Recreating My Followers Makeup Looks

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I asked you guys to tweet me your favorite creative makeup looks and I recreated them using the James Charles x Morphe palette. I hope you enjoy these mini-tutorials and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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Mar 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Angel Tafuma
Angel Tafuma 22 hours ago
Who’s watching in 2020 quarantine
Mavis Johnson
i be so late when it comes to comments but i can't even describe how amazing James is with makeup he is my inspiration and i hope one day i become like him and be better in my makeup like him I LOVE YOU JAMES CHARLES
Laila Ackermann
James Charles is an amazing person and I SISTER love him
Victor Suarez
Victor Suarez 4 days ago
On the loading art peice art instead of white you can do it red and you well look like shoto todoroki from my hero acadimia plz watch it
DeepBlueFoxx OvU
DeepBlueFoxx OvU 4 days ago
James should do a "palette spring cleaning" or "cleaning my palette" so at least he made a video and cleaned his palettes
Suhanee Jagtap
Suhanee Jagtap 5 days ago
Who all are binge watching james furing quarintine?
Hayden Heckathorn
I liked the video before I watched it I know all your vids are good😍😍😍😜😜😜🤠🤠🤠❤❤❣❣❣🐕🐕🐕😒🐶❤
P.H33 6 days ago
Let’s go Ireland
Imy Myles
Imy Myles 6 days ago
hi sisters
Shay Carroll
Shay Carroll 8 days ago
Beautiful xx
Shalom Osagiede
Shalom Osagiede 8 days ago
Boo boo the lipstick is a little dark but the rest of the makeup is flawless
Megan Nickerson
Megan Nickerson 10 days ago
Sorry but you said catwithtwoheads not catwithtwodreads
Oliver Pinder
Oliver Pinder 11 days ago
it takes around 4 hours for a perfect makeup look. it takes around 4 minutes to take it off. ugh life.
Isabella Bakee
Isabella Bakee 11 days ago
Isabella Bakee
Isabella Bakee 11 days ago
New Sister : got any sibling James: yes 1 brother and 18.9 sisters
Maja Kowalkowski
Maja Kowalkowski 11 days ago
Is it just Me that sings the intro ohhhhhhhhh oh o😂
pineapple gacha
pineapple gacha 12 days ago
I'm just looking at his lashes and then go to his latest vids..... like DAMNNN these lashes be pointy.
Coraline Opalah
Coraline Opalah 12 days ago
James: takes his makeup off Me: stares in wonder as his face turns the color of Boutique in his James Charles X Morphe Palette- WHAT UP, MAKEUP PALETTE REFERENCE!
Coraline Opalah
Coraline Opalah 12 days ago
Me: How does he get that lip so nice and full? Me: Oh yeah, he's James Charles. Me: How does he get his lines and creases so perfect? Me: Oh yeah, he's James Charles. Me: How does he put so many things on his skin and not look caky? Me: Oh yeah, he's James Charles. Mom: SHUT UP IT'S 3:00 AM Me: MOM I'M WATCHING JAMES CHARLES Mom: I'M COMING! WAIT FOR ME, SISTER!
Mahi Bhatnagar
Mahi Bhatnagar 12 days ago
omg I’m watching during when he recreates the loading look and it literally starts loading!! oml lol 😂
Janne Van Herck
Janne Van Herck 13 days ago
your laches are perfect
Jennifer Arbour
Jennifer Arbour 14 days ago
Does he have a colour in his palette called good and fresh if he doesn’t he can create a palette called good and fresh
Melissa Steph
Melissa Steph 14 days ago
2:46 Noise hair action so iconic
Jennifer Arbour
Jennifer Arbour 14 days ago
Melissa Steph why has no one replied? First
Dylin Martin
Dylin Martin 14 days ago
Who is binge watching in quarantine
Margarida Reis
Margarida Reis 15 days ago
Please make another spanish video!! During quarentine bcs things are boring !! Btw love you sister!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Taylor_ Neate
Taylor_ Neate 16 days ago
2020 anyone ?
Taylor_ Neate
Taylor_ Neate 16 days ago
2020 anyone ?
Konnor Carley
Konnor Carley 16 days ago
Hey James release your own music album
M Stat
M Stat 17 days ago
Sister James, they were all absolutely bomb, you did an amazing job I-
Paisley 17 days ago
I absolutely love when you interact with us but I would love to see what you did in comparison of what we did, when your all done with the look!! NO HATE I SWEAR!!!!
Phoebellen Vlogs
Phoebellen Vlogs 17 days ago
11:10 how the actual heck can you make such a good “pop” jAmEs😱
Sophie Rivers
Sophie Rivers 17 days ago
"Making my forehead look smaller" We all know that's not going to work
Prithyaa Murali
Prithyaa Murali 17 days ago
Katherine Parise
Katherine Parise 18 days ago
Everything looks good on you James Charles because you are James chales
Cøøkîé 18 days ago
2020 anybody? 😂❤
Blessing Miller
Blessing Miller 19 days ago
It's my birthday today!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Shaaheda Patel
Shaaheda Patel 20 days ago
The shortest into tho!
