Arantes
Red never disappoints me!
Tyler Ramsey
Tyler Ramsey Month ago
Please dont stop making music guys you are so amazing
Tyler Month ago
I hope you guys stay with this style, this stuff is so fun and attractive. the softer songs need this stuff salted in there
Oblivion Eclipse
If this is the worship music, what does Wednesday's Bible study look like?
The Quadcopter Review
Loving this harder edge.
Sounds like Chevelle's "Letter from a Thief." That is not a bad thing.
Arkoth20 Month ago
0:55 nice dance
Andiematronic Month ago
You guys are the absolute best!!!
Kevin Porter
Kevin Porter Month ago
That chorus give me chills! Amazing song
marvsaas Month ago
Sounds like Breaking Benjamin
Ruben Ray
Ruben Ray Month ago
This gives me End of Silence and Of Beauty and Rage vibes which I love. I (sadly) consider Gone a waste of money:(
Ruben Ray
Ruben Ray Month ago
@Stigma I liked Losing Control, but of course it's up to individual preference lol
Stigma Month ago
But it had some bangers, like Losog Control, A.I., Singularity, and Coming Apart
Angel B
Angel B Month ago
This is not Christian music. Come at me I dare you.
Stigma Month ago
@Angel B yeah, your face is funny
Angel B
Angel B Month ago
Funny xD
Stigma Month ago
@Angel B Look at interviews of them, and they say all the time that they are christians and that a lot of their music is inspired by the bible and Jesus, so just because you don't like hard rock, does't mean its not christian music you dolt.
Angel B
Angel B Month ago
Stigma how
Stigma Month ago
It is
Jorge Loya
Jorge Loya Month ago
This sounds as powerful as the 1st albums really powerful Red
LLMA IN HATS Month ago
What's the genre?
Stigma Month ago
Hard rock
Ben McCart
Ben McCart Month ago
I don’t know if that’s a fry scream or a false chord but god dang it’s good. He’s got one of my favorite screams.
Tanmay Upadhyay
Tanmay Upadhyay Month ago
Love it :)
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Month ago
I have listened to this song... SO many times now. Must be close to a hundred. And I STILL can't get over 2:25.
Honestly they're great, just wish they didn't attach themselves to religion
Stigma Month ago
Jeff Bolaños
Jeff Bolaños Month ago
Full of Epicness...Always RED 👌
Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens Month ago
Love how heavy they are keeping it if not heavier. Keep it up RED!
Justus Tru
Justus Tru Month ago
Amen In Jesus name hallelujah
Vinicius Menezes
Rusty Elswick
Rusty Elswick Month ago
Check out Collision of innocence, if u like red
Jacob Parry
Jacob Parry Month ago
What is the meaning behind this song? This rocks! ROCKS!!
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