RED - The Evening Hate (Official Video)

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Watch the Extended Cinematic Version here: ruvid.net/video/video-29E1pLd1cio.html
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Director: Randy Armstrong
Asst. Director: Anthony Armstrong
Art Director: Anthony Armstrong
Filming: Jeremiah Wright / Gregorio Rosa
Editing: Jeremiah Wright / Randy Armstrong / Anthony Armstrong
Sound Design: Anthony Armstrong
Special FX: Matt Delisi
Pyro: Rick Ingram
Makeup: Courtney Dellafiora
Excavation: Ronnie King

The air feels heavier tonight
(Something’s coming)
The lights are restless in the sky
(Silence cutting)
I lie, awake
Hopeless, insane
Inside, my grave
I made, while I
Wait for the pain
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
The fear is near, it starts to rise
(Cadence, growing)
The shadows spill across the line
(Darkness is flowing)
Voices, screaming
Cold hands, reaching
The earth, shaking
My mind, breaking
Wait for the pain
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
It falls like rain
The evening hate
It falls like rain
The evening hate
Hate, wait for the pain
Hate, wait for the pain
Like cinders, it rains
We fall, we fall
An empire in flames
We crawl, we’re crawling out
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
Inside the
Evening hate
Like cinders, it rains
We fall, we fall
An empire in flames
We crawl, we crawl
written by: Rob Graves, Randy Armstrong, Anthony Armstrong
Rob Graves producer, arranger
Joe Rickard Mixing engineer, Mastering engineer
Dave Hagan sound engineer
Gavin Mellberg sound engineer
David Davidson arranger, violin
David Angell: violin
Kristin Wilkinson: Viola
Carole Rabinowitz: Cello
Taylor Pollert: sound engineer


