Recreating My Favorite TIK TOKS

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Mar 28, 2020




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Comments 80
SSSniperWolf 2 months ago
Hellllooooo friends What Tik toks should I recreate next??
Tyla Dudley
Tyla Dudley 9 days ago
I think the shrinkedinc face
L Schelble
L Schelble 9 days ago
Lauren Maihack WOW
Lauren Maihack
Lauren Maihack 10 days ago
The savege tictoc
Stafania Denisa
Stafania Denisa 11 days ago
Wendy Garcia
Wendy Garcia 12 days ago
The gun one
Kallie Medley
Kallie Medley 9 hours ago
I saw your first tic tok that you did
Khadra Ali
Khadra Ali 11 hours ago
Try not to get confused
Dimitris Sam
Dimitris Sam 14 hours ago
If you are a nice person can you please tell me how 5:49 is spelled? Plsss
Tyler Watts
Tyler Watts 15 hours ago
whats your tiktok, my daughter wants to know.
Sarah Trujillo
Sarah Trujillo 17 hours ago
Lia: makes vids Me : niiice
navpreet boparai
navpreet boparai 20 hours ago
No hate I love her vids but the say so tiktok dance is easy o.o
M I Bana
M I Bana 21 hour ago
Isn't that mar😇
Serene Barakat
Serene Barakat 22 hours ago
You should say hello friends its lia not hello friends its meeeee is ur name meeeee
Kay Sarah
Kay Sarah Day ago
I want you to recreate bubblegum
Emily Hughes
Emily Hughes Day ago
Am I the only one who is mad she called paper towel a kitchen towel??
Rhonda Whitton
I love your channel so much and especially this video snowfalls is the number one best you tuber thank you for making videos and stop saying bad words
Kaylee _LuvCookie_ÙwÚ_
The dance song is Doja cat say so 😂
Ed Torres
Ed Torres Day ago
quenie lantafe
Is that Pokimane
DJump Industries
She should do Cant touch this lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
DJump Industries
gg and cc
gg and cc Day ago
food tic tocs
IDK what to call this channel
Or the one where you flash someone's eye I was thinking about my crush and it actually got bigger OMG it actually work
Sharmlyn Zibeon
Savage please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😩😩💋❤️
IDK what to call this channel
Was it just me who automatically knew she meant Say So when she said didnt even notice
Carissa Curtis
The one where you yett stuff with your but I saw that on tik Tok because I'm followed to you on tik Tok😁
Levi Niewald
Levi Niewald Day ago
U dirty minded
Ariana Lohr
Ariana Lohr Day ago
Her eyes are so pretty thoooo
Joe Nickles
Joe Nickles Day ago
Anna Paz
Anna Paz 2 days ago
Cherry Limeade
Cherry Limeade 2 days ago
i laughed so hard that i choked on my tater tots
Vienna Mardell
Vienna Mardell 2 days ago
BTS 🇰🇷😈
Labungla Cham
Labungla Cham 2 days ago
Is little lia channel Sssniper wolf channel to Can anyone tell I am confuse 😅
Uliana Kosyreva
Uliana Kosyreva 2 days ago
*i love how lia does the say so dance like my grandpa when I tried to teach him*
Xox_meee 2 days ago
Rozetta Dotson
Rozetta Dotson 3 days ago
I know that song
Gabrielle Williams
LoL me eating all the time no sa
The renegade and when my mom met my dad they fell in love and they had me hi I'm Ryan and my life is kinda crazy and say so dance
Angie lizzy
Angie lizzy 3 days ago
Say soooo??
Destiny Gadley
Destiny Gadley 3 days ago
Savage tiktok
Halle Toldert
Halle Toldert 3 days ago
Are you and Digtlel next dating ???
