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Feb 17, 2019

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Comments 22 623
Ashley And Julianna
Ashley And Julianna 8 minutes ago
Antonio now: *walks in says hi* Antonio in the future: *EWWWW WHAT IS THATTT*
tik tok edits
tik tok edits Hour ago
Why is science teachers like so rude and hate all the kids
Jocelyn Lopez
Jocelyn Lopez 5 hours ago
OMGGGG on the second tutorial I can RELATEE I used all those 3 reds and that sparkly one🤣🤣🤣🤣
taetae_ toffee
taetae_ toffee 7 hours ago
I almost shit myself ksndneoabdndoassndnsk 20:25
Kiersten Cenate
Kiersten Cenate 7 hours ago
Why are those to nails always broke 👈🏽👉🏽
Lego Teen Twins
Lego Teen Twins 8 hours ago
A cup of tae with suga And kookies
Is she a girl or a boy?
josephine emilia
josephine emilia 15 hours ago
Me: wears off shoulder top Teacher :young lady >:( Me: who's gonna get turned on by my shoulders :/
Char Yeet
Char Yeet 22 hours ago
4:41 made me cry lol
Hana-Amaia Paratene
Antonio: breathes Bigger make up artist: sHeS rEaLlY gOoD.
Issabelle Campos
Antonio: who would be turned on by my knee..............or even me??? OMG that's so me luv u Antonio🖤
Bei Day ago
she played hot cross buns, i learned that in 3rd GRADE HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
You tube Official
Me at school
Love Batman
Love Batman 2 days ago
7:15 lmao that’s a whole mood and sums up my entire life!
Makayla Zinno
Makayla Zinno 2 days ago
okay wait. why is his 7th grade bad makeup better than my makeup 🥺
Kawaiikitty UwU
Kawaiikitty UwU 2 days ago
I just started watching u and I'm in loveee you're so iconic 🤠
Robyn Griffin
Robyn Griffin 2 days ago
Only Antonio and Shane can get me to watch a video for more than 20 minutes
Neko Gata Cat
Neko Gata Cat 2 days ago
Antonio Garza I don’t know what’s going on ummmm I can relate omg and I also played the oboe like SIS
275 subscribers with no videos
I think your face structure got much more manly than it was before
ItsBree Yt
ItsBree Yt 3 days ago
10:11-10:20 OMG IM SCREAMMING😭🤣🤣🤣I legit love youuu💛
Olivia With a last name
I love her dancing😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kalysta Kraska
Kalysta Kraska 3 days ago
when you played hot cross buns I had SO MANy flashbacks tf
Piper Walker
Piper Walker 3 days ago
I feel like if anyone else edited their video this much it would be awful. But somehow she makes it work... idk but it’s funny 😂
Macy Heit
Macy Heit 4 days ago
Omfg i died of laughter from your editing (I just started watching you yesterday)
Lovelyrat20 05
Lovelyrat20 05 4 days ago
Sorry but 8:14 Sebastian Bails whooo
Xiara Fuhi
Xiara Fuhi 4 days ago
16:41 ew antonio lmao
Omar Ali
Omar Ali 4 days ago
19:32 rip headphone users
spxngeek 4 days ago
are you a man?
Doge Bloxer
Doge Bloxer 4 days ago
When she played Hot Cross Buns on the flute, i cried and it took me back to the terrible memories of when i played the clarinet in 5th grade
Pxnkerbelle 4 days ago
Not trying to be rude AT ALL BECAUSE I LOVE ANTONIO but Antonio is a boy righteous girl? Helppp
Pxnkerbelle Day ago
Kawaiikitty UwU thank you! I was just wondering and that’s what I thought and she isn’t a legend she is a queen 👑
Kawaiikitty UwU
Kawaiikitty UwU 2 days ago
Born boy but is trans :) she is an icon either way tbh lol
Ym Mabatuan
Ym Mabatuan 4 days ago
are you a boy or a girl?????
Carmens RobloxLPS&MSP
I know I’m gonna sound like I don’t know what makeup is but he looked kind of.. good 😂😂😂😂
Catherine Harley
Catherine Harley 4 days ago
This is one of the funniest I've seen from you😂😂
Icy Jade show
Icy Jade show 4 days ago
Hot crosss bunnnnns
Cornelia Lejon
Cornelia Lejon 4 days ago
What app do you use to edit??
jazmine combe
jazmine combe 5 days ago
NARuto Uzmaki
NARuto Uzmaki 5 days ago
Are you a boy or girl I. Neeed a ANSWER NOW
Luis Chavez
Luis Chavez 5 days ago
Dude without makeup looks like you have herpes on your face
KAYlEE'ß Chanle
KAYlEE'ß Chanle 5 days ago
Today is the day I become a subyyyyy
Gracie Smeja
Gracie Smeja 5 days ago
U were so pretty back then u still are now but I’m just saying!! :)
Alexa Escobedo
Alexa Escobedo 5 days ago
Is she transgender
Isla Hats
Isla Hats 5 days ago
girllllll her eyebrows snatched in the first video! PLEASE KEEP YOU EYEBROWS LIKE THAT
Isla Hats
Isla Hats 5 days ago
Lol am I the only one who likes her eyebrows before 🤣 yep okay
Audrey offline
Audrey offline 5 days ago
I live in Austin lol 😂
SweetCupcake 5 days ago
If I did this I would get extreme PTSD
White Rabbit of Good Fortune
I don’t get why she doesn’t do this more often it looks so fucking good like her current makeup is really not it imo
Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman 6 days ago
8:17 donald trump entered the chat!!!
Rachel Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez 6 days ago
Omg wtf everytime u winked in the vid i got a text message
Cory Trae Chancy
Cory Trae Chancy 6 days ago
Why do they eyebrows kinda work? Like maybe not so dark and not SO big. But the bigger brow def makes u look for feminine
Brooklyn Porter
Brooklyn Porter 6 days ago
Alright I’m in 7th grade crusty as an uncultured swine😌
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