Red's Overpriced "Mini Mag" Cards - The Real Story

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Red Digital Cinema has come under fire recently over allegations that their Mini-Mag storage cards are just cheap commodity SSDs in a fancy enclosure. As it turns out, there's some truth to these assertions, but the situation is not quite as simple as it's made out to be. Let's unwrap it.
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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 7 179
Anon Mason
Anon Mason 13 hours ago
Does it matter if it's just a consumer card? On all proprietary devices use the same tech at it's core. The question is how far in the factory line do you start changing things.
ralsei 16 hours ago
I'm going to make these for cheaper and get like a million dollars lmao 😂
cricriprod 1969
But have you tried a Jinnimag ??
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar Day ago
For me, RED has lost its credibility... RED charges ridiculously high prices for such an ordinary tech... its simply deception.... We much check whats in a RED camera... It might well be a Canon or Sony.
Rome Drori
Rome Drori Day ago
Video shot in 8k watches in 144p
Now I agree on a lot of what you say here but I am gonna come back to the firmware part and say that yeah, with your GPU example companies will alter the firmware a bit for branding purposes, that doesn't suddenly make the GPU slower or less compatible. an Asus branded Nvidia GPU will still work as intended with drivers from the Nvidia website instead of what comes with it from Asus. What RED has done is just add a flag in the firmware that the camera looks for and if it doesn't see it (because you are using a cheap knockoff or replaced the SSD inside due to hardware failure) the camera just chooses not to write at full speed, self-sabotaging its own performance so RED can make a buck. That's Apple levels of needless anti-consumer bullshit and should not be defended in the way that you have, especially as an apple hater.
TechNotesStuff 2 days ago
Someone should make a RED Port to M.2 adapter and put in a 42mm name ssd
PYXEL 2 days ago
Red using firmware to throttle data transfer speed to normal SSDs is abuse of monopoly
Jabin Sta. Teresa
Akin to the words of Char Aznable, "THE COLOR RED MAKES IT STRONGER"
Wolf4077 5 days ago
way to ride a red di*k
Jibik Art
Jibik Art 5 days ago
What is realtime redundancy meaning
Alex1911 5 days ago
The sample size is clearly small since red mags are quite a niche product
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery 5 days ago
Linus just saved Red millions in R&D by teaching them that Raid 1 exists.
Mikey C
Mikey C 9 days ago
I'll still trust Jinni a LOT more than RED. They haven't blatantly lied about anything, you can't say the same about RED.
Combustion Propulsion
This is funny because like 80% of your audience have probably never even seen a red camera in real life. But hey, they're still gonna watch the video and pretend they care.
What happened to “Step 3?”
Miguel Gomez
Miguel Gomez 10 days ago
Just stick with good cameras. I hear there's these new camera brands on the market called Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Panavision, and Black Magic. You should check them out.
Burak Baggins
Burak Baggins 11 days ago
remember corridor digital defending red?
BN20O9 12 days ago
Check the S.M.A.R.T. Log and firmware of the drive for clues
SatireDaily 12 days ago
we bought a red package in 2014 for around 62K. 4 years later it all sold for under 20K.... Never buying red again.
i8u2manytimes 12 days ago
Where was step 3?
Nci$ioN 13 days ago
Red is like apple grade proprietary cinema shit, blackmagic and sony cameras use standard parts. If Im going to spend 4 figures on a camera I want to be able to tinker with it when it's obsolete.
Kindanyume .Kindanyume
yet again a greedy company trying to hide behind the dmca and other shit laws to try to force the truth to not come out to the fools that paid they for their overpriced garbage in the 1st place as for the court case and the known facts RED is screwed even under the draconian dmca and i wont shed a tear if they go belly up underhanded ioff schemes like this and drm etc deserve a horrifying death since they serve no good but to screw the end user.
Jayvishwa Hiwase
Jayvishwa Hiwase 14 days ago
Just don't understand a thing. Take $1000 extra ( your customers are anyhow ready to pay that price ) and atleast give better ssds in that case. Such a simple thing. Redundancy requeires engineering, but replacing an old tech ssd with high/new tech ssd requires on money AND INTENSIONS.
Mathieu Duponchelle
You're using red, you're begging to be ripped off
who8myfish 16 days ago
Honestly it's not as lame as that phone they tried to sell
7EVEN 8IGHT 17 days ago
12:04 ^ ^ 1 click = 1 Red Mag *K.O.* 'd by Linus
Sumit Bhowmick
Sumit Bhowmick 17 days ago
Well they are currently the Intel (circa year 2014) of Pro 8K camera at the moment. Give it some time or a competitor (ala AMD Ryzen) to rock their chair.
Shame On You.
Shame On You. 18 days ago
I swear.... he's dropping stuff that's not even in his hands lmao
The Outer Boroughs
The Outer Boroughs 18 days ago
I bought a RED Scarlet-X a while back. I sold it last December. I had a board go bad that cost over $1000. They fixed it and said I had to upgrade to the new sensor for roughly another $8k or they would never be able to fix the camera again. The sensor was no longer supported. It became obsolete so I sold it. The RED tax just isn't worth it to me.
Justin Torrez
Justin Torrez 19 days ago
Y’all really been sleeping on Linus
PC Master Race
PC Master Race 20 days ago
I love how the two were talking shit back and forth at each other and then Linus comes in and just absolutely shits on both of them. lol
Jason F.