Mørgän Strëitź
Mørgän Strëitź 20 days ago
James don’t stress that a makeup look won’t work, your James it will work
haya haitham
haya haitham 20 days ago
love his videos, keep up the hard work
Ana Claudia Renno
Ana Claudia Renno 20 days ago
you makeup will always blend with ur positivity, James.
Ayela Aslam
Ayela Aslam 20 days ago
James is literally so inspiring 🌺🌺❤️❤️
Hannah Jenkins
Hannah Jenkins 20 days ago
9:01 can someone tell me why there is powder on jame's face? why does he not blend it in?
Yekta Khosravi kia
Yekta Khosravi kia 20 days ago
Whoever disliked this video is crazy and whoever hates on James Charles is an idiot because they have a problem in their life so what you can’t just go around hating on people
.nikiftw. 20 days ago
I love you even more now that you said "writing size 12 in arial font". If prefer century gothic myself. Love you Sister!
patricia _ARMY
patricia _ARMY 20 days ago
CEO of "a lil bet of..."
Georgia Harris
Georgia Harris 21 day ago
Sasha Bickford
Sasha Bickford 22 days ago
3:30 his face is a mood tho
Dorina Musai
Dorina Musai 22 days ago
Love him or hate him you have to admit he is VERY talented!
Carlas Canache
Carlas Canache 22 days ago
Why are you so good
Hi Guys
Hi Guys 22 days ago
If you turn on the captions it says. Hi sisters change Charles here😂
Sophie Zhu
Sophie Zhu 23 days ago
me: can't even do one cat eye James: does like 224893859048309485 perfectly
Jessica Kaspar
Jessica Kaspar 23 days ago
I am OBSESSED with the first look... like oh my god
Savannah Keogh
Savannah Keogh 24 days ago
who wants a video were james cleans his eyeshadow palet
Brooklyn Doyle
Brooklyn Doyle 24 days ago
Why was this vid sooo quiet
Akira Towles
Akira Towles 24 days ago
i didnt know how much makeup changes someones face until he wiped off half is face of makeout for the third one lmfaooo
maika 24 days ago
i literally just got an ad song called skincare tutorial by tobi lou i-
Siri Damerow
Siri Damerow 25 days ago
Chloe Purvis
Chloe Purvis 25 days ago
1.if your watching this in 2020 like this 2. who was like WOW when James took off half his mackup and saw how weird it was like u dont rly see him without mackup.
Bisexual Honey
Bisexual Honey 25 days ago
James: I'm gonna get dragged if I dont. * does it * Also James: * gets dragged * Dragged if you do, dragged if you dont.
Beth and Ashley YT
Beth and Ashley YT 25 days ago
when james said “hi sisters” it cured my anxiety
Meghan Drugobitsky
Meghan Drugobitsky 25 days ago
you should make paint your palette on your face that would be really cool
Linah AlFaqeer
Linah AlFaqeer 25 days ago
I didn’t want to watch this annoying video so I came down to see what the people think
Clara Crowley
Clara Crowley 26 days ago
Love your video
Julia Grace
Julia Grace 26 days ago
Doc: You have 10 seconds to live James: uSe CoDe JaMeS fOr 10% oFf
London Ainsworth
London Ainsworth 26 days ago
you are so amazing i look up to you every day sister
Cora Weed
Cora Weed 26 days ago
_Gacha Billie _TR
_Gacha Billie _TR 26 days ago
yes james charles has expired OMG it so amazing(I don't know what I'm saying)
Emma Read
Emma Read 27 days ago
Omg you’re beautiful
annoying.panda.x 27 days ago
Omfg i had to put my volume super high cuz i could barley hear you ;-;
Saskia Berger
Saskia Berger 28 days ago
Lovvveeee it
Rebecca Kinsella
Rebecca Kinsella 28 days ago
Someone needs to make u a foundation just for u no joke it's goes from nide to pink no offence
Juli Hawn
Juli Hawn 28 days ago
you just flexing how good your makeup skill is
Abdulla Kaipayil
Abdulla Kaipayil 29 days ago
I don't know why people hate on him He soo goood
Salma Awad
Salma Awad 29 days ago
You should make an eyeshadow palette olny for neon colors. That would be very cool
Ang3l luv
Ang3l luv 29 days ago
Im a girl, yet James does his make-up better than me 😩
Katja_knoef Month ago
I watch all you videos while I don't even wear makeup myself
Johanna Zeng
Johanna Zeng Month ago
Am I watching this too late? Well James is FANTASTIC!
Randi Ruple
Randi Ruple Month ago
James: I can’t believe I just did that Me: of course it worked you’re James Charles the queen of makeup
Randi Ruple
Randi Ruple Month ago
I have a question that is not to be meant as hate if you put on makeup multiple times in one day will it irritate your skin because I know that James uses a lot of makeup and it looked like some of his skin was red
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