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Check out the official music video for "Gone" by Red
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Disappear, without a trace
A treasure lost, I can't replace
The only piece that still remains
Is in these scars, is in this pain

I want to save it all
I want to take it all
My heart is holding on
I bleed, I bleed for love

When I'm gone
When I fade away
Is the air I breathe my only legacy?
When I'm gone

In the dark, I am a flame
A passing light, all in vain
I feel the pull, I feel a change
It's over now, it slips away

I want to save it all
I want to take it all
My heart is holding on
I bleed, I bleed for love

When I'm gone
When I fade away
Is the air I breathe my only legacy?
When I'm gone

When I'm gone
When I'm gone

I want to save it all
I want to take it all
My heart is holding on
I bleed, I bleed for love

When I'm gone
When I fade away
Is the air I breathe my only legacy?
When I'm gone

When I'm gone
Music by RED performing Gone (Official Music Video). © 2017 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Dec 6, 2017




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Comments 2 571
Eye Tea
Eye Tea 3 days ago
If there’s hope, there’s a way.
Natasha Dindoyal
Natasha Dindoyal 5 days ago
Wow factor....🤗
TheDinosaur900 6 days ago
"Is the air I breathe my only legacy?" *Goddamn it these lyrics hit too close to home*
Florent Rifai
Florent Rifai 12 days ago
This band deserves more views, God dammit !
Wyvern 13 days ago
AirsoftWarrior1992 16 days ago
This entire album is an even bigger dissapointment than the new 2020 Toyota Supra. At least on "Release the Panic" which was the first time you tried to go electronic, there was at least ONE song on there that was good. Other than that one song though, you pissed off your fans with the album with it being bullshit. Learning from your mistakes, went back to your original style with "...of Beauty and Rage" Then made this kind of electronic/pop bullshit again, but somehow worse? Way to sell out and become a complete different genre
AirsoftWarrior1992 16 days ago
What the fuck happened to RED?
AirsoftWarrior1992 16 days ago
The band that captured my heart in my teenage years is now "Gone"
Serafin Al khadar Mustafi
Red - rap = jemu nie wyszło
TinyTeaFox 25 days ago
please come to vienna ♥ :)
Karol Bauer
Karol Bauer 27 days ago
This song just literally stays in ones head and the brain asks you to play it one more time.
Karol Bauer
Karol Bauer 27 days ago
2019 here
tiago avelino
tiago avelino Month ago
Melhor musica da banda 😍😍
Alejandro Montoya Rodas
Por qué no lo escuché antes?
this is so sad can we hit 10 likes?
oh my god this is so good man wtf
Alaskan for Trump
Mind fuck..... love you guys. Respect From ALASKA
Green Crystal
Green Crystal Month ago
Ooof I have to sub!! Oooof this is just too perfect
Briona Mullinax
Briona Mullinax Month ago
His voice makes me wanna have sex
Briona Mullinax
Briona Mullinax Month ago
his voice is soooooooooooooo hot. frick.
Rusty Elswick
Rusty Elswick Month ago
Check out Collision of innocence if you like Red
Рамазан Халиков
I want to save it all I want to take it all💥
3randon Month ago
Your music was so comforting during my darkest moments.
April Motsinger
April Motsinger Month ago
Jose Manuel Acien Montoya
Bander Man
Bander Man 2 months ago
Never debate great music. Listen, you might hear something.
Rolly G
Rolly G 2 months ago
Everybody was looking who can cast Kratos, there you go
Hacker Man
Hacker Man 2 months ago
waaaaaaaaaa el menos trece... no sabia que cantaba :v
Marcio Costa
Marcio Costa 2 months ago
Muito bom!!!!!
Sthefany Jesus Silva
John Rogers
John Rogers 2 months ago
Love red been a big fan such awesome music keep it up
Roman Konenko
Roman Konenko 2 months ago
Funny story. I live in Ukraine. Once I come back from the cinema with my wife. I go into the elevator. A boy of probably twelve comes in. Some one from his family probably calls. And I hear that on the ringtone he has "Deat of Me". I ask him "Listen Red" ?. He looked at me in surprise (thought maybe I was too old for such music) and saying in a trembling voice"Yeeeesss".Then he asked me, "And you?". I answered him "For almost ten years ". He lend a hand to me and went out on his floor. I have never been so proud of a twelve-year-old child.
Thomas Hodgson
Thomas Hodgson 2 months ago
Damn epic
Plush Hunter
Plush Hunter 2 months ago
Been a fan since Shadows and I gotta say I really like this song. Even with the electronics it's not too far off from their usual style. Compare it with Linkin Park who went from Nu Metal to Pop-Rock. The change here is not so big. You can still hear that it's RED. And I also do like Starset insanely much.
Johnny Cruz
Johnny Cruz 2 months ago
These incredibly beautifull songs are vanishing from this world.
Dattebayo Jess
Dattebayo Jess 2 months ago
I want a man with that ginger beard omg
carlos johan Sanchez
Descarguen esa red social: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=iyou.aplixyy
Here comes 13eni
Here comes 13eni 2 months ago
I see a lot of Viking funeral references in this video
EvilEmoX Legend
EvilEmoX Legend 2 months ago
My most favorite band for over 10 years
Lacy Gorman
Lacy Gorman 2 months ago
Messages Check Mr. Smeee
Leroy Cancio
Leroy Cancio 2 months ago
Best song for DBS Ending
Paul Ort
Paul Ort 2 months ago
Keep it up guys, and keep it loud.
Michael Card
Michael Card 2 months ago
Anyone still here 2019?
Aggregor 2 months ago
Wow this song is growing on me more and more everyday definitely in my top 5 red songs now!
dead balloon
dead balloon 2 months ago
I watched The evening hate because it's recommended and now I'm here discovering thebandred
Mariah Schultz
Mariah Schultz 3 months ago
This is my favorite song from Red. When I'm gone!!!
Tzakman 2 months ago
you only have heared one song by them then...
DriverGreenRuss 3 months ago
That means war if inside you. You can't escape. If you trying to escape. You wıll fall down.
Alley COOPER 3 months ago
i know red is a Christian band and that's fine, but I hear this song in a different. this song saved my life from killing myself and it made me see if I did what would it be like if I left and how it affect others, i know its kinda sad but that's how i think of the song
Cieszyn61 3 months ago
kent axl bascones
kent axl bascones 3 months ago
It's like Linkin Park v. 2.
Mutasim Oni Sniper
Mutasim Oni Sniper 3 months ago
I've just heared it And now it is one of the best songs of my playlist...♥
Saiyan Amv
Saiyan Amv 3 months ago
Gilbert Ivarra
Gilbert Ivarra 3 months ago
In description looks like wwe wrestler Erick Rowan
Intel com
Intel com 3 months ago
last time I saw a video of them was in my brother house in 2010
Jesus 3 months ago
Electric part kinda ruins the whole song. Thats just my opinion..
Great Sentinel
Great Sentinel 3 months ago
is the air i breath my only legacy ??
Jarrod Richard
Jarrod Richard 3 months ago
There not Christian but there music is good I would say but far from Christian
Castoricat 3 months ago
Un an que je l'avais pas écouté je l'aime toujours autant go la rajouter à ma Playlist encore une fois
Carolyn Sallinger
Carolyn Sallinger 3 months ago
Thanos sings too
Somber Ghost542
Somber Ghost542 3 months ago
Slipknot fan here
Benjamin Aswad
Benjamin Aswad 3 months ago
Phenomenal. Rock is my favorite genre.
Sound of. gangster
Sound of. gangster 3 months ago
Gone 58
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