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warm brown smokey eye! beautiful on all eye colors! I know these shades can be intimidating for some, but hopefully this will help break you out of your makeup comfort zone!
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Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on RUvid. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.

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Jun 16, 2012




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Comments 868
Beauty.By.Miriam 3 months ago
Back when beauty blenders didn't exist lol watching this in 2019 😅🙌🏼
Suzanne Taylor
Suzanne Taylor 3 months ago
Can replicate this look with your JH pallet?
gio aprile
gio aprile 3 months ago
This was my favorite video back in the day!! It’s so cool looking back and so nostalgic. I totally agree on re creating it!! Would be sick.
Diana CG
Diana CG 3 months ago
love it in 2019! the best tutorials
Kiersten Stephens
Kiersten Stephens 3 months ago
Still one of my favorites ❤ I know people grow and change, and what we see may not be reality, but I really miss this carefree, bubbly, person. So much more relatable.
BeautyByBlair 6 months ago
Anyone watching in 2019??
Natalie Esmeralda
Natalie Esmeralda 7 months ago
watching in 2019
Raychael Powell
Raychael Powell 7 months ago
Idc what anyone says. You are the best to me.
Olivia Aragon
Olivia Aragon 9 months ago
Love the music you used to use 😂💓
Janvier Balser
Janvier Balser 10 months ago
pretty jewelry
Jessica Trasvina
I'm literally going to do this eye look tomorrow!
Allie B
Allie B Year ago
This is my favorite version of her
Samantha Bosley
I think you need to redo these looks now! Or follow them and see the finished look!
Tasneem Mayet
Tasneem Mayet Year ago
hi how r u i just love how u apply your makeup i have a question what do u do with after applying them
Bethany B
Bethany B Year ago
Her closet has come so far!!
Lauren Richmond
girl this eye look has come back!!!
Julia Minarcik
This is my favorite kind of Jaclyn video!! Can you make more like these older ones? I feel like we learn more from these ones :D
Liz Torres
Liz Torres Year ago
Actual useful videos before all the drama and product pushing
I love the background music and how chill this video is and it’s all authenticity about and for the love of makeup.
She used to be such a natural beauty. Now she just looks plastic. I’ll never understand the obsession with wanting to look synthetic and plastic versus natural and fresh.
Araceli Salinas
Can you PLEASE DO AN UPDATED VERSION OF THIS??? I tried this look soooooo many times and was never able to get it right lol.
Makayla Miller
Can you make an update of this video?! Omg this would be great.
Kelsie Butcher
This background music 🤦‍♀️
Jessica Benton
Still one of my fav looks! Recreate it!
Power Cordz gamer
Yes I came from watching your most recent video and this look is beautiful I wish you can recreate this look 👍👌❤️
Ayih Elbaneh
Ayih Elbaneh Year ago
Love this
Ruthie Green
Ruthie Green Year ago
New video idea: recreate one of your first youtube videos! Because this is one of my allllll time favorite Jaclyn Hill looks! Lurrrrrrrrrv it
SHANDA 2 years ago
I love this! Coming back to watch
Paige Marie
Paige Marie 2 years ago
Baby Jac
Tabatha Taylor
Tabatha Taylor 2 years ago
Love the eye look.
Abigail WEAVER
Abigail WEAVER 2 years ago
Oh man how far you have come your so adorable I love thisss you've grown up and got soooo more amazing and your voice you sound so youngggg!!! Ahhhh
Krystal Blanchard
Krystal Blanchard 2 years ago
wow this is great seeing how for you've come! Now with your own pallete! Recreate this look plz💖💖
Hal Not4u2no
Hal Not4u2no 2 years ago
Is it rule or brule? Sorry to ask thanks
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia 2 years ago
Video #9 2:38 am
Katherin Santoyo
Katherin Santoyo 2 years ago
This are my favorite videos I wish we could go back in time
Cheyenne Loves You
Cheyenne Loves You 2 years ago
She was so chill and calm. What a difference from how she is now.
Leah Damron
Leah Damron 2 years ago
The way she says "spoole" lol
Jennifer Zeke
Jennifer Zeke 2 years ago
Girl I still love this video. You create the perfect winged liner!
Santana Rodriguez
Santana Rodriguez 2 years ago
I love this video, I swear I've watched it like 30 times already. Recreating it with YOUR pallette! :)
Arshad Mahmood
Arshad Mahmood 2 years ago
Tanvina Amin
Tanvina Amin 2 years ago
Who else is watching is on 2017 or its just me
Katie Bowman
Katie Bowman 2 years ago
Oh my goodness. You have come so far! :)
Alana Hartman
Alana Hartman 2 years ago
"I will never use another brush for the rest of my life!" So awesome. Love you Jaclyn :)
Julie Boolie
Julie Boolie 2 years ago
I miss her being chill like this.
sydne simanton
sydne simanton 2 years ago
Jaclyn, I'm so obsessed with this look, I go back everytime! I would love to see an updated version, with new products :) Thanks for the inspiration everyday
Alisha Jill
Alisha Jill 2 years ago
Jaclyn 2012! You're so cute!
okay mom
okay mom 2 years ago
Watching in 2017! Baby jac so cute.
Light Warrior
Light Warrior 2 years ago
This was ur best vid ! Please recreate with same products !
Kendra Morgan Official
I love M.A.C Jac!
Kristine 2 years ago
I love you so much I’ve been watching since you started these! And I still come back to them sometimes :)
Fatime Ismaili
Fatime Ismaili 2 years ago
whats the 4th eyeshadow called rule i think you said thanks i want to buy the exact colors you used this look is gorgeous :D
tiara.watch 2 years ago
still my alll time fav look!! my first tutorial that ive seen! ever! and i recreated it and I looooved it! please redo this look!😚😍💛🍂🍁 with your palette!! @jaclynhill
Stephanie Lawhon
Stephanie Lawhon 2 years ago
Boo omg lol
Morgan Webb
Morgan Webb 2 years ago
I'm doing this look today with the Jaclyn hill morphs palate. Girl you have come full circle. So proud of you
KamaroPayne 2 years ago
So horrible at being on RUvid. What a quote. Hahahaha. Look at you now sis.
KamaroPayne 2 years ago
Watching your old videos is so fun. I just found out who you were today lol, after I somehow got ahold of your morphe palette. Living for it btw 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
lavalampazzz 2 years ago
You should make a video today of you doing this makeup haha.
Robanne Williams
Robanne Williams 2 years ago
I love watching your old videos! You've grown so much into a makeup QUEEN! Love you Jac!💕
Maria Leyva
Maria Leyva 2 years ago
I wish she would recreate this look it's gorgeous and just in time for fall right around the corner!
Kana Horton
Kana Horton 2 years ago
watching in 2017!!!
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