Red's Overpriced "Mini Mag" Cards - The Real Story

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Red Digital Cinema has come under fire recently over allegations that their Mini-Mag storage cards are just cheap commodity SSDs in a fancy enclosure. As it turns out, there's some truth to these assertions, but the situation is not quite as simple as it's made out to be. Let's unwrap it.
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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 7 300
Stephen Gregson
Stephen Gregson 21 hour ago
The video thumbnail looks like Linus was about to announce that he has become a cigarette smoker.
TimeToPlaySomeGames 101
Adam Zawadzki
come on Linus you got the money to buy the cards so why you complaining for? you got $10,000 computers more then one and complaining about the memory cards come on man. The red camera stuff does cost a lot of money so if you got that type of cash to spend on the camera like that you should have no problem with buying the memory cards, if you are complaining about the price buy a cheaper camera lol
Zekester 2016
The only reason there's a write-speed difference is probably something intentionally implemented by Red. Not the other guy's fault, really...
HappyQuails 2 days ago
Would you leave a graphic containing text on long enough for us to read it? 2 seconds of display repeatedly doesn't cover it.
O Kourtakos
O Kourtakos 2 days ago
Thats a new one... LTT with two sponsors per video
George Jibuti
George Jibuti 2 days ago
Am I only one who noticed jump from "step2" to "step4"? ruvid.net/video/video-nqJXu4K1igg.html BTW, I watched this video several times
Drazen Graves
Drazen Graves 3 days ago
I just got a Linus pulseway ad on a Linus video....
John Rabson Jr
John Rabson Jr 3 days ago
This guy's videos are a great stopgap until someone reboots Battlestar Galactica.
Terrence 4 days ago
sell ur red and buy an arri
Jloc 5 days ago
From the tone when he was talking about redundancy, I feel like this video was sparked by a video _we'll never get to see_.
Dr. MacDarck
Dr. MacDarck 5 days ago
The best thing is... at the beginning I got a pulseway ad with Linus in it.
Joshua Parillon
Joshua Parillon 5 days ago
1:35 But Linus, WHAT IS STEP 3?
Pendejo9000 El gamer
I'm watching an add featuring linus on a linus video Holy tacos
yumri4 5 days ago
For the cost they charge a hardware RAID 1 + 0 still would have a healthy margin. Faster and still redundant. For the same cost I mean .... or a little more as the case would have to be a little thicker, more connectors will be required, and a mircocontroller will be needed for hardware RAID. Still I am not in the business so i won't buy 1 either way.
Survival Tom
Survival Tom 6 days ago
The last time you took apart a red camera it never saw the light of day again
quarkie 6 days ago
Apparently any decent fantasy writer can secure venture capital.
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 6 days ago
One would not want ya nan flashing the neighbours aye....
Ben Willock
Ben Willock 6 days ago
This video is very confused... nothing Jinni. Tech has said is incorrect, and yet Linus goes on this confused diatribe defending RED against Jinni. Tech despite them being correct... I mean he uses the fact that RED use firmware to lock out non-RED SSDs as some kind of evidence that RED's products have "special sauce", when it's just bog-standard ecosystem lockdown... why is that something that should be lauded? Why shouldn't we be applauding a start-up taking on a big company's anti-consumer practises? What exactly has Jinni. Tech done wrong? Like I said this is a weird, weird video, if I were the tin-foil hat wearing person I'd say there's something fishy going on here, but honestly I think Linus is just a bit muddled on the subject... Perhaps he feels slighted that his previous complaints about RED's mags weren't picked up on and some other company's were and so feels the need to make a bitter video about them? idk.
Terror Element
Terror Element 7 days ago
made in usa are all shit lmao look at the cars for example they cannot handle asian countries roads. USA SUCKS ALL TALK NO GO!
NetRolller3D 8 days ago
Seriously? Requiring a full format everytime you want to delete a single file, just because you (RED) don't know how to do TRIM properly (or cheaped out so hard as to pick an SSD without TRIM support)?!
L_W 8 days ago
It’s 11 PM, I’m drunk, I have no clue what the fuck they are talking about, but somehow I am still angry
Gavin Fielke
Gavin Fielke 8 days ago
Linus hadn't followed up this story because he was waiting for Jinni Tech to pay him out of their marketing budget.
Dogmatic Cat
Dogmatic Cat 9 days ago
Red is the kind of company I respect only for their tech/product itself. The brand itself doesn't give me a positive image.
Garfish 9 days ago
13:30 That's bang on the money. It's cheaper for them to "generously" provide data recovery for a small percentage of cases than make every single unit actually commercial grade with redundant measures. That's assuming the data is recovered. And to be fair, if they don't want to do that that's fine. But don't demand insane prices for something probably less reliable than my samsung ssd I bought from any random store.
Dee Ee
Dee Ee 9 days ago
"reaping what youve sowed" not sown its not sew its SOW
DBJ 10 days ago
12:05 Karate chop perfection from Martial Arts Master Sensei Linus!
Meadly1999 10 days ago
Red selling memory cards at over 15x the price is shocking. I understand why people would be angry at paying $2350 for a $150 1tb ssd. Red cameras are already expensive as fuck
solarwind 10 days ago
Made UK can mean it put UK but. Come from different countries
nortin65537 10 days ago
480GB SSD costs less than $100 Data recovery on that SSD ~ $800 So you are buying data recovery regardless of whether it is needed. And with extra RED charge. Apple is cheap compared to this.