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Jun 7, 2019




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Comments 1 811
Daniel Kinney
Daniel Kinney 16 hours ago
U did amazing last night at winter jam and you were my favorite band
Vanessa Simao
I love red 😍😍😍😍😍😍
carter carter
carter carter 5 days ago
just saw them at winter jam
Astro Nation
Astro Nation 5 days ago
You guys are still awesome!!!
Kyle Hearnsberger
Awesome. Sounds like hints of Breaking Benjamin and Periphery. Not bad. I dig it. 👍
Nicoli Roman
Nicoli Roman 10 days ago
Red is getting better and better every year like Breaking Benjamin.
Jacob Soronen
Jacob Soronen 11 days ago
What an absolute masterpiece of a song for it's genre, been a fan of these guys from jump. This last album is incredible
Serhat Murat Asbit
Serhat Murat Asbit 13 days ago
This sounds like the old RED
Serhat Murat Asbit
Serhat Murat Asbit 13 days ago
This sounds like the old RED
Serhat Murat Asbit
Serhat Murat Asbit 13 days ago
Inner Circle
Inner Circle 16 days ago
Even though "Demon Hunter" is my #1 Christian band, "Red" is my second favorite band.
DeMoN 17 days ago
SLAGGER 1 17 days ago
Sounds like narcissistic cannibal
Dillon Sharpton
Dillon Sharpton 19 days ago
I entered the "Win a Trip for 2 to see RED at a Major US Rock Festival + Signed Guitar + Handwritten & Signed Lyric Sheet" sweepstakes. Follow the link below to enter and help me win. tnspk.co/C1VC8Jk
maryana Resende
maryana Resende 22 days ago
I love that
Евгений Иудинов
В плаще мужик на нациста похож, лайкните пусть американцы думают коммент очень заумный)))
Yeededee Boi
Yeededee Boi 23 days ago
First song I listened to them and it was soooo amazing 🔥🔥👌🏼🔥🤟🏼🔥🤟🏼🔥🤟🏼
Иван Литвин
Непонятно, почему группа с такой музыкой, каждый альбом - бомба, почти не известны. Большинство рок-групп с сотнями миллионов просмотров им в подметки не годятся. Ребята, продолжайте творить лучший рок что я знаю.
Sim Climie
Sim Climie Month ago
I praise Jesus the Creator prophecied Risen Messiah Christ for RED.........
Gutter Mouth
Gutter Mouth Month ago
As a death metal fan the guitar and drums are really good but the vocal styling doesn't fit the sound all that great, but that's just my personal opinion.
CR 13 days ago
Listen to their first album End of Silence, then listen to Of Beauty and Rage. Those are the best albums by them
lggem2005 Month ago
Nice to see RED is also still active! I've missed listening to their music and I'm glad RUvid recommended their new stuff.
Darth Haider
Darth Haider Month ago
i like the music. i like the videoperfromance. both in one i *HATE*
Alexander Georgiev
very powerful song. great job!
Metal Shop Steve
Saw them last summer... can't wait for this album!
spiderguy bryte skullshyne
This song sounds like a mix of Red's albums End of silence, of beauty and rage, and the band Breaking Benjamin in one. I love the vibe it has. This is a raw emotional song(much like their other ones) though this one seems much heavier.
spiderguy bryte skullshyne
Also this music video looks dark and edgy lol.
Hector Caballero
The "falls like Rai-ai-ai-ain" part reminded me of Release the Panic. If it was intentional, that was a neat touch
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis Month ago
i have every cd, but this song,lyrically,lazy n weak :/ sorry
India Nelson
India Nelson Month ago
THAT SCREAM, OMG!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
BrightFallsTV Month ago
Jhnjshb Month ago
I'll bring a bluetooth speaker when I get deployed so that me and my co-draftees can bang our head to this in the trenches.
Norrin Radd
Norrin Radd Month ago
Not enough hate or satanic imagery. Big up yuself tho
CR 13 days ago
they are a Christian band
Sabina N
Sabina N Month ago
His voice.. Incredible ❤
Need Healing
Need Healing Month ago
No fucking pop elements. I can't believe
AniYen Month ago
Это очень круто
Nursultan Ailchiev
Wow! 😃😃😃👍🤘😱👏
The Church Tribe
Favorite band of all time. They’ve been my favorite for a decade. They’ve helped me through so much in my life. Divorce, single mom of 6, PTSD. So much.
Garret Partridge
i didn't see that coming at the end of the extended version
Garret Partridge
and when will we see the forest of red leaves again
Garret Partridge
what is the meaning of this song Michael?
Elijah Farmer
Elijah Farmer Month ago
I love how they're Christian rock my favorite style
Nathan Hillman
Nathan Hillman Month ago
whos exited for winter jam?!?!?!?!?!?
Dominic Month ago
lol would`ve been a better video if you did not sing, is cringe af
Roze Araújo
Roze Araújo Month ago
DerHalbeEuro Month ago
Glad they never changed their style like many other bands from the early 2000s who now stuck in the irrelevance. Nu Metal is timeless :)
alexz1lla 666
alexz1lla 666 Month ago
2020 is the year of Red
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Month ago
Wow i'm late to the party but this is awesome. Ya'll got a new fan
白人が農業したり掘削工事したりってぇ(労働)🗾韓国じゃ考えにくいことですがね👅🐷👅🐖👅🐽👅 ホワイトカラー❓ブルーカラー❓ブルースバージョン❓
ぼんやりと 香る色香に ホトトギス 凍えはせぬか 追分の道
Lola Mundt
Lola Mundt Month ago
Red helps me when I'm depressed, I'm glad there's Christian Rock Bands out there in this world.
Serge Mckay
Serge Mckay Month ago
Remind me Red Cold River from Breaking Benjamin. Still a great song
Гусь Альберт
не хуевый трек мне нравится -)
Marcan HUSS
Marcan HUSS Month ago
The singer looks like Thanos wtf
Raselin Saldaña
Algún latino que ama está banda?
Storme Light
Storme Light Month ago
One of the few bands I can say gets better over time 🖤🤘 Always loved them but their new stuff gets better and better or at least is the same amount of awesome 😁
BettyBet 3000
BettyBet 3000 2 months ago
Amanda A
Amanda A 2 months ago
Keep kicking @$$ Red! I loved seeing you guys in concert. Please come back to Jacksonville FL
Plasma Light
Plasma Light 2 months ago
Ох..енно. Слов нет. Смесь Innocence & instinct и Of beauty and rage
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells 2 months ago
You guys are AWESOME!!! I live in the 901.
Loxmin 2 months ago
TheBandRed and Thousand Foot Krutch and Skillet
Ivalia Dominez
Ivalia Dominez 2 months ago
And Flyleaf ❤️
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