Jason F. 20 days ago
justa new "cartridge printer" sh*t
Pavor 21 day ago
And immoral companies like DELL and HP force proprietary connectors on their components so that you cant replace them yourself. This isnt a problem with a single corporation, it is a fundamental flaw in allowing private entities to control industry. Their core values are self centered and not social progress or stability orientated. They are literally as parasitic as possible to every society they operate in. Capitalism is a failure.
Will Joyce
Will Joyce 21 day ago
They pulled their "made in the U.S." claim as it was misleading / outright wrong lol, another competitor claiming they make theirs in the UK doesn't justify them misleading consumers until pointed out lol
intra morph
intra morph 21 day ago
Honesty goes a long way....
Trigga Rackso
Trigga Rackso 21 day ago
$2,350 for 960GB loool MADNESS!!!!!!
Professional Asshole
Do you know what type of Capitalism is this boys? "APPLE". The guys who make this Sata's for RED Camera is pulling an Apple. In a way where they take this super ultra cheap component, dressing it up with a fancy encloser and branding name and then Jam a huge ass Price tag on it. Then use software and firmware so that the Camera will be limited to using the super expensive Memory. And not allow users to buy better Sata's. I have not seen this Jini guy. True he went overboard and ofcourse to try and sell his own items. But This Red guys are the really bad one's here though. So sad. Just another Apple copy cat in terms of overpricing low quality components and selling it at very high unreasonable prices for their own evil gain. Shame.
AtariXcore 21 day ago
That's how marketing works. It is special because it has proprietary firmware and if you can afford that carmera you can afford the memory magazine. That's how business works they sell stuff to make money. Hobby electronics stores might do the same thing so their software and programs won't work with chinese knock offs.
Alick Boych
Alick Boych 21 day ago
fuckin love this guy
Nick Fraser
Nick Fraser 22 days ago
Not sure why linus is okay with price gouging
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash 22 days ago
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo red is the apple of cameras......
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash 22 days ago
except apple actually has some stuff going for it
Spaceghost 22 days ago
Linus can accidentally throw hardware while sitting down...those hands...those god damned hands
Andreas 23 days ago
RED is history...
mikimomo97 23 days ago
Okay so we jumped from step 2 to step 4, to step 4 again. Lol
DB Vollbio
DB Vollbio 23 days ago
Leider muss man verstehen was voher geschah. Bitte dan nechste mahl erklären was ein "Red mini mag" ist
Aspiring Talks
Aspiring Talks 23 days ago
Open up red camera to find canon c series in that black carbon enclosure 🤣
Ronwe TheFallen
Ronwe TheFallen 23 days ago
I think that if they engineered a proprietary connector so they can double up on SATA chips by making the mag slightly thicker, this would be less of an issue. It would still be shitty, but the connector would server a purpose other than being a (maybe?) slightly more robust connector. Having a sled is fine, but sell it as a sled, don't sell it as a black box of magic when it's actually the most basic thing ever. The problem of selling things at premium prices is that people will expect premium quality. Unless you care about having the brand name on the side of the product, the only other reason to buy name brand is because of the quality. Take away the quality and someone else will come along and make it objectively better for cheaper, and you suddenly have competition.
Stefan Walter
Stefan Walter 23 days ago
I would get an ARRI if I’m in the market for that type of camera either way
Robert Hjalmarsen
Robert Hjalmarsen 24 days ago
Didn't you pay like 150 dollars for a camera handle? 😂 Red is Loco
John Doe
John Doe 24 days ago
Seeing all of this makes me glad that I don't use any of that sort of camera. First off neither of the two are completely honest and the prices are outrageous. Other memory formats are at least with fewer "failure points" because they don't have some kind of weird adapter hidden inside them that was never necessary for anything other than making it seem proprietary so they can make you pay anything they want for it. It would not surprise me now if the later generation of both cards is glued shut because of people nosing around in their products like this. Even then though it would not prevent us from getting inside them to see what is really going on.
Juris Vasiljevs
Juris Vasiljevs 24 days ago
Mac is a PC.. Personal Computer. Mindblowing for some i know. Internals the same as any computer. Apple ''software'' is made for simple people, simple to understand and operate thats why ''some'' people like it
Zack Truax
Zack Truax 24 days ago
You rock Linus!
Bruce Charlie
Bruce Charlie 25 days ago
So " support" and "warenty" justifies the enforcement of searching for products without the special firmware to reduce the download speed ... Sounds like monopoly to me
HerrTiSo 25 days ago
Please debunk PS Vita Memory cards...
Dan Miller
Dan Miller 25 days ago
The C E mark on the back of a red mag means conforms to European standards which is part of the reason why red mags could be more expensive then their competitors and the actual nand flash inside the mag also has to conform to European standards
AntwonDaBusiness 25 days ago
RED cameras are fucking stupid anyways. who the fuck has an 8k tv?
34ey5 drift
34ey5 drift 26 days ago
viral is now 97k views XD FAKE NEWS
unclejezza 26 days ago
Well said - especially from 14:04 where you absolutely nailed it, BRAVO Linus.
Shepard 26 days ago
Red also sues everyone who comes close killing their monopoly with their overly wide silly patent of in camera raw video recording. Luckily right now there's too much competition and soon Red will not be able to pull off that Apple behaviour. Arri on the other hand actually produces tech. They have uncompressed raw and they made a ton of stuff with real R&D. No matter how much you hate the word Mr Jannard, #RedIsAScam
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