Christopher John Elancheziyan
Grab tool Me: ifixkit ads Linus: Corsair Me: Dammit, you win this round Linus.
UseFreeSpeech 10 days ago
ohhhh BUSTED
Jonny B
Jonny B 10 days ago
Could you imagine sleeping at night knowing you're charging $2500 for something you could charge... $200-400 for? It's like when I go to quote construction for homeowners. You'd be amazed how often I'm liked $350 and someone got a quote that started out at $7000 anad finally guy said "I guess I can do it for $4000" Hahaha like cutting an enormous price in half speaks to your honor or something hahaha. Nah, just means you're already charging too much.
Travis Miller
Travis Miller 10 days ago
y is this just now comin up?? if i had to buy one of these cards at the cost u say they r, i would have to know whats inside that makes is so dam expensive youv been put on blast on ltt, u r done now every dollar u spend u get to think about everybody knowing u ripped part of that off from them n they hope u enjoy that overpriced meal ur buying with it
William Saunders
William Saunders 10 days ago
Service design is key I doubt those who had the idea for the camera wanted to scam people out of money
Mortophobe:Gaming 11 days ago
1st time i hear of this and it took me till 4:30 before i got that RED is not Team red as in amd xD
Tom Brown
Tom Brown 11 days ago
The problem with consumerism is that where there is a niche market they will always, always charge an inflated price instead of a genuine offer. These kinds of companies always prefer profit over integrity. They might not be 100% to blame but they really should have made it clearer what their product specs are. Look what happened with Nvidia selling a GTX 970 4gb with only 3.5gb of usuable Vram for instance.
Silas Pipson
Silas Pipson 11 days ago
I feel like sometimes Linus can seem like such a nice guy that you end up totally forgetting how quickly and succinctly he can absolutely rip a multi-million-dollar company like, ten new ones.
gwidao123 12 days ago
Corridor Digital Disliked this
Jason Ready
Jason Ready 12 days ago
This whole video needs a disclaimer that if your not into filming you will be completely lost
Ab Cd
Ab Cd 10 days ago
i mean which part?
Francisco Herrera
Francisco Herrera 12 days ago
I was about to say "no sponsor this time around..."
Daniss 12 days ago
How much were you paid from red
Ten Minute Tokyo 2
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 12 days ago
Well then stop using the shit dumbass.
KeepItDead 12 days ago
Loooooool. Half y’all in the comments broke as fuck bitching about some shit you can’t afford
Eric Simpson
Eric Simpson 12 days ago
Smoked ‘em.
Siegbert schnösel
Siegbert schnösel 13 days ago
Red cams are overpriced shit. Real cams come from Arri!
jomsart 13 days ago
2000 for a fucking SSD AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
B 13 days ago
Not actually 10x but 40x + markups...
Vadim Andreyev
Vadim Andreyev 14 days ago
RED fooled you selling Aliexpress ssds AHAHAHAAHAHA hilarious GOOD BUZINESS MODEL GUYZ
IHateSmurfing0 15 days ago
It w on uldbhave been funny if a red card was made up of a bunch of micro sd's
Tec 15 days ago
engineer better next time. stat
Joseph Yang
Joseph Yang 16 days ago
To be fair, selling consumables (including accessories) is normally the greatest revenue generator in any hardware market. We all know that. I just wish RED was just more upfront and honest that most of their "R&D cost" is nothing but going through the process of choosing the right supplier and spending on legal fees if they get sued for loss of data. They just didn't want to blow away their revenue stream and that's totally fine... except the execution was scummy and not brilliant at all. Actually worse than Apple.
Vincent the 2nd
Vincent the 2nd 16 days ago
12:01 Rename video to "Karate in the tech industry"
BassMunk 16 days ago
I have mad respect for Linus now. This is the 2nd time (yes I'm new lol) I've seen him out someone for their purposeful misrepresentation of their products. 👍 Good jorb
Crosham 17 days ago
RED defends conserative holy-wood assets. Shockingly its funny.
Nathan 17 days ago
And Linus encourages this behavior by purchasing their product
Jadi 17 days ago
7:00 vendors can alter the firmware the graphics cards. Red doesnt touch the firmware on the ssds at all, you cant alter the firmware firstly and secondly the companies even say that the firmware is not editable and is not allowed to be edited
spessarterlandei 17 days ago
i just watched a 15min video about something ive never heard of or used at all. okkkkk
Mitchell Brinker
Mitchell Brinker 17 days ago
I do not care much for RED mags, or for REDs model in general. I’m very happy with the work Codex did with Arri in there new 1TB SSD mags. A much better option of the two.
kassie2k4 17 days ago
absolutely offensive from red my understanding is it generally works out like this: "our product is soooo fancy with its $2000 markup that we offer data recovery when it fails! which is especially likely with our ancient filesystem support and no redundancy! - if somebody makes a FAKE they are violating our IP! er, wait thats wrong, i mean pathetically weak DRM scheme! also you have to buy MORE so you can have a fresh mag if you made a mistake and don't have enough recording time to do a retake" incredible
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