Red - Breathe Into Me (Official Video)

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Music video by Red performing Breathe Into Me. RUvid view counts pre-VEVO: 15,774
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Oct 25, 2009




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Comments 4 942
I may not be a Christian, but I honestly enjoy red because their music is relatable.
montana hartsock
montana hartsock 4 days ago
Saw them at Winter Jam 2020 they absolutely killed it freaking amazing show I wish they got a longer set but they still did freaking amazing I would love to see them play again
Joseph coyle
Joseph coyle 4 days ago
who's here from Winter jam 2020
Victor Mazzari
Victor Mazzari 4 days ago
Let’s play this song when we finally give Mars life 😃👍💥💥💥🌱🌾🍃🌋🌋🌧☄️🌎😎
RcG Frost
RcG Frost 5 days ago
I seen these guys at winter jam 4 days ago and they were awesome best rock band from winter jam
ryhs k
ryhs k 6 days ago
I listen to a lot of dubstep and all that good electronic stuff but this band man, ever since I heard this song on a mw2 montage I've been a fan
Bruno Ricardo
Bruno Ricardo 11 days ago
Algum BR em 2020? tamo junto
Sivonei Jesus
Sivonei Jesus 13 days ago
Wolfeye Music
Wolfeye Music 13 days ago
: )
Edwin espinoza
Edwin espinoza 14 days ago
Deberían darle un premio Nobel a esta banda por que me trae mucha Paz 🤘🔥
Charles Lott
Charles Lott 18 days ago
Christopher Williams
dis song
t0ybanned 21 day ago
Виталик Иванько
Я эту песню почти 10 лет искал, ещё когда все смотрели нарезки битв из Наруто под рок музыку на кнопочных телефонах. Бозееее, какой же кайффффф...
Agonist 23 days ago
where are the email links??
El wacho wachin
El wacho wachin 23 days ago
Crei que la cancion tenia al rededor de 5m de me gustas y 500 millones de visitas ?? como es posible que solo tenga 10 millones
kathryn stivers
kathryn stivers 26 days ago
Saw him at Winterjam. Totally awesome
Vitória Eduarda
Vitória Eduarda 26 days ago
Check in em 2020 kkkk n me canso
Mark Huse
Mark Huse 27 days ago
my favorite Christian Rock groups in no particular order.... Red, Skillet and TFK. and I'm soon to be 49 years old.
Jordan Theiss
Jordan Theiss 29 days ago
Christian band IDC this song is real I love it
James Burgess
James Burgess Month ago
I seen this guy's at Pinterest in Tampa awesome
Таня Троха
2020 🖤
Hannah Henderson
I saw RED live yesterday and it was wonderful.
Krystinuh Nine
Krystinuh Nine Month ago
Just saw them last night at WinterJam 2020 in Indy! Was NOT disappointed!!
Aaron Month ago
I'm an atheist and still very into this song. Sue me.
Savannah Brontë
This guy is so angry
Daniel MonkeyKing
And this is how it feels when I ignore the words you spoke to me And this is where I lose myself when I keep running away from you And this is who I am when, when I don't know myself anymore And this is what I choose when it's all left up to me Breathe your life into me I can feel you I'm falling, falling faster Breathe your life into me I still need you I'm falling, falling Breathe into me Breathe into me And this is how it looks when I am standing on the edge And this is how I break apart when I finally hit the ground And this is how it hurts when I pretend I don't feel any pain And this is how I disappear when I throw myself away Breathe your life into me I can feel you I'm falling, falling faster Breathe your life into me I still need you I'm falling, falling Breathe into me (Breathe into me) (Breathe into me) (Breathe into me) Breathe your life into me I can feel you I'm falling, falling faster Breathe your life into me I still need you I'm falling, falling Breathe into me Breathe your life into me I'm falling, falling faster Breathe your life into me Falling, falling, falling Breathe into me Breathe into me Breathe into me Breathe into me Breathe!
Darrius Thurston
What is really funny is the people that do not know that this is a Christian group.
strom hd ilegal
strom hd ilegal Month ago
Christian metal 😎😎😎😎👏👏🔥🔥👊👊👊
Learn Haitian Creole wiht Fé
I was here jan.08.20
Jonny Green
Jonny Green Month ago
2020 anyone? God rocks!🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
captain obvious
captain obvious Month ago
I find myself very anti-religuos and even I love how this song sound. So much beauty and talent
Michael Month ago
2020 and we are still red.
