Red - Breathe Into Me (Official Video)

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Music video by Red performing Breathe Into Me. RUvid view counts pre-VEVO: 15,774
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Oct 25, 2009




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Comments 4 797
Herzon Sanchez Pereira
Jonathan Pagan
Jonathan Pagan 3 days ago
I feel so bless that God created this band I forever Lister then wend I use too live in the state I show them live 3 times in my life
Christian Jacques
Listened to them since I was a depressed and under demon oppression 13 year old now I'm 17 almost 18 I got married and still love them (this is my husband's account) 👍
Helielton Santos
Helielton Santos 8 days ago
ihu!!!!brasileiro na area
Кредо Мести
Underrated song
Izzy fletcher
Izzy fletcher 10 days ago
I'm a kid an do like red by the way I'm Christian
MTS AIRMASS 11 days ago
this song was a banger back in the day i came across this
Matias souza
Matias souza 14 days ago
Dante Sparde
Dante Sparde 14 days ago
mundo asiático y mas
De esta rock me fascina red tiene lo mejor que uno pueda escuchar y encanta esta canción de red
flute guy
flute guy 16 days ago
here after the sidemen vid
BlackJack 16 days ago
Me also
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 17 days ago
Typed in red Christian music and got it first try !!! TYJC
SaintFaker 19 days ago
shadow Drake
shadow Drake 22 days ago
I completely understand the feeling when u feel distant fromGod and you feel ashamed but i will not give up my faith in God
Jonathas Granada
Chris Johns
Chris Johns Month ago
I'm addicted
iv bin serching for this video so long
Ratel.H Badger
Ratel.H Badger Month ago
0:11... RED has a big drop in the intro of a song... in 2006. How music fell HARD!!!
Firehawk 793
Firehawk 793 Month ago
Im an atheist but this band is still one of my favorites 💖
Raymond Buben
Raymond Buben Month ago
Very powerful sound and Video, I’m an old school Christian rocker from the late 70’s to early 90’s . Recently I’ve gotten into skillet, Red, pillar, thousand foot crutch, to name a few. When I sang Christian rock it was way more evangelical, but as I have grown older I’ve learned ones heart is way more important than what we see on the outside. Draw close to Jesus and he will always be with you.
Kal Kush
Kal Kush Month ago
"This is how I disappear when I throw myself away"..... Love Red going on damn 6 or 7 years now....
Spocar Month ago
Why most of the Christian bands that i know has eye shadows?
Leonel Gutierrez
This song is not crhristian 🤷🏻‍♂️
Gianna Danser
Gianna Danser Month ago
I was two years young plus five months and five days old when this came out. I feel old even though I'm just a brooding 12 year old. Oof my heart
Rey Macias
Rey Macias Month ago
Human video???
Rusty Elswick
Rusty Elswick Month ago
Check out Collision of innocence if like red
Robert Bennion
Robert Bennion Month ago
This music is absolutely not evil, it's a great way to reach a broader audience for those that like harder edged music but still get uplifting lyrics. I believe spiritual help can come from any type of music as long as it's aimed towards God.
Danni fever
Danni fever Month ago
I remembrr when no one knew them and i was proudly jamming to this in 2009
Djwjdj Jfnwkjd
Djwjdj Jfnwkjd Month ago
Kd os BR !!!!!
scott callahan
scott callahan Month ago
Can't wait to see you at Blue Ridge Rock Festival next month
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Month ago
Saw these dudes at the park in my home town such a weird concert
Johny rage
Johny rage Month ago
Rock + Metal Is The Devils Music They Said
Scott Ryan
Scott Ryan Month ago
Love it.
Worthless Month ago
O Satan! Breathe your life into me.
Karine Jardim
Karine Jardim 2 months ago
Assistindo em 2019, que nostalgia! =)
Darth Felipe
Darth Felipe 2 months ago
Eu também kkk, tava uns 4 anos sem escutar Red. Que saudades.
jhoy broy
jhoy broy 2 months ago
Like only reason I found this is cause it’s Walters favorite band
anibal vargas llanos
C'mon red when more single 2019
Aheartz Always Ahad
Aheartz Always Ahad 2 months ago
MarvinST EDD
MarvinST EDD 2 months ago
MarvinST EDD
MarvinST EDD 2 months ago
Sans The Skeleton's fan
This video is awesome and what makes it better is that it's uploaded on my 6th birthday lol.
matt D.
matt D. 2 months ago
Still their best song.
Stigma Month ago
I think darkest part is way better
Mona Abdussalam
Mona Abdussalam 2 months ago
This sonh is my first song I love and listen when I was 11 .. and now I'm 20 .. love you Red band I love all of you I wish you read my message and replied ❤
Kris Del Cid
Kris Del Cid 2 months ago
This sounds a lot like Linkin Park.
Nate river
Nate river 2 months ago
Breathe your life into me i still need you im falling...
Brandon Lawson
Brandon Lawson 2 months ago
Didnt know this was a Christian band. Lyrics took a completely different direction now...
Vincent Fontanez
Vincent Fontanez 2 months ago
Gabriel Mariano
Gabriel Mariano 3 months ago
ten years, OMG
riley 3 months ago
damn I used to listen to Red when I was younger oof 🔥🔥🔥 still fire after nine years
Interstellar Traveler from Alpha Centauri
First song that I’ve heard from red , ever since fell in love .
Dragonball 777
Dragonball 777 3 months ago
Flawed Element- Lacerate Is another great metal/hard rock christian band
Alright There Mate
Alright There Mate 3 months ago
Sounds a bit like Linkin Park - Don't Stay
Muhammad Faisal
Muhammad Faisal 3 months ago
Not bad
Tzakman 3 months ago
they have much more better songs
Jasmine Rul
Jasmine Rul 3 months ago
Y'all don't know how long I've been looking for this song 😂 I remembered who it was by but not the same or lyrics. It was one of my faves years ago
Diana Titova
Diana Titova 3 months ago
Именно с этой песни началась моя любовь ❤️
bu tre
bu tre 3 months ago
I remember playing this song in my religion class as part of an assignment about religious music. thought I was being edgy but apparently my intentional surface interpretation was accurate. the song still fuckin sucks tho
J Shay
J Shay 2 months ago
bu tre Well I like it.
Brant Gentry
Brant Gentry 3 months ago
Fireflight, skillet, three days grace
Liam T
Liam T 3 months ago
Christ is King
terry clay
terry clay 4 months ago
If red and linkin park linkup thay going to kill it
Ruby Aguilar
Ruby Aguilar 4 months ago
Me encanta!!!!
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