Priyanshi JAIN
Priyanshi JAIN 3 days ago
I can give you a lesson on how to draw hand because that kinda sucked TvT no offense now love me. (As a friend ovo)
Carla Nakasen
Carla Nakasen 4 days ago
A Pikachu Tik Tok
Chykingdom B
Chykingdom B 4 days ago
What was she even doing during the say so dance 😂😂(not an insult love you Lia)
Chykingdom B
Chykingdom B 4 days ago
Anyone who wants to know the song that she couldn’t play goes like this “ you wanna day so didn’t even notice your punches get to roll with you gotta keep it focused you wanna say so” you’re welcome (Sorry if I got the words wrong)
Chykingdom B
Chykingdom B Day ago
humberto gama that was def not correct Specially the last ones
humberto gama
humberto gama 2 days ago
It's "didn't even notice,no punch is there to roll with, you got to keep me focused,you want it so say" (it's ok not a lot of people know the correct lyrics
Thulie Mahlangu
Thulie Mahlangu 4 days ago
Divine Polite
Divine Polite 4 days ago
The song fur the dance was say so by doja cat✌🏼
Adrian Aguilar
Adrian Aguilar 4 days ago
You should do take the time and you should do Kaninboll
Andile Mthembu
Andile Mthembu 4 days ago
Gacha Boy
Gacha Boy 4 days ago
The 1st part made me SHOOK 0:00
Cyrah Saniel
Cyrah Saniel 4 days ago
Now i think i realize what the title of the song is now i think it's Say So bc i remember that dance and i think i know some of tge lyrics now let me sing it "didn't even know it (i forgot this part) you've got to keep you focused you wanna say so" and that's a tiktok song and dance and that's all i remember soo yeaa (oh and lia i'm not an old viewer i was watching you since i was 4 now i'm 8 i just sometimes comment on your vud bc i barely have anything to say but your still my fav youtuber☺☺😊😊😀😀😁😁😃😃😄😄)
Aeris Lukinuk
Aeris Lukinuk 4 days ago
How do you not have stairsssssssss
Paradise Drago GameZzz
I tried the hand it did not work I am angry 😡 love your videos ❤️😃😀🙃🙂😁😆😋😡😠🤣they make me laugh smile and think they are super
Ivy Yeet
Ivy Yeet 5 days ago
TheBootyYeet XD
Donna Brooks
Donna Brooks 5 days ago
Mia Hopkins-Gainey
The girl that was dancing did the dance wrong
KELLY BEHRENS 5 days ago
savage by megan thee stalion
Sianna Price
Sianna Price 5 days ago
Angie Miller
Angie Miller 5 days ago
I saw that booty yeet on your Tik Tok account
Sugarush 5 days ago
tiktok dances
tiktok dances 5 days ago
the pupils are not being wide cause you are flashing on them. pupils get wide on the dark and get small in light.
Cynthia Alvarado
Cynthia Alvarado 5 days ago
I was so dead during the 3rd one 🤣🤣🤣and I'm cracking up at 1:20 am
Yas Anfield
Yas Anfield 5 days ago
Do Ohman.itsria at tiktok!
Yas Anfield
Yas Anfield 5 days ago
Cause its at least easy
Yas Anfield
Yas Anfield 5 days ago
If u want to
Audrey Rainville
Audrey Rainville 5 days ago
VonBrea Ozuca
VonBrea Ozuca 6 days ago
It's throw it back
VonBrea Ozuca
VonBrea Ozuca 6 days ago
It's throw it back
Jaylanie Pandy
Jaylanie Pandy 6 days ago
What?is your tiktok?
The gray alpha
The gray alpha 6 days ago
The dance at 2:48 was like “why don’t u say so? Didn’t even know u,ur punches get to rolling u got to keep it focused,u wanna say so?” I know the song that’s why
Happy Hopes
Happy Hopes 6 days ago
How cute u look doing butt challenge..🤣
RoysGaming Burgos
You dos Better in the deley than i did
Staci Barrett
Staci Barrett 7 days ago
It just looks like I punched myself again!!!!! Me:isnt that what you're supposed to do?!?
Staci Barrett
Staci Barrett 7 days ago
"Oh my god I had three boobies for a sec" 😂😂😂😂😂
Jonathan Gibson
Jonathan Gibson 7 days ago
When you sed you can’t play the song I knew what the real song was . It was say so bye Doja cat
Jonathan Gibson
Jonathan Gibson 7 days ago
React to a tick tock with the tune . Oops my heart went
Luke Takpara
Luke Takpara 7 days ago
That's because your pupils get bigger in the dark
Erin Smith
Erin Smith 7 days ago
Hi ssniperwolf pls can you do relationship Leave a like if u agree ☺👍
New Gamer
New Gamer 7 days ago
That is pokimane
sanjhuelaa dhivieyah shree
Her throw it back is wrong
curlmejazzy 7 days ago
Love it
cassandra lucion
cassandra lucion 7 days ago
Sarah Labonte
Sarah Labonte 7 days ago
Tiktok stay safe stay home
Elizabeth Balderas
Elizabeth Balderas
am a boy and am 18
Elizabeth Balderas
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