Jay S
Jay S Month ago
Still here
Red Shadows
Red Shadows Month ago
This a good band to get into? I'm a fan of Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, and a few others along those lines.
Dillon Sharpton
Dillon Sharpton 18 days ago
Yuh. Ironically, this band has a song called 'Shadows' which Ben Burnley,singer for breaking Benjamin, helped write.
CR Month ago
This is a great band to get into
fyerfytr Month ago
Des Moines Jan. 25th please add this to set list!! This song rocks.
Drew Haack
Drew Haack Month ago
Yas, going to be in DM! Glad someone else will be rocking out there.
Kamka0613 Month ago
eeeeee Bring Me to Live??
danvers Month ago
put* merda essa musica é uma pura nostalgia !!
Nikinah Lafleur
Nikinah Lafleur Month ago
I just wanted to know if the girl was going to be okay!
Larissa Araújo
Larissa Araújo Month ago
Amo as músicas dele são cristãs MT top
Supra Works
Supra Works Month ago
AFTER 13 years I finally found THE SONG. When I was a kid me and my sis had CD players with a Christian cd playlist. This was on the cd and was by far my favorite song. We then lost it and today marks the day I listened to this again after so long....
Gabriela Pimentel
FlamingMushroom00X8 2 months ago
I know this is a religious band and all but I honestly could care less. This song is absolutely badass and one thing I love about red is how a lot of their songs contain religious meanings but don't directly specify it, and so even those who aren't religious by any means or simply don't care can take a different theme from it, whether it be about god breathing his life into you or whether it be about retaining hope or desperation, whatever the theme this song can be perceived in many ways and enjoyed by many and is an examlple of why music is so amazing.
Dub Kodiak
Dub Kodiak 2 months ago
Christian Rock/metal = Love at FULL VOLUME!
jm007890 2 months ago
Im telling my kids this is Flyleaf :3
Avinash Ajwani
Avinash Ajwani 2 months ago
Who is here before the decade ends.
Lucifers Paradise
Lucifers Paradise 2 months ago
Shits catchy as fuck.
Crystal Kiseka
Crystal Kiseka 2 months ago
Still here in December 2019. I looooooove Red. Their music speaks to my soul.
Strausburg 2 months ago
I remember the day RED sent me a message on Myspace to come check them out. It was before they released their first album and they just had a couple of demos on there. They had their influences listed as Linkin Park and Muse, so I immediately knew it was going to be interesting. This song has always given me chills! That same year I saw them live at Cornerstone 2006 and when he asked who had heard of them and already had the album, there were only like 3 of us (myself included) who cheered. I think the lead singer recognized me because he pointed at me and said "I know YOU have it". I'll never forget that. Great to see them grow and continue on as a band.
marcos pqd
marcos pqd 2 months ago
Glória a Deus único que salva cura e liberta muito obrigado senhor por eu ter o sopro dá vida.
Gustavo Videla
Gustavo Videla 2 months ago
2019 ?
Realistic 2 months ago
Happy thanksgiving to the peeps see this now
Dayhan Calderón López
Erik E
Erik E 2 months ago
Is this the band that’s opening for in flames?
Dillon Sharpton
Dillon Sharpton 2 months ago
Erik E I wouldn't know. I'm actually going for Red. I never got into In Flames but I like I, The Mask. Excited none the less.
Erik E
Erik E 2 months ago
Dillon Sharpton not looking forward to it but I guess it’s better than the last band that opened for them
Dillon Sharpton
Dillon Sharpton 2 months ago
Always Dr3aming
Always Dr3aming 2 months ago
Man, I've been into EDM since I was 13 but I now that I'm 21 I forgot how much I used to love rock. Red was one of my favorite bands growing up!
Justin B Robert Campbell
Good band n song
Bob Jon
Bob Jon 3 months ago
As an atheist, can I get the "Jesus" pass for liking this song?
Leffycleanse 2 months ago
If it bothers you then it is bothering the holy spirit in you brother! Time to repent. Open your eyes.
Maycol Flores
Maycol Flores 3 months ago
Thiago Ferreira
Thiago Ferreira 3 months ago
2019 ??
Caleb Thurman
Caleb Thurman 3 months ago
Most christian dont agree with this music, its simply because they get so infactuated with all the rules that they forget the bigger picture which is god!
Screaming Begins Again
i expected him to be younger ya know
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